stripitcameron imagines

BRUH HOLY FUCK just imagine you’re on tour with Jack and the rest of the boys and you’re taking pictures of the tour and you take a picture of Jack while he’s wearing a red and black flannel and you take a picture of him onstage just staring at you with his jaw dropped at you wearing a cute tank top and short shorts and when you take the picture and show Jack onstage, you mention how much you love the flannel on him and he says, “Well if you like it so much, why don’t you just wear it?” And you respond with, “How about you let me ride you with it on? I heard you moaning about it last night.” And Jack’s jaw clenches as you saunter away backstage and when the show is over and y’all go back to the hotel room, Jack goes into the bathroom to take a shower and when he gets out of the shower, he walks into the bedroom to find you lying on the bed wearing nothing except for his flannel and he basically makes you ride him all night in that flannel and praises you for how gorgeous you look and how good you are for him.


I’m about to get murdered by the Matt girls but ladies just imagine you’re staying at Matt’s house for the night and you fall asleep in bed with him while watching some romantic comedy movie and a few hours later, you wake up to the sound of someone groaning and you open your eyes to see Matt still asleep, clearly dreaming, and you just stare at him because he’s so cute when he sleeps until you hear him whine your name and he says, “Baby, p-please just le-let me come. I’ve been a good boy. Please—please let me.” You stare in shock until you look down and see his hand down his pants and underwear and you just gawk at him in shock until you snap out of it and smirk and decide to crawl up onto his lap, trying not to wake him up, and you lean in towards his ear and whisper, “Don’t come yet, baby boy. Not until I say.” And Matt whimpers and bites his bottom lip and you keep whispering commands of him speeding up his hand movements and then slowing them down before you finally say that he can come and his orgasm is so strong that he wakes up and looks at you as you’re straddling his torso and his face is bright red from embarrassment until you say, “That was actually really hot—having you be all submissive and shit. That needs to happen more often.” And Matt smirks and says, “As you wish, baby girl.”

Yeah, I’m probably gonna die tonight. Oh well.

(creds to iconsmagcon for the edit)

WELL FUCK just imagine Sammy sleeping in the massage chair in y'all’s house and you come home from shopping with the girls and he’s still sleeping so you decide to surprise him and try to wake him up in the way he likes since he’s been so stressed out lately with touring and stuff so you put your shopping bags down on the couch and you drop to your knees in front of your still-sleeping boyfriend and you carefully slide his sweatpants and underwear down just enough for his cock to be exposed and you sense Sammy’s shudder from him being exposed to the cool air conditioning of the house and you bite your lip as you let your hand lightly pump up and down Sammy’s cock, twisting your hand every so often, and you hear him moan quietly every few seconds and his breaths become more shallow and gradually quicken and you smirk to yourself pridefully before moving your mouth to his hard cock and begin to teasingly suck on the head like a lollipop before moving your mouth down even lower, letting your teeth graze down his shaft, and Sammy suddenly wakes up and makes eye contact with you as you look up at him and you suck a little harder and he immediately throws his head back, gripping the armrests for dear life, and you take in what you can, your hand having to stroke the rest of him, and he grabs your hair forcefully but you pull off immediately and Sammy whines like a child and you look at him and taunt teasingly, “Why are you acting like a child, Daddy? Don’t you want me to make you feel good?” Sammy bites his lip and squeezes his eyes shut. “Y-yeah,” he manages to stammer. “I-I-I j-just want you t-to make me f-feel good, baby. I’m sor-sorry baby. Just—oh god, please don’t stop. Please. I swear I’ll s-stop being bad. Please—please just keeping sucking Daddy. Please baby.” That’s enough begging for you to go back to blowing Sammy and he keeps screaming your name amongst many profanities until he finally cums, shuddering and writhing in his seat and seeing stars, and you lock eyes with Sammy again and swallow every bit of his load, even though you hate the way it tastes, and Sammy slumps in the chair and weakly smiles and says, “You need to do that more often, babe. That was fucking amazing.”

Let me just fall into a lake of fire real quick. Sorry Sammy girls.

I’m going to Hell for this one but like imagine you’re walking to your car after dance team practice at your school and you see Cameron Dallas, your football team’s quarterback, standing shirtless by his friend Chris’ car and he is changing shirts when he spots you staring out of the corner of his eye and he smirks darkly as you continue to walk towards your car, trying to ignore his gaze on you, and you put your stuff in your car before you remember that you left your Calculus book in your teacher’s room so you turn back around and run inside and you search around for your math book in your teacher’s classroom when you suddenly hear the door close and lock and you spin around to see Cameron standing there with your textbook in his large hands and he says, “You looking for this, pretty girl?” And you quickly nod your head, not daring to let yourself speak and your heart rate quickens steadily with each step Cameron makes toward you and before you know it, he is almost chest to chest with you, staring at you with his deep dark eyes and you shiver as he runs a finger up and down your arm before letting it drag back up to the middle of your chest and letting it slowly slide down between your breasts over your t-shirt and down your stomach until he finally lets his hand rest right above your heat. You gasp lightly and can feel yourself getting weak and Cam notices. He smirks and says, “Take them off.” You oblige meekly and shakily take off your yoga pants and underwear and step out of them and Cam bites his lip at the sight of you in just a big t-shirt before unbuckling his belt and jeans and sliding them down just enough. Then he places both hands right below your ass, squeezing it just a little so he can hear your little gasps again, and he picks you up with ease and sits on top of a desk with you sitting in his lap and your face turns bright red and he leans into your ear and whispers, “Ride me, baby girl.”


