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A/N: This is part 1 of a request made by @floofy-halfling. I don’t know if this is what you wanted so like just tell me if I’m on the right track :)

Italics: Elvish

Word Count: 1,806

Part 2 - Part 3

Master List

You swing your sword into the spider before it has a chance to attack Thorin. He looks up at you and nods in thanks and you nod back. 

You had joined their journey when they came to stop at Beorn’s place. You were there because he had found you almost ten years ago, badly injured from an encounter with an orc. Since then, you had been living with him and once you met the company, you left with them. Thorin didn’t want you at first since you were an elf, but Mithrandir had convinced him to let you join and here you were, saving his ass.

You pause as your hear footsteps running in the trees and turn towards the noise. Thorin has noticed it too. You see a blonde elf running through the trees and sliding down the web of the spider. He kills that one and slides under another one, killing it as well.

You watch as he moves to stand and you pull your bow, stepping in front of Thorin. You two come face to face, arrows pointed into each other’s faces. He narrows his eyes at you and you do the same.

Don’t think I won’t kill you elf,” he snarls and tightens the string. “I could say the same for you,” you say, mimicking his movements. You feel an arm on your elbow and you look at Thorin. He nods his head and you place the bow and arrows back to where they belong.

“Legolas!” you hear a female voice say and you wince a bit as you realize you had just pointed your arrow at the prince of Mirkwood. You listen to the conversation he has with the female and you look at Thorin.

“ Do you know him? You went frigid,” he asks. “He’s the prince,” you mutter back as the prince comes over to you both. “Search them,” he orders and you are all stripped of your weapons. The guards put shackles on you and you are lead to the palace.

While you and the rest of the company are lead to the cells, Thorin is lead to the the King. You sigh at as you are pushed into the cell. You laugh as you notice a guard stop Fili to take away one of his hidden daggers.

You sigh once again as the guards leave you alone. You sit by the door and look up. You notice the prince standing on the platform above you. You make eye contact with ice blue eyes and he comes to move in front of your cell.

Why are you with the dwarves?” he asks, coming to stand in front of your cell. “I did not think it was any of your business,” you reply not looking at him.

You are in my kingdom,” he retorts.

Really? I thought it was your father’s kingdom?” you ask sarcastically.

So you know who I am?” he asks.

Blonde hair, blue eyes. You must be a Sindarin elf and last I remember, the only sindarin elves to live in Mirkwood were the King and his son. Given the fact that you were out on guard duty, you are the prince,” you explain trying to sound smart.

He looks so surprised that you knew so much about him.

Plus, I heard the female call you Legolas,” you say, shrugging and that causes him to smile. You smile back. “Where are you from?” he asks, taking a seat on the steps next to your door. “The Valley of Imladris,” you tell him.

You weren’t lying. You were just not telling the whole truth. You were from Imladris, but you’ve been gone for ten years. You had an argument with your father, Lord Elrond, and you had not returned since then. You did not know if he was looking for you and you did not care. You loved your life with Beorn and you had not regretted your decision to leave.

“Why travel with the dwarves? What will you get in return?” he asks and you decide to answer him this time. “You know? I have no idea. It’s just something that I wanted to do. A rash decision, yes, but a good one all the same,” you reply, looking at the wall in front of you. “How long have you been traveling with them for you to gain such an attachment?” he asks.

Literally a day or so. I couldn’t really tell how much time has passed in the forest,” you shrug. For some unknown reason, that makes him laugh. “I’ve never heard an elf laugh or smile so much,” you tell him truthfully.

I laugh because you are funny. You join a bunch of dwarves and you will die for them even though you’ve only known them for a day,” he says.

And a half,” you retort, making him smile.

The two of you continue talking until another guard shows up, dragging Thorin with him.

The king wants to see the elf,” the guard states as Legolas stands. He nods and you switch places with Thorin. Legolas and the other elf leads you to the throne room after chaining you again. Once you get there, the elvenking’s eyes widen in surprise.

Remove the chain,” he orders and the other guard does as he’s told. Legolas stares at his father, confused. “Lady y/n. Your father has been searching for you for ten years and he thought you to be dead,” Thranduil states, making his way down from the throne and Legolas’ head snaps towards you.

You’re Lord Elrond’s daughter?” he asks. “Surprise?” you ask back. He sighs. “Ada. If I knew she was Lord Elrond’s daughter, I would not have put her in the cells,” Legolas says, watching as his father circles you.

