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A mystery herself

A/N: Heeey so I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any writing so I’m very nervous about this one. It’s my first Jughead imagine ever, so I hope you like it and if you’d want a part 2, let me know. I already have some idea for a continuation ;)

Warnings: none

Word count: 2.825 

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She walked in like a midsummer breeze, swaying and changing the course of everything under the sun. She perturbed the usually sober times of Riverdale.

And it annoyed Jughead Jones to no end.

(Y/N) didn’t feel good. Her bitter nerves slowly morphed into a nauseous tension which took over her stomach. From the first moment she placed her foot onto the grounds of her new school, the air seemed to change drastically. And she wasn’t the only one who seemed to notice the thick, static-like uneasiness in the air. They all stared at her. Every single pair of eyes fixed her face, supposedly searching for a familiar feature.

Did everybody know everybody in this damn village?

Apparently so.

(Y/N) tried to avoid direct eye contact, although she kept her head high as she walked.

But as she reached the backyard of Riverdale High, her breath hitched in her throat. Releasing a strangled huff as she came to a sudden stop, she gripped the strip of her bag tighter between her long, shaky fingers and replaced it further on her shoulder. A sea of students was laying before her frozen figure, hundreds of eyes piercing her skull and rummaging through her mind.

(Y/N) sighed deeply and swallowed the tight lump in her throat, before urging her unsteady feet to move forward, slicing right through the yard filled with students. She held a confident pace in her step, although the heart burned by a mocking fire threatened to burst out of her chest at any moment.  

It was going to be a long day.

She didn’t expect to find herself into such a place so soon. She didn’t expect to place a single foot inside it at all, actually.

(Y/N) stood in the doorway of what seemed to be a fast food. Pop’s was filled with students which crowded the booths around the powerfully lit dine. Their loud voices travelled across the room, hitting walls and piercing (Y/N)’s ears. It was all too noisy and crowded in there for her liking, and if wasn’t for the frozen water droplets which bit at her exposed skin, she wouldn’t have been there in the first place. Not now, at least. But there was no other choice, was it?

She stole a quick glance outside and felt her eyebrows lower, urging her lids to shield her eyes more than they already had. A sharp breath passed her lips and she adjusted the strip of her bag on her shoulder once again, before scanning the room rapidly.

A mild grimace crossed her features as she acknowledged the only free spot in the entire room. It was an isolated booth, occupied by a boy she recognised briefly. A picture of their eyes connecting during classes flashed through her brain.

Lonely, raven locks hanged loosely across his forehead, narrowed eyes mirrored the shining words written on the screen of his laptop and lips pressed together tightly into a straight line.

And, of course, a grey beanie covered his head, shielding him and making him impossible to ignore at the same time.

Jughead Jones.

(Y/N) was going to sit next to Jughead Jones.

Gathering the last bit of courage in her body, (Y/N) approached his table sheepishly, her hands shoved deeply inside her pockets and her eyes wide with anticipation. Swallowing the bitter lump in her throat, she let the words drift off her tongue.

“Um- excuse me?”

His eyes snapped towards her almost instantly and (Y/N) struggled to keep herself from flinching at the sharp look she received.

“Would you mind if I sit down? It’s all crowded in here, and outside it’s raining, so I can’t actually go-”

“Fine.” he replied shortly, before his stare returned to the screen of his laptop and his fingers began typing vigorously.

(Y/N)’s chest fell as she exhaled with relief and gingerly slid into the seat opposite from the boy.

She quickly took out a pencil, a small notebook and a pair of headphones, which she connected to her phone. Gathering her bag close, she shrunk deeper into the corner near the window and leaned her head against the cold glass. She closed her eyes for a brief second, letting a soft sigh escape her lips and basking in the cool sensation which spread through her temple, before tilting her head and scribbling down a few words on the paper.

Soon enough, the words began flowing inside her head, filling her with a familiar sensation of assurance. The pen left black marks onto the white sheet and while she filled pages after pages with thoughts and drawings, a silvery, rhythmic murmur began dripping from her lips.

With a brief tilt of her head, her eyes slowly travelled towards the raven haired boy. She felt herself freeze when her eyes locked with his.  

He had been watching her all along. From the first damned moment she entered Pop’s, all uncertain and awkward, to when she leaned her head against the window and began bloody singing.

The sound of her silvery voice and the continuous scribbling of her pencil on the paper kept him from his writing.

For a reason he didn’t know, her presence made his chest constrict with a feeling he couldn’t quite describe. Uneasiness seemed a poor choice of words, but it was the closest to what he was experiencing of them all. The nerves bubbled up inside his stomach, probably waiting for the perfect moment to burst.

At first, when she showed up next to him and asked if she could sit down, he thought ignoring her would be easy. But he was so… fucking wrong.

He remembered her. From the moment he caught her Y/E/C eyes, he remembered. Seeing them in every class that day, seeking for them whenever she wasn’t there. He remembered the shy smile she gave when the teacher presented her to the rest of the class. He remembered the gleam in her eyes during Psychology, when they talked about human rights and abstract concepts like love. He remembered the burning passion in her voice and the intelligence which shined through her actions and thoughts.

He remembered all of her, and it seemed like a curse.


She was probably the most distracting person he’d ever seen in his entire life.

The way she bit her lip in thought, or the way she hummed contently when a phrase she liked came up to her mind. It was all too fascinating for Jughead, a concept he couldn’t understand. The way her hair fell into her face and the way she just didn’t bother to push it away made him boil with the urge to brush it to the side with a gentle touch.

Even though it started with secret glances he stole at her crunched figure, he just found his eyes and brain wanting more, to return to the sight of her face. So, after a while, he just gave up on his tentatives of writing and focused on her entirely.

Jughead stared at her. At how her expressions changed with a flash, at the soft smile which warmed her lips from time to time, followed by a private sigh, and at her piercing, radiating eyes, which stared off into the lonely distance.

It felt… strange. Strange and highly inappropriate, he thought of a better label for his odd interest in the girl.

She was new to this town. That was her first day in a new school, with new people and different surroundings. She was a stranger to him, a girl he’d just seen around for a few hours, before she came to Pop’s, where she sat down in front of him.

