“Leave them.” Tristan called off his Strix, telling them to back down. “I can handle this on my own, thank you.” He waved them off. “I do apologize. They’re just rather protective of me as of late, wanting to prove their loyalty and all that.” 

Spotted Wood Owl - Strix seloputo

The Spotted Wood Owl, Strix seloputo (Strigidae) is a richly colored medium-sized owl (up to 40 cm in length) with a large rounded head, orange-buff facial disc, no ear-tufts and dark eyes. 

This species occurs in Southern Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Southern Vietnam and Malay Peninsula, Central Sumatra, discontinuously to Java, Bawean Island off Northern Java, Calamian Islands and Palawan, Western Philippines.

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©Sheau Torng Lim | Locality: Pasir Ris Park, Lor Halus, Singapore (2014)

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I’ve recently caught up on the curse of strahd dnd campaign on twitch with the wafflecrew and I’m absolutely in love with all the characters

this is @projared‘s diath woodrow and @commanderholly’s strix!! i literally love all the characters so much they’ve got a good crew and i definitely want to draw paultin and evelyn later if i get the time!! i took some liberties on some design stuff but i hope it turned out alright

i HIGHLY recommend listening to the campaign its so good


From Greco-Roman mythology, the strix (plural striges) is a vampiric bird that was believed to disembowel infants to feast on their blood and meat. Striges were harbingers of disaster and thought to be a sign of “war and civil strife.” 

Like many other creatures from Greek mythology, striges were a result of divine punishment. Through a curse by Aphrodite, Polyphonte, a granddaughter of Ares, was driven to lust after a bear and mate with him. She later gave birth to the twins Agreius and Oreius, who grew up to be cannibals. Zeus sent Hermes to punish the twins for their crimes against man, but Ares begged Hermes to give them a lighter punishment than Zeus wanted. Rather than death or disfiguration, the twins and their mother were transformed: Polyphonte became the first strix, Agreius the eagle owl, and Oreius the vulture.