In terms of pure natural ability as a vocalist Christina Aguilera is just on another level, in my opinion. People can say she over-sings and at times that may be true, but the fact still remains she does things with her voice that others can only dream of matching. As successful as she is, I think she deserves even more credit as an overall artist, she’s fucking incredible and takes things to new levels and isn’t afraid to break new ground. For me, she’s the best and I refuse to be told any different! I made the gifs of this performance because the vocals SLAY and she looks stunning too.

Christina(about Etta James on a concert): If you know a little bit about me, you should know that my all time favorite singer is Etta James. And if you don’t know who she is, you should because she’s really something special, she was the only person, who’s music touch my heart and soul. And this song I’m gonna sing for you, is one of my favorite songs it’s called ‘At Last’.
—  Stripped Tour