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What a plant does

It isn’t afraid to show when it needs help.

It graciously accepts help that’s offered. 

It eats and it drinks when it needs to. 

It grows in the ways that are natural and comfortable, even if they don’t obviously make sense. 

It always grows toward the sun.

It is always fighting to thrive, and always doing what it can to be healthy and comfortable.

It happily feeds whoever is hungry, and helps whoever is in need when it’s able.

Because when it’s cared for it can make really beautiful and wonderful things. 

Midheaven in the Signs

As an Aries Midheaven, you strive to be powerful and a leader.
As a Taurus Midheaven, you strive to be grounded and mature.
As a Gemini Midheaven, you strive to be intelligent and humorous.
As a Cancer Midheaven, you strive to be nurturing and kindhearted.
As a Leo Midheaven, you strive to be authoritative and bold.
As a Virgo Midheaven, you strive to be helpful and responsible.
As a Libra Midheaven, you strive to be well-mannered and social.
As a Scorpio Midheaven, you strive to be reserved and mysterious.
As a Sagittarius Midheaven, you strive to be an intellectual and versatile.
As a Capricorn Midheaven, you strive to be wise and determined.
As an Aquarius Midheaven, you strive to be an individual and cooperative.
As a Pisces Midheaven, you strive to be an aesthete and levelheaded.

how the signs progress through each other

pisces’s imagination is brought to life by aries. aries’s wild spirit is grounded by taurus. taurus’s appreciation for beauty is shared by gemini’s talkative nature. gemini’s flighty side is secured by cancer’s homey feeling. cancer’s protective nature boosts leo’s confidence. leo’s creativity is analyzed through virgo’s eyes. virgo’s pickiness is partnered with libra’s strive for perfection.

libra’s intelligence is taken one step further with scorpio’s depth. scorpio’s thoughts are transformed into sagittarius’s beliefs. sagittarius’s big picture mindset is narrowed in capricorn’s work. capricorn’s respect and reservedness causes aquarius’s eccentricity and friendliness. aquarius’s humanitarianism attracts pisces’s giving nature.

“girlswhopowerlift Some Inspiration and food for thought from @confidence1091 “Here’s a big middle finger to all the haters!! My ENTIRE life my legs have been a sore subject matter for me… Media portrays an image that thighs should be slim, smooth and have a gap between them. Mine are NONE of those things! And never have been! I could have easily photo shopped this image to get rid of my cellulite and make a little gap between my thighs but that’s not real! That’s not my reality! That’s not me!! Those constant images give young girls and women alike a major complex about if their thighs rub together or if they see a small stretch mark of bit of cellulite. Girls and women, that is all digital! That is not real and that is not something to strive for! Strive for confidence, intelligence, a smile that lights up the room, strength both mentally and physically and most of all strive to be happy!!! After over 15 years of being ashamed of something like my thighs.. No more!! SKY’S OUT, THIGHS OUT!!!!!!! - @confidence1091
#powerliftingthickthighthursday ❤ 🍗 🍗 “

Some words on accepting your strength from @confidence1091.

lycanthroptea  asked:


hobby: what do they love? what captivates them? what are their passions?

His brother was the charismatic one. He was the one that his father brought to Pureblood gatherings in other countries. They’d both come back with strange objects and smells and many many stories. Antonin, was shut away because he was a liability. He was a crack in their perfect Pureblood facade that could so easily break if spread any further. So he stayed in his father’s study and read up. If he could strive to be anything like Mikhail, he could strive for his intelligence. Hogwarts gave him more to study and explore than he could have ever imagined. Charms books filled with spells that left his fingers tingling. Potions that could be brewed, but potions that could also be manipulated at his will to create something more. The fire that pulsed through his wand, and that he realized was all his own. The history, the worlds, the society, all built up around him through careful reading and close studying. 

OC ask meme


I’m sensitive as hell and I didn’t like it ever since I can remember–I still have trouble accepting it but I’d rather be an empathetic sensitive blubbering mess than someone who dismisses their feelings and the feelings of others. 

Hope this helps other sensitive black girls. Y’all are so important and your feelings are absolutely valid. We’re human and allowed to feel all those pesky emotions. Strive to build that emotional intelligence, bb.

dscap01  asked:

While reading your answers I found two sentences caught my interest. First, Scorpios can be straightforward even while manipulating someone. And that's interesting. I would like to hear your full opinion on that. Second, You called libras to be reserved while stating that libras & Virgos are quite similar in certain aspects. Libras are usually not tagged as reserved no? Wish you a good day. And Merry Christmas a little in advance :)

I love that you catch these things, because I love elaborating on psychology. :) 

Straightforward Scorpio Manipulation:
I’ve recently come to realize that I use this all the time. Here’s the trick: If you are straightforward and blunt with someone, they cannot use what you just said against you. For example, if I’m saying something strange or potentially embarrassing, I just deadpan it. It’s almost an intimidation technique— Through your tone, you are saying “I am completely confident in myself, and therefore you have nothing against me.”
Really, if you say anything with blunt confidence, it will come off differently. With a certain tone, you can really say anything you want, and it will come off as confident and slightly charismatic(especially if you give a little wry smile at the end of your sentence.) 
It’s this illusion of being indestructible— I’ve been noticing that a lot of Scorpios tend to use it.