Why had he said yes in the first place?

Jughead clenched his jaw and felt his fingers curl in annoyance.

It was an understatement to say he was confused… and pissed. Maybe a little bit at her, because she was so damn captivating and enchanting and just… different from all the girls he’d seen. But mainly at him, for taking such an interest in her, for his sudden change. He felt like the wall of ignorance and cold feelings he managed to build over the years was now crumbling down… because of one person.


She made his temper falter slightly, just by… existing. And being there, present, sitting next to him, and murmuring so beautifully it made him grimace.

She acted so natural. So… carefree and oblivious. She seemed lost to this world, caught between the walls of her own mind, enchanted into a dance with her own thoughts…

He was still staring. Probably more intently, by now.


Was it even healthy? 

Probably not.   

And that made a crisp, thin feeling of fear creep into his soul, tickling the sides of his shielded heart and sending shivers down his spine.

But a sudden change into his view seemed to snap Jughead out of his trance. 

He found himself staring into (Y/E/C) orbs, which watched back with surprise. He quickly came to acknowledge all of her figure, his gaze shifting from her eyes, and shook his head slightly. 

He returned to the screen of his laptop, a pale blush warming his cheeks, hoping she’d go back to writing just as well. But he could feel her stare piercing through his head and lurking through his mind. He heard a ruffling noise as Y/N changed her position so she was facing him properly.

“You’re blushing” a soft voice rang inside his ears.

(Y/N) couldn’t help it. She didn’t mean to say it out loud, but it just slipped off her tongue.

The sight of the turbulent feelings which swam inside his eyes tickled her interest. They held a blurry surface, like a broken mirror, so no one could see inside.

(Y/N) felt intrigued in an odd way by the boy beside her.

Aside from the fact that he was damn right staring at her, she found it strange that he immediately looked away. She didn’t expect Jughead to be so… sensitive, she might say. Let alone to see him blush.

(Y/N) shifted again, placing her bag down from her lap and leaning forward a little bit to peer at the boy. The sight of his red cheeks and embarrassed expression sent her lips into a smirk.

He continued to stare at the screen of his laptop for a few moments, before finally turning his attention to her.

She smiled tenderly in his direction and he felt something melt inside him.

Shaking her head at his silence, (Y/N) withdrew her hand.

“I’m (Y/N)” she said.

Jughead’s eyes flickered towards her hand suspiciously and his stare narrowed. It took a raise of her eyebrows for him to finally shake her hand.

“Jughead” he shortly introduced himself.

A heavy silence followed their handshake. (Y/N)’s smile faded slowly, her lips pressed now in a tight line. She shielded her eyes, gaze falling to her lap and began fiddling with her fingers in an attempt to calm the fire of her cheeks.

Jughead, though, he continued to watch her with thin eyes and furrowed eyebrows. The corners of his lips twitched slightly at her bashful blushing.

“So…” he cleared his throat, an awkward expression visible on his face.

(Y/N) tilted her head to peer at him with interest.

“Seems like we’re going to stay in here for a while” he gestured to the pouring rain outside.

She absently nodded her head, her gaze drifting off to the window and watched as big drops of water slid down the window.

“You seem to like writing”

She blinked, making Jughead raise an eyebrow.

“Am I right?”

“Actually, yes, I do like writing, but it’s…”

She trailed off, with a look like she said too much, but Jughead just raised his eyebrows with curiosity, urging her to tell him more.

“It’s not a book, or something… They’re just random musings I have during a day, or just scattered thoughts I manage to catch from time to time. This is mainly filled with drawings” she held her notebook up “but, recently, I began writing very much in it”

Jughead’s features shifted with surprise.

“So you’re drawing too?”

“I’m not that good at it… but yeah. I just feel like… anything I describe in words is kind of incomplete without a drawing, and every drawing needs a few feelings on mine scribbled down next to it”  

Jughead opened his mouth to ask a question, but shut it quickly, seeming undecided on what to do.

But (Y/N) looked at him expectantly, arching one eyebrow.

“Can I… possibly take a look? Painters and artists like you intrigue me. I can’t understand how you create such masterpieces with just a crayon”

She seemed to consider his words for a moment, before she reached out to hand him the notebook. His finger brushed against hers and (Y/N) fought a strangled gasp from passing her lips, as an electric wave shot through her body.

Jughead took his time to open the notebook and look at her drawings and writing. He admired every single page. She was indeed talented, not only at drawing, but at writing too. Every single word touched his heart. She knew how to leave an impact on the reader, and take them into her mind, make them feel everything she writes and thinks.

Jughead couldn’t help but be impressed.

As his eyes focused on the next page, he felt his chest constrict. There, on the white paper, was his face, drawn with such precision he thought it was an actual picture of him.

At first, he frowned in disbelief.

“Do you draw people often?”

“Only those who attract me” (Y/N) replied with a distant voice, her nose buried into a book this time.

A wide, soft smile warmed his lips and a strange feeling filled his stomach. Jughead didn’t know how to describe it, but again, it was about (Y/N). She was a mystery herself, for that matter.

He closed the notebook slowly, then placed it on the table, in front of her.

(Y/N)’s eyes snapped up and, closing her book, she carefully focused her attention back to Jughead.

“So, you find me attractive, huh?” he smirked smugly at her, leaning in so he could take a better view at her expression.

She stared at him for a moment, before all the blood drained from her face. Her mouth fell open in horror and a ghostly gasp escaped her lips, but actual words refused to come out.

Jughead spluttered with laughter at the sight of her mortified expression.

Even though she gave him a sour face, (Y/N) quietly decided she wanted to hear him laugh like that again.

“I didn’t realise that was you. It was just an image which was stuck into my head all day, so-”

But she stopped herself short, realising what slipped past her lips. She mentally face palmed for being so stupid.

He smiled at her mistake, biting his lip to keep the laugh from erupting again.

(Y/N) decided to look outside once again, secretly wishing Jughead haven’t seen her embarrassed blush.

She frowned at the sight which took over her view. It wasn’t raining anymore. She could finally go home.

Although… she kind of liked Jughead’s company.