“since when did you want things to start getting kinky?” jack asks with a cocky smirk on his face as you tape his wrists together with black duct tape.

“since a few months ago,” you tell him, “but i figured why not now?” you look up from your tape job at jack, sitting in a straddled position on the fancy hotel bed. you’re visiting new york with jack and you decided that, since you and jack have been dating for ten months, it’s about time for him to know one of your biggest fantasies: having him tied to the bed and under your complete control. jack starts gnawing at the tape.

“what are you doing?” you ask him.

“trying to get this tape off,” he mumbles as he keeps attempting at getting the strong, black tape off of his wrists. you jerk his wrists away and pull them above his head. this takes him by surprise but he’s not complaining. in fact, he’s getting hard being in this state of helplessness. you begin to connect his trapped wrists to the bar attached to the headboard above him. he just watches you with his bottom lip between his teeth. he releases a groan as he looks a little farther down to see your boobs pushed up with the help of nude bra covered in white lace. you look down at him when you’ve finished and stay in his lap, directly on top of his crotch. you are getting soaked through your panties just watching him whine, struggling to be set free.

“is it tight?” you ask while batting your eyelashes. he furrows his eyebrows together and nods his head. “good. less chance of you getting out. now, you can’t be loud. the walls are really thin and we can’t get in trouble. do you promise to be good and stay quiet for me, baby?”

“can’t make any promises,” he rasps, constantly scanning down your half-naked body. he bites his lip and moans out quietly. you frown as you stand to your feet. jack follows you. you bend over and begin to surf through your suitcase, giving jack a perfect view of your ass.

“what are you doing?”

“since i can’t trust you to be quiet,” you say, “i’m going to have to make you be quiet.” you grab a pair of new panties that you just got from victoria’s secret today on your little shopping spree while jack was in meetings for the new album all day. you slowly walk back over to him and straddle his tanned, toned torso. jack stares at the panties in your hand.

“w-what are those for?” he stammers. you smirk.

“open your mouth.” jack’s eyes widen.

“holy shit,” he breathes. “that’s fucking hot, babe.” you bite your lip.

“open your mouth for me, baby boy,” you command seductively. jack whimpers and opens his mouth wide. you stuff the panties in his mouth, some of the material not being able to fit all the way in. he whines through the gag and gives you pleading yet lustful eyes. “keep making that sound.” jack moans through his gag, the sweet sound going straight to your soaking wet core. you smirk at jack, undoing your bra and slipping it off, tossing it to the floor.

“i am going to have so much fun having you under my mercy all night.”


“f-fuck y/n,” shawn breathes as you slowly ride him on the couch of the spacious tour bus. of all the places you guys could fuck, you pick the couch. you throw your head back as shawn buries his face into the valley of your breasts, attacking the skin there with his pearly white teeth. you sigh loudly as stares up at you from your chest and you grip his flexed shoulders with your small hands. he hisses as his head moves back up your neck until he’s kissing you hard and rough, all teeth and lust. his hands hold your hips and makes you bounce on his cock just a tad faster than before, causing you to whimper into his mouth.

“shawn,” you mumble. suddenly you feel yourself slide down so far, his cock slams against that one spot that has you like putty in his hands. you moan loudly. “o-oh! oh god! s-shawn!”

“mmm, baby,” shawn murmurs into the crook of your neck. “you’re so fucking good. fucking christ. faster. faster, y/n.” you obey and begin to move your body even faster up and down around him until you can feel the heat in the pit of your stomach growing rapidly and you know you only have a few more seconds if that long.

“shawn!” you practically scream. “i’m about to—”

“do it,” he growls. “cum for me, kitten.” he rubs his thumb lightly against your clit and that’s what does it for you. you scream out as you ride shawn hard and fast, enjoying every second of the electric orgasm running through your entire body. shawn cums only a moment after you, breathing hard into your chest, squeezing your ass with one hand as he bites your shoulder to try—and unsuccessfully—keep himself quiet.

once you both come down from your highs, you rest your head against shawn’s shoulder and try to catch your breath. shawn wraps his arms around your half-naked body and kisses your cheek. “that was much-needed,” he breathes.

“agreed,” you reply. shawn chuckles and continues to hold you until he hears a knock on the door to the bus.

