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Wig Hack Wednesday #5 !
Have you ever wanted to use the same wig for that one character who can’t decide if she wants to wear her hair in twin tails or let her hair down? (Aka Nozomi from Love Live) Or, have you found a perfect wig color for your character but the wig just doesn’t come with a back-parting? Well, here is one way you can fufill your cosplay goals on a budget! Also good for when you want to re-purpose a wig for different characters.
For this demo, I’m using a Venus in grass green from Arda Wigs. I love this color and the length is perfect for Mallow from Pokemon Sun and Moon. My goal is to add a back-parting to the Venus base wig but make it detachable in case I wanna use the wig for other cosplay.
- Part the wig down the middle in the back, and clip the hair away on each side. Cut the hair from the inside layers of the wig to use as wefts for this project. By leaving the outer layers uncut, when you tie the wig into twin tails or let the hair down completely, it will hide the trimmed part
- Use Tacky glue (or other glue that dries clear but flexible) on the tip of a small piece of hair. Use your fingers to squeeze the hair flat to make sure the glue covers all of the hair on the tip of that piece. Wait until it almost dries
- Put more glue in the back side of the piece of hair by the tip. Press the hair piece down onto a strip of soft felt sheet. I happened to find a nude colored one that matched me, but you can use acrylic paints to get the level of color you want (paint the felt strip prior to the start of the project) Also, I find that holding up the felt strip and pressing the glued hair down allow more control and help create more “curve” shape from the center part
- Once you finish gluing hair down on the whole felt strip, turn it over, and hand-sew some wig clips on the back side. 1 inch spacing between each wig clip worked well for me. You’ll need about 4-5 wig clips for the whole felt strip
- Now you can clip the felt strip onto the main wig in the back. Make sure you leave two small pieces of hair from the main wig at the top where your felt strip would go
- Clip the felt strip in place. Make sure it doesn’t come off when you tuck on it. Take the little piece of hair from the main wig that you left out earlier, and section it in half on each side
- Criss-cross the hair pieces to hide the “seam” of the top of the felt strip
- Comb and blend the hair from the main wig with the hair from the felt strip, and tie your twin tails
- You can unclip the felt strip later and comb down the hair to use the same wig as a normal long wig!
Another good thing about this method is that you can use your felt strip for other projects if you buy other wigs from the same company later and in the same color. Or, you can turn an ombre wig into twin tail style for J-fashion shoot and wear the wig as a long wig the next time. This is not the “best” way to do back-parting, but I wanted to focus on being cost-effective and easy enough for beginners to attempt. Have fun wiggin’!


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A/N: This is so raunchy like raunchy to the point that it should have more warnings…

Warning: Contains Sexual Content. View At Your Own Risk!!!

     The smell that emitted off of Luke had your senses on high. You loved the smell Luke came home with after a full day of work. It was the same smell that followed Luke home when he had just finished working out. It made you want to climb on him and possibly suck the soul out his body. The minute he came home you had jumped on him. Initiating an intense makeout and marking his skin to your liking. This had gone on for weeks and each time Luke came close to actually getting your clothes off and fucking you until your mind went numb you’d pull away. The constant teasing had angered Luke to a point where he decided to play you at your own game. Luke’s version of teasing was of course tortuous. He was already dominate in bed but when it came to punishing you Luke became a whole different person.

You were stark naked, hands tied behind your back, and nipple clamps clung to your breasts. Your chest heaved up and down in exhilaration and your eyes were watered with tears as the pain subsided. Luke’s hand ran over your ass trying to smooth away the pain. His hand cold against your now hot skin. You swallowed hard and your eyes squeezed shut in pain went Luke sent another harsh slap to your ass. Another yelp left your lips and you let out a small moan “Fifty,” the number left your lips in a staggered breath and you were beginning to see stars. Luke licked at his bottom lip and his hand slipped between your legs. A grin made its way onto his face at how soaked you were. Your juices slipped down your thigh and coated Luke’s fingers. Your clit throbbed when his fingertips brushed over it and your body shook.

“I don’t think you’ve had enough,” Luke said, grasping one of your still burning ass cheeks and squeezing it. You winced in pain and whimpered as Luke continued to squeeze at the cheeks. “Get up,” he said in a deep voice, yanking at your tied hands to lift you up. Luke let out a sigh of relief when you sat up, relieving the pressure you had placed on his cock. You stood up and legs wobbling beneath you as you turned to face Luke. Luke unzipped his pants and began to pull them down until he was just in his boxers. You quietly stood in your spot, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as you stared at Luke innocently. “Oh no that’s not going to work now,” Luke said, beckoning you over. “You’re the one that did this. You do the crime you pay the time now get on your knees,” he demanded. You did as you were told and carefully sunk down to your knees. Luke walked up to you and his hand reached out to rub at your hair. “Do you know what I want?” Luke questioned, you nodded your head and Luke smirked. “You can talk,” he said.

“Yes, Mister,” you answered, slowly catching your breath. Your mouth watered at the thought and having his cock in your mouth was something you had been longing for. 

“I want to hear you say it,” Luke mumbled, running his thumb over your bottom lip. Your mouth parted and he slipped his thumb between your lips. Luke gaze was dark and a smirk was on his lips as you sucked on his thumb. Tongue sliding along the side like you’d do as if you were sucking him off. You moaned against his thumb and Luke pulled his finger from your mouth. “What do I want you to do?” Luke asked.

“You want me suck your cock, Mister,” you replied. Luke tsked at your words and shook his head. 

“I don’t just want you to suck,” he said, grabbing at your cheeks and making your lips pucker. Luke stared at your darkly a fire burning in his eyes. “I want you to deep throat me…to choke on my cock until your crying and about ready to pass out.” You swallowed hard at his words and his hold on your face loosened. “Do you think you can do that for me?” he softly asked though you knew you didn’t have a choice. You had angered Luke to a point where his thoughts of having you his way couldn’t be changed. Whether he asked you or not you were going to do exactly as he said.

“Yes, Mister I can do that,” you whispered. Luke grinned as stood up straight. You moved closer to Luke and leaned forward your lips kissing at his clothed cock. Luke closed his eyes at the action and you smiled to yourself. You kissed at his skin and then took the hem of his boxer briefs into your mouth. Slowly you pulled them down until his cock was visible and in your face. Luke stepped out of his underwear and then sat down at the edge of the bed. 

“Get to work, Peaches,” he said. Your hands were still tied behind your back and with how tight the strip tie was you knew it was going to leave marks. You bent down, tongue coming out to lick at his cock. It stood erect and a low grunt left Luke’s lips as you continued to lick his cock as if it was a popcicle. You sucked at the head of his cock tongue poking out to lick at his slit and tasting his precum. You pulled away from him and blew cool air onto the head of his cock. “Fuck what did I say about teasing do you want more spanks?” Luke moaned, raising his hips up so push his cock in your face. You shook your head fast, your ass still burning from the fifty slaps Luke had given you before. You hollowed your mouth and took him down your throat. Luke wanted you to deep throat him, so that was exactly what you were about to do. Your head began to bob up and down at a steady pace and a series of moans left Luke’s lips. Your tongue stuck out to rest under his cock as you sucked some more. You came up for air and dipped your head low to fondle with Luke’s balls. Luke sat up on his elbows to watch you. Your head came back up and you took him in your mouth once again keeping eye contact the whole time. “I thought I told you to choke on my cock,” Luke hissed, bucking his hips up and making your gag at the action. You quickly pulled up and coughed for a second before sucking in some air. He looked down at you with raised eyebrows and you quickly nodded. 

“M’sorry, Mister I’ll do as you say,” you whimpered once he roughly grabbed at your hair. Luke nodded for you to continue and you began to take him down your throat once again. This time Luke took control bucking his hips up so that he was fucking your mouth. You moaned around his cock and breathed through your nose to steady your breath. Luke pushed your head far down and you gagged a bit. 

“Take it all the way,” he growled, repeating the action until the tip of your nose hit against Luke’s pubic bones. He held your head down and was muttering dirty nothings in your ear. Luke’s grip on your head loosened to allow you to pull up for a bit of air. Once you had gotten just a smidge of breath he had his cock down your throat again. Luke kept repeating the action and when your head lifted again he moaned at the sight; your lips were swollen in a pout, saliva mixing in with his precum and a string of it following along as you lifted up. “Fuck that’s it, Peaches you’re taking my cock so well,” Luke praised as you took him down your throat again. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes and Luke kept on fucking your mouth until you were crying. It was getting harder for you to breath and your eyelids fluttered and just as you were about to lose your breath Luke came. Loud moans left his lips and you began to suck him dry and swallowed up his load. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” Luke breathlessly said, resting back into the mattress. His arm came up to rest over face and Luke sucked in a few deep breaths until he had wind down from the high. You were still on your knees going quiet and watching Luke intently. You knew not to move especially since you weren’t sure if Luke was still in a punishing mood or not. “Get up here,” Luke demanded.

You stood up as best as you could with your hands still being tied up and climbed onto the bed. Luke looked over to you with hooded eyes and his hand reached out to rest on your thigh. His fingers trailed up your body to take the nipple clamps off and you let out a sigh of relief as the pain went away. You were soaked and your body ached at the thought of having him fill you up. Luke’s hand slid back down your body then went between your legs and his thumb pressed against your clit. You sucked in a deep breath and your teeth sunk into your bottom lip as Luke softly rubbed at your clit. “Mister please,” you whined, feeling Luke slide a finger into your heat. He added in another finger and began to thrust them into you. 

“Come sit on my face,” Luke said in a low voice, curling his fingers up and making a loud moan leave your lips. He pulled away from your core and reached behind you to take off the strip ties. You began to rub at your wrists and Luke let out a low chuckle. “Don’t be so smug,” Luke said, grabbing at your hands to tie them in front of you this time. “I don’t need you falling without being able to catch yourself,” he said, putting them on tighter this time. You let out a huff and began to move until you were hovering over Luke’s face. Luke licked at his lips and you held onto the headboard as best as you could with tied hands. His hands immediately circled around your thighs and pulled you down closer to his face. Luke moaned at the aroma of your juices and lifted his head to take a long lick between your folds. You gasped at the feeling and your eyes closed in pleasure as Luke took another lick. After teasing you for a while Luke got to work and began to suck at your clit. The sounds of him slurping at your juices echoed in your ears and you began to rock your hips starting to ride Luke’s tongue. You wanted more than just his tongue and with your hands tied up you couldn’t touch him the way you wanted to. 

