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black magic [m]

credit: x.

❛❛im one of the brightest witches at this prestigious magic academy and ur a human who somehow got admitted and everyone knows u dont ACTUALLY have magic but cant prove it so they hate u for it but i actually like you??? and have a crush on u??????? our paths have just never crossed until ur class blew up n somehow we became class partners and– hold on what do you mean we fucked up this spell so we wanna fuck each other’s brains out??❜❜ AU

COUNT → 18.430

GENRE → smut 

PAIRING → taehyung | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | mild cum play | explicit language | female masturbation (male if you squint) | oral sex | penetration | graphic dirty talk

NOTE → this was requested and inspired by @blueagust!!!!!! the idea went thru several stages and yelling over kkt but this is the final product :-D im sorry mom

You hated everyone at this fucking academy.

It wasn’t just that they always smelled like unicorn turds—and that wasn’t a compliment because unicorns had the nastiest smelling shit in the entire universe—but they were so arrogant and had this fucking superiority complex when it came to humans. You were sure if they actually lived with them and in human society instead of hidden away at some prestigious academy they wouldn’t pull this bullshit in the first place, but they still despised them.

Or maybe it was just one human they despised in particular.

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“You know the safe word – right, princess?” Daddy whispered in your ear. Hearing him say your name was enough to send you into overdrive, but all you could do was try to muster a nod. Namjoon had you completely helpless. From the gag ball in your mouth to the restraints that had you firmly locked into on the cross, all you could do was let Daddy have his wicked way with you. With your nod acknowledged, Daddy revealed his riding crop. “It’s time to make you squeal, baby girl”. As Namjoon began to tickle your clit with the leather end of his crop, you begged for more. “Say my name baby, say my name and I’ll go harder than ever before”. Of course you obliged, and you screamed his name constantly as he hit your dripping wet pussy harder each time. The sting of the leather drove you wild, and there was absolutely no need for that safe word of his. 


You couldn’t see a thing. Being blindfolded by Daddy was definitely a new experience, but complying with every one of his wishes was nothing new. So, there you were, waiting on his bed – ready to feel whatever he wanted you to feel. As you sat there, waiting in anticipation, you felt your lets open wide. “Now baby, be a good girl for Daddy and relax” whispered Seokjin. And with that, you felt Daddy press down hard on your clit. It felt like heaven, and you moaned out in joy. Before you knew it, he had two fingers thrusting into you harder than ever before. Your other senses were completely heightened, and before you could climax – you could feel Daddy’s thumb making its way into your tight little asshole. “Ahh Y/N, I wish you could see how happy you’ve made me… but I guess you’re gonna have to wait ‘til I’ve finished filling both of your holes up… and I guarantee you that I’m not stopping anytime soon…”


So there you were, wearing one of Daddy’s breathtakingly gorgeous rope creations. To be honest, you weren’t surprised by Taehyung’s love for Shibari, but the concentration and skill involved when it came to turning his baby girl into an actual work of art blew you away. “Jayiga, let’s do this more often, you look incredible” he gasped. His eyes on you made you hornier than ever, and the feeling of coarse rope on your pussy made you want his hard cock like never before. You felt over the moon to be Daddy’s one and only muse, but you were even happier once he cut you down, unwrapped you, and had his filthy way with you all night long. 


Finally, everybody was out of the house for once, and that meant only one thing: it was play time for you and Daddy. “Baby girl, fetch your leash – it’s time for me to take my little slut for a nice long walk around the house” Jimin commanded. “You gripped your pink glittery lead between your teeth and brought it to Daddy on your hands and knees, looking up at him with your dewy eyes. “You ready princess? Who knows, if you crawl like the good girl I know you can be, Daddy might even treat you to his nice big dick” he tempted. The walk was more than enough for you, you loved looking up at Jimin as he tugged you along. But hey, he knew how to make you cum like crazy too…


After some serious making out, Daddy threw you over his knee. You were ready to feel the force of his hands when, all of a sudden – he stopped. This is so not like him, where are the spanks?! “You didn’t think you were getting off that easy tonight, did you girl?” Daddy smirked as he revealed a leather flogger. Your eyes widened, and your pussy dripped at the thought of the leather stripes brushing over you. “I can’t wait to see your ass tomorrow, Y/N. I’m not gonna stop until you scream and beg for mercy, you hear me?” Sure, you were walking funny for days, but you couldn’t stop thinking about Daddy and his wonderful flogger.