“hey shawn! you have fans to meet, man!” that would be shawn’s security guard. shawn mumbles a few curse words before shouting:


“yeah that’s what you were doing a few minutes ago,” you laugh as he glares at you playfully. more knocks on the door distract you two from your goofy moment. you jolt up to your feet and begin to button up your shirt while shawn pulls up his pants and boxers and runs for the door. before he walks out the door, he turns around and kisses you sweetly, mumbling an “i love you” before walking out of the bus. you widen your eyes when you notice his belt is undone.

“belt, babe!” you see shawn beginning to buckle up his belt as he walks down the steps of the bus. you giggle. there’s going to be so many pictures of him buckling his belt while walking off the bus. you’re betting to wait 30 minutes before a picture shows up.

Since I love the Hayes girls so much..

Imagine you and Hayes are out for a night on the town and you decide to take a snapchat of his ass because you thought it would be funny, but then he turns around and his hand is down his pants and he’s just looking you up and down while simultaneously biting his lip and you take the pic and caption it as “Get ur hand out of ur pants” and put it on your snapchat story, and then when you’ve posted the snapchat, Hayes tells you to delete it and you say in response, “Make me.” And he just takes a deep breath and leans into your ear and whispers, “That mouth was made for other things besides getting smart with me. How about we go back to your place and you show me what that mouth can really do, hm?” And you just stand there in shock but nod your head quickly and y’all head back to your empty house and you just teasingly suck Hayes off until you finally show mercy and let him cum and then he returns the favor by eating you out as slowly and as softly as he possibly can until he has made you orgasm harder than ever and that little shit just has a proud smirk plastered on his face and mirth in his baby blues because your whole body feels like it’s on cloud nine and won’t come down.

I honestly regret absolutely nothing about posting this. Nothing at all. You’re welcome Hayes girls.

There went my panties.

Imagine you and Nate are just friends and it’s a Saturday night and you’re bored as hell, so you decide to go to Nate’s place to play some video games and order a pizza. You walk down the street to his house and sneak in through the back window to his room and as soon as you pop in, you hear that the shower is on. You groan in frustration and you’re about to climb back out the window until you hear a strange noise come from his bathroom. You raise an eyebrow and cautiously and quietly walk over to the door. You press your ear to the door and realize that it’s the sound of moaning and your eyes widen. You are about to back away from the door until you hear:

“Oh y/n, b-baby. Su-suck me h-harder. Oh god.” You stare at the door and just keep listening until you hear his breathing become even more erratic and you decide to—shake things up a little. You quietly open and shut the door, feeling your panties get wetter with each moan and whimper of your name slipping from his mouth. You smirk as you strip down completely and you decide to sit on the bathroom counter and say in a sing-song voice:

“Oh Naaaaaaaate.” Suddenly, you hear Nate swearing and it sounds like he’s slipping all over the place in the shower. He turns off the water and sticks his head out of the shower and faces you.

“Y/n! What the hell are y—” He doesn’t even finish his sentence when he realizes you are completely naked and staring at him with big, innocent eyes. Nate gulps and tries his hardest to swallow the lump in his throat. You smirk at that.

“So tell me something, Nate. In that little fantasy of yours in the shower—was I making you feel good?” Nate can’t even bring himself to speak so he hair nods his head a couple of times. You smile and hop off the counter, swaying your hips as you walk over to him, who is still hiding in the shower. You stare at him for a second before ripping the curtain away from his body. Nate tries his best to cover up his erection, but you grab his wrists so that he is completely exposed to you and he hides his flustered face from you. You giggle a little and help him step out of the shower. As soon as he is out of the shower, you sink down to your knees, pinning his wrists to his sides. He whines a little until you look up at him and shush him. “Don’t be too loud. You’ll get our asses caught. Got it?” Nate’s cock twitches at that and you smirk before you begin to teasingly suck the head of his cock. His eyes screw shut and he bites his lip to keep himself from moaning your name. You slowly sink your mouth down further until his cock is down your throat. His eyes fly open when you begin to bob your head and you both make eye contact. You bat your eyelashes at him and he can feel his knees slowly giving out on him because he is so close to the edge. You hum around his cock and graze your teeth on his length, feeling him twitch again and again.

“Y/n,” he stammers out in a whisper, “I-I—oh god. F-fuck. Shit.” You hum around him again and he finally sinks to his knees from the force of his orgasm. Streaks of hot cum shoot into your mouth, one after another, and Nate is shuddering on the floor, whimpering out your name amongst many profanities. When you pull off of him, you move yourself so that you are sitting on his chest. He looks at you with tired, hooded eyes.

“Was that better than your fantasy?” you ask. Nate smiles and chuckles.

“Way better.”

I just.. I have nothing to justify this, honestly. I don’t. I just need to go to hell.

But guys just imagine you and Shawn going to the state fair and y’all ride every ride there and you hold his hand during every ride the whole and y’all walk around with his tatted arm around you and constantly kisses you on the cheek or on the forehead, his cool lip piercing always feeling cold against your warm skin, and y’all finally stop to get some cotton candy and he orders a huge one to share with you and he takes a large bite out of it and he grins proudly and says, “Tastes just like you, babe.” And you blush really hard at his statement and when Shawn finishes up the cotton candy and ride a few more rides again, y’all head home and Shawn eats you out and says, “Mmm.. you taste so good, baby girl.”

