stripes all over


[From Chyler Leigh]

About a year ago I was swimming with my kids in our pool and noticed Anni (my now 7 year old) staring at me as I toweled off. She had a puzzled look about her as she approached me, wrinkling her nose. She reached her hand out and ran her fingers across the side of my waist and asked where I got all my stripes. The question kind of caught me a little off guard. I had almost forgotten they were there. But her eyes were so honest and her question sincere that I took the opportunity to explain.

I told her they’re stretch marks and that lot of Mommies get them when they’re pregnant because as the baby grows, the Mommy’s tummy and hips grow, too.

I think her little radar went off and she could sense a flash of my momentary insecurity. What she said next was magical. She reached out and touched all the stretch marks and said to me…

She paushes for a moment and I return the question.
I asked.
And with that, she hugged me tight and jumped back into the pool.

That brief exchange still resonates with me. I forget sometimes how important it is to take a moment to check myself, for clarity’s sake. It’s so easy for me to get hung up on my selfdiagnosed negatives. And here’s my little girl who loves me, all of me, unconditionally, telling me I’m beautiful just the way I am.

This is the message I missed out on as a child. I started modeling at 12 years old. Not something that my younger self wanted but rather, something my mother wanted me to do. In my case, the majority of comments I received about my appearance were filled with criticism, not acceptance. So, I’ve grown up in a world of approval seeking for a very long time. There were countless times I stood in line for hours waiting for my turn with casting agents only to be stared at, told to spin around, and spoken out loud about, saying I wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough, tall enough, this enough or that enough. Play that on repeat in your mind at such a young age and you absolutely begin to believe it for yourself.

I felt uncomfortable and ashamed about my body. I didn’t like who I was, especially in those few awkward years around 12. So in an effort to remedy the issue, my mother gave me fat burning pills. Perhaps in her own mind, she felt like this was going to help me gain back my self esteem by looking how I was “supposed to”, but after a few weeks of taking this supplement with no success, I felt it was taking too long and the pressure to be perfect was overwhelming. So one morning, I tried to take more than recommended and was nearly sent to the hospital.

Pressure for women to look a certain way, to be somebody else is undeniable. And a large part of that is due to the media designing and manufacturing women to have the “right” look. I certainly fell victim to that. It’s so hard not to when you are in your early teens and seemingly rejected because of what makes you unique; and what should be celebrated, is in turn deemed a flaw. So I ate very little, enough to keep up energy, partied hard, and constantly competed with a very thin friend of mine (who was already 4 inches shorter than me) to see who could get skinnier. Well, at almost 5’7” tall and weighing in at 103 pounds, I was definitely headed down a dark road of deception and destruction. I was ill of body and of spirit.

So yes, I know firsthand what it’s like to be pressured into being thinner than you should and/or need to be. I know what it’s like to stand in front of the mirror every morning and check the space (or lack thereof) in between your thighs. I know what it feels like when you can’t fit into the smaller size jeans. And I know what it’s like to have stripes all over.

It’s been a long, and in many cases, torturous journey for me and, truth be told, one that tries to rear it’s ugly head now and then. But I can tell you that personally, becoming a mother has brought me to a deeper place of understanding about what true beauty looks like. I can look into my little girls’ eyes and confidently say that your beauty, your authenticity is reflected in the way you see and love yourself. I can say that because they look at me and say the same.

I can’t shield them from criticism, can’t be with them all the time. I wish I could. But if they can take that seed of truth and plant it deep within their hearts I, as their mom, have helped them break the chains of self-sabotage and encouraged them to freely blossom into the magnificent beauties they are. Friends, that message doesn’t just stop with the younger generations. It begins with you, where you stand right now. If your turnaround can be expedited by the power of belief, or your assurance of who you are can be confirmed by the way you walk, you will see yourself as the grace-given, grace-filled masterpiece that you are. It comes from a place of clarity and a renewed perspective, despite how difficult it seems. You are wonderful, you are worthy of respect and praise, you are deserving of love and yes, you are unique. Start with yourself and know…

YOUR stripes are beautiful


19th - 20th of May ~ Your presence softens my pain

Pressure (Jimin x Reader)

“You smell like trash, let me take you out.”

3.2k words, comedy + fluff, jimin/reader, normalverse


For Jimin, they were practically synonymous with a crowded room full of laughter, late night takeout, crummy TV show marathons, shit eating grins, and other things like–

“Truth or dare?”

Yoongi’s giving him that look: intimidating, challenging, merciless. He may as well have just said “dare or dare.” Jimin doesn’t bat an eyelash, trying to look unperturbed.

