stripped out cars

Few people ever really appreciate the feeling of driving a really stripped out car. The lack of music, the interior thats either too cold or too hot, the rough ride, firm seats and tight belts, noise transmissions, loud exhausts, etc. Purist cars are simply ment to be driven, theyre not built to pick up chicks or win shows, just make you smile everytime the tail steps out when you gas it too much coming out of a corner. Thats the point, thats the purpose, thats the reason they exist. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Debbie Harry was picked up by ted bundy?

She claimed it happened during the early 70s. Bundy didn’t begin killing people until 1974. He dropped out of university in the late 60s and was employed in Washington. Following this he was killing women in Seattle, Utah, and Colorado. He was arrested in Salt Lake City, escaped and made his way to Florida. At no time throughout the 70s did he show up in New York, which is where she states this near abduction took place. He was accounted for throughout the 70s through credit card receipts and gasoline receipts which investigators took for evidence to see his movements and try and match them to unsolved murders. Also during the early 70s Bundy drove a regular Volkswagen, not a “stripped out” car like she described. He didn’t use that until later on in his killing spree, which she most likely heard about on the news.

Whoever picked her up that night, I doubt it was Ted Bundy.