Where have you been, milady? There had been many an elf searching for you,” Thranduil asks, ignoring his son.

He was curious. Lord Elrond had been in panic for the first three years of you going missing. He had even left Imladris to search for you, but had been unsuccessful. When the fourth year hit, he did not search, but started mourning. As a close friend of Elrond’s, it hurt to see him in such distress. He had been in that same state when he lost his wife and now his friend had to go through it yet again. The pain must’ve been unimaginable.

I’ve been staying with the shapeshifter, your majesty,” you say, looking dead ahead. You did not like making eye contact when you were being interrogated. Granted, it did not happen often.

And why have you been staying with the shapeshifter instead of returning home? Your father thinks you are dead,” he says, stopping in front of you.

That is new information. You did not intend for that to happen. You knew you should’ve sent a letter, but you could not in your state. Not after he said that he wished you were not his daughter.

“I felt like I was no longer welcomed, milord,” you reply. He narrows his eyes at you.

“Legolas. You will escort the princess back to Imladris back where she belongs-,”

What? Milord! I do not want to leave. I promised Oakenshield that I’d help him. I cannot-“ you start, panicked.

Have you heard of the story of the king under the mountain? Of the sickness that lies under that mountain?” Thranduil interrupts and you nod your head.

Then you know that Thorin Oakenshield will fall under the same sickness just like his grandfather,” Thranduil says.

I do not believe that, milord,” you say. “Whatever you believe is wrong. Legolas, take her back to Imladris,” he says, making his way back to the throne. “No,” Legolas says and you turn to him in shock.

Did he really just disobey his father? His king?

Thranduil turns to his son slowly, frown gracing his face.

What did you just say?” Thranduil asks.

I said ‘no’ father. It is obvious that she does not return to Imladris. She has been happy and safe with the skinchanger. Are we going to take that away from her?” Legolas asks.

Guards. Return her to her cell. My son and I have to discuss a few things,” Thranduil says, glare not wavering from his son. You notice Legolas has the same glare on his face and you can’t help but think that they look even more like father and son.

The guards take you back to your shared cell with Thorin. “What did he want?” Thorin asks as you sit at the door. “He was just curious as to why the daughter of Lord Elrond had been missing for ten years and was found traveling with a group of dwarves,” you reply nonchalantly, still thinking about Legolas and his decision to go against his father’s wishes.

“You’re that y/n?” he asks, surprised seeping through his voice.

Lord Elrond and Gandalf had spoken of you multiple times during their stay at Imladris. It was always with sadness. Fili had asked one of the elves what had happened to you and they had said that you had gotten into an argument with your father and left, never to be seen again. They had thought you to be dead and Imladris had not been the same since.

“Ah. So you’ve heard of me,” you say as you close your eyes. “We had stopped in Rivendell a few months ago and your father and Gandalf had mentioned you multiple times. Everyone believed you to be dead,” he says.

“So I’ve heard. Thranduil had ordered Legolas to take me back to Imladris, but he had refused,” you explain.

“Did he really deny his father and king?” Thorin asks, scoffing. “It seems that the children of rulers are rule breakers. Perhaps when you eventually have children, they will break many rules when they’re under the mountain,” you suggest and that causes Thorin to chuckle.

“I don’t see why not. Fili and Kili already do that,” he states loudly.

“We heard that, Uncle and we do not break rules. We just skirt around them,” Fili defends from his spot in his cell.

“It’s the same thing,” Thorin argues back and you smile. You liked the fact that he could still joke a bit in this situation.

“I reckon the sun is on the rise,” Bofur’s voice sounds throughout the cells. “We’re never gonna reach the mountain, are we?” you hear the youngest ask and your heart clenches a bit.

These dwarves have been through so much, they cannot just be stopped right here.

“Not stuck in here you’re not,” you hear another voice say and it’s the hobbit and he’s holding keys. He lets the both of you out first and suddenly, your hope returns along with the fear that you may never see the blonde prince again.

The Witch’s Arena

I combined two of the prompts I was sent, together. I hope neither of you mind. @captainsupergravity requested this post by @the-kittens-of-voltron and @comic-book-reider requested this post by @ohwhataprettypinkhat

Without further ado, here’s the langst!

