striving to become a morning person

One of the reasons I am looking forward to Benedict playing Doctor Strange?

Because of what the Doctor has meant to some of the cleverest and most unique people I know. Like this writer who posted this, this morning:

“I have been waiting for a Doctor Strange movie since I picked up a comic book when I was a kid. 

Imagine unearthing old comics like that, learning about how pain and suffering can become compassion and enlightenment and thinking, this is the kind of person I want to be. The kind of person I may not be, but the kind of person I should strive to be. And, for a lonely kid who always felt like an alien, and spent most of their childhood being the strange one (pun intended), having a character to look up to who leaned on knowledge, compassion, meditation to save the day, who was so human and yet dealing with the vast enormity of the universe, of forces beyond understanding, beyond comprehension… It just meant so much. It made the world a little better. 

Not because it coddled me, but because it challenged me. Because it showed me that despair, that fear, that every strange and horrible thing was real. But that I can fight. 

And as I grew older, it became an inspiration to overcoming myself, even if I falter. To find ways to constantly try and set myself aside, that though my ego is huge, it cannot compete with the enormity of what I do not know. And that there is so much more to learn…”

(This is why sometimes the casting arguments annoy me. Because it ends up detracting on why Doctor Strange is such a resonant, powerful and profound character. Reasons why in fact I assume Benedict chose to play him. Why Kevin Feige loves him. Why JM de Matteis wrote Into Shamballa. and why they chose someone like Scott Derrickson to direct).

And the writer btw is quackerducker, a DS expert and friend.