It’s becoming clearer and clearer that, in the post-Financial Crisis world, the only way huge the bosses of chain stores and supermarkets can feather their nests is by bullying, exploitation and naked theft. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Reblog if you think we shouldn’t just take their knighthoods - we should strip them of ownership of their massive companies, and put them to the democratic ownership of working-class people.

  • Patrick:The band started kind of by accident
  • Joe:I was kind of like doing this weird band. I asked Pete to be in it with me, and then we decided that the band sucked and that we wanted to do something that wasn’t heavy. I met Patrick by mistake at a Borders.
  • Andy:You were a mistake.
  • Pete:My favourite mistake.
  • Joe:The best mistake ever. But yeah, I met Patrick at Borders. Then me and Pete went over to his house one day and he played us a bunch of Saves the Day songs on acoustic guitar and he sang and it was really awesome. Then we met Andy. We got Andy from a stork... baby Andy.

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