Libra and Virgo association: 
I don’t think that Libras are reserved in the traditional sense— Not like Scorpios, but more like Aries, who are very sociable and charming but don’t trust people or give out personal information unless they really know someone. They’re easy to get along with, but not easy to know.
As for their link to Virgos, I believe that both of these signs crave balance and usefulness, which leads to somewhat neurotic tendencies. A Libra is surprisingly calculating, strategic, and are known for diplomacy(like Erwin Smith in Attack On Titan.) Virgos and Libras are both constantly striving for a helpful and intelligent outer appearance, and balanced and in-control life. 
Honestly, I think that Libras can be on the same level as Scorpios and Virgos when it comes to control freak nature. The main difference is that Libras strive for this by being charming and diplomatic, while Scorpios strive for this by being dominant and confident, and Virgos by being intellectual and helpful. 
I hope this clears those up!! Merry Christmas a little late. :)

Why I Write

Sometimes you read a sentence, and you can feel the words resonate within you. You finish the book, and you turn it over and over again in your hands and you think about how those symbols and the emotion within them feel the same way as driving at night does, the same way as watching the last of the dusk light pass through your sheer curtains as you lie on your bed does.You hear that one song for the first time and you feel something that you’ve been wanting to say but didn’t know, and still don’t know, in the lyrics.

Words cannot even express how much I wish to be able to touch people like that with my writing. 

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is someone I strive to be. She’s intelligent, multitalented, patient, takes good care of her members, and learns new languages to communicate with fans. Reading is one of her hobbies and she’s constantly learning new things. Many will say she’s bland but I think she’s growing out of her shell. I’ll never understand why she chose idol life when she could do so much better but even then, she’ll have a positive future.

An open letter to the Sherlock fandom

Never ever be like Sherlock Holmes. Do not

  • Lie or keep things from loved ones simply to be dramatic
  • Hurt people or trick them to be clever
  • Use people as a means to an end
  • Be systematically abusive towards a loved one because you think they will not walk out on you
  • Use “being clever” as an excuse for being a terrible human being
  • trigger someone’s PTSD or trauma for fun

While that makes for an interesting character, it makes for a terrible human being. 

Do, however

  • Protect the people you care about and value them
  • Strive for intelligence and critical thinking
8 Apparently Poetic Ways To Say You Hurt Me Emotionally


1. You made me feel like I was walking on water then you drowned me in it.

2. You told me you would always be there for me. You meant that. You linger in my thoughts throughout the day and night.

3. One time when we were on Skype you said you love my laugh and my smile. I guess that’s why you took them with you when we separated.

4. You always called me a cute nickname in Japanese when you would mess up. It was something easy for you to do to clean up your mess. But my life is a mess that I love but you just wanted to clear away.

5. I told you I love studying physics even though it was difficult. You told me I was pretty so I didn’t need to be smart. That my beauty and desire for knowledge would allow me to hold onto you forever. As if beauty was ever something to strive for over intelligence. But I believed you.

6. When we first met you hit my head on a window by accident. You’ve been hurting me ever since.

7. Remember when we played punchies and you left me a bruise so bad that I couldn’t lift my arm for days? You iced it because it was you who hurt me. Where are you now that you hurt me? Where is the numbing for heartbreak?

8. I rarely told you I love you. I was afraid it’d lose its meaning if I said it too often. Turns out it never meant anything to you anyway.


epidilius  asked:

Are there going to be more Planeswalkers like Tamiyo, the Moon Sage? By that, I mean Planeswalkers who strive for intelligence, knowledge, and solutions to the unexplained. It seems that lately the Planeswalkers have been very combat based, and they all end up fighting to solve their problems. I would enjoy seeing more Planeswalkers who resort to means other than confrontation (such as Dack Fayden) lore wise, or even a return of Tamiyo, to tone down the violence in MTG. Is this a possibility?

Being that we’re a game about fighting with magic, we’re going to lean towards planeswalkers who, well, fight with magic. They’ll be the occasional planeswalker like Tamiyo but they will be the exception and not the rule.