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The one is a werewolf, and has not yet disclosed this teeny tiny detail despite of them having dated a while already. Tell how the other one finds out.

When Dr. Gonzalez offered his practice to Phil upon his retirement, Phil wasn’t sure what to say.  He’d been working here and there around the city, never really settling down anywhere, to any one clinic.  He tended to go where he was needed, get the job done, and help everyone he came across as best he could, but he never really felt welcome anywhere.  

Dr. Gonzalez ran a small practice in a bedroom community just east of the city.  The more Phil thought about it -  the normal hours, buying a small acreage, the short commute into town if he needed anything, the more appealing the idea became.  Finally, he asked Dr. Gonzalez if he could come out and take a look around.  His old mentor was more than happy to have him drop by for half a day.  

The clinic was in a two-story strip-mall-like building between a delicatessen and a nail salon in the middle of the little town.  Calling it a strip mall really didn’t do it justice, as the developer had set up the buildings to look like a classic ‘main street in a little town out of a Christmas card’ or something similar with fake white shutters and elaborate scrollwork.  

Stepping inside, he was cheerfully greeted by Nurse Simmons, a bubbly young brunette with an English accent. She asked him to take a seat in the tiny yet comfortable waiting room while she let Dr. Gonzalez know he’d arrived. What he hadn’t expected was for Melinda May, one of his favourite nurses from his days in the downtown emergency room to appear shortly afterwards to lead him back.  

He sat in on Dr. Gonzalez’s afternoon appointments, and found himself pleased to be introduced to the patients as the doctor considering taking over. Everyone was friendly, if a bit reserved to meet the stranger, but everyone immediately invited him to the first Farmer’s Market of the year opening in a few short weeks. From various people, he heard about the pie baking competition, the amazing booths of homemade goods and food.  The crowning glory seemed to be the archery demonstration.  Apparently somewhere between town and the city limits, there was an archery range, and said range was owned and run by a local. The event was not to be missed.  

Melinda was more than happy to join him at the local pub for a quick beer once the clinic had closed for the night and Dr. Gonzalez headed off home to his own acreage.  

“Thoughts?” May asked as she set down a glass in front of him and took her seat.

“I am very sorely tempted.” He admitted before taking a long swallow. “I must admit I was surprised to see you out here. Back in Emerg, you could martial whole armies with a look. Isn’t small town life like this boring for you?”

She gave him a raised eyebrow in response. “I needed a change, wanted to focus on other things.”  

“What other things?” he smiled at her somewhat wistful tone.

May clinked their glasses together. “Take over the practice and find out?”

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Support my attempts to be a Proper Adult Dad.

So, operation ‘better my life’ begins.

Now that we’re in the process of starting a family, I figured it was time to get my life moving and bring in a bit more money for the little bab. Also, we’d like to buy a home of our own soon, since I dislike the idea of raising our baby in a rented place since we can always be made to leave if they want to sell up etc. 

I’ve been hit by this huge rush of ambition. I’m still working towards my French and English BA online so I can become a teacher, but in the meantime, though I’m currently in work as a supervisor, I’m applying to as many manager and assistant manager positions as possible and doing a free part time course in management skills in February. AND I’m taking a part-time French course at strode college in January, to brush up on my skills whilst I’m stuck between modules at uni.

AND I’m opening an Etsy store to sell my art. It’s all terrible ‘gothy’ ‘dark fairytale’ crap that I dislike, but I know it sells well and it’s something that’s fun to do. I’ll be selling all sorts - prints, pendants, mugs, etc.

I’m also going to do more fandom art (Les Mis, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, all sorts…) and start a redbubble!

I also want to work on my novel and self publish it! But I’m thinking of writing some poetry or nonfiction to self publish too, since my novel might take more time.

So yeah, if there’s anything you think I should do, let me know! I’m trying everything I can to make us some more money and provide for my family. 


The garden is clearly enjoying the summer sun and rain as I popped in to plant buddleja cuttings along the hedge-line and whilst my children raided the fruit crops. Amazing colours - lots of raspberries, pumpkins growing, runner beans and amazing range of late summer blooms with stunning globe thistles and golden rod. A good deal of evidence of wildlife making the most of the surrounding meadow grass and the shade created by the plants. Frogs, leatherjackets in the soil as I planted Asher’s fruit tree, harvestmen, several species of bumble and honey bee and even a rabbit, exploding from the long grass as I walked past. All looking great.


Contained and Space : My piece for the Final Major Project. It is a space contained within a space, which is reflected into space. The idea of my project was to capture that dark, eery feeling or a parrallel space. In response to looking at a lot of Rachel Whitereads work, I have designed and created my own sculpture which is around 6ft x 3ft. Created by structuring foam board to make a 3D object and layering plaster on top of the surface to create a sheet layer. It sits above a frame of water which reflects the space of the sculpture, enhanced with a spot light beaming onto the surface.


Part-time adult foundation students - Gaby, Caroline, Julia and Hannah - present their end of first year summer project. Terrific work on themes of the migration crisis, local maps, the loss of the American passenger pigeon and breastfeeding in public. A terrific set of strong work and it has been great to include this in the end of year show. Having completed all of the workshop rotations and now the summer project, these students will progress into the second year to complete two further pathway projects and then their Final Major Projects next summer.


Great fun at the annual ‘zombie workshop’. 60+ students spent the morning working together to experiment with make-up and prosthetic techniques. The beauty and art students collaborating to ‘out gore’ each other in preparation for half term and halloween and the media students filming and photographing progress. Techniques included the use of FX modelling wax, the application of latex prosthetics, the mixing of different prosthetic pastes, use of gelatine, impaled artefacts, cuts and burns, rigid collodion scarring and of course how to walk and sound like a zombie.

Foundation student Sandra installed her temporary environmental installation on the college green - Message in a Bottle - 2,500 bottles that represent two weeks worth of plastic recycling at the college. Lots of staff and students came out to walk amongst the bottles and to write messages to go inside the bottles, the plastic covered college green looking dramatic in the spring sunshine.