Apparently, their friend group hasn’t quite let go of the game despite being well past the middle school phase. Well past. But then again, it’s not like the game could ever be completely shunned; sometimes when other things get too overplayed, nothing quite riles up a crowd like an occasional game of Truth-or-Dare

“Dare,” Jimin says simply. He takes a huge gulp of his soda, sets it aside. Afterall, how bad could it be? Yoongi smirks. Memories of past games flash through Jimin’s mind. Okay, it could be pretty bad. But they’re sober right now, so at least no one’s going to be trying to jump off the roof. So not that bad. Comparatively, at least.

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anonymous asked:

sorry, but i cant find an answer to my question anywhere. do you know how a cat becomes a tortie vs a torbie?? im not sure why some tortoiseshells have stripes all over and others dont

yep so first things first, all red cats are tabbies. no exception. any red or cream cat will be a tabby, always. What kind of tabby the red cat is (classic, mackerel etc) will affect the kit’s tabby pattern - which is often hard to tell on torties/torbies. 

It depends on the non-red parent whether or not the kit is tortie vs torbie. If the non-red parent is SOLID, then the kit will be a tortie. If the non-red parent is TABBY, then the kit will be either torbie or tortie (tabby can carry the solid gene)

Pairing examples 

1 black cat x 1 red cat = tortie

1 chocolate tabby x 1 red cat = torbie OR tortie

It's all about Barbie - Chapter 3 (Trixya)- Djoodi

A/N: Hey guys! I’m back back back again :) And I’m sorry that it took some time for me to get this one done, but school is back so I don’t really have a lot of time to write! But I’m so happy to see that people left some really positive feedback! <3 

If you haven’t read chapters 1 and 2 they are here: chapter 1; chapter 2! And I created a sideblog (but I suck so bad at using tumblr so I’m already sorry for my mistakes lol)! 

Also, VicThirteen was the nicest person™ and helped me as a beta! Thank you so much <3 

Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

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my ladies//////

Sex on the state line

So I decided to write this oneshot that was originally requested on the-kellin-under-the-vic’s account, because I know she has other stories to focus on and I really liked the idea so…here you go anon:) 


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I read that one ask you got a couple days back of an anon talking about kellin being fucked roughly by Vic the cop while wearing girly lingerie and then how you said it sounded like vic caught kells prostituting and was punishing him oh dear lord could you pretty pleeeease write a one shot on it?? please? The kellic tag is so lonely and sad without you! you don’t have to obviously but ugh that’d be so hot

Kellin’s POV

I knew I made a mistake conducting my business this close to the state line. But it really was the best spot, plenty of out of towners passing by looking for a quick release. And I could certainly provide that release, for a price of course. Nothing comes free these days. They wouldn’t come for free either. I was the best in the business, which I guess I could thank my feminine features for. Guys really seem to like that.  Not to mention how skilful I am with my mouth. Of course, prostitution is illegal, but I had never gotten caught. Not until tonight that is.

I had dressed to kill. Thigh high stockings attached to a pair of tight black shorts, an untucked white shirt, with my signature black bow tie holding the collar together, and a pair of stiletto black boots lengthening my legs and making the most of my ass. I certainly knew how to sell myself, but then I guess that’s kind of the point. As I strutted towards the empty stretch of highway where I would be receiving the majority of my custom for the night, I could feel the silk of my underwear rubbing against my already semi erect dick. Most prostitutes never got hard doing what they do, but I love my job. I guess you could say I’m a sex addict, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pleasure seeking, and I might as well make money out of my talents.

But it seemed as though I wouldn’t make any money tonight, because just as I settled in to wait for my first customer, a police car rounded the corner and came to a stop in front of me. Shit. Like I said, I had never gotten caught before so I really didn’t know what to do now. I obviously couldn’t run, and I doubt I could flirt my way out of it. Damn the police and their professionalism.

The door to the car opened and a pair of black motorcycle boots hit the floor, followed by legs and a lean torso encased in a police uniform. I’m not ashamed to say that a man in uniform is a huge turn on for me, and I felt my cock twitch in response. As the officer walked towards me, the glow from the streetlight above me began to illuminate the man, showing that he was Hispanic, around thirty, with shoulder length, curly hair. And that he was fucking hot.

“So I’m guessing you’re not just here for a walk.” The man almost seemed to smirk, completely sure of himself and his authority.

I gulped, knowing I was busted but I still tried to get out of it. “And how do you know that?” I replied. “For your information, I am just out for a walk.”

The man took a step forward, now only inches from me and smiled, amusement clear in his brown eyes.

