striping tape nail art

Bringing out the Easter pastels..I love how easy it is to create these flowers..they’re literally just a blob with a dot in the middle, but yet they look so pretty still. Lol

Used in this mani:

Essie - Sugar Daddy

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

Ella + Mila - On Thin Ice

China Glaze - Lemon Fizz, Peachy Keen, Too Yacht To Handle, Lotus Begin, Neon & On & On, Lime After Lime

HK Girl Topcoat

Regular Straight Tape from @whatsupnails

Here is the rose/negative space tutorial to go along with these nails. There is a lot you can do with this design, so I hope to see your hand in them!

1. Paint a V shape pointed away from the cuticle and fill in the bottom half of the nail. I used a nail art brush to first make the V outline, making sure the point was centered on the nail, coming down to about halfway down the nail, or a little less. It is okay if the line is not perfectly crisp, as you will cover it with striping tape later.
2. Using a bright red polish, paint a few round globs in various sizes around the V shape. I alternated with big and small globs. You do not want to use too much polish for this, or you will be waiting forever for it to dry. Also do not try to make them perfect circles! Let the imperfection work to your advantage!
3. Using your dark red polish, start by making a dot in the middle of the globs. Then, working your way outwards, make several half circle shapes around the dot. You can mess around with this a good deal, just make sure not to cover too much of the bright red color.
4. Using a light green polish, make little teardrop shapes pointing away from your flowers.You will want to start close to your flower, and then drag your brush away from the flower, creating a point. Make a few of these shapes towards the bottom of the nail as well.
5. Using white polish, make just a few scattered curved lines over your flowers. These are just to add highlights, so they should be minimal. If too much goes on, you can always go over it a little with your bright red polish.
6. Using dark green polish, make a single line in the center of each of your leaves.
7. Using your gunmetal striping tape, outline where the white polish and bare nail meet. If you dont have striping tape, you could always do this with polish!

finish off with a topcoat over the whole nails, and you’re good to go! Enjoy! And don’t forget to tag me if you do these nails on yourself! I’d love to see them!

Turquoise negative space nails with silver striping tape. I think I had meant to grab gold striping tape when I did these, but then I later looked closer and realized I had used silver. I did these by hand instead of by using saran wrap or spray marbling as well. It was quite a process building up the layers and manipulating the lines with remover and a sponge. Definitely took some time!