stripey stripey stripey


Nothing to see here… Just a totally normal boring video of two best friends trying to hear what’s going on upstairs. 

anonymous asked:

whats your favorite Look for each member of the gang

oooohhh this is a gOOD QUESTION damn i wish i had my regular laptop back already bc i had a lot of these cap’d already but oh well ill just do it again- excuse to rewatch some faves :))))


honourable mentions: gay bar tank top, dayman costume v.1, any of the other Softe long sleeve tshirts tbh, s12 hair


Honourable mentions: the s1 look w the #layers, the lawyer look, the turtleneck/hat combo in nightman cometh


honourable mentions: baseball tee in world series defense, the boat look w the too long sleeves, covered in green glitter, nightman


honourable mentions: mac day, the yellow suit, cereal defense


no runners up because this one wasnt even a competition, man cheetah is iconic