stripping over me

being @gayradwhitedad ‘s friend means u automatically sign up for vore jokes and i still dont know how to deal w/ this information em im love u i promise

[ENG Translation] Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story
Bubbling of the Starry Sky (based on the Makoharu Mook Drama)

Audio link from Tsunamayo at soundcloud (thank you for sharing!!)

Makoto: I’m home~ Phew, we had so many emergency call outs today.. I’m so tired… there are so many fire accidents lately. Ooh! I’ve got black soot all over me! *strips* Well then, time for a bath…

Makoto: Phew…

Haruka: What’s up.

Makoto: HUUUUH!? Who are you!? Why are you using the bathtub in my house!? More importantly, how did you get in!?

Haruka: Shut up…

Makoto: EEEEH!! You have a tail! A mer… merman!?

Narration: Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story

Narration: Bubbling of the Starry Sky!

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Another “small” collection of shokunba onedraw entries

i draw these two way too much but im not ready to stop yet

mélange | part 2

fandom: monsta x
member/reader: kihyun, female, minhyuk (mentioned)
genre/warning(s): smut, slight!degradation, choking
length: 2K
summary: in which your new neighbor next door has really loud sex and so you decide to have a competition because there is no way blondie is having better sex than you.


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btvs rewatch ✞ 2x22 Becoming Part 2

Early Mornings (Isaac Lahey)

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all the love you gave me on Anchor!! I’m glad you liked it. This is kinda short, but I wanted to get something out to you guys cause it’s been a little while.  Enjoy xx

warnings: none ;)

(btw this is Isaac’s point of view)

Tap.  Tap.  Tap.

I shift a little and sigh, opening my eyes and frowning at the wood pecker that has landed on the windowsill and woken me up.  I look past him and see the first strands of light stretching across the sky, creating a soft pink.  Becoming more aware of my surroundings as I further come out of my sleepy daze, I feel a strip of warmth across my chest and something tickling my shoulder.

There she is.

Lips full and slightly parted and hair spread across the pillow, she looks so beautiful.  And she is all mine.  As this idea dawns on me, my heart swells and I decide to bask in her presence.  I feel like the only time I see her anymore, we are back-to-back, weapons in hand, trying to keep someone or something from killing us.  But here, in the quiet early morning hours, there is nothing to do but watch the slow rise and fall of her chest.  I turn so my body is completely facing her.  Her eyebrows scrunch together and I think she is going to open her wide eyes, but her face returns to a neutral expression and I am free to see every detail as she sleeps.  With just one glance, she wouldn’t be someone you notice right away.  She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or clothes that cling to her body.  She knows who she is and what she is capable of and doesn’t feel the need to show off.

When I first met her, I had to work hard for even a small conversation. Of course, we had classes together and we talked about the weather, but it took time for her to open up and reveal the things she doesn’t tell many people.  That’s why this morning is even more special.  We are together, in my bed, in the most innocent way possible, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

As I’m watching her eyes shift under their lids, I see how her dark eyelashes brush against her cheekbones.  Her face is splattered with freckles and she has a scar under her nose from when she fell as a child.  I lift my hand from her hip and lightly stroke up the curve of her brows and down the side of her face to her chin.  I brush away the few hairs that seem to always make their way to her forehead like they can’t stay away.  I let the pads of my fingers go across her eyelids, down the tip of her nose, finally landing on her lips.  I always come back to these lips.  The lips I first kissed under the Christmas lights in Lydia’s backyard.  The lips she licks when she’s nervous.  The lips she chews on when she is listening intently or thinking too hard.  The lips that distract me from doing homework or paying attention in class.  The lips that opened and allowed me to hear her say she loves me.

I close my eyes and kiss her awake, knowing it’s time to get up for school.  As much as I would love to lay here forever, duty calls.

She stretches out with a squeak and folds herself into my chest, nuzzling her nose in the crook of my neck.  She knows this is my weakness, the one thing I can’t resist.

“Come on, babe, it’s time to get up.”

She yawns and plants little kisses all over my collarbones, trying desperately to keep me in bed with her, where nothing can hurt us.

“Please, don’t make me get up, Isaac.  Just a few more minutes,” and with this plea, she rolls over, immediately stripping me of any warmth our bodies had created together.  “I just need a little longer.”

“Alright, but don’t blame me if we’re late.”  I know I’ll never be able to get this stubborn girl to get up before she is good and ready, so I don’t even waste my energy.  Instead, I weave my arms between hers and pull her closer, my chest against her back.  I watch to see her reaction and she smiles, letting out a relaxed breath.  “I love you so much,” I whisper to her, thankful for early mornings like these.

the girl who cried wolf (removed vocals)
the girl who cried wolf (removed vocals)

michael what the fuck i just cried [ i do not own this song, all credits to 5sos ]

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I’m just gonna leave this here

I would give him anything. I would do anything. I'd be anything to 
make him happy.