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Thoughts on stripped-classical architecture? Any great examples?

German Imperial Embassy 

Stripped Classicism (or “Starved Classicism” or “Grecian Moderne”) is primarily a 20th-century classicist architectural style stripped of most or all ornamentation, frequently employed by governments while designing official buildings. It was adapted by both totalitarian and democratic regimes. The style embraces a “simplified but recognizable” classicism in its overall massing and scale while eliminating traditional decorative detailing. The orders of architecture are only hinted at or are indirectly implicated in the form and structure.

I don’t have many thoughts on this particular style, the buildings look like Neoclassical designs after extended Value Engineering exercises.

Meštrović Pavilion

National Museum of American History

National Library of Australia


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Lita Ford - Dressed To Kill ( 1984 )