“Mhm that feels so good, Mister,” you hummed, your grip on the headboard tightening as Luke inched his fingers back into your heat. Luke mumble something against your core the vibrations of his words being sent to your clit. Luke’s other hand reached up to slap at your ass and you whined in pleasure beginning to ride his fingers. Luke smiled at the action and he nibbled at your clit twice before sending two kitty licks up your folds. Luke was teasing you. giving you a taste of your own medicine for the long week of teasing him. It was torture and each time Luke’s tongue lapped at your folds teasingly your knees went weak. He began to thrust his fingers up into you. The digits twisting and turning as his fingertips brushed at your g-spot. Already you could feel your release approaching. Combined with the adrenaline of Luke spanking you and now him fingering and eating you out, it made you in bliss. You began to clench around Luke’s fingers and he pulled away before your orgasm could come. “LUKE!” you whined in frustrations being harshly pulled down from above him. You let out a small yelp and Luke slapped the inside of your thigh close to your clit. 

“What did you call me?” Luke questioned through gritted teeth. He slowly rubbed at your clit and dipped his head down to mark the skin between your earlobe. 

“L-Luke,” you hesitantly repeated, feeling heat flush at your chest as he continued to pleasure you.

“That’s what I thought. What did I tell you to call me?” he asked, hands pulling away from your core. You frowned at the action and gripped at Luke’s wrists. He stopped in action and stared at you darkly. “Let go or you’ll be punished even more,” the words came out in a low voice. So low that it sent a chill down your spine and made a flood of wetness rush towards your core. When your hand didn’t remove Luke tsked and then tore away from your grip. “I don’t want you cumming until I say so got it? And since you decided to disobey me-” Luke climbed off the bed then left out the room. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you patiently waited for his return. Your tied hands slid between your legs as best as it could and you began to pleasure yourself as Luke did whatever it was that he was doing. Your head fell back into the pillows as you rubbed at your clit small hums leaving your lips at the pleasure. You knew if Luke had caught you you’d been in trouble, but he had been denying you so you were taking matters into your own hands. Unbeknownst to you Luke had gotten back. He watched with a fire in his eyes as you were playing with yourself. His hands clenching in frustration at the sight. It two long strides Luke had made his way to you. His large hand circled around your ankle and he dragged you to the edge of the bed. “Who said you could touch yourself?” Luke growled, sending a hard pinch to one of your nipples. You whined in both pain and pleasure eyes shooting open to stare at Luke. He pulled you up by the hand ties and to your dismay Luke took them off to tie your hands behind your back once more. Even tighter to the point where they couldn’t move this time. 

“No one, Mister. I’m sorry,” you replied voice wavering. Luke nodded at your words the expression on his face unreadable. Your eyes trailed down his body and landed on his once again hard cock. You knew Luke wanted you just as much as you wanted him. “Do you want me to suck your cock again, Mister?” you innocently asked. A moan slipped passed his lips and Luke’s eyes closed as he tried to focus on not blowing a load right there, He was going to punish you again, but seeing you pleasure yourself made Luke wanted to be balls deep inside of you.

“Face down ass up, Peaches,” he demanded, the tight grip on your ankle releasing as he went to grab the lube from the closet. Luke knew he really didn’t need the lube. You were soaking wet and your juices were already coating your thighs and staining the sheets. The lube was going to add something extra and he knew the feeling would burn once he spanked you again. You slowly turned over onto your side then onto your stomach. It took a lot of strength to lift you hips up with your hands being tied behind your back. You were rested at the edge of the bed and soon felt the coolness of the lube being poured onto your ass. The liquid spilled down between your folds and you wiggled your ass in anticipation. Luke ran the head of his cock between your folds to tease you both. Instead of feeling him enter you like you had expected Luke sent a hard slap to your ass. You gasped in surprise and while you were distracted he swiftly entered you without warning. 

“Oh f-fuck,” you sputtered out a cry of pain leaving your lips as he slid deeper inside of you. Your eyes squeezed shut as you tried to focus on him being inside of you. The pain soon subsided and Luke began with a fast pace. It was almost like he was chasing for his orgasm the sounds of both your slick skins hitting against one one another echoing about the room. Luke was grunting like crazy his moans motivating you. You began to move back into him and felt Luke pour on more lube. Your moans were loud as Luke pounded hard into you his hand reached out to grab at your tied wrists and he pulled you up. Your back arched as you came up Luke’s cock beginning to reach a different angle at the action. 

“You like that?” Luke questioned earning a moan from you. “Mhm? Can anyone else fuck you like this?” he spanked you once again and you let out a tiny scream.

“Yes-no one fucks me like you do Mister,” you purred, head turning to the side to capture Luke’s lips with yours. You missed the taste of his lips and throughout this whole time he hasn’t kissed you once. Luke’s pace slowed to allow you to feel every inch of his cock as he kissed you. Teeth clashing together in a heated kiss, tongues massaging one another. The kiss broke and Luke softly pushed you back down into the pillows. His hips snapped against yours and your thighs quivered as you felt your release approaching. You still hadn’t come from before and from what it seemed Luke wasn’t going to allow you to orgasm just yet. His cock pulling out of you and slipping up and down your folds in a teasing manner. “Mister please,” you whined feeling your walls clench. You felt empty without Luke filling you up and you knew he was stalling. 

“Please what?” Luke said, hand going down to rub at your clit. Your torso fell onto the bed at the pleasure and you shook your head violently. You knew what Luke was doing and you despised him for it. You knew you couldn’t hold out much longer and if he kept playing with you the way that he was you were going to explode. You felt the strip ties come off and you moaned at the relief of no longer feeling pain. Your hands rested on the side of you near your head and your chest rose at a fast pace. “Please what?” Luke repeated, grabbing your ass cheeks and beginning to play with them. 

“Please let me come,” you whispered, lifting up on wobbly arms and pushing back into Luke’s cock. His hands flew to your hips and he gripped it tightly. Luke smirked in response and you turned over to look at him. Eyes wide and a pout on your lips. He climbed onto the bed and lined his cock up with your entrance before slowly sinking in. This time Luke’s strokes were longer this time more agile as he went in deep. Your legs circled around his waist to draw him in closer his pubic bone hitting against your clit in time with his thrusts. Your nails scratched down his back and Luke moaned into the crook of your neck as he rolled his hips into you. You were so close clenching uncontrollably around his cock and seeing stars. One of your hands reached down to rub at your clit. “Let for me baby. Scream my name until your lose your voice,” Luke whispered in your ear, sucking love bites into your skin. Luke gave you a sharp thrust and you came undone beneath him shouting his name at the top of your lungs like he had asked. 

“Fuck it’s yours, Luke!” you screamed, body tensing as waves of pleasure crashed over you.

“That’s right, Peaches this pussy belongs to me.” Luke kept muttering dirty words in your ear riding out your high. A few strokes later Luke let out a low moan and hunched over spilling his seed into you. You moaned at the feeling head drifting from side to side as you began to wind down from the orgasm. Luke pulled out and you moaned at the loss of not having him fill you up. Your orgasm was mind blowing and you felt your body mold into the mattress as the weight of your limbs turned into jelly. The bed shifted and you soon heard the sound of water running. Seconds later Luke came back with a wash cloth. His actions were delicate and careful this time as he touched you. Pulling your legs apart with care and cleaning you up. Even when Luke was being dominant in bed to the point where he was almost animal like he never failed to make sure you were okay. His sweet side coming through once more and taking care of you until you were as comfortable as possible. You loved to be submissive for Luke. Being in charge all day everyday at work was tiring and being dominated for once was pleasurable. You loved the fear it provided but at the same time you knew Luke wasn’t going to hurt you. Even through it all he would protect you.  

First Place (Namjoon x OOC x Yoongi Threesome)

Author’s note: Soooo with this comeback among other things I had wanted to do a smut but, I also wanted to do a Hogwarts theme because I spent a whole day watching Harry Potter so I really hope you guys enjoy it because it’s my first time doing something like this! <3

You sat on the cold brown stool looking around the room nervously as soft snow fell into the spacious classroom. A soft smile decorated your features as you checked over your outfit once more that day. Dressing up in a skater skirt that had ruffles and came down to the middle of your thighs, the top was caged around your white button-down shirt. Your sleeves were rolled up at the ends around your wrist and tucked neatly. You had on a long royal blue and black robe that showed off your house and leather boots that reached up to your knees. You hated wearing long socks all the time to keep warm and considering you had this class today you knew that you didn’t want to risk being cold to the point that you couldn’t focus in class because today was a very important day. It had to be, your hair was styled up in a neat bun, your face made up for the challenge, blue eyeshadow around your eyes accompanied with black mascara and wings on your eyes. Your lips were done with black lipstick; just because you were going for the sexy look it didn’t mean you had to wear light colors. Dark colors were your aesthetic some days, like today.

Your right-hand fingers were decorated with a diamond ring on your index finger and another on the left hand. You had on a single charm bracelet that was given to you as a graduation present by your mother and it was a good luck charm for sure. Sitting up straighter in your chair as more people filled into the class you felt confident until you saw two figures walking in side by side. Their dark eyes immediately searching for yours and once spotted you didn’t know whose smile was more widely stretched out on their lips. Suddenly, your stomach tightened with a little tug and you cleared your throat casting your eyes downwards onto the paper in front of you, trying to study over more terms and things that you knew would be on your test. Your nerves were slowly getting the best of you but you wouldn’t ever admit it to the men making their way towards your table. Both men sat down on each side of you, and your head looked side to side at both of the blonde males.

“Is someone nervous?” Namjoon asked you once he took a sit beside you on a stool, a whiff of his soft honey scent mixed with the smell of aftershave hitting your nose as you faced him. He had his hair styled up into a half mohawk the sides and undercut adding to his charming look. He like you had on a jacket that was royal blue and black. A black stripped tie on over his white shirt. His dimples popped out as he continued to smile at you like he had just obtained a precious secret you knew nothing about.

“No Mr. Kim, I am not. I don’t have a reason be. You’ll be lucky to even pass with a D.” You said haughtily sticking your nose in the air.

“Someone is pretty confident she will take home the new wand.” Yoongi spoke next to your ear causing you to jump lightly and face him frowning. Where Namjoon smelt like honey and after shaft, Yoongi’s scent was mixed of cinnamon and musk. His eyes lingered on you, fixing in and piercing your very core.

“Why wouldn’t I be confident? It’s not like I have nothing to lose. We all know that I am ranked top of the class, and it didn’t take me much to get here with hard work and studying.” You bragged on and on facing the front as the teacher walked in. You didn’t like to always seem so conceited and full of yourself, but with the three of you it was always a competition, and you were always trying to win.

“Well, let’s hope that luck pays off because if it doesn’t. You know what that means for that pretty mouth and body of yours.” Namjoon purred before the teacher called out shutting you all up. She was starting to speak about your test and the magic that you would have to perform for your peers but suddenly your mind couldn’t help but flashback to a few days before when all three of you were studying.


