My favorite poets are coming to my campus. Since I was introduced to The Strivers Row during my junior year of high school, I used their words as a source of encouragement and strength. For years I have been trying to fly away to New York and see one of their shows. For years I have faced the disappointment of not being able to attend their shows. 

I don’t know how it happened. I don’t know when it happened or who’s responsible, but they are coming to my city. Alysia Harris and Jasmine Mans, coincidentally the first poets I heard from The Row, are coming to this campus. I don’t know how to handle this, but tomorrow I am going to witness something I have been yearning after for years. 

Thank you for coming. I can’t wait to meet both of you. 

I’m not really ready, but who’s ready for their dreams to come true…little or big? 


Shout out to the folks at WCSU who made sure we were taken care of. Behind the scenes footage of our road trip, and some bonus footage! Shout out to Deshaun Wright on the camerawork and editing. #striversinyourcity


One of our special guests! The incredible Marie Dahlstrom.


New video!  In this episode Carvens  performs at his last choir concert as a student at St. John’s. Zora, Joshua and Miles head to Los Angeles to film the tv series, Verses and Flow. 

#striversinyourcity #spokenword “Had the pleasure to see the Striver’s Row perform right here in Athens. There I was, second row, reciting the poems I knew and the experience was amazing. Definitely inspired by these two beautiful people. I can only hope to one day connect to an audience and share my passion the way they do. Thank y'all for coming. @thestriversrow” via @PhotoRepost_app

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Check out this piece by the talented @warsan_shire! Another one of the amazing artists opening our UK show! #theexchange #youarenotready