“Dressed like that?” he asked, disbelief evident in his tone. As he spoke, he reached forward to tweak my bow tie lightly.

I sighed. “Look officer….” I squinted to get a look at his badge, “…Fuentes. You and I both know why I’m out here this late dressed like this, so why don’t we cut the bullshit and you can just arrest me.”

“So you’re asking to be punished?” Officer Fuentes murmured, and I was shocked to feel one of his calloused fingertips stroking up the seam of my suspenders, high up on my thigh. “Because that can be arranged.”

I smiled, immediately knowing where this was going. Hey, I guess even police officers have needs. And who was I to refuse business.

“Yes,  officer. I’ve been a bad boy and I need to be punished.” My tone was seductive, and after seeing him shudder, I knew I had him.

He reached forward and grabbed a handful of my hair, using it to shove me down to my knees, only inches away from his crotch. “Suck”, he ordered. I loved being ordered around, I was definitely submissive.

Doing as I was told, I unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, pulling them down his thighs along with his underwear. I took his half hard dick in my hand, pumping it a few times before licking a stripe from base to tip. Officer Fuentes let out a shaky breath and tangled his hands in my hair, encouraging me to take him into my mouth. I did, lightly sucking on the tip before slowly moving down, taking him deeper into my mouth while swirling my tongue around him.

“Yes baby, that’s a good boy, such a good boy” he sighed, tugging on my hair. I worked him in and out of my mouth, picking up the pace with each suck, as he began to thrust into my mouth. He was making me choke slightly but I didn’t mind, it was kind of hot. I don’t know how long I was sucking him for, but eventually he pulled me up and turned me around, ordering me to put my hands onto the cars bonnet.

He pressed his body against me from behind, I could feel his hard cock on the back of my bare upper thigh. “Spread your legs, baby” he whispered into my ear, before ducking his head down to suck a mark into my neck. I moaned, I love it when people mark me as theirs. Suddenly, he shoved me down so my front was flat on the car, my head resting on the bonnet, before trailing a hand down my back and grabbing my ass. Without warning, he yanked my shorts down my legs and I heard him moan when he saw what I was wearing underneath. He ran his hands across the silky ruffles of my panties.

“You’re killing me here, you know that right?” he groaned, grinding against my ass. I smirked, completely aware of my allure.

“But officer, I still need to be punished.” I reminded him.

He chuckled lightly, pulling my panties over my ass and letting them rest around my knees. “Okay baby, you asked for it, count these out.” He roughly groped me before delivering a sharp smack to my ass, causing me to cry out and press my ass back into his hand. “One” I choked out. He grinned against the back of my neck, smacking me again. “Two…ah, three…fuck, four…” When he reached ten, he stopped and soothingly rubbed my now burning ass.

“Well done, you took that so well, such a good boy” he praised.

“Thank you, officer” I managed to gasp. Officer Fuentes then raised two of his fingers up to my mouth, and I knew what I had to do. I took them into my mouth, running my tongue along them, getting them wet because I knew it would be all I’d get. Pulling his fingers out of my mouth with a wet pop, he trailed them down to my ass before slowly pushing in the first finger, moving it in and out of me. My breathing became heavier, and I clutched at the car in front of me. Chuckling, Officer Fuentes pushed in another finger, scissoring them in order to stretch me. He crooked his fingers, hitting that one spot inside of me that made me let out a high keen.

“Yes…right there, oh please” I begged, too overcome by the pleasure to be coherent.

He rubbed his fingers against my prostate a few more times before pulling his fingers out, spitting on his hand and rubbing his dick.

“Are you ready baby?” he growled, teasing me with his tip while biting at my neck.

“Yes” I gasped out.

“Beg for it.”

“Oh please, please officer…fuck me, please fuck me…punish me, I’m such a bad boy officer please.”

“Good boy” he praised before slamming in in one fluid movement.

I screamed, the mix of pleasure and pain too much for me to handle. But Officer Fuentes didn’t give me any time to adjust. He pulled me up so my back was against his chest and pounded into me, harder and faster with each thrust. I was moaning, reaching around to grab his ass, encouraging him to go deeper, harder, faster. It felt amazing and I needed more. With a grunt, he changed angles so he was thrusting into that one spot that made me see stars, and I screamed in ecstasy.

“Officer Fuentes” I moaned. “Please touch me, I’m gonna come…”

Obeying my request, he reached around our bodies to take hold of my throbbing dick, starting to pump it in time with his thrusts. Before long, the pleasure was pooling hot in my stomach, and with a final thrust from Officer Fuentes, I was coming in white stripes all over his car. My vision blurred and I slumped against him, while he continued to fuck me, looking for his high. Finally, after further abusing my sensitive body, I felt him release inside me, filling me up with a deep groan.

