Person "So how much money do you make stripping"

“well, it can depend on what day of the week it is, what the weather is like outside, if there is some event going on in the downtown, what holiday is coming up, how many weeks after tax returns it is, or how many hours before Black Friday it is, if mercury is in retrograde, the number of times a black cat has crossed the strip club multiplied by the percent of people wearing the color pink, if I’ve been sick, if some dude won the lottery-”

Things I hate hearing customer say

“How far will you go in the back?”
“Why don’t you do more pole tricks?”
“I only come here for the cheap drinks”
“What’s your real name? No really?”
“Do you have any dance specials?”
“Your height intimidates me”

Seriously?! So. Over. Stupid. People.

Slimy Tiny Dick

The dancer before me tried to warn me…she told me this john was creepy and I needed to be careful.

But it was slow and money was even slower. So I risked it.

He was dirty talking before the curtain closed but that’s fine, I just smiled. I started weaving to the music, winking and playing with my top….his verbal vomit became filthier….I kept smiling.

I watched his boner grow in his sweats….I also saw him lay down five 20’s….he asked if he could lick me. I pointed to the [fake] camera and said “baby I can’t play like that here”.

I turned my back to him as I got naked so I wouldn’t have to see him [My Mistake]… shaking my ass about 6" away from his lap….I started to talk dirty to him since with each comment he added a 20 to my growing pile.

Then. I felt it. His fucking slimy dick sliding up my inner thigh. He grabbed my hips and tried to force my pussy on him.

Ninja style I twisted, grabbed my money and screamed “slimy dicks don’t belong in the dance room!”.

Running out I directed regulars, bar staff and dancers to all look at him as he came out. I pointed “he tried to jerk off on me and fuck me with his slimy tiny dick”.

He ran out. And I was bought 3 shots and a drink….plus I had made $200 for 3 minutes of moral degradation….

Ah stripper tales.