Warning, mentions of gory things

Lance was no longer conscious of what he was doing, he was running on a mixture of fear and adrenaline. Every sound that was made by him slamming a rock as hard as he could against the galra soldier make his stomach lurch and heart sink more and more. Sure the galra were the enemy, but he was the monster.

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Hotchkiss Mle 1909 US automatic rifle

Manufactured by Colt and Springfield Armory c.WW1 with a Warner & Swasey M1908 telescopic sight - serial number 316.
.30-06 30-round metal strip, gas operated full automatic, bipod with dedicated leather strap.

I like automatic rifles, and I like metal feed strips.

redshirtjaylah  asked:

could you maybe write jimon in the early stages of their relationship and they just held hands for the first time and it's really cute and soft?? i love your writing thank you so much!! ✨

hi that is so nice thank you!!! i love your prompt it’s so adorable, you’re amazing!! 

“Slow down.” Alec huffs at Jace as they both stride up the sidewalk to the Institute. “Last time I checked, nothing’s on fire. You can walk slower.” 

“You’re the one with the freakishly long legs.” Jace snipes back. “You can keep up.” 

“I hunt demons all day, and then I get sassed by my own brother as thanks.” Alec mutters snidely under his breath as they climb up the stairs. “I don’t deserve this.”

“Sure.” Jace says distractedly, not even paying attention. Butterflies have taken up residence in his stomach, a familiar giddy feeling creeping up on him. He bites his lip as they walk through the front doors, scanning the room for a familiar head of brown curls. 

“Oh I get it.” Alec says, laughing a little. Jace looks at him, and Alec smirks. “It’s the thrill of young love. You’re nervous. Aw.” 

Jace scowls at Alec and chooses not to answer; Alec can probably tell anyway through their bond that he’s jittery with anticipation. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair as they stop by a weapons rack, stripping their gear off methodically. 

He and Simon have only really been official for maybe half a day - six hours at the most. He’s liked Simon for so long, but it’s been a long, difficult battle; he had Valentine to get over, and Simon had to find his place as a Daylighter. It’s hard to know what exactly is normal as a Shadowhunter, and feelings like this are never something he’s been allowed to have. It took him months to work up the courage to ask Simon out, and even then he’d nearly shouted the question at poor Lewis, who’d agreed immediately and then looked panicked. And Jace had been called away on a mission before they could really talk about it. 

It’s not that he doubts what they have; it’s just that it’s new, and fragile, and so very delicate in their hands. They’re both a little afraid of commitment. It’s a work in progress. 

“Don’t overthink it.” Alec says softly, breaking him out of his thoughts, and Jace looks at him as they push the weapons rack back into the wall. Alec gives him a small smile. “It’ll be alright, Jace.”

“Are you sure?” Jace mutters as they go over to one of the tables. He can see Clary, Simon, and Izzy making their way into the Institute, probably off of patrol. The sight of Simon takes his breath away, and his heart starts beating rapidly. This is ridiculous. Everything is ridiculous. 

“Breathe, Jace.” Alec says, looking at him funny, and Jace groans and crosses his arms. “What’s the worst that could happen?” 

“I die.” Jace says immediately. Alec side-eyes him spectacularly for that, but Jace doesn’t have time to respond because Simon is here

Here, in the flesh, solid and so very real as he draws close to Jace. His hair is ruffled from the wind, curls going every which way, and it’s so endearing. Simon’s staring at Jace, his eyes crinkled in happiness as he offers Jace a small smile, biting his lips. 

“Hi.” Simon says breathlessly, and Jace can’t help the stupid grin that makes its way to his face. 

“Hi yourself.” He responds, raking his gaze over Simon’s form. “Patrol okay?” 

“Oh, you know.” Simon shrugs. “The usual. Demons, vampires, werewolves - an average Tuesday night for me now.” 

“How boring.” Jace says drily, and Simon laughs. Just like that, a little of the awkward, thick tension lessens, and Jace can breathe easier; Simon’s eyes soften and he takes a step closer to Jace until they’re standing nearly shoulder to shoulder. 

“It’s good to see you.” Simon says quietly. His voice is pitched low, the words wrapping them in their own little bubble; Jace’s field of vision has narrowed down to just Simon and his bright, bright gaze. 