You walked around the room, your robe off and your high waist white pants were hugging your hips. Your long gray sweater sleeves were rolled up around your elbows as you walked around the table looking over the white packet of papers in your left hand, taking a drink of the acholic beverage in your right one. Your hair in a ponytail, swaying gently in the breeze as you focused on the project in front of you. Raising your pointed slightly curved red woodened wand you canted the spell out to yourself, watching as the green liquid in the beaker started to bubble and rise slowly forming a tiny specimen.

“You know that drinks are not allowed in here, right?” Namjoon asked you as he walked from behind you causing your concentration to break as the green liquid fell back into the beaker undoing the spell. You sent daggers his direction with your own heated gaze before you gripped at the bottle taking another drink from it licking your lips as Yoongi joined him both males standing in front of you at the table.

“I know that. But it’s ten at night and I’m more than certain everyone is getting ready for bed or enjoying their nights out. And if you don’t mind I would like to keep it that way.” You said stubbornly as you threw the packet of papers down onto the table, looking up at the both men you braced your hands onto the sturdy surface or the oak table looking at them. “What are you guys doing here anyway?” You couldn’t help but feel your lips twitch as you watched your friends stare back at you, but Yoongi seemed to be interested in playing with the green liquid as well making it swirl around the cup.

“We wanted to come see our best friend.” Namjoon stated batting his eyelashes innocently as he stares at you.

“And to ask for help on the upcoming test.” Yoongi stated bluntly shrugging his shoulders when Namjoon cut his eyes at the male.

“If I was dumb, you wouldn’t love me.” You groaned softly but like always you agreed to help them.

The next hour was spent with you teaching them a few potions and spells that would be on the upcoming test as well as some summoning spells. Namjoon and Yoongi were both smart, they knew their shit but they couldn’t ever out rank you. At least not in this class because you had to admit to yourself Namjoon knew some things that honestly helped you complete the rest of the assignment and sometimes you feared he knew that but held back to use it against you.

“You know, I feel pretty confident about this test.” Namjoon said after his fifth round of the drink you were all sipping on. You were cleaning up the area and high lighting some more definitions before you got back to your room.

“I do too. It’ll be nice getting this wand.” You said excitedly because you knew that you would probably get the highest scores out of the three of you this time around as well.

“I don’t think we are going to let you get the wand this time.” Yoongi admitted as he came to help you place on your robe and you frowned up at him turning to face him.

“And why is that?” You asked him putting your hands on your hips.

“Well because one we are tired of you bragging as if you’re the smartest in the class and on top of that we finally found something we want to bet on.” Yoongi stated gripping at his wand, he moved it to inside of his backpack making sure that it was protected from injuries. Namjoon was sitting on the desk behind the two of you watching the sight with great delight.

“And what is that old friend of mine?” You teased grabbing at your backpack as well slinging it over your shoulders.

“You.” Yoongi stated gauging your reactions. You turned to face him and he wore a wolfish grin, his pearly white teeth on display as he paused.

“What about me?” You asked feeling a bit oblivious to what was being said.

“Well, we want it to be a surprise. But we thought to wager a bet.” Namjoon spoke not moving from the desk as he looked at you.

“I’m all for bets.” You said feeling one of your eyebrows twitch as you watched them. “Now explain.” You stated once again clasping your hands together in front of your body.

“Well, it’s just like I said. We know we will do better on this test. And there are things we want but we can’t tell you until then because we love the element of surprise. So, the bet is you. If we win, then we will get to do whatever we want to you.” Yoongi stated leaning back against the desk shoving his hands into the confines of his dark jean pockets.

“But.. There is only one first place. No one can get the first place as a tie. So, what if you don’t both get it?” You asked with a pout gracing your lips as you looked between them. You weren’t even denying it. You did want them both and you would be the first to admittedly tell them. You had all been friends since childhood and of course you would like to keep it like that, but you were a girl and you craved things. Some of the things being the two in front of you. But you wanted different things from each of them so it was hard choosing which one and when you did you knew it would be better for them to keep their friendship with you then for a wedge to become between the three of you.

“True but even if we just get first and second place with you in third then we still win.” Namjoon countered making sure you didn’t get out of this bet.

“But what if I get second place?” You countered back sticking out your tongue. He paused narrowing his eyes opening his mouth to say something but Yoongi stopped him.

“Okay how about this. If only one of us gets first place and you get second then the bet still stands and the one who gets third must watch. If you get first place then we are at your mercy for whatever you want. And if we come in first and second then your bet with the both of us still stands.” Yoongi cut it down making it plain and simple. You paused for a moment to think about what was going on. If you won, you could make them do a lot. But if they won, it wasn’t any telling what the two of them would do together to you. Nibbling on the soft parts of the inside of your cheeks as you thought it over, a soft sigh escaped from your nose and you nodded your head.

“Alright fine. Whoever wins can have me. In anyway doing anything. But if I win. I get to have you both and I get to decide what I do with you.” Feeling proud of that statement you bounce on your heels as both men got up to head towards the door. Namjoon stopping to kiss your ear.

“Good luck, because I have plans for you.”


You were brought back to the attention with the teacher calling your name for the fifth time in the span of a minute.

“Y-yes ma’am?” You asked her sitting up straight up licking your lips as your heart rate seem to pick up.

“Are you ready to perform your test for the class? Unless of course you would like to tell us instead what had you so dazed out just now?” Your teacher asked and you looked at both males on either side of you who seemed to be eating up the fact that you were not paying attention. Yoongi and his parted hair who seemed like a beautiful God and Namjoon was his accomplice just as beautiful and deadly but with dimples.

You shook your head slowly before you stood up to make your way towards the front of the classroom. You looked around at everyone before back at your teacher smiling brightly a little too excitedly that it almost scared you along with a few others in the class. You calmed and centered yourself and once she was sure you were ready your teacher started to take you through the test letting you perform the certain steps to complete the test. Once you were done, you bowed your head to her and stuffed your wand under your arm walking back to your seat smirking at both men who held somewhat determined and stern faces.

When they went up each to perform their tasks you couldn’t believe your eyes. They had done so well. The snow falling gracefully around the classroom and disappearing into little piles as it hit the floor. They were an amazing duo, where Yoongi was determined to do somethings Namjoon was just as determined to push it to the extra mile. They completed each other, they thrived off each other and if anything, the room seemed livelier as they went back to back to complete the test. You wore a smile but confidence wouldn’t let you believe that you were going to do anything less than win.


You couldn’t believe it. You sat there staring blankly ahead at your teacher and the two goofballs who were all gummy smiles and cheering. Both of them had managed to get the same score and just a few decimal points off so the teacher decided that they would tie for first place and you would come in second place. Both men receiving a wand while you were stuck with nothing but dread and slight anger for the two of them. Sighing softly, you pinched the bridge of your nose as they cheered and clapped raising their wands to throw in the air in some sort of victory. They both walked towards you as the class was dismissed. You gathered your belongings and stood up waiting for them, a hard smile on your lips, but it didn’t reach the fire in your eyes and they could see it to.

“Well are you ready for your loss?” Namjoon asked wiggling the wand in your face and you slapped at it but missed snatching it from his hands.

“Come on princess, we will let you play with them if you be a good girl.” Yoongi cooed wrapping his arm around your neck leading you out of the classroom and leading you towards their shared dorm.

Once you got there you looked around the room, sighing softly at how it seemed like home, so warm and inviting. The walls decorated with pictures and your house signs. The beds were the same but different, black throw comforters on both beds but different colors accented the sheets and pillows. You smiled softly realizing you should come in here more considering you could see yourself just lounging around in here. You moved to stand in the middle of both beds looking back at the men who were already watching you, your hands moved to grip at your robe trying to find the peace within your restless state. You puffed your cheeks waiting on them to finish gawking at you and first it was Namjoon to speak up.

“By now I’m sure you know what we want. But the only reason we want it, is because we know you want it too. And we will never try to get you to do it again unless you want to, and we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable so you can still leave.” Namjoon said softly and you could see a very faint distinct trail of red to start at his ears slid down his cheeks. He was flustered and you found it very endearing.

“I came because I want to. I’m not just going to make bets with anyone but regardless I knew I couldn’t miss up a chance to have you both inside of me. Rather it was just one fucking me or both obeying me and me obeying both.” You spoke clearly, your voice dropping a tone or two because you were more than excited. The waters seeming to slowly slip between your pussy lips at how turned on you were becoming from your mere thoughts alone.

“That makes us both happy because. We both want you.” Yoongi said smiling softly at you before he pointed his finger towards your body. “Why don’t you strip for us then?” He asked and you obeyed eager to strip before more people came back and this little threesome turned into something that had to be quick and rushed. You slowly started to undress yourself, starting with your robe and working your way down until you were sliding off your boots. Your bare body on display for them, your nipples were starting to pucker up and become hard from their lust filled gazes and the air draft in the room. Namjoon licked his lips, his eyes appreciating every curve and dip of your body. Oh, how his hands were becoming eager to touch and caress you. It was a shame your moans couldn’t be loud for fear of everyone catching on and bursting through the doors.

“I think we should both be shown how much you liked our results today. Didn’t we train well teacher?” Yoongi asked as he started to undress himself, becoming a beautiful creature that stood tall in all his glory. Namjoon was quick to scramble and take off his clothes next, both soon walking to sit on the bed, and you looked down at the both nodding your head. Your eyes trailed over every inch of surface and without them telling you, your body moved you to your knees, in front of Namjoon first. You crawled between his legs spreading them wide and you let your lips wrap around his head sucking on him off eagerly. Teasingly letting your tongue swipe against the pearls of precum gathering at Namjoon’s tip your tongue wanted more. Licking up and down his hard shaft, over every puckered vein sticking out your mouth worked to find things that would make him tick. Namjoon got tired of your teasing, reaching a hand down he undid your bun and let your hair fall lose before he started to push your head down onto his shaft making you take him into your warm wet cavern with a moan of your name slipping past his lips. You looked up at him bobbing your head up and down, swirling your tongue and letting your cheeks hollow to squeeze him tighter into your mouth. Your free hand crawled up the inside of Yoongi’s thigh, until you were gripping at his shaft starting to stroke him in time with how fast you were sucking Namjoon but knowing that it didn’t feel as good you pulled and let go of his dick licking over your hand getting it wet and placing it back around Yoongi’s thick shaft stroking him as you went back to bobbing your head on Namjoon’s shaft.