With a sigh, she grabbed her stuff and placed it back into her bag, before turning to Jughead. He was watching her with confused eyes.

“Are you leaving already?”

(Y/N) smiled softly at him, before gesturing to the window.

“The rain stopped. I have to go home”

His face fell with disappointment for a second, before a crooked smile lifted the corers of his mouth.

“Well, I’ll see you at school, then?”

Even though it was supposed to be a statement, it came out more like a question.

“Sure” she replied, placing her bag onto her shoulder and waving at the raven haired boy.

Jughead stood there, chewing on his tongue and watching her head for the door, not wanting to be left alone by someone for the first time in his life. Before any rational thought could stop him, he opened his mouth to yell after the girl.

“You know”

She turned around with raised eyebrows.

“This seat is always free, and I’m here every day after school, so…” he trailed off, unsure how to continue his awkward suggestion.

Her expression immediately warmed and she smiled at him brightly, a rosy tint on her cheeks.

“Are you saying I can bother you every night?”

Jughead smiled back, sensing the humour in her voice.


(Y/N) let out a quiet laugh, before turning on her heels and walking out the door.

“You asked for it, Jones. You can’t get rid of me that easily now. Not here, not at school” she said over her shoulder, making Jughead shake his head with a full smile.

A quiet whisper left his lips as he watched her blurry shape walk away through the foggy window.

“I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to”

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How often does dr.flug take off his bag, and when he has it off does he sing a bit?

For showers, hygiene purposes (ew he sneezed new bag new bag), and messy food consumption. He does not take it off for sleep. How does he sleep like that? Nobody’s entirely sure. What they do know is that he doesn’t snore or drool, because his bag is always free of stains in the morning.

And yes, while he’s washing up he does tend to sing a lot a little.

Tumbleweed,Her #3 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

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Previously: Part 1, Part 2

The Pharmacist: Yoo Youngjae

Neon lights flickered on as the sun starts to set. Youngjae had four hours to go before he could properly close the pharmacy. With the sky turning orange, and about 24 customers served today, his legs starts to ache and his phone rang in the nick of time.

“Hello, mom. No, there’s not a lot of customers today, just a few diarrhea cases and motion sickness. Nothing serious. I have to get the stocks from the company later on, but I don’t think I can make it on time…” He pouts, dropping his head. It suddenly started raining, and heavily. “I know, I should get a driver for the truck soon, but, I don’t have time to interview people and the post is still underneath the table. Not a lot of people pass through here so I’ll have to ask around in person.” He sighed again.

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Is there a reason you're naked in my bed logyn

I made it a college AU, but as I’ve never actually been to college/university you’ll have to forgive any errors I’ve made. Sorry.

Just Right

Loki woke with a jolt as a heavy book was dropped by his head. He flailed about for a few moments before getting his bearings.

“What time is it?” he asked the librarian groggily as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Almost 4am, and you’ve been asleep since three,” the librarian replied tersely, eyeing the drool and empty energy drink cans in distaste. “I think you’re done for the night.”

“No,” Loki muttered, flicking through the books covering the table as he tried to remember where he was up to. “I still need to edit my conclusion and review chapter seven and…”

“You’re done,” the librarian repeated firmly, pulling the library books out of his hands. “Go get some sleep. No doubt you’ve got classes in a few hours.”

Loki’s shoulders slumped in defeat but the librarian didn’t move or stop glaring at him until he started packing up his things. Loki swept his own books into his bag, taking slightly more care with his laptop, and stumbled out of the library. His first class wasn’t until 11am, he realised as he made his way across the quad to his dorm, which meant he could sleep until six, seven at the latest, and then get back to it.

He struggled with the lock on his door until he turned the handle and it opened. Were he remotely capable of cognitive function it would have given him pause, but as it was he simply closed the door behind him, dropped his bag, stripped off his outer layers as he crossed the room to plug in his phone, and then collapsed onto his bed. And he would have been asleep the moment his head hit the pillow if it weren’t for the screaming.

“What the hell!” a female voice shrieked as her flailing limbs shoved Loki off his own bed. He got to his feet on his second try and turned on the light. The voice belonged to a girl with some rather epic bed hair, somewhat familiar to his groggy mind, who was currently covering her modesty with a dark green sheet.

Loki blinked. Slowly.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Loki asked once the girl had calmed down and his brain kicked into gear.

“Ummm…” the girl cringed, tightening her grasp on the sheet. “So, funny story.”

“I’ll bet,” Loki mumbled, slumping into his desk chair.

“I live across the hall, and I had gone to take a shower, but when I came back I found that my roommate had locked me out so she could have some quality time with her boyfriend.”


“And your door was open, so I kind of… helped myself?” the girl cringed.

“Can you go back to your own room now?”

“I tried knocking after an hour or so but she’s ignoring me,” the girl huffed irritably.

Loki groaned into his hands, trying to think of a solution but couldn’t get passed how tired he was. He glanced about his room and picked up a reasonably clean longline shirt off his floor.

“Here, Goldilocks. Put that on,” Loki instructed, spinning so his back was to her. “You decent?” he asked when the shuffling stopped.

“Yep,” the voice replied, sounding more chipper than Loki could deal with right now.

“Okay, so here’s the thing… I’m not going to kick you out, but there’s no way in hell I’m sleeping on the floor on my own goddamn room,” Loki advised, even though he knew he could probably sleep standing upright at this point. “So, you can either take the floor or you can share with me. Your choice,” he said, not waiting for an answer before lying down on the edge twin bed.

“It’s Sigyn.”


“My name’s not Goldilocks. It’s Sigyn.”

“Whatever you say, Goldilocks,” Loki smiled into his pillow, which smelt faintly of vanilla and lavender.

The next time Loki woke it was to an incessant beeping, which was only slightly preferably to the loud thud of a book being dropped onto a wooden table.

“What time is it?” a groggy voice in his ear asked.

“Goldilocks?” Loki murmured as their earlier encounter came back to him.

“Sigyn,” the girl corrected with a grumble, burrowing her face against his chest as she tried in vain to reach across him for his phone. “Make it stop,” she whined.

