No, I'm the Master!//stripsclosertothedoctor

The Master was in his workroom, hunched over another project. It looked like a rather large laser cannon and took up over half the space available. Carefully, he tiptoed over wires and tools to get to his computer. Careful…one misstep and you could blow a hole in the universe… Although, that is technically what this is for. 

See, the Master was trying to figure out exactly what had happened in his cell back on Gallifrey. Cracks like that don’t just appear out of nowhere. Something massive had to have happened. 

He checked the readings on his computer and started to boot up the cannon, making sure everything stayed stable. Suddenly, he realized he’d forgotten something on the other side of the device and hurried to fix it. 

Of course, he tripped and knocked it off balance for just a second. This second, this one tiny little second, was just enough to trigger the cannon. A bright white light fired into the wall opposite and a large crack appeared there. 

“Shit…” he whispered, staring at the crack for a moment longer before hurrying to fix it. He looked back down at his device and tried to disconnect it. He had to hurry. Anything could come through there for anywhere, and it’d be just his luck if it was the bloody Time Lords or the Daleks again..

At least we're together - closed

The first thing he noticed was a stinging, throbbing pain at the back of his head. Theta sat up without opening his eyes and reached for the spot. When he touched it, he felt warm and already a bit dried blood underneath his fingertips. He groaned and opened his eyes, blinking into the dimmed light trying to remember what happened.

They had been on a short trip…to one of the few planets neither of them had ever visited. 56th century, mostly human and quite similiar to earth. Theta had been very happy…just to be with Koschei and having fun without getting into trouble…

Well, that obviously hadn’t worked. He leaned against the wall and looked around. When he saw the body lying next to him on the floor, he cursed lightly and quickly moved towards him. At least he was still breathing. Carefully, he reached out for him with his mind and gasped. There was…nothing. Not just not Koschei but nothing. Something…blocked him.

He sighed and pulled the other’s head into his lap, trying to wipe some of the dried blood off his cheek. “Kosch…”, he whispered and kissed him softly. “Wake up…” He looked around once more and noticed the two cameras at the opposite wall and the speakers below. There wasn’t a visible door though…just dark grey walls and a single lightbulb.

He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the pain in his head, then turned a bit to shield Koschei from their view and bowed down to him. “Kosch…please, you have to wake up”, he muttered, “I need you.”

Shattered Glass {CLOSED}

The Onlooker was walking around the streets of London. Shoeless, as usual, she clutched her shawl tighter around her shoulders to fight against the early November chill. Besides the shawl, the tiny Time Lady wore nothing but a short, thin Gallifreyan dress.

As she walked, the Onlooker sang an old lullaby from her home; Rassilon’s Lullaby.


Something wasn’t right, she just couldn’t place a finger on it. Turning to the nearest person she could find, Mila hesitantly tapped him on the shoulder. “Sorry for interrupting your probably extremely important day, but could you tell me what is going on here?”

Things That Go Bump in The Night || strips-closer-to-the-doctor

It had been another successful Hen Night. Well, Girl’s Night Out with Two Guys. It had been Clara and her college mates, Nina, Jessie, Emma, Emma’s boyfriend Sanjay and Sanjay’s friend Luke. They had all stayed out until closing time, a first for them. Afterward, they had parted, each heading back to their respective residences. 

This was how Clara found herself alone on a dark street somewhere between the pub and home; it had been a while since she had walked home on her own; living with the Maitland’s, traveling with the Doctor… It had been a long time since she had done something on her own. 

Suddenly, she felt the fine hairs on the back of her head stand up. She was walking past an unlit side alley with large overflowing dustbins parked up against the walls. She glanced around, but it didn’t appear anyone was there. “Hello,” she called, slightly nervous. “Is someone there?” She looked back down the alley. “Probably just a cat….” she muttered to herself in an attempt to stay calm.

+ a lot, i lost count

“Hello! You look lost, I am too. Maybe we could figure out where we are together, yeah?”


His boots crunched onto the forest leaves outside his TARDIS doors. These weeks without his companion had spurred XI to explore more of this universe’s weave of time and space. Naturally his loneliness had encouraged him to set foot on Earth: the closest reminder of his own species. He had planned on luring a temporary passenger, some young man or woman he could bedazzle with his alienness, shag and abandon, but the TARDIS had decided to throw one of her tantrums - atypical energy readings and blips of bioscans that were impossible. Then she had tried to change her mind about landing, shouted at him with a bong of a cloister bell.

Thoroughly pissed off with her, he’d punched the navigation console and she materialised here. It was perhaps for this reason that she promptly disguised herself as a tree once he’d stepped outside, threatening him not to stray too far.

The Time Lord crept off in search of the source of the energy spikes, and the chilling sensations that gripped his hearts. Why should he be afraid of an Earth forest; the Oncoming Storm, Predator of the Daleks, the Doctor that had been the Wolf and Rassilon’s link? He snorted at his eerie surroundings, challenging them to bother him. Yet, inwardly he knew something was wrong about this place.

No birds, no shuffle of creatures…it was far… too… quiet.

Seven have found the messenger

Secelia sat down with her legs crossed and letters strewn haphazardly around her, as she re-organized her bag. her stoache grumbled a bit and she made a mental note to find somewhere to eat latter. Crackers sufficed, but sometimes they just weren’t enough. she reached for the last letter to put it in her bag, when a string breeze sent it flying. “Gah!” she hastily fastened her bag shut and set out after the rogue letter. She’d finally caught it when her feet lost their purchase, and she fell down the hill, tumbling to a stop at someone’s feet.

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