Let me just fuck myself to Hell already.

OH MY GOD HELP ME just imagine you talking to Dillon and some of your other guy friends at the local diner you and all your friends hang out at after football games and right as your boyfriend Taylor walks in, you are doubled over from laughing so hard at one of Dillon’s stories and your hands grip onto his thighs, dangerously close to his crotch, and Taylor just watches it all happen before turning right back around and out of the diner, fuming in anger, and you never notice a thing until you get a text from him saying, “You better be at my house in 15 minutes or you’re gonna regret it.” So you get up and leave and drive to Taylor’s house and as soon as you walk in, you feel Taylor’s hand grab your wrist and drag you up the stairs to his room and he throws you onto his bed and says, “Strip. Now.” And you strip yourself completely are while he searched through one of his drawers and finally pulls out two different bandanas and takes off the red one on his head and he ties your wrists to the bedposts and then makes a knot in the third bandana and forced the knot into your mouth and ties the bandana around your head and Taylor just watches as you writhe around on the bed, moaning through the gag and pulling at your restraints, until he finally strips down and crawls on top of you, holding your hips in place, and says, “You have been a very bad girl, sweetheart. And now I’m gonna teach you a lesson on how to not whore around with my friends. Understand?” And you nod quickly as Taylor’s fingers glide over your dripping heat and you arch your back and whine loudly through your gag and Taylor holds you down and says, “Don’t move again until I say so. Only good girls get permission to move.”


I just—ughhh.

Just imagine you and Jack rehearsing for a huge choir concert and you’re an alto and he’s a tenor so you’re right next to each other and you are wearing his favorite dress and heels and have your hair styled just how he likes it and he can’t stop undressing you with his eyes and you accidentally drop your phone at one point so you bend over just so that he can see you and when you stand back upright, he’s flipping you off while singing and you smirk because you know you have him hooked and when y’all get a break from singing, he drags you over to one of the dressing rooms backstage in the school auditorium and he picks you up and sits you on the counter and you just bat your eyelashes at him and say innocently, “Is there something wrong, baby boy?” And that sets him off and he quickly pulls down his pants and boxers and then he reaches down to pull down your underwear when he suddenly realizes you’re not wearing any and he just whines and says, “You are so fucking evil.” And you laugh before moaning loudly at his tight grip on your ass as he starts fucking you and y’all basically have a quickie in the dressing room before coming back for practice and Jack looks fucked out while you have a proud smile on your face because your plan to get Jack to finally fuck you after two weeks of no sex finally worked and you mentally do a happy dance in your head because of it.

My mind really needs to leave gutter at some point. This is getting ridiculous.

WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF OKAY just imagine Jack has been in meetings all day and it’s his birthday and so when he gets home, he’s completely exhausted, so you decide to switch up your birthday surprise plans a little and you walk up to Jack in your silk black robe with a matching red bra and panties and you command him to go to y’all’s bedroom and strip down completely and lie down on the bed and Jack immediately does as he is told and when you walk into the room, you pull out a pair of handcuffs from your robe and crawl on top of Jack and handcuff his hands to the bed and he begins to struggle and whimpers, “Wh-what’s going on?” And you smirk and say, “Giving you your birthday present, baby boy.” Jack whines as you get off the bed and you dig through your drawer and pull out a bandana—you’re gonna have to thank Taylor later for the pretty baby blue bandana—and you tie a knot in it and force Jack to bite down on it and you tie it around his head before going back to the bed and massaging his thighs while watching him struggle to be set free but you make eye contact with Jack and lower your mouth over his cock after you tell him, “No moving or else the birthday boy won’t receive his birthday present. Now can the birthday boy be good for me?” Jack nods his head slowly while looking at you with half-open eyes and you suck him off teasingly until right before he is about to cum and you put a condom on him while saying, “Don’t cum until I say.” And he whimpers constantly while you ride him slowly until you finally give him permission to cum and you cum to the sight of Jack shuddering and practically screaming from the power of his orgasm crashing into him like a wave and when it’s all over and you’ve released him from his restraints and gag, you’re cuddling in each other’s arms and he says, “Best birthday present ever.”