As if all of your BDSM antics weren’t thrilling enough – tonight, Daddy took it one step further. With you tied firmly to a chair, Yoongi skilfully attached a ball gag that covered your mouth. He looked at you filled with lust, and began to masterfully inspect your whole body, biting and kissing your skin as he went along. “I’m nowhere near finished admiring this scene, girl. But trust me when I say this: the only reason that gag is going to be loosened is for me to force my whole cock down that pretty little throat of yours…” Daddy threatened. Although you couldn’t move, you had never felt sexier; Yoongi’s touch was driving you wilder than ever.


You always teased Daddy about his uniform in the dope video… and you were thrilled to find out that he still had it. You begged and begged him to wear it, you needed to see Jungkook in that police uniform. But, like everything with Daddy, conditions had to be imposed. “Y’know baby girl” he growled, “If you want me to completely get into character, you know I have to handcuff you, right?” You had never thought those words would come out of his mouth so casually, and without even thinking about it, you held your wrists right up to Daddy, ready to comply with everything and anything. As soon as you saw him above you in that uniform you almost lost it, never mind when he pulled your ass up and filled you out completely…


BurntPasta’s Flipnote Studio 3D Color Mixing Tutorial!

I do my best to showcase how I mix colors using different colors and brush textures/fill textures~


A lot of my color combinations were created by experimenting. Sometimes something would start off green with a layer of white using the first texture with a layer of blue on top using one of the later textures and I would end up making a lighter turquoise color.. 

I encourage everyone who animates or even just ‘arts’ in general on flipnote to experiment with all kinds of color combinations! :3 

For example: The best grey is actually created with the checker pattern brush of yellow on bottom, blue on top! (or vice versa!) It can be seen on the mettaton ex doodle seen above! Using white on black kind of creates a harsher grey that does not look metallic at all and blends in too much with the black outlines..

Another example is using Red on Green in the checker pattern brush creates a warm brown… Perfect for trees, monster kid stripes, or even hair color!

I tend to create the colors on the character first and then go back with either of the stripe pattern brushes with black to create shading since it allows both of the under-colors show through… But for high-lights, I prefer to use the checker brush and paint on white. ^^

Always remember that the more spaced out your brush is, the more you will see colors on lower layers, so you do a lot more mixing because of this! 

I would like to take a second to thank the anon who asked ‘how I color with Flipnote’ that prompted this tutorial! <3 

I’ve been meaning to do one for a while now, but I’ve never done a full-fledged tutorial before… ^^; 


PS: My favorite colors to make in flipnote are the purple made with red and blue and the checker brush, and turquoise made the same way with blue and green. lawl. >3<


See the full video tutorial here. And the speedtorial here!

Black and Silver Wavy Tips

After cleaning filing and shaping the nail and applying a base coat:

  1. use the brush from the bottle of silver polish to paint the top half of the nail making the edge of the silver look like 2 waves/mountains/humps
  2. use a very small striping brush and some black polish to make really uneven, lumpy lines outlining the edge of silver area and also filling it in with stripes. Continue to mimic the shape of the original waves with each stripe as you go toward the tip of the nail. 
  3. apply two thin coats of quick dry top coat (I always apply two coats of top coat when I have done a negative space look because it helps the nail feel smoother and more cohesive when you physically touch it)
This Ride is a Wild One

Smutty Jack Barakat Imagine - requested by Anon (like 7 months ago oops i’m sorry), hope you like it regardless!
Request: Is there anyway you could do a Jack imagine when we are driving on a roadtrip and jack sneaks his hand over into the girls pants. Things escalate and they have to pull over on the side of the road to take care of their frustrations!
Word Count: 1,714
Warning: Mature Content & Vulgar Language
I apologise greatly for the title ahahahahah

Send me an All Time Low imagine request

If you read & enjoy, please leave a like to show support!♡

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Painting Pictures On Faces

Title: Painting Pictures On Faces

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~2k

Summary: A special Make-Up Challenge video featuring their daughter Ella.

(Read on AO3)

A/N:  This fic was totally inspired by Louise’s new video where Darcy does her make-up

Ever since Ella had appeared in one of their Day In The Life videos people had been requesting for her to be in more of their videos. They didn’t want to share their daughter with the internet too much, but Phil reaching 6 million subscribers seemed like a good enough occasion to bring her back on his channel.

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