“Alright, alright,” Loki smirked, tentatively placing one arm around her bared shoulders as the other reached for his phone. He went to reset the alarm for 8am but one look at his sleeping companion and he pushed it back to nine. Loki froze as she sighed dreamily against him, her body curling around his.

“Ten forty-five it is,” Loki mumbled happily to himself, forgetting about tests and essay deadlines in favour of the strange and enchanting woman in his arms.

Mark: Pack Threat, 7

One Two Three Four Five Six Epilogue


Trigger Warning: violence and slight torture ahead

The next morning, Taeyong let you sleep in until evening hit.

You both woke up an hour before dinner and as a warm up, created room to spar for a little while. Once you both showered and packed a small bag with dark but comfortable clothing, Jisung’s mate knocked on your door, announcing, “Dinner’s served!”

Rushing downstairs, you were greeted by the rest of your pack.

Dinner was eaten quickly, along with a few short stories from the pups about how Yuta drove them around and showed off his hometown. A few minutes after, Taeyong called you into the conference room. Amber and the vampires joined you too as the hunter reviewed the rescue plan.

Everything was confirmed, the plan was set, and you gathered around the living room with the rest of your pack as Taeil, instructed the pups to be prepared for helping him treat injuries when they returned. They looked worried, yet determined to help the pack whenever needed.

Two vans drove around town heading towards the forest. You sat beside Jisung’s mate, cuddling her to your side in the back of the van as Mark quietly chatted with Sicheng in the middle and Taeil drove in the front with Doyoung.

When you came upon the forest, you all scrambled out, bringing along the small pack of clothes you brought with you. The vans were parked just a block away, waiting patiently for your return.

A few minutes of just walking into the forest, you and the young girl found a private place to strip and wrap the bag of clothing around your ankles before phasing. When you did, the young pup stood beside you, her snout reaching to just your shoulder, her pelt easily blending with her surroundings. “Ready?” you asked as you nuzzled the top of her head.

She nodded and to your surprise, let out a fierce snarl of anger. “If they touched any part of him I’ll rip their throats out!”

You chuffed in amusement and licked her ears. “That’s my girl.”

Joining the vampires, Amber, and the pack, you surrounded Taeyong and Doyoung, who stood side by side, their pelts contrasting in color: silver and a dappled coat. With a nod of Taeyong’s head the vampires zipped from your view and Amber disappeared without making a sound.

Your alpha turned to face his pack, eyes shining with pride and determination. “We’re just a mile away from Jisung. Yuta will lead us there, but before we do I’d like to say this.” There was a pause in the link before he added, “If we succeed or fail, no matter what, we’ll still have each other. I know we’ve gone through some tough times, and this is just another one.”

A bark of encouragement from Johnny made you chuckle, and for a moment all you could hear through the pack link was laughter.

“Good luck,” Taeyong added. “We can do it, I know we can.”


Everyone bound forward, feeling energy surge through their limbs as the wind brushed their pelts. Your head filled with shouts of determination from the other wolves, and drew your head back slightly to howl at the night, knowing the moon goddess was watching over you.

Standing just above the underground facility, everyone phased back to human form and untying the little bags from their ankles, threw on the dark clothes they packed with them. There were even bulletproof vests and wrist communicators that Agent Kim handed out for everyone in case you needed to contact them or Amber. Even the adults each carried a small bag of explosives with them.

Why you weren’t ambushing in wolf form was because, even though you were at full strength that way, your claws could be heard clicking on any hard surface your paws would step on, which would completely give you away.

But in order to keep the pack link alive, you were able to “wolf out” as Donghyuck had once jokingly put it. Instead of phasing into full wolf or phase back to human form, you had the ability to stop at a point where your nails and teeth were sharp, eyes glowing gold, and your senses were slightly stronger and faster than the average human.

You wore a pair of black sweats, a T-shirt over a bulletproof vest, grey shoes, and fingerless gloves you all brought along from your training equipment, much like the other wolves had on now. Eyes roaming over your pack, you caught Mark’s gold gaze and maneuvered over to his side, eyes still locked on his. Then feeling a rush of affection with a tinge of anxiety, you pulled him into an embrace, suddenly realizing how real the situation was. “I’m scared,” you confessed, not wanting to break free from the warmth of his body.

“I know,” Mark whispered against your ear, and tightened his grip around your waist. “I’m scared too.”

You weren’t the only ones taking a moment to reassure themselves. Johnny’s arm was thrown around Ten’s shoulders, while Yuta and Hansol playfully pushed one another. Doyoung shared a handshake with Jaehyun, and finally, Sicheng and Kun found comfort in Taeyong’s protective embrace.

A small nudge to your side made you smile, and wiggling out of your mate’s hold, you pulled Jisung’s mate against your front, hugging her tightly, knowing she must be the most nervous out of everyone else. Her head lay against your shoulder and you stroked her hair, “We’re so close to him,” you whispered. “Can you feel it?” You felt her nod, and smiled.

“Ready?” Taeyong asked, catching everyone’s attention. “This is it.” He held up a wrist, speaking into the communicator. “Amber, we’re here.”

“Great. Letting you in.”

Suddenly the ground just a few feet ahead opened up, as if a round slab of earth just removed itself, leaving a gaping hole. With Taeyong in the lead, one by one everyone carefully climbed down the ladder that lead underground, enveloping you in total darkness, your glowing eyes leaving little to no light as you carefully made your way down. After a moment, you could see a distant but faint light underneath your feet. Soon enough you could see the other members silhouettes as they quietly stepped onto the ground.

Finally you reached the bottom and felt your feet meet hard concrete. Bare walls surrounded you, like a tunnel that lead to a door just yards away. The youngest of your group appeared and Yuta helped Jisung’s mate off the ladder, playfully lifting her up and swinging her onto the ground. You heard her laughter ring through the pack link, making everyone chuckle in amusement.

The hall like way was already lit up, and you quietly surrounded the door to the facility’s entrance. “Amber?” Taeyong muttered.

“It’s open, I’ve taken over the whole security system.” 

You all sighed in relief, the mission was going as planned.