(edit is mine; give me credit if you repost it)

Fucking Jesus help me just imagine you and Nash are alone during a soundcheck for his tour and you are up on stage messing around and dancing to goofy twerking songs until you hear Kadebostany’s cover of “Crazy in Love” play next on your playlist and you lock eyes with Nash and his finger drags itself across his bottom lip as he watches you unzip your—Nash's—oversized gray hoodie slowly and open it a little to show that all you’re wearing underneath is a pink, lacy bra and Nash’s eyes widen slightly and smirk to yourself in victory, knowing you have him hooked, and turn your back to him and slip the jacket off of your arms while swaying your hips from side to side to the beat of the music and you bend over to untie your Nikes, showing off your ass in your short shorts, and you swear you can hear Nash groan and once your shoes are off, you turn back around to see Nash sitting in a chair on the front row, palming himself while staring at you with hooded eyes and a bitten lip to try and suppress his groans, making your core soak through your panties and shorts, so you take off your shorts but keep your black satin and laced panties on and jump off the stage and you glide towards him gracefully and sit yourself on his lip, your legs on either side of him, and you move his hand out of the way and unzip his pants for him and pull out his cock and you grab a condom from his pants pocket that you know he had the whole time and you slip it over him before moving your panties to the side and sliding down on him, and Nash undoes your bra and tugs it off of you and throws it to the side while you take off his shirt and he immediately begins kissing the valley between your breasts, occasionally kissing them as well, as you bounce up and down on his cock and he just keeps his eyes on you the whole time, mumbling about how fucking gorgeous you look riding him.

Why do I do this to myself? Seriously. Why?

“hey babe,” nate calls out to you to get your attention. you whip your head around to face from the other side of the large living room. “can you get me a beer since you’re at the cooler?” you roll your eyes and say:

“you already have one in your hand!”

“i finished it already.” you know it’s a lie, but you go along with it anyways, knowing exactly what he wants. you bend over slowly to reach the large, blue yeti cooler where all the beer is stored, giving nate a very nice view of your ass. he bites his lip from his seat, very pleased at how your ass looks in the short, white jeans shorts he just bought for you a few days before. you grab a bud light and your coors light and close the cooler, walking over to nate. you hand him his beer and sit next to him on the leather couch, but he moves his hands that are sitting in his lap and he gestures for you to sit there. you give nate an annoyed look and shake your head no. nate smirks.

“come sit on my lap, baby girl,” he mumbles to you. you raise an eyebrow.

“how about no? you’re drunk, nate.” you take a sip of your beer before he suddenly leans in next to your ear and growls:

“i didn’t ask if you wanted to sit on my lap, princess. i told you to come sit on my lap. you don’t want to disobey me, do you? remember what happened last time you did?” you shudder at the memory of nate having you bent over his lap, wrists tied behind your back, him spanking you until your ass was a bright cherry red for dancing with sammy at a club in los angeles just a month before. you can’t decide whether you actually want to obey nate’s orders or simply defy them just so you could be punished again. you finally decide to sit in his lap anyways, your legs on one side of him as you lie your head on his shoulder. he cuddles you closer and kisses the spot behind your ear and whispers:

“that’s a good girl.”

(for pineapplegrier 💋)


Now that I have your attention, just imagine you wake up to the feeling of something brushing against your pajama short-covered hip and you crack open one eye to see Jack staring at you with bright blue eyes and you manage to open both of your eyes and smile sleepily and you look down to see Jack’s hand on your hip and you sigh a little before you feel his hand move over until it’s right above the waistband of your shorts and you bite your lip to keep yourself from whining at Jack’s fingertips gliding slowly across your skin and after a lot of teasing and you shuddering a couple of times, he finally grips your shorts and slowly slides them down your legs, never breaking eye contact with you once, and you see his pupils slowly growing with each second as he moves his other hand up your thigh before letting his hand rest on top of your panties and you lightly gasp and attempt to seal your legs closed and trying to hold Jack’s hand in place there until Jack climbs on top of you, your hands trapped in one of his above your head, the other hand spreading your legs open slowly and moving your underwear to one side and he bites his lip and murmurs, “Look at you all spread out for me like a good girl. If you stay good, I’ll give you exactly what you want. Understand, princess?”

I am so gonna die because of this. I’m sorry, Johnson girls.

HOLY SHIT ok so like imagine you’re at home cooking dinner for you and Taylor and you hear him slam the door and storm up the steps and when you finish cooking you follow him up the stairs and you can hear that he’s in the shower so you step out of all of your clothes and climb into the shower silently and place your small hands on his shoulders from behind and he flinches a little before relaxing into your touch and you massage his shoulders before moving down his arms, massaging them some, then moving back up to his shoulder blades and digging out the knots in his back and you’re listening to every little moan that slips from his mouth and your hands move to his pecs then down further and further until you gently grasp his cock and begin to stroke him slowly with both hands and he rests his head against the shower wall and his moans are getting louder and louder but before you let him come, you decide to turn him around and slightly shove him against the cold tiled wall and you whisper, “Relax” before dropping down to your knees and kindly sucking him off and when you’ve finished, he pulls you back up to your feet and hugs you tightly, letting the still hot water run down both of your bodies as you just stay in each other’s embrace.

I had to make this one sweet because all the other ones have been not-so-sweet. I might end up making my way to Purgatory with this one.

Or maybe I’m still going to Hell..

