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Performing their own song for them - Seventeen Vocal Unit

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“Jagi why can’t you tell me what song you’re performing?” He asks for nearly the millionth time that night.

“Because, it’s a surprise.” You place a hand on his arm and he groans, clearly not satisfied with your reasoning.

“Y/n, it’s time to get ready.” Your groups manager approaches you and motions for you to follow him.

A chorus of ‘good lucks’ came from the thirteen boys around you and you gave them a quick thumbs up before running to catch up with your group.

When you guys got backstage, stylists flocked to you with various hair styling tools and outfits of many colors. After being handed your light denim jeans and striped button up blouse, you change pretty quickly and start running through the lines and dance moves. Your group has never done choreography as demanding and detail oriented as Seventeen’s. A few minutes later your group is given a cue and the seven of you walk out on stage. As you find your positions, your eyes immediately land on Seventeen, specifically him.

The music started and you heard a few ‘Oo’s’ and ‘Ah’s’ as the defining notes of their song started playing.


Han was genuinely startled when his groups song ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ started playing through the speakers. He watched you ace every single move and sing his own lines with heart eyes. He heard the guys whistle for your group when you started kneeling and doing arguably the most complicated part of the whole dance. Han didn’t miss the direct eye contact and sly smiles from you as you harmonized with your group.

When the song ended, all of Seventeen stood up and applauded as loud as humanly possible. To say they were flattered was a complete understatement. After a few minutes your group came back to the table near Seventeens and you stealthily took a seat next to Han.

“Wow…that was amazing Y/n! Why didn’t you tell me?” Han started clapping for you again making you giggle and blush.

“Because like I said, it was a surprise Hannie. I’m glad you liked it so much.” You kiss his cheek and a few of the guys chuckle.

“Liked? Baby I loved it. You have to do it again but for me.” He rested a hand on your knee and squeezed it lightly, implying exactly what you had in mind for later.


When Boom Boom started playing Joshua was so taken aback, he knew that was your favorite song and the fact that you were performing it was unreal. The velvet bomber jacket looked better on you than it ever did on him and he admired how nice your legs looked in the black shorts. Joshua bobbed his head along with the beat and he allowed himself to lean back into the chair to watch you dance across the stage. He appreciated how wonderful and well rehearsed your vocals were for the lines you sang.

After the song ended you gave a wink and blew a kiss to the audience but you made sure to make eye contact with him. Joshua covered his flustered cheeks as you went back stage with the rest of your group.

You approached their table, back in the attire you showed up in much to his displeasure.

“Baby you have to wear that outfit for me again, you did so good.” Joshua slipped an arm loosely around your waist and kissed your cheek.


When Jihoon heard the song he produced start playing, he choked on the water he was drinking. He watched you fondly as you pranced around the stage and his smile grew ear to ear when you got to the chorus of Mansae. Your group, and specifically you did the song and the moves justice. To say he was proud was the understatement of the year. He loved this song as well and when he heard you sing parts of it he nearly fell over in his chair. You sounded and looked like an angel to him.

When the song finally ended, much to his utter disapproval. He clapped and cheered nonetheless, quite loudly I might add, you gave a cute smile to the audience and disappeared from his eyesight.

As your group was going back to your table he stood up and directed you to the seat next to him.

“Ah! I can’t believe you managed to keep that from me. You did wonderful jagi.” Woozi kissed your temple and wrapped a secure arm around you waist.


Seokmin’s heart clenched in his chest as he instantly recognized the first few notes of Adore U playing. He looked over his shoulder to see if anyone else had noticed and the rest of the boys had huge smiles on their faces. Although they were excited, nobody’s smile could’ve topped DK’s when you sang his lines. It meant the world to him that your group agreed to learn and perform their song, whether it was your suggestion or not.

He placed a hand over his heart and gripped at the material of his blazer as the song came to an end, his cheeks were literally hurting because of all the smiling. The boys stood up once the last note ended and everyone was clapping and hollering.

When you came back to your groups designated table, Seokmin got your attention by grabbing your hand and pulling you into the open seat next to him.

“That was so good Jagi! I can’t stop smiling.” Seokmin kissed your nose, making you blush and hide your face behind your hand.


Seungkwan’s mouth dropped to the floor when your group got into the same formation as their ‘Very Nice’ choreography. It dropped even further when his suspicions were verified by the song starting and revealing that it was in fact ‘Very Nice’. He started clapping softly when you sang his lines, he was so proud. Boo couldn’t take his eyes off of you for even a second, not that he even wanted to that is. You always demanded attention in your performances but this one was even more so.

The song ended and he could see how out of breath you and the rest of your members were. That is probably the most physically demanding song they do in his humble opinion and the fact that you just did it flawlessly was amazing.

When you were released back to your seats in your previous attire, Seungkwan waved you over to his table.

“Jagi that was amazing, you always give the best surprises. I’m so proud.” He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and kissed your temple.

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