“Go ahead and stretch that pussy out for me baby.” Namjoon moaned softly, his thick lust filled voice causing your mind to become hazy as you moved to spread your legs wider against the floor, your hand crawled up your smooth thighs slowly until they were resting against your pussy lips, gliding up and down them with feather like touches, you were slow to play with yourself. A finger coming up to rest at your soaking clit, gathering your juices you rubbed it in a circle letting muffled moans slip from your lips. You knew that Namjoon was enjoying it so you didn’t mind giving him all you had. Squeezing at Yoongi’s tip every now and then you were pleasing the three of you, your fingers crawling up and down your slit until your middle finger was teasing at your entrance. Dipping your finger in and out of the dripping surface you could hear your breathing picking up as your heart beat rose as well. Slipping your middle and ring finger inside of you, a groan slipped from your lips as you started to stretch yourself off. It had been a couple of hours since you last fingered your pussy but as always it was eager to be filled and fucked until it couldn’t handle anymore.

Your wide eyes looked between the two of them as Namjoon picked up the pace thrusting his hips up against your face. He held onto your hair for dear life as he ground his hips against your face. You enjoyed it, feeling his thick girth penetrating your mouth and sliding down into your throat. You tried to make love to his shaft using your mouth but all too soon it seemed he pulled you back.

“Go to Yoongi, He needs you.” Namjoon stated moving you towards Yoongi and you positioned yourself between his legs next. His musk scent mixed in with the cinnamon had you moaning before your mouth even touched his dick. He was just as gentle as Namjoon letting you take the pace when you first started to suck him off. Namjoon leaned down gently taking your fingers from inside of your pussy sucking on the digits humming in delight from how sweet you seemed to taste. He moved to lift one of your legs pressing it against his shoulders as his mouth attacked your pussy eating and slurping at your wet lips. He wasted no times pushing his tongue deep inside of your pussy eating you out as you sucked Yoongi off. Yoongi controlled his moans and grunts well but it seemed the eager he got the more he held your head down and fucked your throat, listening to the wet lewd sounds of you taking his dick down your throat. Namjoon was busy tearing up your center with his tongue, and much to your dismay he pulled back and gripped your hips, rubbing his dick against your soaked-out center and slowly slid into your pussy causing you both to let out another moan in unison.

Namjoon gripped at your hips and he started to slowly slide in and out of you at first. Slowly building up speed he bottomed out and fucked you harder from behind. The sounds of your hips colliding could be heard in the room but it didn’t matter if you kept the sounds down for the most part. Yoongi teased you reaching his hands down to slap and knead at your breast as Namjoon spanked your ass cheeks, they knew you would be loving this trying to hold your moans so it was a good thing your mouth was preoccupied with making sure Yoongi was feeling every ounce of pleasure that you had to give him. Namjoon reached his hands around to grip at your thighs next spreading them wider so that he could slip deeper inside of your warm silk pussy. He pounded away at your insides, your wetness falling from your pussy and creating a mess under you. Your hips snapped back against Namjoon’s your ass bouncing against him and he ate up the sight committing it to his memory because who knew when he would be able to have a chance like this again. His hands moved to slide up and down the insides of your thighs with teasing feather like touches. His fingertips pressing into your skin to a point where you didn’t know what you were feeling because it was soft. One of his hands moved to cup your pussy, his thick fingers finding the little pert nub and he abused it tapping it with his two fingers and rubbing it harshly side to side up and down and in a circular motion causing your body to convulse and push back harder against him. At one point, he stopped moving to watch you fuck yourself against his dick, whispering out dirty lewd things to you while Yoongi pulled your head back from his dick and started to jerk himself off in your face, tapping his dick across your cheeks and lips. Your flushed cheeks and parted lips was a delectable sight and he ate it up. Namjoon felt himself getting close causing him to fuck you harder, stopping to occasionally grind his hips and reach deep inside of you pressing against your pleasured spot. Your mind went black and in no time, you felt like you were being consumed by fire as your orgasm overtook your writhing body and you almost collapsed against the bed. Yoongi had stopped jerking off his member to keep himself from cumming until he was inside of you. Namjoon pulled back with a hiss it was hard but he controlled himself.

Yoongi picked up your crumpling body and laid you on the bed, hooking his arms under your legs he placed his hands against the bed starting to fuck into you wasting no time to pound away at your insides. Spreading his legs wide so that he could slide deep into you, he leaned down to play with your breast sucking and nibbling on the skin with lewd wet pops marking you as his. Namjoon moved to grip at your head angling it so that your head was leaning off the side of the bed, he slipped his dick into your mouth face fucking you quickly as he watched Yoongi fuck into your puffy pussy. The wet sounds of hips colliding with one another mixed with the lewd sounds of your pussy singing to both men as you were fucked into the mattress. Your hands moved up to play in Yoongi’s hair pressing him even closer to your body you wanted to feel his heat and more of him against you. Namjoon was the first to cum, his seed sliding into your mouth and onto the corners of your mouth and you were eager to taste every drop of cum that shot down your throat into your stomach. You licked him up eagerly one of your hands griping at his balls to play with them lightly pulling on the sack causing him to spill more cum down your throat. He pulled back once he was done and he started to kiss you sloppily your lips and tongues dancing together as he tasted himself with a soft moan. He pulled back with a soft huff and Yoongi buried his face between both of your breast, his hips angling at different directions until he was landing right on your spot and slamming against it causing you to see stars. The bed shook with the force that he fucked you with and he kept a good grip on your thighs after a while pulling back to watch you come undone for him. You let your hands roam down his body your nails starting to dig into his skin marking him as yours for the night. Your pussy tightened around his shaft and you sucked him in deeper faintly crying out his name as your stomach tightened up. He nodded his head seeming to push himself one step more rutting into your hips with such a force that it pinned you down and you couldn’t press your hips up against his anymore.

In no time, you were cumming, Yoongi leaning down to suck up all your cries with his lips against yours as he kissed you. His sweaty hair falling into his face but you didn’t care. He ground his hips deep against yours letting you feel every inch of his girth inside of your welcoming pussy that seemed to mold for him. And Yoongi couldn’t pull out like Namjoon, not having enough restraint to resist your addictiveness he came inside of your pussy, holding onto your hips with a bruising force as he buried his load inside of you. He groaned softly as he rode out the both of your orgasms and kissed you until you calmed down. Pulling out of you he rolled you onto your stomach smiling as he spread your legs wide kissing at your pussy and licking up his own cum before he kissed up your back slowly and whispered against your ear nibbling on the flesh.

“I know you’re used to playing with this pretty pussy. But tell me baby girl, have you ever tried anal before?” He asked you and Namjoon started to trail hickeys on a free space of your neck both male’s waiting on the answer you would give to them.

The Transition of Author to the Host (Markiplier Ego What-If)

I was once known as the Author. My real name is of no concern; I write under this pseudonym as knowing my identity would inflict great risk on my person.

It was a title bestowed upon me, with powers with unforeseen consequences.

My eyes could see the future. My hands can write the events I want to control. My voice can bring it to life.

I was gifted.

I was powerful.

I had the ability to control life, but I had to write it down and read it aloud for it to happen. I could manipulate so many things, and the power that I grasped- it was overwhelming to a normal person. I saw so many possibilites to an event, to a human, yet I could choose what reality can happen. From the infinite realities, paradoxes and parallels, I could twist someone’s life and make it the way I want.

I loved every second of it.

So many books, I published. People loved it. They tell me, “it feels so real”. They don’t know it is. Naive fools, they were.

Looking back to it, I would not blame them. I succumbed to this power as well.
When characters start to rebel, you feel like you’re losing hold. Yet I am the Author. I was not go down so easily.

…Would I?

It was a mistake. It was a mistake that I shouldn’t have done yet I did due to sheer arrogance and pride. I looked at my future and its infinite possibilities. I readied my pen beside me and decided, “Out of all lives I could control…I could control mine, and make my life the best. Twist everything into my control, let it spiral into my palm, and hold it with an iron grip.”

I should’ve seen the repercussions of my actions without using my power.

With how I was and the path I was taking at the time, I was connected to everyone else; even those who weren’t even born yet. Those who even had died. I looked too far. Spiderwebs of millions of possibilities for each human and event on this planet that I will try to take control of. The things I saw… It drove me crazy.

It wasn’t only my end that I saw. It was The End. I know of the saying that "All things die eventually” but at what cost? I was not cruel to every one. I was only cruel to the characters that had that storyline.  To destroy humankind? What a disappointing ending. Cliche, and I did not become famous because I was cliche.

It was horrifying to see myself that way. Yet I couldn’t turn away. I doomed the world, wasn’t I pathetic? What had gone into me? What was going on with me?

Power had driven me to the deep end. I was doing my first step just by doing this, this horrible, unforgiving, neglectful, inconsiderate act!

And then, I knew what I had to do. I looked at myself, and made a decision I never thought I would ever do. I went to my writing desk, lost in my thoughts.

These eyes…. these eyes that made me see the future.

These hands that helped me write one’s life down.

This voice that brought the stories into reality.

I had to change the course of this world’s horrible ending, myself be damned. I had to write, write, write, write everything down.

I wrote endlessly. Planning the best course of action, for the best ending. I had to search the world and see who to control best for this world to be saved. My hands ached, begging for rest. I didn’t pay attention to it. They screamed in agony, days upon days writing. I steeled my nerves and continued.

My eyes, my eyes that saw the futures, they watered, dried up, and bled.  It was a disgusting mess to even stop to tie a strip of cloth around my eyes to cover them, and it was even more revolting that I had to replace and wash it all the time. The blood, they went everywhere when they fully soak the cloth. It was only through the years that I have spent writing was I able to accomplish my goal.

My voice, silenced, as I conserved my energy. White noise filled the room, and I realized how alone I am. So many characters yet no one that I really know of. So many characters yet they rebelled against me, angry at me.

The book, the last book I had to finish. The book that I know by heart. The book, that I know, even if I was not reading it directly, was already embedded on paper. The course of the world controlled by selected prominent figures. My plan to change the path that I had destroyed into a better one.

My eyes, bleeding endlessly, through several stained bandages wrapped around my head.

My hands, writing endlessly, a mangled mess, now resting on weary arms, never able to write anything anymore.

A sacrificial act by my own hand? What a surprise. A twist that I did not see. I have to hand it to fate, or maybe destiny, or just plain old, cruel life. You truly have made a perfect concoction of the definition of a cliffhanger.

I was done. Finally done.

A relieved sigh escaped me. Hopefully by the choices that I wrote down, a better ending will be achieved. All is left for me to do is to let the key players do their own part of this massive game, these series of programs of life.

All is left for me is to be the Host.

By this point, everything is a cliffhanger.
I opened my mouth, and spoke in a voice not louder than a whisper.
“Brought forward in order to confront a rising crisis, a man organizes a meeting….”

