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EXO Reaction ~ You Change Your Shirt In front of Them and They Have a Crush On You

Request: Exo’s reaction to you buying a shirt and you two are in the car, and you said “I can’t wait until we get home!” And you take off your shirt and put on the one you bought (you’re their crush) *hugs* thank you

A/N: Hope I didn’t disappoint, Changed it up a bit with a few members since you’d probably get in trouble for stripping in a car.


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Once Chen saw you starting to take your shirt off in the car, being the troll he is would pretend that he wasn’t looking at your chest but inside he’d be literally and internally having a party to himself, promising that he would never get the image out of his head.


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This little bundle of fluff would get so flustered and wouldn’t be able to help but look over at you while you were struggling to put your new shirt on, buying him time to give him more glances.


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*lowkey checks you the fuck out, his head filling with sinful dirty thoughts as soon as your new shirt catches on your bra*


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Kai would suddenly see the world in slow motion, asking himself was what were going on in front of him actually happening or was it a dream. He would then tart getting hot and flustered, running his hand through his hair.

The things you do to me, y/n


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As you started changing out of your shirt in your livingroom, Yifan would go into full on shock mode and wouldn’t hesitate to get up from the sofa and kiss you until your lips were black and blue.

“Why the shit are you doing this to me, I don’t deserve this punishment.”


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Minseok couldn’t peel his perverted gaze from your body as soon as you hit the traffic lights, all he could do was let his eyes wander and try and make it look subtle but diverting his eyes back onto the road before you noticed he was looking at you and stirring up thoughts with his pure perverted mind.


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Dirty minded little shit wouldn’t hesitate to comment on your body before you had the chance to pull the T-Shirt fully over your chest, almost choke on the very air you were breathing.

Damn, haven’t you got a bright future in front of you…


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He legit nearly kissed the soul out of your living body as soon as he saw you were wearing a Gucci collection bra then it hit him, you were shirtless in his car and he almost had a fanboy freak out in that moment.

What are you trying to do to me?!?


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*Subtly stares at you changing in the rear view mirror pretending that he’s checking the road out when he’s legit checking you out*

Well fuck me…


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When you and Chanyeol both got back to your apartment from a long day of shopping and you didn’t hesitate to change your shirt in front of him, Yeol didn’t hesitate to let a string of curse words while he basically drooled and couldn’t stop staring at your half nakedness.


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Sehun didn’t complain when you started to change in front of him but it felt like the world went into stop motion when mini Oh Sehun started to harden up under his skinny jeans making the maknae internally scream.


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Goes into complete and utter shock when you start to change into the passenger seat of his car, almost making him crash since he was focusing on you being half naked instead of the road.

I’m not complaining but isn’t that shirt a little… tight?

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