“You just saw me this morning.” Jace teases lowly. Simon’s lips twist into a crooked grin, and Jace’s breath catches even as the Simon’s fingers brush against the back of his hand, a slight touch that leaves a trail of burning heat in it’s wake. For Jace, time seems to stand still as he keeps looking at Simon, a moment of quiet where their hands are just barely connected, and then ever so carefully he turns his palm outward and slips his fingers along Simon’s; Simon’s answering grin is dazzling as he laces their fingers tighter together, squeezing Jace’s hand and rubbing his thumb across Jace’s knuckles. 

“You know what I mean.” Simon says, bringing his other hand up and gently brushing Jace’s hair back. They’ve completely forgotten the rest of the Institute, and that they’re barely ten feet away from the others, who are studiously keeping up their own conversation and giving them some time; all Jace is aware of is Simon, and he’s pretty sure it works the same way on Simon’s end. He’s almost overwhelmed by how happy he is, the feeling bubbling up in his throat and threatening to spill over; he feels like he could shout from the rooftops how much he likes this boy, how much he likes something as mundane as holding his hand, how much it anchors him, facing the world as Simon and Jace together

“I do.” Jace agrees softly, slowly leaning forward. Simon’s hand slides from his hair down to the base of his neck, pressing lightly against the skin there as he urges Jace on, his eyes flicking briefly to Jace’s lips, before they meet in the middle, their lips pressing together, agonizingly slow. 

It’s not their first kiss, not even their second kiss, but it’s the first one they’ve shared since Jace asked Simon on a date. Standing here, with Simon’s hand firmly intertwined with his, feeling Simon’s soft lips against his own, a hint of teeth as Simon’s fangs slip a little - 

It makes Jace believe in a happy ending; in something beautiful and achingly real.


Dwalin could feel his cheeks getting hotter, as he grunted, lifting himself of the floor. He was mortified at the incident that had just happened to him. For Mahal’s sake! Dwalin cursed in his mind. He was a dwarf warrior, the best one in Erebor and here he was slipping and falling on his arse, like a fool…

He groaned as he knew it’d be a while till you seized from your laughter. He huffed once more as he looked at you, you had been clutching your stomach with your hands, barely able to breathe from laughing. Tears rolled down from your watering eyes to your blushed cheeks. 

After stripping himself from his weapons, Dwalin made his way to the dining room and waited impatiently for you to join him for dinner. Finally, after a good few minutes, you sighed and filled his cup with mead. With a large grin on your face, you spoke, “You know, I had a pretty rough day today at work but thank you for lightening my mood for possibly the many years to come, my love.”

Dwalin eyed you in some sort of warning gaze, as he was the least bit amused about what had occurred to him just a few moments earlier. Though, if it brought a smile or made you happy, he was willing to let it slide.

“I’m glad I can be of service to you, amralime.

You hummed approvingly and made your way to the kitchen to grab a loaf of bread. As you did so, you couldn’t help but burst into a fit of giggles again as you reminisced the previous incident. You were definitely going to let Dís know about this when she would visit tomorrow.

Got Caught Stealing (with grungedaddykinks)

She’d made a stupid mistake, and now she supposed she was paying for it. She’d only meant to scout out the settlement. She’d meant to keep from being seen, not get too close until she’d figured out what the climate was. Too often people saw a woman alone as an opportunity. But the storehouse was just too tempting. The last couple weeks on her own had found food and water in short supply. Chancing trying to sneak in had been a very poor idea.

She’d barely cleared the door when someone grabbed her from behind. The struggle had been embarrassingly brief, but she’d got her teeth in one of the guys at least, and held on until his companion managed to drag her off.

That she’d hurt one of them was little enough comfort as they dragged her off to one of the buildings, wrists bound, and stripped of her weapons. The man she’d bitten seemed plenty pissed about it, and was rougher than strictly necessary as they arrived. She only got a glimpse of the man there before she was shoved to her knees.

“Sir, I don’t know where she came from, but we found this one trying to sneak into one of the storehouses. Bit the shit out of me when we caught her.” He pulled back his sleeve to display the purpling circle of tooth marks on his arm.

Olivia was scared, but tried to hide it, looking up through a tangle of red hair defiantly at the man in front of her.

I’ll Be Good - Part 2

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 1  -  Part 3

Ok, first things first: I am not exaggerating when I say I would have never posted any of this if not for my friend @marvelatmytrash​ (and if you don’t think that url is top notch, well i’m sorry, you’re wrong). So you can all thank her for being an absolute peach and striking up a conversation with a quiet lil reader and then encouraging me to post my own shit. Go read Aftershocks. Talk to her. She’s incredible. i’m kinda pissed I’ve only known her for like a week.