To the peeps I know who loves doing theories and whatnot: @lowat-golden-tower, @jeaniplier, @angstphilosophy, @s-t-s-g, @markired, and to anyone who would like to pitch in their thoughts, I’ll be glad to see!

Model/Photographer! Lee Daehwi

Masterlist can be found (here)

Summary: (Requested)
When Model! Daehwi meets with Photographer! Reader 
Warning: mentions of alcohol??
A/N: Dedicating this to @hwinkinghwi and also @porkjeojang pls appreciate my use of David here lmao & also this is my second more mature-ish writing?? after Soulmate! Jeong Sewoon

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

  • You are a rising photographer in the fashion world
  • With an Instagram following of over 200,000 people and several fashion campaigns under your belt, you are easily one of the most sought after photographers
  • You had always been in love with the shutter sound and the poses the subject did make
  • Whether big or small, each movement could always be captured by the lenses of the camera
  • Your parents were both also high profile photographers in the industry you worked in
  • You used to follow them around as you did peek at how each picture used to came out on the computer screen
  • Your dad and mum had then given you one of their older camera for you to play around with when you turned 8
  • Since then, you fell in love with photography and just the mere thought of portraying people in the way you want them to looked
  • You started being an assistant photographer for a few magazine pictorial until you turned 17 when the fashion industry decided that you were more than ready to shoot your first solo pictorial
  • In a short amount of time, you had build up a thoroughly impressive portfolio
  • Every month, you did travel to a new country to shoot a new campaign or a pictorial with Vogue
  • While you were constantly kept on your toes, you never felt tired nor having the urge to stop
  • You knew how hard it was received any jobs in such a cut-throat environment and that each job could always be your last one
  • While people liked to call you on the new generation photographers, many from the older generations didn’t like your style or how you didn’t like to use photoshop to make the models look taller, skinnier etc
  • You preferred shooting younger, inexperienced rookie models even if the pay wasn’t as well off
  • It was because the newbies were a lot more natural unlike older models who usually have a fixed pose or a particular posture to stand which made the photoshoot a lot less exciting
  • But this wasn’t the case for one of your favourite models of all time, Lee Daehwi
  • He had been the model of a children clothing brand your parents had previously worked for
  • It was one of the first few photo shoots you had attended growing up
  • You could never get over it as Daehwi had blown you away with how professional he had been at the age of 10
  • He was the same age as you yet while you shyly tugged at your mum’s shirt to get away from the flash of the camera
  • Daehwi was under the bright lights while flashing a radiant smile to your dad who was the camera man
  • Despite how mature he had seen on camera, he immediately came to you after the shoot and offered you a candy
  • 10 years old you had been absolutely smitten with him at that time and you develop a mini-crush on him 
  • The shoot which went on for the next 7 hours made you and Daehwi best friends
  • Both of you realized how you two shared a lot of interest like playing the piano and dancing
  • Your parents had a took a photo of you two playing together and printed out two copies as a memory
  • He laughed and told you that he did kept it forever with him
  • It was as if his smile was painted by a ray of sunshine as you giggled at his grin and told him that you did do the same
  • By the end of the day, when you guys had departed, you realized you had no means of contacting him
  • At the age of 10, you didn’t have a cellphone nor email and the only way of contacting another person was through letters
  • But you didn’t have his address so you were absolutely bumped out
  • Your parents encouraged you to still write letters so they could pass it to him if they ever encountered him
  • Unfortunately, after a decade, you never had the opportunity to speak to him
  • While Daehwi did blew up as an extremely popular model, you assumed he had forgotten about you
  • You two never interacted for the last 10 years so why would he remember a child?
  • After all, if he was at the top of the food chain, you were only in the middle
  • He was surrounded by so many charming models that you felt embarrassed whenever you reminiscent and remembered how he was your first love
  • Two months later, you received a job offer from Chanel Korea to be the photographer for the upcoming campaign featuring none other than Lee Daehwi
  • You immediately said yes as firstly, it was Chanel which was a huge deal to you
  • Secondly, you knew being able to shoot such a high profile model like Daehwi was an incredible honour and could potentially bring you more jobs
  • In your heart, there was a lingering hope that maybe Daehwi could recognize you
  • You flew to Jeju Island the very next week and met Daehwi the very second stepped into the outdoor studio
  • You introduced yourself and as tempted as you were to said you knew him, you decided to not embarrass yourself and put on your professional facade
  • You greeted him and his manager with a smile and he did the same
  • “My name is Daehwi but I usually go by David. I look forward to working with you.” (@summer are you dead yet))))
  • You couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed as he seemed to not remembered you but you proceeded to have the stylist to usher him to change and have his makeup done
  • He stood tall against the ocean, his distinctive brows and glimmering pair of eyes framed his equally refined features
  • He was like a prized artwork and each angle he turned only accentuated the photo
  • You didn’t need to give him any cues as he was so incredibly natural and the little changes he made brought so much depth to the photos
  • That arrogant yet elegance aura that was somehow emitting ‘i am the best’ couldn’t be pulled off by anyone else
  • You instantly wanted to take back your word on preferring to shoot rookie models as Daehwi seemed to prove you wrong, photo after photo
  • As you watched how he had grown up from that young boy you had fallen for, you couldn’t help yourself falling for him once again as you gazed through the lens
  • After the shoot, it was if you two were both just 20-year-olds having a good conversation and that neither of you was being pressured to be what society confines you to
  • Rather than speaking to you as his photographer, he spoke to you like a friend
  • He was telling you about his day and insisted that you should really checkout the store that fashion designer! Park Jihoon (I died adding this OKAY) opened in Jeju Island
  • The last day of the photoshoot was like a nightmare dressed like a daydream (lol that T-swift reference lmao)
  • With a tailored white suit that hugged his silhouette perfectly and black oxfords along with a pair of thick-rimmed framed glasses, he was the true definition of stunning
  • Your job had never been easier as the clothes looked as if they were designed for on him and the environment was absolutely enchanting
  • As you wrapped up the shoot, you gave him a bittersweet smile as you thanked him for working with you
  • When you were leaving to the airport, his manager passed you an envelope and told you to open it up when you were at the aeroplane
  • In it was a Polaroid photo of the two of you where Daehwi was gazing at you with a subtle smile on his lips as you checked his photos on the camera

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So Close pt 1

Request: how about a smutty vices era one where you were friends in highschool (sorta) and then you meet each other at a bar again years later and he gets taken away by how much you’ve changed and you get chatting and he buys you a drink blah blah but you guys get way too drunk and then hookup and then he wakes up before you and leaves because he’s really scared and regrets it immediately and then maybe you met up again and something happens (saves you or just meet up again) and he says how sorry he is.

A/N: Aight Anon, here’s the dealio: First of all, I just said “dealio” so I’m a fucking nerd. Second of all, this is a great idea, but I’m going to make some edits. I really want my smut fics to be 100% consensual (aka not too intoxicated Brendon or reader) because that’s just an important thing to me. But, I wrote it based on the same concept, so hopefully you’ll still like it! There will be a second part that will complete the plotline. Stay tuned :)

You’re in Las Vegas visiting your parents. You don’t dare stay with them, because you’d probably go crazy, so you stay at a hotel. You’re so happy it’s Saturday so you can meet up with a few old friends from high school. You went to one of the bars you used to sneak in to when you were younger. It was quite a throwback.

Your old “BFFs” Carmen and Lilly were both at your side, reminiscing on all of the fun times you had here. You remember feeling like you were so cool when you’d go out there with your fake ids. Now all of you were getting drunk out of your minds, just like you were teenagers again. Carmen was recounting the story of her first kiss, and how she still remembered it vividly.

“We smacked our noses together so hard, our lips didn’t even actually touch,” Carmen laughed, “So we repositioned and then finally, I had my first kiss!”

“Didn’t you know you’re supposed to tilt your head?!” You teased.

“I was 14!” Carmen replied defensively, “I feel personally attacked.”

Suddenly you saw someone across the bar. He looked so familiar… Then you saw the smile he gave the bartender as he passed him his drink. That smile. Instantly you remembered.

Brendon. Brendon Urie.

Lilly was asking you something, but your eyes were fixated on him. Lilly just  snapped next to you ear.

“Jesus, see something you like there, Y/n?” Lilly laughed, raising an eyebrow. She followed your gaze and her facial expression changed to shock.

“That’s–” You start.

“Yeah, Brendon Urie!” Carmen finished.

“Dude, why is he here?!” Lilly said, surprised that he would be here, now that he’s famous and all. “I think his big thing was that song…”

“I CHIMED IN WITH THE HAVEN’T YOU PEOPLE EVERY HEARD OF,” You shouted at the top of your lungs purely out of reflex. Oh shit. Drunk-you suddenly realizes that was way too loud. Brendon’s head turns as he looks around for the source of the famous lyrics. He has an amused look on his face and the guy sitting next to him is laughing a bit.

You turn bright red and look down at the ground. Carmen and Lilly are dying laughing. It’s very clear that it was you that had serenaded the entire bar. You look up and Brendon is looking at you, that smile shining.

Jesus Christ what a fine specimen of a man.

All the sudden his expression changes and he cocks his head. He recognizes you. OH DEAR GOD.

He says something to the guy sitting next to him and starts to make his way over to you.

“Oh my god,” Lilly mutters.

“Y/n!” Carmen says in a harsh whisper, very excited, “he’s coming to talk to you!”

“Bye!” Lilly says with a smirk as her and Carmen slip away at the speed of light.

“Wait, guys–” you try to call after them, but they’re already gone. Damn them.

Play it cool, Y/n, play it cool. Don’t be awkward and please, for the love of god, please don’t say anything stupid.

He is standing in front of you. You take in how good he looks. His hair wasn’t combed down like it used to be. Now it was gelled up and back, with a few rogue pieces. And how was he rocking suspenders and a bow tie so perfectly like that? Jesus Christ.

“Hey, Mrs. Walter’s English class! It’s Y/n, right?” He clarifies.

“Yeah,” you reply and gesture to him “and you’re Brendon, obviously, you know, Brendon fucking Urie,” you laugh nervously.

Did that actually just come out of you mouth?

He just starts laughing and it’s perhaps the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

“Yes, Brendon fucking Urie,” he replies. “Little known fact, that’s actually my middle name,” he jokes.

“No, it’s Boyd,” You correct him and laugh knowingly. 

Oh shit that was creepy as fuck.

Your eyes grow wide. He looks at you impressed, with just a touch of secondhand embarrassment for you.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry, that was–” You stuttered apologetically. He just laughs it off.

“It’s okay,” he reassures you and changes the subject to spare you any more embarrassment. “You live here?”

“Uh, no, no, I live in LA,” you reply, “I’m visiting for a few weeks.”