Just imagine innocent nerdy Jack Gilinsky is your tutor and you typically give him head for him to tutor you in math and he eats you out for tutoring him in history and one day you finally take things to a whole new level and he shows up to your house after leaving a math team meeting and as soon as he walks through the door, you call for him to come upstairs and when he sees you, you’re in just a short red robe that is covering your body and you can see his chest rise and fall rapidly and you just smirk and slowly stand to your feet and walk up to him and unbuckle his belt then unzip and button his khakis and slowly slide one hand down his underwear, causing Jack to hiss and throw his head back in pleasure, and you smirk before letting you stand on your tiptoes and whisper for him to sit on the bed and he does as he is told and when he is sat on the bed, you take off your robe, letting it fall to the floor and expose your completely bare body and you sit yourself in his lap on the edge of the bed and grind against him and he’s just biting his lip to keep himself from letting out any noise and you tell him you want to hear him and he’s just moaning loudly while resting his forehead on your bare shoulder and you pull down his pants just enough to be able to let his cock breathe and you put a condom on him and he looks nervous as fuck but you just hold his face in your hands and whisper for him to relax and you just slide yourself down on him and sigh happily and he just throws his head back because he’s never done this before and as time goes on and you’ve moved a lot faster, Jack just stares at you with hooded through his glasses and he just smirks every now and then and throws his head back in bliss because you’re just so good and when it’s all done and over with, he swears he is in love.


Bad Days (Justin Imagine)

Writing this because I don’t think I ever really see imagines like this anywhere so why not write it?  Enjoy.

I walk through the front door of Justin’s house quietly, anxious to surprise him since I haven’t seen him in almost a month.  I am immediately greeted by Esther and her wagging tail. I excitedly pick her up and pet her for a little bit, asking her questions in a stupid doggy voice that gets her all worked up and hyper.  I finally decide to let her out in the backyard of Justin’s large estate so that she can run around and have fun while I cook.  I look around the familiar mansion and sigh happily, knowing that I am in a place that I love almost as much as my own house.  Hopefully, when I finish school, I can finally move out here to Los Angeles so that I can be with him more.  It’s hard having to balance my relationship with Justin and school, but Justin knows just how important finishing school is to me, so he lives with it.  He wants me to finish school anyways.  We’ve been able to make it work for the past year and two months, and we are stronger now than we’ve ever been.

I notice that the house is too quiet for Justin to be home, so I decide to get started on making some of Justin’s favorite food, chicken alfredo, before he gets home so that I can surprise him properly.  I know he’s been hard at work for the past couple of months and I just want him to have a nice night in without having to deal with any press or crazy fans.  Just us, some food, Esther, and a binge marathon of Scandal to ease our minds for the night.

As I am finishing the alfredo, I hear the front door open and close.  I feel my stomach churn in excitement as I run to the door to see my man’s face in person again.  I stop in my tracks, though, as I notice a gloomy look on his face.  The bags under his eyes are heavy; his hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in three days.  He doesn’t look like my Justin.  He looks—dead.

When he sees me, he forces a smile before frowning again.  I can tell that he’s having one of his bad days just by the look on his face.  His honey brown eyes are lifeless and tired, just like the rest of his body.

“Hey baby girl,” Justin mumbles as he walks up to me, hugging me close.  I hug him back tightly, inhaling his scent of cigarettes and cologne.  I hate that he smokes, but the faint scent of the carcinogens are slightly comforting to me since I have been used to it for months now.  I hear him sniffle a little and let out a shaky breath.  I pull away and look into his teary eyes.  His bottom lip wobbles slightly as I wipe away one single tear from his stubbled cheek.

“Go upstairs,” I tell him softly.  “I’ll be up there in a minute, ok?”  Justin sighs, not even bothering to protest.


He slowly turns around and walks up the steps to his room while I stalk back to the kitchen to clean up the dishes I used to make the pasta and I put the pasta in the microwave so I can heat it up later when Justin is actually up for eating.  I let Esther in and put her in her large cage, watching as she plops into her bed without a fuss and almost immediately falls asleep.  I walk up the stairs slowly, taking off my shoes and socks and setting them outside of Justin’s room.  The door is cracked open, so I quietly push it open only to see Justin’s clothes already sprawled out on the floor.  He is lying on his back in bed with the covers only covering the lower half of his body, one hand behind his head and the other on his stomach.  He is staring blankly up at the ceiling and I suddenly wonder how often he does this when I’m not around.  I step inside the spacious master bedroom and close the door behind me.  Justin slowly lifts his head to look at me and he smiles small.  It’s genuine, but I know that it is a struggle for him to smile when he’s having days like this.

I take off my yoga pants and my light jacket, leaving me in just my (Justin’s) t-shirt and underwear before I crawl into the king-sized bed on my designated side.  I just sit next to Justin’s frame, my legs crossed and my hands in my lap.  He hasn’t moved from that spot and I know that he’s just too tired to move.

“You’re having a bad day again,” I quietly say.  I can sense his body stiffening at my words and I know that my suspicions are finally confirmed.  He turns his head away from me, almost in shame.  “You know you can talk to me about your bad days.  I’m always open to listen.”

