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name: Kiye
birthday: 10/10
star sign: Libra
gender: questioning, probably male

height: 5′4
sexual orientation: pan

favorite color: a nice purple
time right now: 10:06 AM
average hours of sleep: 5-9
lucky number(s): don’t have one

last thing i googled: how to check google search history
word that comes to mind: space
happy places: my room, my theatre’s green room
number of blankets i sleep under: 1
favorite fictional character: Hannibal Lector

celebrity crush: there are too many
favorite book: The Man in the High Castle - Philip K. Dick 
favorite bands: twenty one pilots, the beatles, gorillaz, total control, the babe rainbow, ramones, 
last movie I saw: american psycho
dream trip: something cool with friends
dream job: television writer/writer of fictional stories
what im wearing right now: an orange shirt and stripey blue boxes

I tag: thefrontbottomed, preserved-innosense, cancel-hoe, kindergartencop420

anonymous asked:

where do you get your real cute stripey shirts? thanks claire!!

oo which ones ?? some are from urban… gap… thrifting…. Uum or gifted from a friend