Last night strivingformediocracy and I saw Christopher Titus do stand up.

When I was younger I watched a special of his called ‘Norman Rockwell is Bleeding’ that covered stories and anecdotes about his alcoholic father. I connected with him on that subject. Last night I was able to tell Christopher how I appreciated that comedy special and how I connected with it. He replies something along the lines of ‘I got you,I feel you on that subject,I got your back’

It was late so I don’t remember exact wording,but it seemed sincere regardless of if he actually meant what he said. I am so happy I was finally able to meet one of the entertainers that made my childhood just a bit easier.

strivingformediocracy asked:

Sugar and bubble tea!

sugar: tell me about your first crush.

i vaguely remember having a silly little kid crush in pre-school on a boy in my class who had blonde hair. i can’t remember his name anymore but we played house all the time and one day he moved away and it was very sad. 

bubble tea: what ride would you pick at an amusement park?

a roller coaster that isn’t very tall but that has a lot of turns and loops and what not and also ferris wheels that are, again, not too tall. 

thanks for asking, pal! :)

strivingformediocracy asked:

Say ten things about yourself then send to your ten favorite followers! :)


1. I have an addiction to Zephyrhills Spring Water. Usually drink about 5 bottles a day if I’m not at work lol. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I move out of Florida and don’t have it because other water companies don’t have the same taste to me :(

2. I’ve been in love with every type of music genre for a while (ranging from jazz to hip hop to screamo), but I could never ever ever deal with country music. Lately I’ve been slowly tolerating it without wanting to jump out a window :P

3. I aspire to create a music video production company that can accompany the epic underrated music of our generation (I love old music and people are always talking about how perfect music was back in the day without appreciating certain music today that is mind blowing-ly great) with visual perfection of the message and story. 

4. I have a tattoo on my wrist that says: 

Ματθαίος 6:27

Invincible Soul

Matthew (Ματθαίοςin greek) 6:27: "Worrying won’t add any hours to your life"

Invincible Soul: I can be wounded, I can be discouraged, I can even be killed. But my soul can never be killed or destroyed. “My soul’s invincible like Mario when he’s blinking.” When Super Mario gets that special blinking star, no matter what enemies he runs into, they can’t hurt him. You can rip my body to shreds, but my soul will remain intact. 

5. I want a tattoo that somehow consists of a tiger, a tree, music notes, and film. The design is still in the works lol.

6. I can’t write poetry if I’m not listening to music. & the music has to fit the mood of the poetry I need to write. & a majority of the first line of my poems are a direct/indirect line from the song I was listening to.

7. It’s also really hard for me to write poetry if I’m not in nature with the wind blowing and the grass growing and the sky transforming.

8. I’ve been in an amazing relationship for the past 2 and a half years with this girl who I’ve deemed as the mate for my soul :P It’s crazy the amount of emotions involved when you’re heart falls and intertwines with another. We’ve both been going through a lot these past few months and I’m glad we have each other to rely on.

9. My selfie game ain’t strong.

No 10 because I’m a rebel ;)

What I hope I said when I proposed

Today is September 19th. I am posting this October 11th.

I am writing out some things I hope I was able to cover when I asked Kaitlyn ( strivingformediocracy ) to marry me.

I knew when I first met you when you moved to Mulvane that you were some one incredibly special. I remember Madi Cox asking me a few week later who I had a crush on and I blushed and said Kaitlyn. Third Grade was when that was. You were able to light a spark in my heart in third grade.

I am not a super religious person,but God put you in my life for a reason,I don’t know what I did to deserve some one like you but I know I would do whatever it was again a million times if I knew you would be in my life.

In retrospect we are still young,but I don’t care,I realize about a year ago that things were solidified when I stopped thinking about ‘what will I do when…’ And began thinking about ‘what will WE do when…’

I don’t know what I am going to do in a year. Or what to do for a career. I don’t know where I’m going to live or how long I am going to live for,hopefully til 3005. The only thing I know for sure is that I want you by my side til 3005.

I want make you smile when you are sad.

I want to see more concerts than we have money with you.

I want to see the cardinals play in a World Series game and you are sitting next to me in the nose bleed seats because that’s all we can afford with my student loans putting us in debt.

I secretly always have wanted the high school love story and by God we are the prime example.

We don’t know when we will get married.

We don’t know when we can live together.

But there is something we can do right now.

Kaitlyn Ashley Gundlach, whether you get a career or your dream Audi,whether you are sick or healthy, I don’t want to miss a thing. I want you to be a Freund forever.

Will you marry me?

I try not to live in the past as much as I used to, but I wanted to reflect on all the things that come to mind when I think of the last 6 years with Kaitlyn.

  • She was my first kiss
  • She was the only girl I had as my date for all 4 years of high school dances.
  • She broke my heart and then fixed it
  • We had a break up for 3 months
  • We got back together and things felt right
  • I was by her side during her family hardships (I think the events we both experienced together is partly why our relationship works so well.)
  • I have seen Weird Al, Aerosmith, Journey, Nelly, Atmosphere, Jukebox the Ghost, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino in concert with her.
  • We have seen Bo Burnham, Bill Hader, Ralphie May, and Craig Ferguson do stand up together.
  • I got to see my first post season Cardinal game with Kaitlyn at my side. (We won, best weekend of my life)
  • We work at the same place and golf members still don’t know we are together, I’d say we keep it very professional at work.
  • We have seen 4 cardinal games together, 2 in Kansas City during a weekend trip, and 2 in St. Louis
  • Drove down to Oklahoma City for a spontaneous day trip, had an incredible lunch in Brick Town.
  • We met Donald Glover
  • We met Jesse, Ben, and Tommy of JtG
  • We met Jason Motte
  • Kaitlyn, Condog, and I welcomed home the shockers after the final 4 run
  • We have seen countless movies
  • Eaten more Freddy’s food than I care to admit
  • We go to Target 3-5 times a week for fun because we enjoy talking and walking around the store, odds are one of us buys something.
  • We have binge watched Netflix more than I want to admit
  • We graduated together
  • We go to school together

I am sure there are hundreds of things I am missing, but these events come to mind when I think about my past with my girl by my side.



At this rate the Cards aren’t going to be in the World Series,so I’m sure people are going to say ‘why are you wearing your failed postseason hat?’

This postseason for me wasn’t a failure at all.

I went to my first postseason game in which the cards won.

I didn’t work on Fall Break which was a first.

And last and by no means least,I got engaged to the woman of my dreams on 10/11/14.

I wrote two things in my postseason hat,the first was a reminder of the NLCS game I went to.

The second is the date in which I made the next step in making strivingformediocracy a part of my family.

The baseball was great,but the only reason we booked the trip to St. Louis was to get engaged.

I thank God and the baseball Gods for getting the Cards to pull out a win for us,but what the whole trip was about was spending much needed time with the girl I love in the city I love.


For anyone who wants to watch a sappy video of my trip with strivingformediocracy .

SPOILER: There may or may not be a clip with the proposal.