“Oh yeah, me too!” He says, “Where do you live?”

“WeHo, the gay area,” you say matter of factly. Your drunk word vomit decides to embarrass you again: “But I’m not gay! I’m bi.” You sound like you’re reassuring him, just in case he’s interested in you or something. For some reason, you decide it’s a good idea to keep talking and elaborate. “Girls love girls and boys, ya know what I mean?”

“Yeah, love is not a choice,” He replies with a nod. He looks you up and down. “You look so…”

“Different?” You try.

“Beautiful,” he thinks aloud. He’s obviously a little tipsy too. Now it’s him who feels heat rising to his cheeks.

Holy shit oh my god.

“Really?” You say, taken aback. You don’t know what to say.

“Yeah, really,” he rubs the back of his neck nervously with a little twinkle in his eye.

“Oh my god, thank you Brendon,” you say furrowing your brow at such a heartwarming compliment. “You don’t look too shabby yourself,” you reply with a smile. You playfully snap one of his suspenders gently. You don’t expect how his body reacts to your touch. He looks… very pleased.

“What are you drinking tonight?” Brendon asks suddenly.

“Gin and tonic,” you reply simply. Brendon slides onto the seat next to you and flags down the bartender.

“Whisky on the rocks, and a gin and tonic for the lady,” He orders.

You get to talking. Maybe it’s the booze, or maybe it’s Brendon, but talking to him is the easiest thing in the world. He is so interesting. Just when you think you have him figured out, he says something that surprises you in the sweetest way. He is also genuinely interested in what you’ve been up to. It’s kind of surprising that he cares at all, since his life is so crazy.

Brendon stops after the first drink, but you have a couple more. Before you know it, you’ve been talking for almost two hours. And you, have been drinking for almost two hours. You’re getting sleepy and decide it’s probably a good time to get back to your hotel. Even being drunk himself, Brendon still knows you definitely should get back too. You go to get off the bar stool and stumble a bit.

“Whoa,” Brendon steadies you, chuckling, “Careful.” His touch and the caring look in his eyes makes your heart swell. Brendon pauses, enjoying your gaze.

“Oops.” You say embarrassed.

You definitely got a little more drunk than you meant to. Brendon gets an uber for you and decides you should definitely be accompanied back to your hotel.

“I may be drunk, but you still need some supervision here,” Brendon explains humorously.

“That,” you poke your finger into his chest lazily, “is very true.” You might be slurring your words a bit at this point, especially judging by the way Brendon is giggling at you. He has this mischievous look in his eyes and it makes your heart skip a beat. He’s clearly pretty loosened up, but he still has all his faculties. You, on the other hand, not so much.

You get into the uber and Brendon slides in next to you. He mindlessly places a hand on your thigh. You put your hand over his. He looks over at you and bites his lip.

Please tell me he’s thinking what you’re thinking.

Once you make it to the hotel, you clearly need to be escorted to your room. Brendon swipes the door key for you since it seems to be a challenging task for you right now. Once inside, you think over the situation.

You have Brendon Urie–the Brendon Urie–alone in your hotel room. And he even seems to be interested in you. You could tell your friends not to come back to the hotel, because you were planning on having them come over. There’s only one thing on your mind.

You put your hands on his shoulders.

“Thank you, Brendon,” You say quietly, looking up into eyes, raising your eyebrows. He puts his hands on your waist.

“Anytime, Y/n,” He says with a gentle smile. You step forward and bring yourself closer to his body, now able to wrap your arms around his neck. Suddenly it’s happening–he pulls you against him and your lips lock.

He’s gentle but has a certain amount of hunger about him. You slide a hand into his hair. He moves a strong hand to your hip and his other wanders up your chest. It makes you so desperate for more. You press your hips into his. At first he returns the favor, but then he stops suddenly. He stops reciprocating your kiss and releases you from his arms, softly moving you away.

“What is it?” You ask with both concern and disappointment.

“Y/n, we can’t–I can’t do this,” he replies shaking his head.

“What? What do–” you start.

“You’re not sober, y/n,” he replies and and adds with a sad chuckle “at all.”

“But Brendon I…” you trail off.

You want to tell him that you’d fuck him every second of your life, sober or drunk. Jesus Christ, you can’t imagine not consenting to sex with Brendon. Ever. All you want to do is tear off that bow tie, strip his suspenders and do unspeakable things. Instead you just give him a frown and a pair of puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t want to take advantage of this–of you,” He explained.

As much as you hate the idea of sleeping alone tonight, you have to give him some props for being so respectful. Most guys are oblivious to that, and you would have guessed famous guys would be even worse. Not Brendon, apparently.

“Listen,” Brendon said, “When we’re both sober, we can see if we want to do this, okay?”

“Okay,” you reply disappointed. Brendon gets back to logistics.

“Is one of the girls you were with coming to stay with you tonight?”

“Yeah, we’re all meeting back here in…” You look down at the time on your phone, “an hour.”

“Alright,” he replies, “You’ll be okay here until then?”

“Yeah, yeah,” you nod. You awkwardly stand there together, neither of you knowing how to proceed.

“Okay,” He broke the silence, “Well, it was nice to see you again.”

“Yeah I’m glad we got to catch up,” you reply, trying to conceal your disappointment.

“Well, uh, have a good night,” he half smiled.

“You too,” you half waved as you opened the door and he slipped out.

The door clicked shut and you sighed.

So close yet so far. Godammit.

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Imbolc/Imblog Activities and Ideas
  • Make or decorate candles
  • Brighid, the Celtic goddess of fire, healing, and poetry is considered the patron Goddess of Imbolc. Read up on her as a Celtic goddess and as her later incarnation, St. Brigit.
  • Burn the evergreen boughs that decorated your home during the winter holidays in the Imbolc Fires and celebrate the return of the Sun’s strength and the Godess as the Maiden.
  • Brighid is the goddess of poetry. Write a poem in her honor, and read it aloud during any Imbolc ritual you may have planned.
  • Cleanse and re-consecrate your ritual tools and clean your altar.
  • Go through all your herbs and discard those that are more than a year old.
  • Weave “Brigit’s crosses” from straw or wheat to hang around the house for protection
  • Perform rites of spiritual cleansing and purification
  • Make “Brigit’s beds” to ensure fertility of mind and spirit (and body, if desired)
  • Ritually cleanse your home and start your “spring” cleaning
  • Make a Crown of Light (i.e. of candles for the High Priestess to wear for the Imbolc Circle, similar to those worn on St. Lucy’s Day in Scandinavian countries
  • Place a lighted candle in each and every window of the house, beginning at sundown on Candlemas Eve (February 1), allowing them to continue burning until sunrise. Make sure that such candles are well seated against tipping and gaurded from nearby curtains, etc. If you are not able to use real candles use those candle lamps sold at crafts and department stores for the Christian Christmas season.
  • Buy a “salt lick” block and leave it out for the wild animals.
  • Make a window garden with seeds, soil, old glass jars or rinse some tuna or cat food cans, and get ready for spring! Easy items are beans, mints, marigolds. Even carrot or pineapple tops and avocado pits are fun to do.
  • Make a Bride doll
  • Make a tiny “Candle Garden” by filling a small aluminum pan with fine salt or sand and “planting” birthday candles, Hanukkah candles or even tea lights in the “garden”
  • Tie tiny strips of fabric in trees near a stream and ask Bride for her influence in your life. Use cotton strips and the birds will use them for nesting or they will bio-degrade over time
  • Play a candle game where the men stand in forming a circle whole passing a candle quickly and the women stand on the outside of the circle trying to blow out the flame. The one who succeeds gets to claim a kiss.
  • Meditate as a family. Have everyone explore what it would feel like to be a seed deep in the Earth, feeling the first stirrings of life. Lie on the floor and put out tendrils. Stretch and bloom.
  • Have a bardic circle where everyone brings poetry, songs or a short story that they have written to honor Brigid (Brigit/Brigid/Bride was the daughter of Dagda. She was the protector of the poets, the forge and the healing persons.)
  • Help your kids go through all their clothes, toys, and books to find the unwanted and outgrown items. Donate everything to a charity that will give the items to children who need them.
  • Go for a walk. Search for signs of spring. Take off your shoes and socks and squish your toes in the mud!
  • Lead the family on a parade around the outside of your home, banging on pots and pans or playing musical instruments to awaken the spirits of the land.
  • Have your children hold some herb seeds in their hands. Talk to the seeds. Bless them with growth and happiness. Fill them with love.
  • Plant an in-door herb garden.
  • Make corn dollies and a cradle for them to sleep in.

Lighting up my weekend with some wine 🚬

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randomness-unicorn  asked:

UT/UF Sans & US/SF Pap’s BF is a homosexual boy, he has to deal everyday with homophobic assholes in his school, they always insult him and call him mental sick and fag (neither his family understand him). One day he come back home injured because some guys hit him. He has a crush on the skeles but he’s afraid to be rejected if he confess. In what way would they help him?

I’m getting mixed messages here, is S/O the skeles crush or boyfriend because they are two different things? I’m just gonna make S/O the skeles boyfriend.

Undertale Sans

Fucking, those assholes are dead. So dead. But first, he tends to your wounds. Sans isn’t great at healing magic as his brother, but he tries his best, then gets Papyrus to help out. Once, he knows that you’re in good hands, Sans sets off to find those assholes and “have a talk.” Which means, threatening them that if they ever come near you again, they’ll have to answer to him. 

Underfell Sans

Fucking shit. Who are they, tell him their names now, and he’ll make it all better. Red finds those assholes and will he kill them? No. Oh no. But he’s going to make sure they wished they were. No one hurts his boyfriend. So what’s he to do with a bunch of homophobic assholes? Force them to strip and tie them together naked of course. All facing each other. Heh, good luck getting out of there. Make sure to not “catch the gay”. 

Underswap Papyrus

Like Classic, Stretch helps you first, then deals with the assholes later. He patches you up cleanly, then comes with you to school the next day, to scope out the homophobes from the day before. He would do anything to them, but as soon as they approach you with a dangerous and predatory grin, Stretch’s eye flashes and summons his large gaster blasters, aiming right at them. The homophobes runs away, and you suspect nothing. 

Swapfell Papyrus

Rus comforts you. After healing your wounds, he’s not going to bother trying to find the people who beat you up, because right now you need him so he gives you lots of attention and cuddles. He reassures you that you’re going to be okay, and this will never happen again. During the next few weeks. you notice that the assholes looked unwell, scared, frightful and overall paranoid, while actively avoiding you. You suspect that Rus had a hand, but he denies it. What you don’t know was that after you had gone to bed that night, Rus broke into every one of their houses, and spray painted a threat to never come near you again or else. 

luvkeybum  asked:

Can I request an imagine where Jumin (I want it as a Jumin centred but its ok if other members' versions are there too) helps MC to tie the strips behind her dress while she's fidgeting with them? And it ends with him placing a kiss on her neck? 😂

You love the dress Jumin gave you.

