stripped bag

hunter x hunter and why they shouldn't have sleepovers

everyone is playing seven minutes in heaven. it’s hisoka’s turn to pull from the bag.

strip poker is suggested. gon misinterprets the meaning and begins stripping immediately.

a drinking game is being played. leorio doesn’t care about the rules. he gets drunk anyway.

killua is ticklish. someone goes to the hospital.

it’s four in the morning and everyone is going to bed. illumi goes outside and destroys the host’s backyard when he digs his hole.

kurapika isn’t allowed in the same area chrollo sleeps in. he’s not invited unless there’s a night guard or chrollo can’t make it.

light as a feather, stiff as machi’s neck when hisoka places his fingers under her ass. blood is hard to wash out of shag carpeting.

truth or dare. pariston acts like a thirteen year old girl.

pool parties are out of the question, ging always drags in so much dirt that it clogs the filters.

kite is a perfect sleepover pal, he just stopped coming after he was dared to cut off a lock of his hair.

chrollo just reads all the time. he will steal your books and just fucking. read them. he won’t even participate he will just read all of your books

Primal instinct (open)

Tonic arrived at Elk Forest, the smell of pine and decay filled her nostrils. She sighed as she set down her bag, she stripped of normal clothes and dig through her bag to find her old clothes . As she slipped into the familiar feeling of siren scales and elf hide she looked around, memories flooding her mind.

“Welcome home tonic” she spoke to herself out loud, her body began to ache at the thought of her worried children , but she shook the feeling. A sharp pop echoed as her wings dug there way our from her back, she let out a loud scream, but nothing could be truly heard. She felt her mind slipping, all her training flooding back to her as if she was drowning. She took a few deep breathes , feeling around her body for the changes, her black and purple wings cause her shadow to morph, feeling up her face she felt her elongated ears and smirk “god I hate these fuckin things” . soon every sound became more fluent, louder, clearer. She heard the breathing of a orc 200 yards away.

Tonic traveled into the woods, walking towards the sound of water, she leaned down and saw herself for the first time since she arrived, her eyes resembled empty black holes. The color was solid but endless. As she cupped her hands in the water to drink she heard foot steps behind her, she turned around quickly with her bow drawn “speak or die alone ”

anonymous asked:

Greg comes home from a case outta town to find Louis has a habitat of walking around naked when one nos home

Greg breathed a sigh of relief when he’s superior told him he could go home a few days early after working overtime on a case in Wales.

He stepped through the door and stripped his duffle bag with shock, screaming as Louis walked passed him drinking milk out the carton and walking about wearing absolutely nothing.

“Dad!” He screamed out twice as loud and covered himself with the carton “What are you doing home?!”

Greg ignored the question and asked while averting his eyes “Why are you walking about naked?!”.

Louis shrugged “I always walk about like this when I’m in the house alone, it’s comfortable”.

Greg let out an exasperated groan “Go and put some bloody clothes on”.

Bonus strip: Lucky bag
(manga by Kanizawa  / translation by konekojita)

(more translated Kanizawa   // Baby Levi & Kenny series tag)

Baby Levi & Kenny series [ series page ] [ series tag ]:
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-Paper bag
-Ruler and pencil
-Hot glue gun
-Clothes pins

1-) Mark 1.75 inch (4.45 cm) strips on bag and trim. You’ll need 19 strips (image 2),
2-) Fold each strip into thirds (img 3),
3-) Wrap 2 of the strips to create handle and clip with clothes pins (img 4),
4-) Weave 6x6 strips using hot glue to secure corners (img 5),
5-) Cut 2 strips in half and glue to ends to lengthen 3 strips (img 6),
6-) Fold strips to form edges of basket (img 7),
7-) Trim 2 center strips on 2 sides and attach the ends of each handle (img 8),
8-) Secure handles with hot glue (img 9),
9-) Weave 3 lengthened strips around basket (img 10),
10-) Trim ends and tuck up into top strip (img 12).


Winter’s grip was lessening. Snowfall was lighter than normal that year, but that was mostly due to higher than usual temperatures. Wolfe had been hearing geese since the end of February and that meant that spring was close at hand. That also meant that the farmer’s markets were also going to be starting and Wolfe still had a lot to do. 

Raw hides had been slowly drying in the garage over the cold, dry months. He would have to start cutting them up into strips and bagging for customer’s dogs. Wolfe had also decided to start adding other pet toys to his mix, taking leftover tufts of fur and feathers into cat toys. Trimmed branches and saplings could be cut and trimmed into chew and play toys for rabbits, parrots or ferrets. 

He was trimming up some straighter limbs as bird cage perches when Maddison wandered in. Glancing up from his work, Wolfe was lounging near the fireplace, tossing his wooden trimmings into the fire and sipping something hot from a stoneware mug. Their dog Rider bounced up and down happily. “Back so soon?”

