i have a huge crush on a dumpster

There’s this dumpster
behind this ice cream parlor
not too far from
my house
that I have a crush on.

when you were a little kid
and you’d see
a teacher
or doctor
or just some regular adult
and when you looked at them
you’d hide behind
your mom’s or dad’s legs
because looking at the adult
made you feel queasy
and nervous
in this tingly yet unidentifiable feeling
you couldn’t yet

That’s how I feel
when I look at
this dumpster.

The dumpster
makes me feel like
a giddy school boy

and if the dumpster and I
were in middle school
I’d be a pussy
and slide an anonymous note
into its locker
and it would say
something like,
    “I like you like you,

It’s beautiful,
    the dumpster,
because it’s not

because it is unlike
everyone else,

because it has
the courage to be


what it is;

    a big,
    retirement home
    for garbage.

And it never tries
to be
other than that

It never sways,
or bends
to the fads
and fake tits of society
that we are told
are real
and good
    deep down,
know they’re not.

It stays
what it is,
    the dumpster,

what it is supposed to,
    and meant to,

even though
it’s something “gross”
and “dirty”
and looked down upon
by everyone.

But they
don’t get it.

They don’t see
it’s strength,

it’s courage to stay
what it is
when living in a world
that thinks so lowly
of what it is,

in a world
where everyone is striving
to become the exact same
false idol,
    and where everyone
    gladly/thoughtlessly modifies
    what they are
    in order to be looked
    up to.

It’s refreshing
to see something
stand its dirty

to remain ugly
in a world that is only
concerned with beauty

making the dumpster itself
more beautiful than the mental image
of a dozen kittens
crawling all over a naked Katy Perry
sprawled out on a velvet couch
Kate Winslet-style
a la “Titanic.”

I have a huge crush
on a dumpster.

I wanna settle down
with it
by living inside it
and having people
throw their garbage in
on top of me,

    burying me in it,

    a constant reminder
    to stay the dirty, low down,
    low class,
    beautiful piece of shit
    I am

and not the superficial,
damp turd
everyone allows themselves
to be
groomed into.

We would have
a wonderful life
    myself and my dumpster.

At first
I was thinking about
taking the dumpster
someplace scenic
and beautiful
on our inevitable

    like Bermuda

but then I came
to my senses
and I was all like,

it is.”

© Calvero 2014