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Plot twist: their not really stretch marks. Their actually tiger strips. Your inner tiger is trying to break out.

I’m down with this theory haha

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im working on a story that retells 3 classic children's stories, and one of them is peter pan. i am wondering if i could have some advice on which of these options would be the best for making the usage of tiger lily not racist: 1 eliminating the native tribe entirely and not using her, 2 making them into aliens or amazons or some other fantasy element, or 3 eliminating the native tribe but making tiger lily a lost boy (other lost boys are female and poc as well, so it wouldn't be strange)

Retelling Tiger Lily

There’s option 4: picking a Tribe to research and represent and not being afraid to do it and do it right.  I’ve never seen a modern-day adaptation of Peter Pan have the cojones to actually pick up Tiger Lily and do her justice and maintain that she is Indigenous. 

Last year, Pan tried the route of making Tiger Lily & co. straight-up non-Native and a fantasy culture and in fact drew from Mongolian inspiration for elements like her headdress. This choice received boatloads of criticism for stripping away a Tiger Lily that could have been, including from Native American outlets such as Indian Country Today Media Network. Why not write the Tiger Lily that should have been? Neverland is described as a coastal/tropical area, with the pirates and the mermaids and so on,  and there is a wealth of coastal Native cultures to pick from.

- Rodriguez

For Day 7 (3.4.17) of Bethyl Appreciation Week…
For the FREE DAY submission, I decided to do something fun with my own Beth and Daryl action figures. I always say that “I love playing with my toys” because I’m really just a big kid at heart. ❤️
I truly enjoy doing this kinda stuff… creating lighthearted and funny visual Bethyl subject matter/themes/photo edits. 😁
Because we can definitely use the occasional bit of levity with this often tragic and angtsy ship! 😞


The latest installment of my ongoing comic strip series: “The Adventures of Beth & Daryl”…
Paul Stanley ⭐️and Peter Criss 😼 wanna slay walkers with Daryl Dixon 🏹🐿

and Beth Greene👱🏻‍♀️💚!

Coming Home to You (Their GF) During a Water Gun Fight with The Boys - Yoongi

“Don’t break anything, I’ll be right back.”

Those were Yoongi’s exact words before he left you at the dorms with the maknae line. Of course, you didn’t plan on breaking anything important; just stupid Jimin’s face. That boy was always teasing you for being short and you had had enough. You would never actually hurt the boy, he was a good friend, but you still wanted revenge, and the youngest two were happy to help.

It was Taehyung’s idea, and after you and Jeongguk stared at said man for a moment, having been interrupted, you decided “Why the hell not?” After covering your entire face in what resembled tiger strips with eyeliner from Taehyung’s extensive collection, which he insisted were strictly for such occurrences, you each grabbed water guns out of the maknae’s closet.

The three of you made your way to the kitchen, wanting to fill up the water tanks at the sink, when Yoongi turned to you from his place in the doorway, a plastic bag containing a box of tampons in hand. (GIF) There was an awkward silence before you held out the gun in your hand to him. He stared at it for a moment, but eventually took it.

”Jimin?” He asked. You simply nodded and made his way to the completely oblivious vocal’s room.

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Olympus High

For @murphydog3 for winning the Percy Jackson Trivia! A Sky High-ish AU was requested.

Percy looked out the window as his bus started to disappear from from the mortal eye. His heart was pounding since it was his first day at Olympus High, a school for super humans. 

He knew super humans existed, a bunch of his friends were superhuman. His friend, Jason, was one. He could fly and create storms. Jason’s girlfriend, Piper, she had a silver tongue. She can make anyone do whatever she wanted. Leo could create fire and walk through it with no problems. And then there was Frank, he was a shape-shifter. 

He was nervous for another reason. His childhood friend, turned girlfriend over the summer, Annabeth wasn’t a super human. She was just a really smart mortal.

“Percy, you okay? You look a bit sick.” Piper noted. “Are you just nervous?” 

“Yeah. Just nerves.” He replied. “It’s the first day.”

Leo looked over the seat to face Percy. “You’re nervous about going to school with a bunch of super humans?”

“A bit. I mean, it’s the seventh school I’ve been to in seven years. And none of them had super humans in them.” He told him. 

“It’ll be fun! We’re going to be learning how to save people.” Leo said. “You just got to think of the bright side.”

“I think he misses his girlfriend.” Jason noted. “Percy had to tell her why he wasn’t going to the same school as her anymore.” 

“Wait, Annabeth isn’t a super?” Piper asked. “I thought she was! She’s like super smart.”

Percy sighed and shook his head. “She’s just smart. There’s nothing super about her. I mean, for her to get into the school.”

“It’ll be okay. Maybe she is a super and her powers just haven’t developed yet.” Frank suggest. He would know, he got his letter last out of all of them. His letter came about three weeks ago when he first shape shifted. 

Some of them got their powers when they were little, like Jason, Leo, and Percy. Jason exhibited his powers when he was five by accidentally flying around the back yard. Percy figured out he could breathe underwater when he was three when he fell under the water in the tub. Leo survived a fire when he was five with no burns or scratches on him.

Piper didn’t know she had powers until she received her letter at the end of middle school. She didn’t think much of it when she got whatever she wanted from people.

“That kid is staring at us.” Leo whispered, his eyes darting to a kid sitting two seats back from Percy. 

Percy turned his head and saw a pale kid with black hair and clothing looking at him. He looked at his friends. “Do any of you know him?”

They shook their head. Percy looked back at the kid and the kid looked like he was melting into the shadow that the seat in front of his was making. 

“Maybe he’s shy.” Percy shrugged. 

