stripey trousers

You have a child (Draco Malfoy Imagine)

‘Are you ready to go, love?’ You hear Draco call out to you from the other side of the house. 
‘Almost!’ You shout back. You pick up your baby boy and walk over to his closet. ‘What would you like to wear, little man?’ You say as you flick through his small outfits. Your options come down to two. ‘Draco can you help me a minute?’ You say. ‘What’s up?’ He asks, standing in the door frame. ‘Denim dungarees with black and white stripey top or blue trousers with the truck sweater?’ You ask. Draco laughs shaking his head. ‘She’s more concerned about what you wear than you are.’ He says in a high pitched voice to your son, who giggles at his fathers funny voice. ‘Well you’re no help at all.’ You say, jokingly to him. Finally you decide on one of the outfits and not too long after, you’re ready. ‘How we getting there?’ You ask, slinging a scarf around your shoulder. ‘Floo powder.’ You stop and turn to Draco, ‘Draco no! You know we have talked about this, it isn’t good for him to be-’
‘Honey, I’m kidding.’ He says smiling cheekily. ‘We can apparate.’ When ready, you held your baby close to your chest underneath your coat to make sure he doesn’t feel unsafe with the weird sensation that apparation brings. ‘Ready?’ Asked Draco. You looked down to check on the baby before nodding. After two seconds you were standing outside the large gates of Malfoy Manor. The cold wind whipping against your face. ‘ Together, as a family, you walk through the gates and into the large house. Being Christmas time the Malfoy’s had lovely decorations that brought life to the house, you thought, rather than the empty feeling it usually had. The family greeted you three with open arms and warm smiles. They were so different after the war. While in school they never cared for you much but now, things were much more settled. ‘How’s my grandson?’ Narcissa said, opening her arms and taking the baby into her hands. ‘He’s so beautiful.’ 
‘You say that every time you see him, mum.’ Draco said, kissing his mother on the cheek. ‘It;s because it’s true.’ She replies. 

After a lovely afternoon with the family, your baby began to get restless. ‘It was lovely seeing you.’ Narcissa called out as you three walked down the long path way. Before apparating, Draco kissed you. ‘What was that for?’ You said. He shrugged, taking your hand, ‘I just love you.’