After remaining inside of me for several minutes, Officer Fuentes pulled out and spun me around, holding me in his arms and placing a kiss to the top of my head.

“You were such a good boy, Kellin.”

I looked up at him, a smile on my lips. “Thank you. You scared the life out of me Vic, I thought I was going to be arrested for sure.”

He smiled. “Kell, as long as you’ve got the head of police as your keeper, you don’t need to worry about getting caught.”

“I love you, Vic.”

“I love you too, Kells. Now let’s drive you home.”

Fuck Me ‘Til I Smell Like You

“Stiles,” Derek grunted. “Be quiet.” His words were punctuated with short, sharp thrusts into the younger man’s body. “I can hear people coming out of the bar.”

“It’s a little hard when.. Ahh!” Stiles shrieked as Derek’s cock seemed to have found his prostate. “When you’re doing that.” He finally managed, closing his eyes and leaning his head back until he hit the cold, hard stone wall.

It had all started when Stiles had decided to go out for the night and drink… By himself… In a shady bar on the outskirts of Beacon Hills. So maybe that hadn’t looked like the best way for Stiles to spend his time. Apparently to Derek it had looked like Stiles was trying to pick someone up and boy was he unhappy about that.

Now they were in some dark side alley next to the bar, pants barely pulled down to their knees, fucking like horny teenagers.

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MHA Halloween Headcanons featuring Dad Might/Toshinko/Class 1-A as a Family:

Toshi’s thin bony hands are perfect for scooping out pumpkin insides, and he doesn’t balk at the feeling of them. He helps Inko make pies later out of the jack o lanterns that don’t work out, and toasts the seeds.

He also hangs up the decorations like paper bats and cobwebs because he’s so tall.

He honestly expects the kids will want to dress him up as a skeleton for the obvious reasons so they surprise him instead with a “king charming” costume.

Izuku is prince charming and Inko is a queen. Izuku almost dies of embarrassment along with Toshi, and Inko is the only one who’s just a little shy about it.

When the kids watch scary movies they all end up clinging to Toshi or leaning into him because there’s nothing more reassuring. Bakugou jumps at one point and grabs Toshi’s sleeve. Everyone pretends not to notice.

The girls on the other hand don’t care and will straight up cling to him. At one point he has Momo and Urarka on either arm and Hagakure and Mina on either leg. (Some of the boys tell the girls to share when it gets to the scariest part)

Kirishima is the best replacement for Toshi as the designated older brother of the group (as per @saisai-chan‘s hcs). Tsuyu usually sits with him if there’s no room left with Toshi, and Kaminari often does too. If any of the girls (or Mineta) hide behind Kirishima because they’re really scared, he’ll activate his Quirk to comfort them. (“Nothing will get through me, yeah?”)

Present Mic is not allowed to watch scary movies unless Aizawa is there to keep an eye on him so no one busts an eardrum

Someone buys a bag of All Might themed candy and leaves it in a bowl in the common room. No one will admit to it.

They tape reflective stripes all over Aizawa’s sleeping bag in case he drops by the dorms and falls asleep, so he doesn’t scare anyone by accident in the dark. Especially on scary movie night.

Someone suggests an old-school classic horror marathon one of those nights. Izuku quietly removes The Blob from the line up and Bakugou is none the wiser.

Kouda helps with dispelling fears and misconceptions about bats by going out to the field one night with everyone (and Aizawa for supervision) and getting the bats to land on him or the braver students. Kyouka, after being initially sceptical, thinks it’s neat they have super hearing.

Iida and Tokoyami are the ones that actually like those molasses candies. Everyone else is horrified.

I literally sobbed at the end of Hidden Figures because god fucking damn it what a good movie

I’m so emotional

My mom started crying because I was crying

It was the boy in stripes pajamas all over again, only with tears of equality and happiness, instead of tears of overwhelming sadness

Christmas In July

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2008

A/N: You can thank Ray for this scenario. One crazy night maybe 4 months ago she came up with ‘Santa Smut’ and of course I had to write it. My plans for posting it got a bit messed up; which is becoming a trend for this blog, but it came out eventually so no harm right? Guys, make sure you prioritize school over scenarios. Or at least pretend to.  