“But wait a minute alpha dog,” there was a pause until the white witch whispered. “The vampires have knocked out the guards, but they’re still fighting, there’s a lot of people here, so be careful.”

“Gomawo,” your leader thanked and turned to face his pack. “I don’t know the conditions we’re about to enter, everyone on full alert.” He silently pushed the door open and you all carefully followed him inside.

There was a long hallway in front of you. The walls were bare, nothing interesting. A pair of guards lay on the ground, obviously dead as you couldn’t hear their pulse. At the end of the hall, Taeyong glanced at his pack. “Doyoung, Johnny, Hansol, Kun, Sicheng, Taeil, and Jaehyun, you’re with me. We’re gonna set a diversion and plant explosives around the area. Ten and Yuta, knock out all the officials. Pups, you wait for Amber’s message.”

Everyone left you three standing in the hall, backs against the wall, impatiently waiting for Amber’s voice.

A loud explosion suddenly shook the facility. Unfamiliar shouts could be heard but were silenced quickly. “Pups, you’re up,” you heard Amber through the communicator. “Good luck.”

“Remember the map?” Mark asked you two and you nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

You all took a left, jogging down the halls of the facility. the place was larger than you expected, but instead of letting that faze you, you focused on your surroundings, noting the rooms you passed, the knocked out guards, and the cameras on the walls. You also took note of the experimentation labs. After a couple minutes, you realized the doors you passed were smaller than the other lab rooms. Each door had a wolf symbol above the locks, and remembered this was where all the pups were being kept.

That’s also when you realized the younger girl had disappeared. “Mark stop!” You both halted and looked around in panic before sighing in relief as you found her pressed against one of the doors.

“Everything okay kids?” Taeyong asked through the pack link, obviously surprised by your outburst.

“We’re fine,” Mark replied.

You both stepped behind her and smiled as you watched Jisung slowly rise from his bed and walk towards the small window on the door, just like his mate had described. He wore what looked like a long hospital gown, and although you didn’t see any bruises or injuries on his body, the pup looked shaken. His eyes turned gold, tips of his fangs pressed against his bottom lip. “You guys came,” he wondered, tone thick with emotion and you watched a couple silent tears run down his cheeks. “I can’t believe you’re here…”

Mark’s eyes softened. “We’ll never abandon you.”

“Stay focused kids,” Taeyong interrupted the moment.

“Jisung, we’re getting the keys be ready to help out,” you rushed and with a nod of his head, you left, hoping the manager’s room wasn’t too far.

Finally you found the office and rushed to open the door.

It was locked.

“Damn it,” You muttered under your breath, hearing Mark growl behind you. “Taeyong, the door’s locked.”

“I’m held up right now but ask Amber, she’ll know what to do.”

You sighed but spoke through the communicator. “The manager’s door is locked.”

“I can see that, I’m sending help.”

Jisung’s mate growled, “How long are we gonna have to — ”

“Need some help?” Agent Kim appeared out of nowhere and in a milli-second the door was busted open. “There ya go.”

“Kamsahamnida,” Mark thanked him before the bloodsucker sped off.

You opened every single drawer in the office, quickly getting frustrated as the keys hadn’t appeared yet.

“Found ‘em!” your maknae shouted and she held up a ring of keys and began tugging on them. “They’re labeled too, but they’re stuck in the ring.”

Mark maneuvered to her side and easily broke the metal ring. “Y/N and I only need the torture and test room keys, you get the rest.” He slid off two key and handed them to you, giving the rest back.

You both watched the young girl speed off in Jisung’s direction before going the opposite way. Quickly you found the isle with multiple lab rooms and quickly surveyed the area. “Which rooms first?” you whispered.

“Test labs.”

They were the first ones before you after all and unlocked the first one, gasping in shock as your gold eyes stared at a large cylinder machine filled with water. A girl wearing the exact same gown as Jisung, probably just a few years older than you, was strapped inside, a mask over her nose and mouth as if it was meant for breathing, but instead, she looked unconscious.

“How do we get her out?”

“You won’t,” a voice said behind you and and loud gunshots made you both instinctively duck.

The bullets hit the cylinder and water crashed over you both, soaking you through your clothes. After the initial shock was over and coming to your senses, you looked up to see a man with a lab coat standing over you both, aiming the gun at your heads.

Your training pushed to the front of your mind and you flipped around, kicking the gun out of his hold and allowed Mark to flip over you, kicking the man straight in the head, knocking him cold.

A gasp from the girl could be heard and you both crouched down, tearing and untangling her from the mask and the straps. “Are you okay?” you asked her as Mark carefully held her up in a sitting position. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

She looked around in confusion before shaking her head. “No, I’m…I’m okay…who,” she paused for a second, looking at you and your mate in confusion. “Who are you?” She sounded incredibly scared, her voice soft and trembling. “You don’t look like the scientists.”

“We’re your rescue party,” Mark muttered and added quickly. “Do you know where the other wolves are being kept?”

She nodded. “Of course.”

“Go there and help our pack mates unlock the rest of the rooms, gather everyone with you,“ you ordered. “You’ll be safe with them, I promise.”

She cracked a small grin. “I know how to fight.”

You sent her out after Jisung and his mate and quickly moved onto the next test and torture rooms. In just a few moments you saw some pretty frightening scenes: there was a boy strapped to a chair with wires attached to his head, another girl was strapped to a table with tubes in her wrists and neck, then among the torture rooms, there was a boy beat up from a pipe, and a girl weakling struggling from wolfsbane in her body. The worst one was the last room you unlocked. You and Mark interrupted a scene where a couple scientists were slowly upping the channels of two electrical chairs with a girl and boy strapped in their seats.

The fight to save them was longer than you hoped. The scientists were armed with guns as you somehow had to turn off the controllers while weaving in and out of their bullets. You both already managed to get nicked more than a handful of times before Mark finally got close enough to slam his hand against the off switch. You watched in horror as the wolves in the chairs fell limp.

Another loud shot rang out and you rolled out of the way, feeling something graze your ear and grimaced as you felt pain a split second later. But you ignored it, the tortured patients were more important and you still needed to get rid of the men with the lab coats.