“It’s nothing, y/n,” he unsuccessfully assures me.  “Just an uneventful day.”

“Then why were you in tears when I saw you downstairs?”

“They were tears of joy because you’re back in town.”  He turns to me and smiles widely, but I know that it’s fake.  I know him too well.  I shake my head slowly.

“I have been with you for a year and two months now.  I have been friends with you for three years on top of that.  I know when you’re being honest and when you’re lying to me.  I know you’re having one of those bad days again.”  Justin’s smile falls immediately as he looks down in shame.  I lie down next to him and roll over onto my side, propping my head up on my hand.  I let my small hand cover his larger one, letting my thumb caress the top of his knuckles.  I just stare at our touching hands as he looks back up at the ceiling and begins to finally just cry it out.

I try not to look at him as he silently cries because I know it will only shatter my heart even more than it already is.  I hate it when he cries, but I know that he really needs to so that he can feel better.  Suddenly, before I have time to react, Justin is almost completely on top of me, his head resting on my chest, sobbing uncontrollably as he holds my body tightly.  It takes me completely off guard because he has never reacted like this.  Out of every bad day that he has ever had, never has he just clung to me for dear life.  I don’t say anything, though.  I just let my fingers run through his long, platinum blond hair, not saying a word as his body shakes violently with sobs.

My shirt is soaked with his tears, but I don’t complain.  I would much rather have him cry in my arms and get it all out than just bottle it all in.  Nothing good ever comes out of him bottling things up.

“I hate feeling like this!” Justin sobs.  “I don’t even know why I’m fucking crying!”  I rub his back with my other hand, feeling his muscles tense and relax under my touch.

“It’s okay to just cry, baby,” I coo.  “I know that you’ve been dealing with a lot lately.  You’re stressed and tired.  Just cry it out.”  Justin only cries harder than before and holds me tightly.  I just lie there and continue to rub his back and let my fingers run through his hair.  I hate being in this position because I have no idea how else to help him except to just hold him and let him cry it all out.  I feel slightly useless, but I don’t bother moving.  He seems to be content with being in this position, so I’m just going to let him lie here and have his bad day.

After about ten minutes or so, his hard sobbing begins to quiet down into occasional whimpers and hiccups, his face swollen and red, tears still falling down his face at a constant rate.  Soon the tears finally stop and his breathing is back under control and he just lies there without a word.  He has to be exhausted from all the crying, so I just let him relax.

“I’m tired of having bad days, y/n,” he croaks.  “I just want to be happy again.  I don’t want to be sad all the time.  I don’t want to feel empty.  I want to love my life and everything in it.  I don’t want to feel like this anymore.  I feel so dead when I should be happy.  I have everything I could ever want.  I have money, cars, great friends, an amazing family.  I have God.  I have you.”

“Depression doesn’t care who its victim is,” I explain quietly.  “It just likes to take away everyone’s happiness, no matter if you have everything or nothing.  It has no boundaries and doesn’t care who it destroys.  But you’re strong, Justin.  You’re one of the strongest people I have ever known.  You have tens of millions of fans that love you unconditionally.  You have your family.  You have me.  You have God.  You have all of these people that love you with everything that they have and yet you feel like this.  But you know what?  That’s okay because I know you’re trying your best to not let it consume you.”  I kiss the top of his head as I keep playing with his hair.  “You are so strong.  You are so brave.  You deserve happiness.  And you will get there.  It’ll take time, but I promise that I and the people that truly love you will be here every step of the way.”

Justin sniffles before finally looking up at me.  I can see the broken look in his eyes that I have only ever seen one other time since we have known each other, and I successfully keep my tears back.  I don’t need him worrying about me right now.  He needs to focus on himself.  Justin rolls off of me and sits up in bed slowly, bringing his knees up and resting his arms on them.  He just stares at the wall in front of him.  I know he’s deep in thought, so I just crawl behind him, putting my legs on either side of his hips, and wrap my arms around his torso.  I rest my cheek against his warm bare back, feeling his body rise and fall with every slow breath he takes.  Neither of us speak, and we really don’t need to.

We stay like that for a while, losing complete track of time.  But neither of us really mind.  We’re content with where we are.

“I love you, y/n.”

It takes me completely off guard hearing him speak, but I just break out into a grin and hug him a little tighter.

“And I love you, too, Justin.”

“I swear I’ll get better for you.”

“Don’t do it for me.  Do it for you.  You need this recovery.  And you’re already recovering so well as it is.  You have a long way to go, but it’s one day at a time.  I am so proud of you for how far you’ve come.  Bad days like these are just minor setbacks to a major comeback.  You are so strong, one of the strongest people I have ever known.  And I love you so much for that.  I love you for everything that you are and everything that you’re not.  No matter what happens, I will always love you with everything I have.  Nothing could ever make me stop loving you.”

I feel a stray tear hit the back of my hand before Justin covers both of mine with his own.

“I really don’t know how you deal with me,” he confesses.  “I don’t know how you do it, but I am so thankful for you.  Even if I don’t show it sometimes, I really am.  I love you, y/n.  Thank you for not giving up on me.”

