stripped lower

It’s illegal to buy a stripped lower receiver until you’re 21, same as handguns

What the fuck man

“oh it could be turned into a pistol” fuck you ATF it’s legal to buy the lower plus a stock even though I could just take the fucking stock off you over-bureaucratic cretin who shouldn’t fucking exist as a government agency go fuck yourselves

Temple of the Goddess Hathor at Nitentóre (Dendera),
scene from the ceiling of the Outer Hypostyle Hall, second strip west (lower register):
the God Thoth (ibis-headed) standing in a papyrus barque and making adoration to the Lunar Disk with the Crescent represented upon a shrine. Inside the Moon is depicted the ‘Udjat’-Eye

“I wish men weren’t so fucking weak. You make me look bad. I have to answer for all the bullshit you get up to. I have to endure women saying shit like "Oh, there’s so much testosterone in the air” when she sees some men fixing a car. I hate it when men go to strip bars. It lowers the rest of us that know if a man has to pay to see a woman naked, he is a loser and probably should get weeded out. I hate having to be put in the same category as with these pieces of shit that wouldn’t make it in the jungle. Little boys in men’s bodies. No wonder women hate them.“
—  ROLLINS, Henry. Solipsist, 1998

I’m so happy when I manage to turn a terribly overcrowded text panel into a nicely fresh page with a healthy amount of text and good comedic timing by adding a few more nice panels. the upper page is from the original bloodstain strip, lower one is the print sample.

Crappy photo but my collection thus far. 12 if you count the stripped lower. I still need to scope my Remington 700. In the shadow under the Mossberg is my Sig mosquito and Smith J frame.

Need some advice:

The girlfriend wants to build his and hers AR’s with me.

I’ve used Bushmaster and Anderson stripped lowers in the past, to decent effect.

What are y'alls suggestions for buying complete lower assemblies?