A vanilla server I play on is resetting tomorrow. so I took some screen caps of my stuff.

  • This is probably my favorite house I have ever built. Each tree is a separate room for stuff.
  • Underground in my tunnel mine I had 4 full double chests of Cobblestone..
  • lastly I built a Sand Stone Mansion. the reflection pool is my favorite and the whole reason i built it. 

The ‘Wild’ Horses of Dingo Mountain

So here in Harlan county, we have our own wild-west. On a mountain called Dingo, 20+ years ago, a mare and uncut stud were abandoned on a stripmine. Today we have several hundred feral horses roaming our mountains. Most of these horses are ponies, bred by God and the elements. They’re thick and hardy and come in every color under the rainbow.

For years people have made a Sunday afternoon of riding up to see them, to pet on the ones who have known humans their whole lives or who have been dumped out by their previous owners.

Four or so years ago, a proposal was raised to have these horses, or at least most of them, removed from the public land because of so called “damages” they were doing to trucks and mining equipment. The humane society and “concerned citizens” fought hard against this and won, saying these horses deserved to be there and were doing no damage to anyone else. But nobody considered the damage they were doing to themselves. 

These horses, for years, had a caretaker. A hay-bringer that kept them going in hard times. That man is now gone from this world, for almost a year now, and the horses are screaming for help. 

I do not believe these horses should be removed. I do wonder, however, where are all the people who cried out for them four years ago? All those who stood up for them and begged for their safety -where are they now?

With this, I’m hoping to start some, likely futile, campaign for help. I cannot feed them alone, but I am hoping that seeing these horses that are so beloved will compel those who say they care for them to help them. They need hay to help them come back from winter, and they need hay throughout the winter. The dead horse in this photo was not old.

You can learn more about the fight for the Dingo horses Here

Learn more about the mass shooting of them Here

See them, a year ago, Here and Here

mozzarellamosh  asked:

Do you think a TV series could do Morrison's Invisibles any justice?

Don’t think so; too trippy, too high-budget, too rooted in a very specific time and aesthetic, too much already stripmined by The Matrix. The Morrison TV I really want to see is him writing an episode of The Flash where Barry gets stranded on Earth-Prime where his life is a TV show, and has to team up with actor Grant Gustin and guest writer Grant Morrison to get back home.