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Rose-White looked at the sleeping Kanda on her couch and giggled. She leaned over his head and when he started to stir she smiled. "Finally awake, Kanda? You were pretty drunk last night."

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“Not my fault that you guys had to fuckin’ coax m-”

Just before he had finished his last sentence, he suddenly threw up, sitting up as quick as though he had been hit by a lightning.

The result? The floor - as well as his clothes - were now covered with vomit. Awesome.

He instantly stripped out of his coat and shirt, ignoring whatever Rose had to say about that, and rubbed his face.

“I’mma go have a shower. C’ya.”


FIC: A Shadow in the Glass

CHAPTER 2 // ??


Cross-posted (with much better formatting) to: AO3

Rating: M (for Violence and Language)

Characters: Howard Link, Allen Walker, Kanda Yuu, Past!Allen, Tyki Mikk

(Relation)ships: Yullen, Pie Shipping, (a little bit of) Poker Pair


During a routine mission gone horribly wrong, Allen suffers a serious head injury.

When he finally wakes, weeks later, to everyone’s relief, something about him…

…isn’t quite right.

Notes: Still don’t kill me for this chapter, okay?

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New Vegas followers react to a (hot!!) bubble bath waiting for them at Lucky 38?

 ***Ahhhh! My first request! Apologies if I’m a bit rusty***

After a long day in the Vegas Strip, the companions rode the humming elevator up to the Presidential Suite. Stepping out, they heaved a sigh, strolling into the hallway that branched out into the five rooms of the casino’s suite, beelining for the bathroom. Stepping inside, they were surprised to see a fresh, steaming bubble bath waiting for them.

 Arcade Gannon: He blinked a little, looking around the room, taken aback by the bath waiting for him. His face scrunched up, cheeks coloring pink, “is….. This for me?” Stalking in the doorway, he huffed, smiling a little to himself, “I… Guess so” He shrugged, slipping out of his lab coat, stripping down till he was completely bare, shuddering a bit as the cooled air touched his skin. Arcade stepped into the tub, “"Ahhh, that’s nice..” He hummed, sliding down into the hot water, craning his head back as his eyes fluttered shut, placing his glasses on a nearby table. What a way to end the day.

Boone: The recon man faltered, brows drawing together. “….” He cocked his head a fraction, taking a wary step further into the room, “"Anyone there?”Upon hearing no response, he ventured into the bathroom more, gaze scanning the immediate area. He frowned at the tub for a moment, as he never allowed himself to really enjoy things like that. He went to drain the tub, but sighed loftily as he hand soaked up the heated temperature of the water, and he felt his shoulders slacken. The frothy bubbled tickled his skin, and he stared at the fluffy blobs atop the steaming water in contemplation. After awhile, he stripped himself down, easing himself into the tub, taking off his beret and glasses for once, setting them to the side neatly. Another sigh escaped him and he fully relaxed, mumbling to himself. It was a rare luxury that he ever got to relax or let alone allow himself to enjoy something like that.

Cass: She didn’t notice the tub at first, groaning and taking a swig of whiskey as she dragged herself into the room. Setting her flask down, she inhaled sharply, removing her hat. Her gaze flickered around and she paused, staring at the bubble bath. A smirk rose to her freckled features and she chuckled, “Well damn, must be my lucky day” She let her hair down, shaking it out like a dog then raking her fingers through the gingery, disheveled locks. Cass shrugged off her flannel and tugged off her jeans and boots, the last thing on her being her pendant, which she carefully removed, placing it on the bath side table. Stepping into the tub, almost hastily, she barely braced herself on the edge in time as her feet slipped a little on the bottom of the ceramic tub. Stifling a heavy sigh, she sat down, moaning in pleasure as the hot water soaked her tanned skin.

Christine: She stared at the tub, shocked. After a moment, a smile rose to her pale features and she stepped forward, slipping out of her clothes, fingertips skating across the side of the tub. Humming, she eased herself into the tub, gasping softly at the heat, but relaxing, pausing to giggle as the bubbles licked her chin and stuck to her skin. Her eyes wandered, nose crinkling as she leaned back, skin pressed up against the warm and slick ceramic back of the tub. She couldn’t help but giggle as the bubbles tickled her face, watching in silent awe as the froth clung to her hand, fingers combing through it. Christine had never had a bubble bath before, it was so soothing..

Dean Domino: The ghoul smirked, “Well, well, well, what do we have here?~” He strolled into the room, putting out his cigarette promptly into a nearby ashtray. Cocking his head, he unbuttoned his jacket and undershirt, chuckling cheerily to himself, “"Don’t mind if I do~” As soon as the rest of his clothes were tossed over a chair back, he slid into the tub, sighing, “oh, it’s been too long, too long indeed..”He drawled, closing his eyes, inhaling sharply. “"A well deserved treat..” Dean hummed, relishing the moment, letting out a soft moan as the hot water soaked into his skin, “Maybe a spa day wouldn’t hurt…” He chuckled, glancing at his marred skin, rolling his eyes before letting himself wind down, contented.

 Joshua Graham: the ex Legionary paused, faltering at the sight. It couldn’t possibly be for him… And though I did look welcoming, he didn’t wish to experience such pain as a hot bubbly bath would result in as soon as the almost scorching water touched the still sensitive scars that littered his skin. He simply let the bath sit, silent, seated a distance away from it, reading his scriptures to himself to pass the time until the courier would return. Eventually, he got to his feet, stalling by the tub and dipping his fingers into the water, eyes narrowing faintly. It was lukewarm. Joshua hummed, swiftly unwrapping the bandages from a portion of his arm, revealing a sensitive blotch of morphed skin, that had been marred in the flames. Bracing himself and clenching his jaw, he lowered that portion of his arm into the water, relaxing upon processing the lack of pain. Pulling his arm from the sudsy water, he unwound his bandages and hung up his clothes, slipping into the tub, wincing at first, but calming once the initial pain dulled away. Taking a deep breath, he stared at the ceiling, humming to himself.

Raul: He stalled when he saw the tub, gaze flickering around the room, “Boss? You in here?” Stepping inside, he glanced at the tub again for a moment, biting the inside of his cheek, “Huh… Guess not..” The ghoul shrugged, unzipping his old jumpsuit, hesitantly getting into the tub, sliding down into the welcoming, bubbly water. He propped his feet up on the tub’s ceramic edge, resting his arms behind his head as he settled down, sighing, “Ahhhh, dios mío…I’ve found heaven…”mumbling to himself, he let his aching muscles relax, blissful.

Ulysses:”Whats this?”He grumbled, removing his mask, a scowl painted on his face. Striding over to the tub, he inspected it, showing disinterest at first glance. Wiping his forehead from the dirt and sweat that stuck to it, he mumbled under his breath, shrugging his duster and shirt off, unbuckling his pants buckle and slipping them off, hanging all of his clothes up neatly. The courier sat himself in the heated water, nose scrunching up as the bubbles stuck to his dark skin. He brushed them off,sitting up in the calming water, knees bent. He let the hot water soak him, gaze trained on the wall opposite himself, thoughts wandering.

\Veronica: The scribe falters, “"Oh…What? For me?” She walked over, head cocked, dipping her fingers into the water, laughing softly.”How sweet..” Veronica murmured, smiling. How could she object to such a gift? Smiling more, she slipped into the hot, bubbling water, gasping softly,”"Oh!” A laugh escaped her and she cupped some bubbles in her hands, letting them drain through her dirt caked fingers, giggling to herself.