Summary: Series – You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Solder on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter - The team now tries to get their bearings back at the compound while you try to make the most your captivity.

Warnings: Swearing (as per usual), mildest of sexual references, captivity (I know that’s not the word I’m looking for but I can’t think of the right word. But I can promise you no one is taking a leisurely trip to the zoo, you’re not a giraffe.)

Word Count: 1838

Author’s Note: My little heart can’t thank you guys enough for how receptive you’ve been. Here is part 2. I edit this one literally every time I look at it. I’m not 100% sold on it, but I like part 3, so I’m getting this one out of the way. After that we’re all in trouble because I haven’t even started part 4. That said, I would LOVE to know what you do and don’t like about this one! I am so happy to chat, answer asks, whatever. Please be careful with my brittle non-writer heart though, if you want to share constructive criticism. Please.

Bucky’s POV

“Let me talk to her! Steve, I can bring her to our side on this. She’ll listen to me. She’s been out on her own too long but she’ll listen to me. She’ll trust me.” Natasha called after him, almost running behind his long deliberate strides.

“That’s just it, Nat, you don’t know where her loyalties are anymore! She’s been against us for at least what, 4 years?” Steve huffed out throwing his arms out to his sides, incredulous. “She shot you less than 24 hours ago!”

“Oh please it’s nothing. And you know that’s not fair, people with our skills… we don’t have many options… Just let me talk to her. She could have just as easily put that bullet in my brain. She spared me, Steve. She can help us, but you have to let ME talk to her.” She was pleading. Begging. Bucky had never seen Natasha beg for anything. What is it with this woman? Was Nat afraid of what this sniper might reveal about Nat’s own past or was Nat trying to protect the her? Why was she fighting so hard? Curiosity getting the better of him, Bucky followed.

“That’s not the point. We can’t trust her. And more importantly, I can’t trust your judgment when it comes to her.”

“Just because you don’t know everything doesn’t mean you can’t trust me.” Natasha countered, challenging him. They’d been through a lot, Steve and Natasha. She’d stood by him when he found Bucky all those years ago. She’d attacked a goddamn king for him, for Bucky. Would he really dare to tell her she couldn’t talk to her friend? Bucky saw the resolution flash across his face. Goddamnit he’s so stubborn.

“I’ll go,” Bucky said quiet but firm, turning before they could protest. Ending the discussion before it turned bitter.

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A Growing Brood

Baze leaves for an off-world job and returns to find his impulsive husband’s adopted a child.

He hopes this doesn’t become a habit.

(Pure Spiritassassin & Family Fluff. Because this movie needs those. Ao3 link.)

Baze trudged through NiJedha with a heavy gait, weighed down by the weariness of travel. It was abated somewhat by the profit lining his pockets, and the thought of seeing Chirrut after his two-week absence.

Speak of the devil. He had barely crossed the threshold when Chirrut rounded the corner, wielding that uncanny foresight of his. Kriff, it was a crime how the crinkling around his eyes, creased by his disarming smile, dispelled much of the dreary muck clinging to Baze like a second skin. 

“Welcome back,” Chirrut greeted warmly, as was custom. Less expectedly, he threw his arms around Baze’s neck and promptly kissed him with a vigor that an absence of this duration didn’t warrant.

Despite his doubt, Baze caved into the affection, responding in kind by cupping the hollow of Chirrut’s hips as he reacquainted himself with his husband. He lingered in the embrace for a minute more before pulling away.

“What did you do?” he demanded, scrutinizing his husband’s face. Chirrut grinned unabashedly.

“Me?” he rebutted. “Do what?”

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FFXV-2 Ardyn Story

Ardyn Part 1

Ardyn’s journey won’t be solo. His companions could consist of all the guys that potentially betrayed him and were tying him up (as seen in the official Artbook).

I wonder if those black hoods have any connection to the one you find in Pitioss Ruins. Ardyn’s era is after Solheim. But their technology should still be around and reinvented. Just like how Ardyn introduced Magitek Troopers to Niflhiem once he joins them.

  • I based Ardyn’s story mostly on what was available from the timeline released in the Ultimania. 

