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I love your Tumblr! I also like D.S - there's room for everyone in this Fandom... all positivity (and negativity) makes things well rounded mostly - there's no point pitting everyone against eachother - your tumblr shouldn't have been linked too the thread - that's just strirring - and you have the right to stick up for yourself - the D.S thread is renound for its negativity but i still like it & still read it,I just don't let it bother me as much but we are all here for the same thing 'Robron'

Thanks, I’ve been reading that thread longer than some people have been posting on it so I know what it’s been like and it was never as bad as it is now. And I didn’t even say anything bad, I just agreed it was miserable place and it’s always talk about Rebecca. Which it is. Loads of people think the same there was no need for my page to be shared. I didn’t turn it personal that was the arsehole that shared a link to my blog and then Andy being a prick also. Do I go around sharing their posts for everyone to see? No I don’t.