“I could never give up on you.”

The rest of the night, we just lie down in bed and hold each other.  No kisses.  No sex.  Nothing.  We just lie there and talk.  We talk about food, movies, what new TV show we should watch once we finish Scandal, and so many other stupid topics that make us laugh.  I love hearing and seeing Justin laugh.  I tell him every time he laughs or smiles that huge, stupid grin he has how he should do that more often.  Every time he just shakes his head and tells me that he hates his laugh or that his smile looks stupid.  But tonight when I tell him, I can see his eyes light up just a little.  He nods his head.

“I’ll try to smile and laugh more.  I promise.”

It’s a small thing, but I know that it will make all the difference in the world.  Justin doesn’t like breaking promises, not even the smallest and dumbest of promises.

He rolls over onto his side so that his back is against my chest and yawns loudly.  I pull the covers over the two of us and turn off the lamp by my side of the bed, leaving us in complete darkness except for the fresh moonlight coming shining through the ceiling-to-floor windows leading to his balcony.  I wrap my arm around his torso and swing my leg over his.  I hear him giggle and it makes my heart swell.

“You’re so weird, babe,” he mumbles but doesn’t bother moving.  He likes it when I wrap around him like a cocoon.

“Get some sleep, Justin,” I whisper as I kiss his cheek.  I hear him yawn again.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.”  I laugh and rest my head against the pillow.  “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

And just like that, his bad day is over.  Tomorrow will be a new day.  All of his pain will diminish when he wakes up the next morning, and I am incredibly thankful for how strong he is.

No matter how bad his bad days get, he will always have good days to make up for those bad days in the end.

Bad days are going to happen, but they are only for a day.  The next day is a brand new day with so many more possibilities.  Keep going.  I promise things will get better.  You are loved.  You are important.  I love each and every one of you with all of my heart.  Remember that.

“babe.. wake up,” you whisper, slowly pulling the covers off of your boyfriend.

“nooooooooo,” nash groans, pulling the covers back over his face. you sigh.

“nash, come on. please get up.” nash groans again, a little more loudly this time. you roll your eyes as you straddle him and attempt to pull the covers back just a little to show his vibrant cyan eyes and the bridge of his nose, his wild, black-and-blond hair sticking out from all different angles. nash pulls the blanket back over his face.

“y/n, i’m tired. can i please just go back to sleep?” you look down at him and pout, but it works to no avail, considering his face is still hidden. you pick at his gray, oversized hooded sweatshirt covering your whole body.

and that is when an idea begins to hatch.

you smirk and raise an eyebrow. “fine,” you huff out as you crawl off of nash and stand to your feet. “guess i’ll just take a shower by myself.” you walk towards the bathroom but stop short when you hear the sound of rustling sheets followed by the quick patter of bare feet run across the wooden floor.

“right behind you, babe,” nash says at the speed of his feet, hastily pushing you into the bathroom. you shriek and laugh as he chases you into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

anonymous asked:

What kind of boyfriend do you think jack g would be like??

damn i think dating gilinsky would be a non-stop thrill ride. i can totally see him being really goofy and constantly making fun of your voice just to be funny and you would make fun of him right back for doing douchebag things and wearing douchebag clothes to go out. partying would be a big thing for y’all and y’all would definitely go to a lot of parties to hang out with his friends and your friends. he wouldn’t be very pda at all but he would gladly hold your hand and give you an occasional kiss on the cheek if that because he’s just not into any of the “lovey dovey crap” at all and you could never convince him otherwise. he would be SO protective over you and if any of the fans, his friends, or his family did something to hurt you, he would defend you to his last breath because he doesn’t play with that shit. and y’all would definitely have a lot of deep talks about life, school, sports, religion, and all kinds of other topics and he would just let you win the fights even though he knows he’s right.

but if y’all get into fights, it would be a horrific screaming match because he has a VERY hot temper and he will scream until his lungs give out, as will you. and then it would lead to tears and him occasionally punching a wall and then he would just feel so bad and he would actually break down and cry and you would feel bad and y’all would have make-up sex right there on the couch.

oh.. the sex.. the sex would be so fucking fantastic. y’all would be the couple that would try anything from bondage to new sex positions to even being risky and doing nasty acts in public, even if he isn’t a pda kind of guy. “it’s different when it comes to sex babe” is what he would always tell you and you would just roll your eyes and go with it. public bathrooms at concerts, movie theaters, even family get-togethers for christmas and thanksgiving—no matter where y’all go, he just can’t keep his hands off of you when he’s in the mood. but every now and then, he would have slow sex if it was for an important event such as an anniversary (good or bad) or something like that.

you would definitely be “baby girl ☺️😍😘💘💖” in his phone and he would most certainly be “guh-linn-skee 😏😍😘” in yours and UGH THIS IS MY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP OKAY I NEED THIS MORE THAN I NEED AIR THIS IS A FUCKING PROBLEM.