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April 20

Colin King is the wealthy son of a master spy who was employed by the British Government. King was raised in the Orient but was an outcast in that society. When his father was killed by rival agent Iwatsu, King decided to go into training, determined to continue his father’s tradition and bring his killers to justice. Now a master of the secret arts of the ninja, he served England and the world as Ninjak. He first appeared in Bloodshot #6 (April 20, 1993). Ninjak is the enforcer of the mysterious Weaponeer organization and the world’d foremost espionage expert. Ninjak uses his expertise in martial arts, demolition, information acquisition and other skills, a keen intellect and an ability to prepare people for any outcome in a given situation. He wears a kevlar-armored bodysuit that can change color. Eventually, Ninjak joins the British Intelligence organization under Neville Alcott, who also works with Bloodshot and Eternal Warrior. Alcott has known Colin since he was a boy, Colin’s father also worked for Alcott many years ago in Japan. Ninjak has no superhuman powers but has trained his body and is a master of ninjutsu, a group of martial skills that includes jujutsu, bōjutsu, and iaijutsu. An aspect of ninjutsu is the ability of the shinobi, or master, to use any object as a weapon. Ninjak has a highly analytical and tactical mind, allowing him to foresee various scenarios and prepare for them. He is also a computer hacker and uses this skill to gather intelligence.

gambit crash course: baddies pt.1

copied str8 from my rp blog

the long awaited not at all long awaited post. i know it says history up there but im focusing on their actual relationship as opposed to how they got there

warning: sinister is a villain in the style of jessica jones’ killgrave. hes one of those “sees Stockholm syndrome in all of his victims” kinda guy. assume all creepy triggers apply. im not going in depth about how marvel hops between “do they have a twisted father-son relationship or is it something darker” bcs… nah. nobody wants 2 read tht…

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Querencia - Suho

Originally posted by daenso

Requested by anon

Request: Mafia!AU with a cold and severe Suho that is sweet towards his girlfriend

Genre: Fluff

Member: Suho/Junmyeon


It wasn’t easy being the girlfriend of one of the most dangerous men in the country. Junmyeon was one of the 12 leaders of the Mafia that served directly under the Don. Lots of people figured life would be easy for you since the Mafia were extremely wealthy and nobody would dare lay a finger on you because of the position Junmyeon has and what he would do to anybody that came near you.

They would be wrong however. Junmyeon was dangerous, yes. People feared him because of his ruthless ways, he was cold and had little to no mercy to anybody besides his fellow leaders whom he considers as brothers, and you. He has killed many people before, some would even call him heartless. You didn’t blame him though. One has to keep walls up around themselves so that nobody can take advantage of you, nobody can find your weakness and find ways to hurt you. 

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Head Start

You can find my Masterlist HERE!

Prompt: Hi,may I get a oneshot where you’ve been on your own for years &one day you run (quite literally)into some men.They take you with them& you end up meeting Negan whom is their leader. Idk what else to put,but I’d like to see what would happen:)thankyu – Via @lust-for-pan

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,717
Warnings: Curses
Category: Angst


You were walking down a long road in the heat of summer. You felt sweat dampen the simple, grey, tank top you were wearing. Thirst tickled at your throat and each time you swallowed it was like sandpaper rubbing together.

The grass on either side of the, burning hot, tarmac was a dead yellow and if you were to walk on it the grass would crumble underfoot. The trees mirrored the same dead colour as the grass as they towered far above you, there was no movement from them as there was no breeze whispering through their leaves.

You saw one of the dead, cut up in two by a tire, as it crawled toward you. Its skin was peeling off as it inched nearer to you. Its skin was an angry red and you were sure that if you touched its frontal lobe it would burn from all the hours left in the heat. You moved past it.

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Request: anonymous: May I request a drabble Legolas x reader, after battle Legolas is hurt and takes care of his injuries on his own, away from everyone else. The reader finds him and helps him take care of the cuts and bruises. They are in love with each other but haven’t acted out yet on those feelings. She is tender and caring and worried for him. He can’t help himself but steal a kiss from her when she’s done, a soft, sweet and long kiss. Thank you so much!
Notes: injured legolas, first kiss, fluff
Word Count: 743 words

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Good Cop, Bad Cop (M) [PT.2]

Summary: Asshole FBI!Jungkook / Cop AU. In which you, a corrupt police officer, cross paths with the FBI who threaten to have your freedom revoked, but on one, simple condition.
Genre: Action/Angst/Drama/Smut…eventually
Words: 1,342
A/N: Upcoming chapters will be longer and more in depth!!

PROLOGUE / PT. 1 / PT. 2

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