You joined Mark in the fight right as he pounced on the back of a scientist, biting into the man’s neck and managing to kick the gun away. You dodged the other man’s bullet by rolling into his legs, knocking him off his feet and you quickly stood up, kicking his head and he fell to the floor, unconscious.

You ran towards the wolves, wondering what you should do because moving an injured, not to mention unconscious person was very dangerous. “Amber,” you spoke, knowing the white witch could hear you. “We need some assistance.”

And sure enough, Baekhyun’s mate, the wonderful hunter stood before you in seconds. “Good timing,” she chirped. “I just killed a whole gang of guards with an explosive. What’s up?”

Mark gestured to the patients strapped in the chairs. “We need to quickly untie them, they’ve been electrocuted, so be careful. Also, there’s a tied up boy in room 323 and a girl fighting off wolfsbane in her system in room 324. Get them to safety, please?”

The vampire nodded and in a matter of seconds both patients were quickly whisked out of the room.

“Taeyong, we’ve finished,” you contacted everyone through the pack link.

“We have too,” Jisung’s mate sounded in your head. “We’re back in the hallway we came from.”

“Perfect, I’m proud of you kids,” your alpha praised and you and Mark shared a pleased glance and humorously fist bumped in success. “We’re just fighting off these last handful of guards and we’ll rendezvous back at the entrance.”

When everyone returned, Amber opened up another entrance way, this one safer than the other, like a large ramp leading underground than a steep ladder. Agent Kim called in the whole emergency team and soon enough the rescued wolves were put onto stretchers and rolled out of the still secret facility. He promised to launch an investigation on the place after everything was over since all the scientists were put under arrest and taken in for questioning.

Around 3:00 am you all wandered outside and breathed in the fresh forest air. The facility was blown up, the explosives Taeyong and his wolves set destroying every last bit of the place.

While everyone was getting their more major injuries patched up, you took this time to mull over the mission, staring at the darkness leading under the forest soil, wondering if the ugly scenes you had witnessed would ever be forgotten.

“I wonder how many other wolves died in there,” you thought out loud, back in your complete human form. “Just…Goddess,” you chuckled slightly in defeat, mentally exhausted. “If you’re listening, we saw a lot of awful things. Hopefully, you’ll be kind to everyone tonight and won’t give any of your children nightmares.”

Something was carefully thrown over your shoulders. You looked down and smiled, it was a a towel to dry off with. The water from the test room still clung to your clothes.

Arms wrapped around your waist, the heat from your mate’s body warming your still cold skin. “Who are you talking to?” Mark asked, tone light, feeling your sentimental mood.

“The moon goddess,” you said, hoping to sound a little more chipper, also trying to psych yourself out too. “I’m hoping she’ll give us peaceful dreams tonight.”

You felt Mark plant a comforting kiss to your forehead and leaned back against him, eyes closing, feeling his mouth trail down the side of your head but stop at the shell of your ear. “You’re bleeding,” he muttered and moved slightly to view your face better. “Where else are you injured?” he asked, arms around your waist loosening.

“Hmm, well, my arms and shoulder definitely took a few scratches,” you stated, checking your arms and sure enough, you could already see the scratches beginning to heal. “They’re closing up already.”

“Mine too,” Mark whispered. “But I think you should have Taeil look at your ear.”

“Really it’s fine.”

“Please at least have him stop the bleeding.”

“It will in a moment, stop freaking out.”

“Yah,” Mark grunted in a reprimanding tone, but you heard the teasing in his voice and stifled your laughter. “I’m trying to keep my mate in one piece because apparently she couldn’t do that during the mission.”

You chuckled, his words making you break out in a grin and turned around to press an appreciative kiss against his mouth, holding it for a few seconds before whispering. “Okay, if it doesn’t stop bleeding in the next minute I’ll have Taeil check it out.”

It stopped bleeding in the next thirty seconds.

As you sat in the van, Doyoung driving about half of you back to Yuta’s old home, you turned around, witnessing the cute scene happening in the back seat. “That’s adorable,” you heard Mark whisper beside you, as he too turned around to watch them.

You knew the two would be inseparable in the next month or so. But everyone understood, knowing both of them had quite a scare in the past couple of weeks, and needed to reassure themselves their other half wouldn’t again just disappear like that. They look so peaceful, you thought, grinning.

Jisung lay across his mate’s lap, still wearing the hospital gown but she didn’t seem to mind, as she had cuddled herself into his side, holding him tightly. Tiny smiles quirked the corners of their lips through the entire ride home.


Blinks blinks some more I’m done writing this! I’m freaking done writing oh, my, gawd, what even. Okay, wow, now what??? Guess I’ll have to check the poll results huh? Haha wow I can’t believe I’m done! This was so much fun to write! Like so much fun my mind was going crazy!!

Thank you so much…so so so much for all the support you gave me and the encouragement to keep writing. I love you guys so much, you’re part of my motivation to keep writing, which is a lot to say but I’m serious, you all mean so much to me so thank you, I love you all❤💖🎉🎉

Oh don’t worry of course I’m gonna write a epilogue, duh, because we all need actual closure don’t we…or wait….another beginning to a certain wolf’s story. Hehe hope you’re ready for another furry ride!

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Continued from this, Harry Talk.

As the boat made it’s way back to the dock for the night, the both of them would take that time to dress up appropriately for dinner that night, decided on taking up on a reservation at one of the romantic restaurants on the dock, onlooking the extravagant boats and yachts that were tied up and anchored and bobbing in the water. Names etched in gold on the sides, as the relaxing sound of the water lapping in waves filled the quiet front. Couples walking past the terrace every so often, catching a glimpse of Harry sat there with the missus, smiling and waving towards him as he nodded in their direction, thankful that they didn’t interrupt what was one of the romantic evenings he’d had planned for the both of them.

They’d be a little tipsy on wine and cocktails by the time they make their way back to their boat for the night, stumbling over the step and almost toppling over into a heap upon the decking of the boat. Laughing and giggling to one another before locking lips in passionate kisses; teeth-bashing, sloppy and wet. Fingers raking through his hair, his hands running up and down her back as he pulled her closer, lips working down towards her neck and into the crevice of her collarbone.