It’s beautiful. It’s red and silky and shows off your figure perfectly. You know he had it tailored specifically for you, and that makes you feel a bit special. But you go to put it on, and find it’s very loose in the back. You reach your hand back there as best you can, and find two free hanging laces.

It has to be tied?

Surely Jumin knows that your arms can’t reach back there.

Maybe that’s why he did it.

“Jumin?” You call, peeking your head out of the bathroom. He’s standing there, buttoning his shirt, and you almost catch a glimpse of his chest. Even if you were dating, that still made you blush like crazy. He looks at you, a worried expression coming upon his face.

“Yes, Y/N?”

“I…can’t tie my dress. In the back. Could you…?” You trail off, suddenly flustered at the thought of him seeing your exposed skin

“Of course, love.” He approaches you and you smile, turning your back to him and moving your hair so it doesn’t get caught in the crossfire. He ties the ribbons swiftly into a nice bow, and looks at your reflection in the mirror.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers in your ear. You shiver, and goosebumps come upon your flesh as you feel his smooth lips against your exposed neck.

“Let’s get going, shall we?”

I wrote this imagine for me because I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and this imagine is what I think about until I fall asleep; it’s the only thing that helps. I’ve switched it from first person to third person to make it easier to read. Maybe it’ll help you like it helps me. Also, this is the first time I’ve written a Black Butler scenario (it’s been headcanons until now) so concrit is appreciated!

Originally posted by xxritsu

You sighed heavily. You’d been tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable, for the better part of an hour. Your bed seemed bigger tonight, more lonely, and you craved the feeling of a warm body next to yours.

You got out of bed, fumbling around in the dark for your slippers. Putting them on, you stood, stretching wearily and leaving your bedroom, wandering slowly down the corridor until you reached Ciel’s bedroom.

His door was closed, but you didn’t let that sway you. There was no sign of candlelight from the gap between the door and the floor, and there was no noise coming from the other side of the door. 

Sebastian was probably standing guard over Ciel while he slept; a preemptive defense against the child’s frequent nightmares.

Not wanting to think about your own nightmares, you knocked gently on the door. There was no point knocking at a normal volume, you knew that Sebastian would be able to hear you. Hell, he probably already knew that you were outside the door right now.

The door swung open a beat later, and you were greeted with Sebastian, still fully-dressed, holding a candelabra. He didn’t look surprised to see you, and looked at you with an air of polite interest.

“My Lady/Lord?” His voice was quiet, and at just the sound of him, the sight of him, your loneliness was being pushed down a little bit more, your heart was calming down.

You shuffled nervously, hoping you don’t get turned away. “I can’t sleep. My bed, it’s… lonely. May I stay here tonight?”

This was the first time you had dared to ask for company at night. Sebastian and Ciel both knew that you got lonely and affectionate as it grew darker, but never before had you asked to join them.

Sebastian turned from you, looking over his shoulder at Ciel. “Well, Young Master? What will you do?”

You heard shuffling, as though Ciel was sitting up in bed. “Let her in, Sebastian.”

“Yes, My Lord.” Sebastian’s lip curled up and you shivered, enjoying the way he said those three words.

He stepped back and you walked into Ciel’s bedroom, stopping by the large bed. 

Ciel looked at you almost kindly, you thought, and he wordlessly lifted the corner of the duvet closest to you. You clambered in gratefully, basking in the presence of the two people you held closest to your heart, and laid down, breathing in the scent of Ciel, which was interlaced with Sebastian’s own.

Sebastian stood at the foot of the bed, Ciel on the right of the bed, furthest from the door, and you were in the middle, where Ciel usually slept. There was a convenient Sebastian-sized gap to your left, and you looked at Ciel, not needing to voice your wishes.

They knew. Oh, they knew.


“Yes, My Lord.” 

And with that, Sebastian put down the candelabra and came to the vacant side of the bed, stripping himself of his tie, pocket-watch and tailcoat, which he gave to you for use as a blanket.

He got into Ciel’s bed and looked at you expectantly, knowing what you wanted but wanting you to ask. You grabbed Ciel’s arm, tugging it until it was around your waist, forcing Ciel to almost spoon you. He got comfy, his face coming to bury itself in the crook of your neck, his warm breath on your skin. 

Next, you looked to Sebastian, who was already lying down, and you shuffled to him, your head coming to rest over his heart. To get comfier, his arm wrapped around your shoulders, his hand in your hair stroking gently, almost as if you were another of his cats.

His other arm wrapped around your waist, over Ciel’s, their fingers interlocking as they held you close. One of Sebastian’s legs came between yours for extra comfort.

Sebastian tugged his tailcoat over you, getting you comfortable, and you sighed happily, finally feeling sleepy. 

“Thank you.” You murmured, or thought you did. You couldn’t be sure, you were already floating in between sleep and consciousness. 

There was a low chuckle and then a light pressure on your forehead as Sebastian tenderly kissed you goodnight. “If I couldn’t do this for you, what kind of butler would I be?”

“Sleep well, Lord/Lady Y/N. We’ll be here when you wake up.” Ciel spoke from behind you, and you smiled.

“’Love you.” You mumbled, the last words you’d speak tonight.

“And I you.” Despite your tiredness, you knew that Sebastian was speaking for both himself and Ciel.

It wasn’t long before you were asleep, safe in the embraces of your two most treasured companions.

This really does help me every night. It can be read as either platonic cuddles or as an ot3 romance, I don’t mind. I tend to have it as being borderline ot3, when I imagine it. This scenario never changes, but the characters change depending on who I need that night. Sometimes it’s Naru and Lin from Ghost Hunt, sometimes it’s L and Light from Death Note, sometimes it’s Edward/Henry and Mary from Mary Reilly, sometimes it’s John and Sherlock, or Hannibal and Will, or Sam and Dean… 

Either way, it’s incredibly comforting. I hope this helps you as it helps me.

SasuSaku Month - Day 3: Chemistry || [Fanfic] Omiai

Title: Omiai

Rating: K+/PG

Notes: Today, they’re a bit long. First, I’d like to apologise for the delay, my modem stopped working early this morning and they couldn’t come to change it till a couple of hours ago.

Also, a word regarding Sakura. Though it must seem that she is a bit OOC in here (and maybe in the one before this), it is intentional. I wanted to make her like at the beginning of the manga, when Sakura is demure and charming in front of Sasuke to get his attention while her true feelings are voiced in her mind. Later on, as they get to know each other, you will see that she becomes more relaxed and open with her feelings when they’re together. Unfortunately, Sasuke will continue to use a more polite language and be reserved a bit longer, since he’s got no reason to be rude or angry with the world here ^^U

I’ve added a small glossary because this time I use a few Japanese words. Maybe you know them, so feel free to skip it :)

Words: 2834


omiai: traditional custom in which a woman and a man are introduced to each other to consider the possibility of marriage. There is a whole ritual behind it.

ryoukan:  a type of traditional Japanese inn usually providing meals as part of the stay. 

tokonoma: a built-in recessed space in a Japanese style reception room, in which items for artistic appreciation are displayed.

*The following three are part of swordmanship but different from each other:

kenjutsu:  the specific aspect of partnered sword training

battoujutsu:  the aspect focused upon the efficient draw of the sword, cutting down one’s enemy, and returning the sword to its scabbard.

iaijutsu: Also the Japanese art of drawing the sword. It tends to be technically more complex and focuses on perfecting form.

jujutsu: the art of using indirect force as opposed to direct force. The art’s aim is the ability to use an attacker’s force against him or her, and counter-attack where they are weakest or least defended.

tsuru: crane.



The private room of the luxury ryoukan they had booked for the meeting was a Japanese style chamber exquisitely decorated with a low mahogany table, silk cushions and a beautiful scroll displaying a work of calligraphy on the tokonoma. The sunshine entered through the slightly opened sliding door at the back, which overlooked an elegant garden. The rhythmic sound of a bamboo fountain and the occasional murmur of the trees in the afternoon breeze gave the place a very relaxed atmosphere.

Exactly what she needed to remain calm.

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cabooseyhevehicledestroyer  asked:

7 and 12 for bim x dark?

12. Take. It. Off.

Find Number 7 here

The attack happened out of nowhere and Bim barely had time to throw up his aura to protect himself before the blows came. Painful, closed fists and feet hitting wherever they could, hands on him trying to find anything of value as he fell to the floor, the smash of his glasses against the pavement – it happened so fast that Bim just took it all. When the people attacking him left without anything they wanted, he lay on the ground for a few seconds trying to catch his breath. His ribs hurt, his face burned and his legs were weak, but after five minutes, Bim stood and forced himself to continue walking back to the ego’s home.

It took a surreal amount of effort to get there, and by the time he had, Bim was panting with pain. He knew it was entirely possible that he had fractured some ribs, but a quick visit to Dr Iplier would definitely fix that up. If he was going, he needed to be quick. The last thing Bim wanted was for Dark to find out what had happened. The grey ego was protective at the best of times, and if anyone ever hurt Bim, they faced the wrath of Dark on a monumental scale. Not that Bim himself was defenceless, or wasn’t interested in revenge, but he didn’t lose himself to his aura the same way Dark did.

Dr Iplier was concerned by his wounds, but examined him and told him there was nothing too life threatening. He advised Bim on how to take care of his ribs, put an icepack on the swellings on his face, and then sent him on his way with a lot of pain medication.

Bim went straight to the studio, where Wilford caught him.

“Holy-…Trimmer what happened?” The pink-stached ego demanded.

“Some thugs.” Bim replied. Talking hurt since he had taken a punch to the jaw, but he knew Wilford wouldn’t leave him alone until he answered. “Beat me up trying to rob me. Didn’t get much.”

“So, I should see the other guy, huh?” Wilford laughed, “Better get some makeup on that eye before our dear Edgelord sees it and decides to go on a murder spree.”

“Thanks Wilford.” Bim smiled, following Wil into his dressing room and sitting patiently as Wilford gently applied makeup to cover the bruises on his face. Bim knew he couldn’t hide this forever, but just until he was healed enough that Dark didn’t know the true extent of his injuries would be good enough.

“Are you going to track them down?” Wil asked as he carefully blended the makeup.

“Nah.” Bim replied, “There’s no point. They didn’t take anything from me and I’m not going to let it happen again. I was distracted this time.”

“Mm, it’s not often you come home with bruises.” Wilford agreed, “There! Good as new.”

