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What if this actually happen? Part 3

So Mari really did go and touch Nozomi’s boobs. Nozomi and Mari can be competitive when it comes to their Girlfriends. While Eli and Kanan had bonding over their jinx moment. (Honestly, Eli and Kanan looks good together D: pardon my delusional mind) 

The dialogues kinda long in this one. Making 4 Koma is hard D: I’ll try my best for the next one! I’m open for any suggestion~ 

Part1 & Part2

What if this actually happen? Part 4

Part1  Part2  Part3 

So, Eli and Kanan got angry and ran away? Nozomi and Mari had to call in their bff, Nico and Dia to help them out. Will Those two help them to persuade Eli and Kanan? 

Meanwhile Eli and Kanan are sulking somewhere else. 

Thanks @xswordeyesx for the idea!

What if this actually happen? Part 7

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Guess what’s gonna happen next? 

A few suggestions I received, Dia and Nico switched couple (Nico will be third wheeling KananMari and Dia with NozoEli). Ruby and Maki bonding time (Basically Maki being the tsundere to Ruby). I’ll add them in, I just need to think of the story flow! Thanks for your suggestions Anon! Anyone has any idea how I’m gonna start with the 2nd years arc? 

What if this actually happen? Part 6

Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4  Part5

Oops…Nico, you’re dead. What’s gonna happen next?

For the next part gonna get  a little messy! The Uranohoshi 1st years are going to appear on the next one please bare with my pace ehe. I’m always open for any suggestion that you would like to see happen in this little comic that I make, just hit me up!