stripy trousers

anonymous asked:

Do you have any photos of the Ratcatcher who runs across the stage in the panic after Don Juan, o Anea the talented and knowledgeable?

The only photo I’ve ever seen of the rat catcher is in Marcus Tylor’s “First Year Backstage” book, from the documentation of all the costumes. There the costume was worn by Peter Bishop, and it consisted of plain trousers, a stripy shirt, an apron, a long jacket, and a crunched hat. Fairly similar to the stagehands in costume. 

I promised myself to not post more photos from that Tylor book, so people might be encouraged to buy it themselves. But since you added that last line my will is all weak and my heart so fuzzy with love, so here it is… 

Florence Welch was amongst the lucky few to nab a FROW seat - and sample Karl’s bar food. “I’ve already had two Chanel coffees, I feel a bit jittery!” she told us. Aside from the croissants, Florence had her eyes on the catwalk offerings. “There was a guy in a pair of stripy red trousers which I thought were just wonderful. And there was a big grey trench coat mixed with a mustard yellow blouse which was really lovely.”
—  via Grazia UK