Pillow Talks

This is based off of this post that reads: Who in your OTP asks the weird questions in the middle of the night and who hits the other in the face with a pillow
Jongtae, 800 words.

Taemin collapsed on his bed, exhausted from the busy day. He felt himself drifting in and out of sleep when he heard the door creak open. Jonghyun slipped into the room, dropping his bag before stripping and jumping onto his bed. Once the sound finally settled, he found himself back in that ambiguous place where he could easily be awake, or dreaming. He imagined he was in the practice room, learning how to sing with Jinki when he was younger when he was pulled out of his dream.

“Taem.. Hey Taemin,” Jonghyun whispered, “Taeminnie.”

Taemin groaned, “what do you want.”

“Where do you think humans came from?” Jonghyun asked innocently.

The debilitating sleepiness was the only thing keeping Taemin from chucking a pillow across the room at his obnoxious roommate. Taemin rolled to his opposite side in order to see Jonghyun fully. “God,” he breathed out as he settled his into the new position.

He took a glance at Jonghyun, and noticed the older looked very serious, “Well, I was reading this theory online, and someone suggested that we actually came from outer space, like we’re aliens, and our ship crashing on earth is what killed the dinosaurs.” Jonghyun yawned, “isn’t that fascinating?”

“Hm,” Taemin grunted, before he pulled the covers over his head.

“Sorry, I’ll let you sleep,” He heard Jonghyun adjust around his covers. Once the sound stopped, Taemin was satisfied.

Taemin lay there in the darkness, trying to sleep. He closed his eyes but his head was thinking about what Jonghyun had said. The theory was great, but there was something that didn’t line up just right. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, frustrated with the situation.

Just as Jonghyun was on the brink of sleep, Taemin spoke up. “But that doesn’t make sense.”

Jonghyun squeezed his eyes, irritated, before opening them, “How?”

“Wasn’t the oldest evidence of human life found in Asia? And don’t we think that the meteor that ended the dinosaurs was in central America?”

Jonghyun rolled over and propped himself up on his elbow, “Well no. Pangea, first of all, and second of all, monkeys. Monkey’s were the aliens, and I’m sure there were monkey’s in America, right?”

Taemin thought about it for a second, “No! dinosaurs weren’t around during Pangea, that was ancient stuff.”

“Dinosaurs are ancient stuff Taemin,” Jonghyun sarcastically retorted, but he grabbed his phone from his bedside table, just to check. He squinted as the bright light filled his vision, before typing his question into google, “Here, ‘Palaeontologists now have evidence that dinosaurs lived on all of the continents. At the beginning of the age of dinosaurs (during the Triassic Period, about 230 million years ago) the continents we now know were arranged together as a single supercontinent called Pangea. During the 165 million years of dinosaur existence this supercontinent slowly broke apart. Its pieces then spread across the globe into a nearly modern arrangement by a process called plate tectonics. Volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains’ blah blah blah, See?”

“Let me see that,” Taemin got out of his bed and padded across the room, his bare feet shuffling across their messy floor. He arrived at Jonghyun’s bed and poked the older, “Scooch over.”

“What? No! Taemin, I’ll just send you the link.”

“This is easier!” the younger replied before crossing his arms over his bare chest, “And I’m cold anyway.”

“That’s because you’re practically naked.”

“I am naked hyung,” Taemin informed him before pushing at his side again.

Jonghyun looked down and noticed a very naked crotch at his eye level. “Taemin! Go put pants on! Or underwear at least.”

Taemin groaned, “But that’s all the way over there, and I’m already here.”

Jonghyun rolled his eyes, “Fine.” Taemin slid under the sheets, sharing Jonghyun’s tiny bed. “At least one of us is somewhatly clothed,” Jonghyun whispered, annoyed.

The two lay side by side, reading article after article that sometimes proved but mostly disproved Jonghyun’s theory. They avidly chatted until they ended up on a completely different subject.

Around 3 am, Taemin finally felt like sleeping. He curled into Jonghyun’s side. Jonghyun blushed, not expecting to feel the naked man on his side, but he smiled and brought his arm around Taemin’s shoulder, hoping to help keep his bare shoulders warm. Taemin brought his head up and kissed Jonghyun’s cheek.

“Thanks hyung.”

Jonghyun looked down at the mop of hair that was at his shoulder, “For what?”

“For not kicking me out,” Taemin smiled and nuzzled into the space between Jonghyun’s shoulder and neck, “It’s lonely all the way over there, and you’re warm.”

Jonghyun pet Taemin’s head until the younger fell asleep to the rhythm of Jonghyun’s breathing. The rise and fall of his chest relaxing in it’s own way.