“People are starin’,” she slurs, his hands cupping her thighs as he pulled her closer, hitching her body up in a stumbled manner, her legs wrapping around his waist, “where are we goin’?”

“Bedroom,” he mutters against her skin, nibbling on her skin before pulling away from her, “’member what I said about rocking this boat? We’re going to do just that, Gorgeous. Gon’a rock this boat that it tips. Gon’a be soaking wet, just like your panties are right now.”

He’s quick to get to the bedroom, disappearing for a moment to grab himself a condom from his bathroom bag, stripping down to his briefs and leaving his clothes in a heap on the bathroom floor. Before he gets back into the room, cluttering around an spritzing on a little cologne to make himself smell a little more enticing, she’s underneath the bed-covers, in the nude, patiently waiting for him to come back. Her underwear balled up and dropped to the floor, in his view from the bathroom, and her dress would be left at the doorway in a cream lump from where she’d slid it down after he’d set her to the ground.

He exits the bathroom, stylishly; elbow resting on the doorframe as he holds a fist to his temple and leans on it, a smirk on his lips, sun-kissed skin all on show and glistening underneath the bathroom light that filtered through to the room, a semi forming in his boxers and showing a prominent bulge at the top of his thighs. 

“Bed,” she mutters, lifting up the corner of his side of the bed, patting the mattress, “now. Don’t just stand there. Take those pants off. Now.” xx

Photo booth

Pairing - yoon jisung x reader 
Words - 867.
Further - another sticker photos are added to your new collection. requested by anonymous.

Originally posted by misckpop

“Wake up, y/n~”

The sunshine landing on your face was too hot and bright for you to handle. Burying your face into your cool pillow, you mumble underneath it. “Mhmm, go away, Jisung……just, just 5 minutes more,” you shake your arm in the empty space, telling Jisung to leave you. “Why? You told me we were going out for a date today.” Jisung, not giving up, shook your shoulders. You laugh a little, turning around to face him.

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Wake Up and Smell the Formaldehyde

A/N: Day one of Klaroline Infinity Week! It’s a little all over the place emotion-wise, but I hope you’ll all enjoy it!

Summary: On her first day in Biology 2, Caroline Forbes gets partnered with Klaus Mikaelson, the scariest kid to ever enter Mystic Falls High. Only it seems he isn’t so scary when their first assignment is the dissection of a fetal pig.

Word Count: 3,110

Rating: T (for brief language)

The scent of formaldehyde in the room filled Caroline’s nostrils the moment she walked into the lab. Tin slabs were laid on the desks. Scalpels and blunt tools used for scraping away soft tissue and membranes stood neatly in small cups beside balls of twine. Bags of vacuum-sealed fetal pigs hid in a bin at the back of the room.

An excited tremor raced through her.

She loved dissections. Not for any weird reason. At least, she didn’t think it was weird. Whenever her mother would be working night shifts at the Sheriff’s station and Caroline was home alone, she would stay up way past her bedtime reading all of the books she could about animals. Cute, fluff balls to spiky-teethed deep sea creatures – they were all so fascinating. Everything about them interested Caroline. She knew tidbits about nearly every animal known to mankind. Though it did, of course, make her marginally sad for the animals she dissected, it was always more thrilling to see how they worked firsthand.

Signing up for a second year of biology despite wanting to one day become editor in chief of a newspaper was a good idea. Dissection on the first day. Senior year was going to be amazing.

Caroline walked further into the room and took a seat at the front. She wanted her teacher to see just how willing she was to get her pristine, manicured hands dirty. She was the first inside, having just come off a free period. The teacher, Mr. Salvatore, wasn’t even in yet. Eyeing the clock as she set out her things – gloves (multiple pairs), lab coat, her own set of dissection tools, and glasses – Caroline counted down until the bell rung, releasing her fellow classmates from the bondage of third period.

She clasped her hands and waited.

Steadily, students trickled inside the room. She spotted Tyler Lockwood coming through the doorway. Her heart sped up. He had just broken up with Vicki Donovan right before the end of summer. He was hers for the taking. Right behind him came Mr. Salvatore ruffling his brown curls. Behind him – Klaus Mikaelson.

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REQUEST 116 ~ New Years fun (smut)

A/N: Even though this request wasn’t for new years, i decided to add that theme to it! Happy new year!!!

Warning: smut

“Can i help you sir?” I turned my head swiftly towards the voice of the kind shop assistant and shook my head. 

“Oh um, no it’s ok.” I awkwardly responded. The shop assistant turned away and i regained my focus back on the clothes rack in front of me.

Now normally when i go out shopping for clothes, i tend not to feel awkward or embarrassed but when it involves being confronted by hundreds of different women’s lingerie it does bring that effect upon me. The idea i had was to treat y/n with some sexy underwear or something for new years however that was better said then done.

‘Thongs? No she doesn’t wear them.’ 

Who knew that buying your girlfriend underwear would be so difficult. In retrospect i shouldn’t have denied the shop assistants help but i guess it’s better i did this alone. After being baffled by the various amounts of panties i began to give up. As i headed out of the shop something caught my eye. something that was so beautifully stunning and would look even more gorgeous covering y/n’s beautiful body. 

Hastily i grabbed the item and paid. I really was praying that when i give it to her she would like it. 

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hunter x hunter and why they shouldn't have sleepovers

everyone is playing seven minutes in heaven. it’s hisoka’s turn to pull from the bag.

strip poker is suggested. gon misinterprets the meaning and begins stripping immediately.

a drinking game is being played. leorio doesn’t care about the rules. he gets drunk anyway.

killua is ticklish. someone goes to the hospital.

it’s four in the morning and everyone is going to bed. illumi goes outside and destroys the host’s backyard when he digs his hole.

kurapika isn’t allowed in the same area chrollo sleeps in. he’s not invited unless there’s a night guard or chrollo can’t make it.

light as a feather, stiff as machi’s neck when hisoka places his fingers under her ass. blood is hard to wash out of shag carpeting.

truth or dare. pariston acts like a thirteen year old girl.

pool parties are out of the question, ging always drags in so much dirt that it clogs the filters.

kite is a perfect sleepover pal, he just stopped coming after he was dared to cut off a lock of his hair.

chrollo just reads all the time. he will steal your books and just fucking. read them. he won’t even participate he will just read all of your books

Hidden Rooms - Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Jughead has followed a mysterious new girl to a room that provides students with escape. He starts to learn more about the girl to only find himself infatuated with her.

Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 4,985


Taglist: @sgarrett49 @theselfishllama

The weekend was full of investigating, writing as well as a failed attempt by Mr. Andrews in trying to make spaghetti for dinner. Yet every free moment, my mind would wander to Y/N. I just wanted to know what Monday would bring.

She didn’t see me but I saw her. She was taking books out of her locker when Cheryl and some of her posse went up to her. I couldn’t make out the words but Y/N’ s face went stern and red. Cheryl left with a signature hair flip while Y/N’s callous eyes followed Cheryl. She turned, slammed her locker close, and fled.

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Finally - Yixing one shot

A/N: Junmyeon threw a St. Patrick’s Day party, and, after a few drinks, you decided to let Yixing know how you felt about him.


 You sent the text, ignorant to the fact that it was 3 in the morning and that you had probably way too much to drink at the St. Patrick’s Day party you were attending. 

It was winding down and only a few people remained. Yixing had gone home early, and you had decided that you missed him. 

"Eight exclamation points. You hung out with Mister Cuervo after I left, didn’t you?" 

You grinned at your phone like an idiot. Something about talking to Yixing sent your stomach into a fit of butterflies. 

 "Nope. But a man named Mister Jack Daniels was definitely at this party. What are you doing?" 

You bit your lip as you waited for his response. It was torture watching the bubbles in the text box bounce as he typed out his text. 

 "I was asleep. You okay?" 

 Yixing had been your best friend for a few years. It had taken all of your strength to not admit having feelings for him, and you had fought them off for quite a while. Tonight, though, liquid courage was coursing through your veins and you felt like it may be the right time to confess to him. 

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How did I fell in love? (Isaac Lahey)

Requested by @joeynihil: I want a imagine were the reader and Isaac always making snappy comments towards each other when speaking, during pack meetings, in school etc.
Then one day after she’s spoken to Lydia about it, the reader admits her feelings towards Isaac and he’s totally numb because he’s not use to girls liking him because of his attitude. 👌🏼

“What? You like what you see?” Isaac teased as you rolled your eyes
“Sorry to snap your bubble honey, but I have standards, and self esteem. Two things that your date doesn’t have” you said leaving the room


“Theo! Stop, you know I’m ticklish!” You giggled as he kept tickling you, then Isaac opened the door, finding you and Theo in a compromising situation, he looked at both of you with a eyebrow raised

“Am I interrupting something?” He said doubtful

“It’s only 9, didn’t she enjoyed your 6 seconds of absolute pleasure?” Theo hold his laughter at your comment and Isaac walked over to you.

“That’s not what I asked” he said and you smiled at him

“Too bad, that’s what you got, better luck next time” you said tapping his cheek teasingly


“Are you kidding me?” Lydia said in disbelief but you shook your head as you bit your lip “Okay, so you… out of all male prospects, developed some kind of ironic crush on Isaac?” She said with an eyebrow raised and you nodded

“Are you talking bout me?” Isaac asked cheekily appearing out of nowhere making you jump, you turned around with a serious face

“No. Talking about assholes is not in my schedule right now so, fuck off” Isaac smirked before leaving, you sighed and turned back to Lydia

“I really need to say you concealed that pretty well” she complemented me and I smiled

“Thanks but I need to go to Biology now” I said
“See you later?” She said and I nodded before leaving down the hall holding the strip of my bag, but then suddenly someone grabbed my hand roughly, my bag fell to floor as I was pinned up to the nearest wall.

Isaac was looking me in the eye, a smug smirk plastered on his face “Fuck, Isaac. Leave me alone” the smirk on Isaac’s face disappeared as he came closer to me, making my heart skip a beat “What are you doing?” I shuttered as Isaac was looking right at my lips making me lick them unconsciously

“Why? You want me to stop?” He whispers as he places his hands in my hips and before I knew it his lips were upon mine moving in perfect sync, until we finally pulled apart, and we rested our foreheads against each other with our eyes closed

“Listen Y/N, I have no clue of what to do in this situation, but I…” he trailed off but you cut him off

“Just kiss me already” you responded eagerly and he did as he was told without hesitating, grabbing your thighs to pull your legs up and around his waist, but you pulled apart again “I swear to god Lahey, if you dare to cheat on me I will fucking murder you” he smirks

“And if someone flirts with you I will murder them, because you’re mine now, as I am yours” he stated and I bit my lip before saying “I like the sound of that”

At around 11:20pm it will be the Summer Solstice. The days, unbelievably, start to get shorter (I swear they take longer to get shorter than they do to get longer, but that’s probably just biased thinking), and the usual slow, baking, heat will settle in to rend the last bits of patience from storm-shorn, parched, irritated people nationwide.

I spent my afternoon doing something that I seem to do on both solstices: Spin yarn. Today’s yarn was cut from strips of plastic bag and slip-knotted together. No lanolin-scented, Icelandic wool. Nope… plastic. Branded, blazoned, permanent, plastic. This yarn will be crocheted into reusable produce bags, one more stab at cutting down the amount of plastic I bring into the house.

I took a short walk, but honestly… it’s already so hot. There’s a real edge to the harshness that I haven’t felt since I was a kid. It honestly scares me. 

Walls of A Warrior

Originally posted by sundaze-e

Newt (The Maze Runner) x Reader Request

Request by anon: Y/n is a greenie who put “walls” up to hide her true emotions. everyone sees her as this strong, undefeatable girl. One night Newt had a nightmare and went walking around, and into the dead heads. He foind Y/N sobbing. They end up talking and Newt admits his feelings for her, and vice versa

A/N: This is written in Newt’s P.O.V. so the pronouns for the reader will be she/her but I’ll still be putting Y/N for the reader’s name. Hehe, Hope you enjoy this!

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