striving muslims

after some thinking im realizing that i dont hate religion, and im not bitter towards it. im bitter towards people (muslims in my case) who use it as a tool of control and how that leads to practicing religion as more of a performance than something out of genuine will or desire. my anger is directed at a lack of choice - informed choices esp - that people of faith might experience to various degrees. & not a lack of choice imposed by religious jurisdiction, but rather enforced by fallible people who claim to “help guide you” to the right path when their guidance is really a product of their self righteousness. people that want to save your soul, but dont realize that theyre destroying your faith at the same time.

Imagine, entering Jannah, knowing Allah is pleased with you. Imagine Allah asking you “Ya ‘abdii, what do you want from Me?”

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Strive oh muslim, so you may be among the successful.

al-Ḥasan al-Baṣri:

“We used to be amongst a group of people (i.e., the Companions) who would never do any act in public if they could do so in private. And those Muslims would strive in making their du’aa, and not a sound would be heard from them! For they used to whisper to their Lord.”

[Report by at-Tabari in his Tafsir 5/514]

Oh you who drinks alcohol, does drugs, commits zina, and everything else. Don’t feel hypocritical or too ashamed to pray. Don’t feel hypocritical if you want to go to the masjid or come to Allah and do deeds to make up for when you’ve fallen. Don’t lose hope in Allah’s mercy. The people judging you are not Allah. Shaitain is cunning and will make you feel you’re too far gone, that you’re not good enough to do these things. No one is perfect, not the most “religious” of “religious” person. Allah knows you, He created you, and this struggle you are going through is not in spite of Him, it’s actually from Him. He dropped you to rock bottom maybe so that you’d remember that no one else but He can help you. So you’d turn to him and put your head on the ground and beg for help. Falling down time and time again and pleading to Allah that you’re doing your best but you need his help because you keep screwing up is not hypocrisy. That’s jihad and repentance, two things Allah loves.
—  Her Blank Canvas
“You can’t be Muslim and part of a global political movement for women’s rights, you should only combat misogyny using the principles of Islam.”

Black Muslim women should be able to join a global movement where they can discuss police brutality against black women with Muslim and non-Muslim women alike. 

Muslim women with physical disabilities should be able to join a movement where they can discuss their issues with other women with physical disabilities Muslim and non-Muslim alike. 

Muslim women with mental health issues should be able to discuss the stigma of mental illness with other women struggling with mental illness Muslim and non-Muslim alike. 

Muslim women who have suffered abuse should be able to have dialogue about tackling victim-blaming with other abuse victims/survivors Muslim and non-Muslim alike. 

Muslim women should be listening to Christian and Jewish women living in the Middle East who face religious persecution from Muslims.

We should be able to do this and should be having dialogue with non-Muslim women too without being told we’re not “real Muslims”. Striving for justice doesn’t suddenly stop applying when the oppressed isn’t a believer of Islam nor should we be isolating minorities within our ummah who want dialogue and support beyond their Muslim communities.