***SPOILERS***If you haven’t watched today’s episode of Stripsearch don’t read ahead***SPOILERS***

Ah Stripsearch today! Ok so really, the only spoiler I have for you is that, In an unexpected turn of events, we don’t get to see who’s heading to elimination. Normally this would be when I reveal who’s next up on Strip Fighter, but obviously I can’t do that, so I’ll post this instead, eliminations 1, 2, and 3.

Today’s episode was a lot of fun, both to watch and as a challenge, and Katie’s marker set is totally enviable. Since I’ve been back I’ve probably bought 1-2 copic markers each week. They are amazing.

Also don’t forget Strip Fighter shirts are now available too. When you buy stuff from me, it goes straight into fueling my new marker addiction…that could be a good or a bad thing.
Strip Fighter Art Print by TavisMaiden

Art Prints. The artists battle it out for ultimate glory with this commemorative Strip Fighter Print. Which stripper shall be the last one standing…

New to the shop! Strip Fighter! I was excited and blown away with how quickly they were snapped up at Prime. If you missed it at PAX now’s your chance to grab it before East.