“He’s a bit creepy.” Piper noted.

“Everyone is if you don’t give them a chance.” Percy replied. “Maybe once we get to school, we can talk to him.”

“Highly doubt he wants us to talk to him.” Leo added.

They arrived at school and it was amazing. The school looked like it was made up of white marble. It had to be at least three stories high with windows where every classroom was. Students were flying onto the lawn in front of the school before running over to their friends. A lake was slightly seen from the left of the building. 

The five friends got off the bus and walked over to a table that was welcoming the freshmen to their school. A man was there in a tiger stripped shirt with jeans and next to him was another man in a wheel chair. 

“Welcome everyone to Olympus High!” The guy in the wheel chair said. “We are excited to help you hone in your powers and use them properly. I am Chiron, the Vice Principal and to my left is Dionysus, the Principal.”

“Wait!” They heard someone shout. 

Everyone turned to see a guy with curly hair running, holding hands with nothing. He ran up to Chiron and Dionysus. 

“Grover, what are you doing here?” Chiron asked. 

“I found another super. Her powers only shown this morning.” He was slightly breathless. “Which qualifies her to join this year’s class.”

“Where is she?” Dionysus asked, lazily. “She isn’t one of your pretend friends, is she?”

“No sir.” Grover slightly growled. “She’s invisible. I barely caught her turning invisible.” 

In a blink of Percy’s eyes, Grover was holding someone’s wrist. But not just anyone’s wrist, Annabeth’s wrist. His heart pounded when he saw her standing there.

“Annabeth!” He grinned going over to her.

She turned and saw him. A smile appeared on her face when she saw him. She walked over and hugged him. 

“I guess we do get to go to school together after all.” She grinned.

He nodded and broke the hug. Everyone was watching them. The two of them were blushing as they rejoined their classmates. Annabeth slipped her hand into Percy’s as they headed to orientation. 

As they went to sit in the auditorium, Frank sat next to a girl, way shorter than him, dark skin and curly locks. She smiled at him. Frank smiled back at her but saw that creepy kid on the bus next to her. He turned and looked straight ahead. 

“I can’t believe all of you are supers.” Annabeth whispered. “I thought Percy was the only one with super powers.”

“Well, surprise!” Piper grinned. “I’m so excited that you’ll be with us.”

“Me too.” She smiled before Dionysus started his welcome speech. 

On the stage behind him, the curtain opened up and paper started to fly towards everyone, their schedules for the semester. The six friends instantly started to figure out what classes they would have together. Jason, Percy, and Leo had a lot of classes together, and Frank, Piper, and Annabeth had a lot of classes.

“I don’t get this. We have the same class but you have Technology H and we have Technology S at the same time but different places.” Annabeth said to Percy. “What do the S and H mean?”

“Maybe they’re just different sections.” Percy shrugged. “It’s fine. We got lunch together.”

She nodded and smiled. “So I’ll see you at lunch?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you at lunch.” He leaned over and kissed her before heading to gym with Leo and Jason. 

As they walked, they noticed the creepy kid walking in front of them. Percy went ahead to talk to him.

“Hey. I’m Percy.” He greeted.

The kid stopped walking and looked at him. “Nico.”

“We’re headed to gym class. Where are you going?” 


“Cool.” He smiled. “Want to walk with us?” 

“No thanks.” He moved to a shadow and disappeared. 

Percy looked at where the kid disappeared for a moment before going back to his friends. 

“That kid disappeared into a shadow.” Leo pointed out. 

“Yeah. He said he was going to gym like us. So I guess we’ll see him there.” Percy told them as they continued to walk to class. 

The whole day just seemed like regular high school, except there was no English or math class. Instead they learned how to build lasers, focus their powers, the history of super humans, and other things that the school thought would be important for them to learn. 

But lunch was the only time the six friends could sit together. They found a table and started talking about their day. Jason, Leo, and Percy were more upbeat about their day. They were so excited to compare notes about their classes.

Piper and Annabeth didn’t look as happy. The were pushing around their food. 

“What’s wrong?” Percy asked Annabeth.

“We found out what the S and H means on our schedules.” Annabeth replied. “Heroes or Sidekick.”

“What?” Jason asked in disbelief.

“So you three are heroes and we are sidekicks.” Piper sighed. “Apparently our powers aren’t as useful as yours.”

“That’s ridiculous! Sidekicks are just as important as the hero. They work as a team.” Percy exclaimed. 

“Yeah, well, that’s how they keep us divided.” Annabeth sighed.

They were all quiet for a moment. The only person who wasn’t at their table was Frank. He walked over a few minutes later with the girl he sat next to at orientations. 

“Hey. Leo, Jason, Percy, this is Hazel. She can talk to animals.” He told them. 

The three boys said hello.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Hazel smiled. “Is it okay that my brother sits with us? He promised to sit next to me at lunch.”

“Sure. Who’s your brother?” Jason asked.

“His name is Nico. He might just appear out of a shadow.” She warned them. 

“That creepy kid?” Leo asked. Then he looked at Hazel. “No offense. He’s in a lot of our classes and he doesn’t say much. He just stares at us.”

“Oh, uh, yeah, him I guess.” She replied. 

Nico walked over to the table. His eyes scanning over at every single person before sitting two seats away from Hazel. He quickly ate then left.

“He’s shy.” Hazel said. “And a loner.”

“We can tell.” Percy noted. 

“He’s just going through a tough time.” Hazel told them. “He’s going to be fine once gets into the rhythm of things.”

They just nodded, wanting to get off the topic. Lunch was made with small chatter. They were talking about the differences in their classes. By the end of the day, they survived their first day of Olympus High.