Standing and checking himself in the mirror, Bim shot Wilford a wide smile. The journalist always had such a talent with makeup, it didn’t even look like he was wearing any where it was hiding the bruises. With that out of the way, the two egos decided to start filming some segments and running scripts with each other to see what needed tweaking and Bim soon forgot about his pain.

Dark found out two days later, and Bim was honestly impressed with himself that he had kept it hidden for so long. The grey ego cornered Bim in his room one morning, boxing him into the wall with an arm on either side, his red eyes smouldering.

“Take off your shirt.” He ordered.

Bim flushed despite himself and shook his head. “I just got dressed Dark, I’m late.”

Dark didn’t move and he glared at Bim. “Take. It Off.”

Sighing, Bim nodded in defeat. He wasn’t getting out of this, and Dark was going to get the answers he wanted one way or another. Either Bim took off his shirt, or Dark would. Slowly he stripped his jacket and tie, before slowly unbuttoning his shirt. The bruises on his skin bloomed brightly there, already going yellow as they healed but clearly showing the extent of the injuries Bim had suffered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Dark demanded.

“Because you’d overreact, hunt down the people that did this and probably kill them.” Bim replied calmly, “And I don’t need you to.”

“Of course I would.” Dark growled, fingers ghosting over the bruises, “Look what they did to you.”

“And I’m fine.” Bim said soothingly, pushing Dark away from him and slipping his shirt back on, fastening it with deft fingers. “I’m healing and Dr Iplier is happy I haven’t got any lasting damage. Dark-.”

As he turned to speak to Dark face to face, the other hugged him, avoiding his bruised torso and letting his arms rest around Bim’s waist. Surprised, Bim returned the hug after a moment, letting his head rest on Dark’s shoulder.

“I was worried.” Dark murmured, “You were being uncharacteristically different, and you’ve been wearing makeup.”

Bim started and winced. “How could you tell?”

“I’ve been living with Wil for a long time.” Dark chuckled, “His makeup as a particular scent to it, because he perfumes it slightly. Never let him use his own makeup on you if you want to hide something from me.”

“Ah. I bet he knew didn’t he?!” Bim exclaimed, “He did it on purpose so you’d realise something was wrong.”

“He’s looking out for you.” Dark muttered, “Nothing wrong with that. Are you sure you’re okay?”

Bim nodded, “I’m fine. Sorry for not telling you.”

Dark shrugged, pushing Bim back and giving him a once over before refastening his tie for him. “I understand. Next time, don’t let them do this to you.”

“You can bet I won’t.” Bim agreed fiercely, smoothing his suit jacket as he finished dressing and taking Dark’s hand as they left the room.

thedamnriddler  asked:

Prompt: the time they found out Pepper could wield Mjolnir cuz spiders.

The thing Tony dislikes most about Beijing is the air.  The traffic is nothing to shake a stick at either, but Tony’s dealt with traffic all over the world.  No, in all honesty, it is the air that causes the most problems.  Even in the suit– the few times Tony has had to wear the suit, anyway– with the filters maxed out couldn’t always keep the smog from slipping in, clouding up his already shoddy lungs, making him wheeze.  

He’s lucky he’s inside for this visit.  Even if the haze settled over the peaks of towers light up from within, looking a bit like a halo around the city, are near enchanting.

He’s caught up for a moment, so long that he doesn’t notice he isn’t alone, standing and staring out the vast expanse of windows from the 80th floor of the Chinese World Trade Center.  It reminds Tony distantly of the One World Observatory back in New York; the glass floors and expansive windows looking out over Beijing the same way the Observatory looked out over NYC, even if the Atmosphere bar is a little more stringent about who is and who isn’t allowed in it.

“Mr. Stark.”

Tony blinks away from the distant sight of city lights and up at King T’Challa, drink still clutched in hand.  “Your Majesty,” he nods.

T’Challa’s small smile broadens.  “Please, I do believe we’re rather beyond such formalities.”

“You started it,” Tony shrugs, but he’s grinning.  “I enjoyed your speech today.  I think we’ve finally won them over.”

“All thanks to your team’s work with the Office of Legal Affairs.” T’Challa steps up, tucking his free hand into the pocket of his slacks as he joins Tony in overlooking the city.  “Ms. Walters is… a sight to behold.”

Tony doesn’t fight his broad smile.  “She scares me shitless too.”

“At least I am not alone in that respect,” T’Challa huffs on a laugh.  

Tony hums and takes a pull from his drink.  

The wind must be strong tonight; he can see it galing against the smog, pushing it away from the streets.  From way up here, Tony wonders what it would be like to drop into that wind, to let it sweep him up and away with it.  

It’s a tempting thought.

“How are they?” he finally asks.

T’Challa sighs.  “Mr. Stark–”

“Like I don’t know where they are,” Tony lets his head lull over just enough to level T’Challa a dry look.  “Don’t worry, big cat, I’m not going to go blowing whistles.  I haven’t, yet, have I?”

“No,” T’Challa inclines his head, shoulders slumping slightly, and Tony catches someone shift just out of the corner of his eye, but T’Challa holds up his hand and whichever Dora Milaje was about to approach takes a step back. “Though, I cannot help but wonder if that is because you genuinely wish them no harm, or if it is because you have no evidence to confirm your hypothesis.”

Tony’s nose wrinkles.  “Guess they haven’t been singing my praises if that’s what you think.”

“I think that you are a powerful man with a lot of resources– some that even rival my own.” T’Challa says, twisting to face him proper.  “But I think you believe, wholeheartedly, in what the Accords stand for. Or could stand for Which, if I were housing fugitives of their legislation, could cause problems.”

For a moment, Tony just stares.  Then, he tips his head just slightly.  “Do you believe in the Accords?”

“I would not be here if I did not,” T’Challa assures with another one of those small smiles.  “My father’s legacy or otherwise.”

“I’m glad I’ve got you working with me on them, then.  They’re a headache and a half, but it would be much worse if… well.”

“Yes,” T’Challa sighs his agreement and then regards Tony much the same way Tony had regarded him not a second earlier.  “You know where they are?  Beyond a shadow of a doubt?”

Tony lifts a dry brow, mouth twitching.

“And yet you do nothing about it.”

“And yet.”

T’Challa looks at him for another long second and then nods, once, firmly.  “They are safe.  They are well.  They are… restless.  And a handful.”

Tony barks out a laugh, head tipping back as it ripples through him, and he balances a hand on T’Challa’s arm.  There is a woman there just as suddenly as there wasn’t, her scowl severe, though she does not move to remove Tony’s hand.  

T’Challa smiles, almost indulgently.  “A familiar sentiment, I’m assuming?”

Oh,” Tony shakes his head.  “Oh, you have no idea.”

“No,” T’Challa’s smile broadens.  “But I imagine I will.”

When Tony returns to his rooms, not long after his talk with T’Challa and another far more dull conversation with a delegate he can’t really remember the name or face of, he pulls out his tablet and blinks down at the notification. He swipes it open, stripping out of his tie and suit jacket as the call rings.

Tony,” Pepper greets with a breath.

“Pep,” Tony falters.  “You seem… ruffled.”

She waves a hand.  “Nothing to worry about.  How was it?”

“Grand,” Tony grins with all his teeth.  “We’re definitely going to get the emergency clause pushed through; tomorrow, we’ll tackle the Enhanced regulations.  Some of the shit still in there is appalling.”

“No more tracker bracelets,” Pepper replies, looking flush.  “That’s a start.”

“I’ll consider it progress when the indefinite detainment without trial is ousted.  Russia might like that, might do that to regular Joes too, but I guarantee the pressure from the other nations isn’t gonna be pretty.  Scared or not, it goes against the human rights laws that the UN likes to tote, so…” Tony cuts his ramble off, eyes narrowing at the image in front of him.  “You sure you’re okay, Pepper Pot?”

Pepper sighs, head hanging heavy.  “There was a… thing.  Today.”

“A thing?”

“Well, I– I came over to discuss something with Thor and then that– that kid showed up, out of nowhere, I might add– scared the life out of me with that little… spider dohickey–”

Dohickey?” Tony scoffs.  “It’s a little more than that, Pep.  Tracker, camera, LifeAlert button, all wrapped up in a neat little–”

“–dohickey,” Pepper repeats, eyes narrowed dangerously.  “That looks like a giant spider, I might add, and I just… panicked.  A little.”

Tony’s brow fly up.  “You panicked.”

Pepper purses her lips for a moment.  “It was crawling across the back of the couch, Tony, what did you expect?  But now!  Now, Thor is distraught because apparently no one is supposed to touch his precious hammer and the kid is in a blind panic because one of his toys is broken and– Tony, you really need to get a babysitter for these people.”

“I’m… I’m sorry, backup, did you just say you picked up Thor’s hammer in order to kill a very fake spider?” Tony sits on the foot of the bed, legs pretty much going out from under him, some mix of hysterical mirth and overwhelming exhaustion zipping through him.  

Pepper just waves her hand again, like it isn’t a big deal, and jesus, she doesn’t know, Tony realizes.  “Apparently, the kid was in on some kind of payback with Thor, but I got caught in the crossfire.”

In one moment, Tony is staring at her, completely dumbfounded and a little bit in love, and in the next he’s laughing, howling really, so hard that he has to lay back on the bed and hold his stomach.  He laughs until tears well up in his eyes, prick at the corners, and his side begins to ache along with his lungs.  

“Tony,” Pepper scolds, though her expression is not nearly as severe as it could be, even if her arms are crossed over her chest.  “Tony, come on, it isn’t that funny.”

“Oh, Pep.” Tony breathes when he peters off, rolling onto his side to grin at her projection.  “Pep, thank you.  You’ve no idea how much I needed that.”

Her expression softens considerably.  “Well… you’re welcome, then.  But I’m serious about the babysitter.”

Tony snorts.  “I’ll look into it.  Promise.”

“FRIDAY can only do so much,” Pepper reminds him, though she’s smiling now too.  “She’s still a baby AI.  It’s one thing to watch after you, but Thor and Bruce and Vision and Rhodey? Plus, the occasional wizard and spiderkid? That’s a lot for her to handle.  No offense, FRI.”

“None taken, Miss Potts.” FRIDAY replies.  “And, please, boss has taken to referring to me as a VI until he can finish tackling the next round of amendments.”

Tony beams.  “That’s my girl.”

Pepper huffs.  “Get some sleep, Tony.  You look exhausted.  I’m glad to hear things are going well.”

“Yeah,” Tony bobs his head, reluctant to end the call.  “Yeah, me too.”

Sleep, Mr. Stark.” Pepper warns.  “Will that be all?”

Tony smiles.  “That’ll be all, Miss Potts.”