Cough, cough, cough. “How much stuff can two people have?” Sehun calls from inside a cloud of dust on the other side of the attic. It looked as if no one had been up here to do anything but add to the piles. Not wanting to ruin your clothes, you had on a large T-shirt and yoga pants while Sehun donned a tracksuit.  “At least they’re finally getting rid of this junk,” you say, tossing a box of old tablecloths into a garbage bag. “My parents are such hoarders, who knows what we’ll find up here.” A wide grin spread across his face as he gazed at you from the across the dusty room. “Finders keep-” “No.” You cut him off flatly, “we have to bring it down for the garage sale.” He whines as he places an antique bedside lamp near the ladder. “Ugh, why am I even here then,” he pouts, continuing to sort through boxes with a dejected look. 

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A good friend of mine, @mrsgabrieltrickster, has been a little down over the last couple weeks. I decided to write a little Sabriel to hopefully cheer her up. Hope you like it love! (This hasn’t been beta’d, just a warning!)

A prank war has taken over the bunker.

It all started with Dean. It always does. He thought it would be a hilarious idea to sabotage Gabriel’s candy stash and replace all the green apple suckers with some disgusting barf flavored ones he found at a gag store.

Sam shakes his head, sleep evading him. If he could, he’d go back to that day and throw those god forsaken suckers in the trash. It seemed innocent enough in hindsight, just a little joke, but Gabriel doesn’t know how to keep these things in proportion, and things between him and Dean had quickly hit modern prank warfare levels.

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Evidence of Time Travel

In January of 1709 during the War of Spanish Succession and a notoriously harsh winter, a man was found just east of Tours walking on the frozen Loire river. Naked and covered in burns that took the shape of vertical stripes all over his torso and legs, the man was found to speak only English and a bit of an unidentifiable dialect of French or Italian. Believed to be an opposing soldier, he was held in a military prison until 1714.

During his time in the Tours prison, he made numerous bizarre claims. The man, who accounts record as calling himself “Alexandre Ramieresse” stated that he was from the future, coming from a city called “Baz-Dan.” He stated that he was a university professor and scientist and that he had accidentally thrown himself back in time about 300 years while developing a type of vehicle, which he claimed was supposed to send people across great distances in a second. His accounts of how it worked were stated to be gibberish by his captors.

Yesterday, February 18th 2016, Professor Alexander Ramirez of Boston University disappeared from François Rabelais University near Tours while working on a quantum entanglement study.

The description of “Alexandre Ramieresse” does indeed match Alexander Ramirez, bald with a thick black mustache is all that the historical records say about his appearance. But they do list a good number of his rantings and prophecies. Among them are claims that France and Germany would have two great battles in the 20th century, one of them due to a German Tyrant whose name was stated but not recorded; a claim that he flew to Tours in a large metal object with wings; a claim that people across the globe would one day be obsessed with a play called “La Guerre des étoiles” (Roughly translated “the war of stars”), and that they would spend most of their time writing words on communication devices called “His Salt” (“his salt” in French would be “sel fon”).

Alexandre Ramieresse died in 1716 and was buried in the Holy Innocents’ Cemetery in Paris, but his grave marker has never been positively identified. Notably though, in 1987, a geiger counter located a heavily radioactive corpse buried in the cemetery, which was removed for public safety. The corpse, unidentified, bore several anomalies, including a fatally high polonium levels and evidence of advanced dental surgery. Suggesting a further connection, individuals who had extended contact with Ramieresse were said to have gone bald and suffered from tumors. Alexandre Ramieresse himself was not stated to have had any deformities, but the bones of the removed corpse did bear signs of internal cancerous growth.

Most alarming of all though, is the will of Alexandre Ramieresse. Dictated to an avocet in 1715, the will is in English and though it does not definitively state that he had traveled in time, its actual contents are quite suggestive of the phenomenon. It reads in its entirety:

“To Monica I leave my home and its furnishings. To Maurice I leave my accounts at Banque Courtois and my cat, Frodo. To Marie I leave one hundred livres on the condition that she pass on my letter to be delivered to the François Rabelais University on February 15th, 2016.”

Upon reading this bizarre will, investigators checked with the University to see if any letters had been delivered. Indeed, one had been received on the 15th but had been stowed in a sorting pile due to its faded address through the 18th and was only opened this morning. The letter read:

“Alex- It’s you from the past. For the love of fuck don’t use a resistor on B-13 or B-15. It will send you back in time and hurt like a mother fucker. Also I think you forgot to throw out the expired eggs in the fridge. Have Marty toss them fast or it will stink up the house like one of Larry’s farts.”

The final evidence came this afternoon when investigators contacted Ramriez’s T.A., Martin Salandor Essex and sent him to the refrigerator in question. Upon opening it he reported a smell that he confirmed was indeed nearly identical to the farts of student Larry Perspex.

Upon learning the near incontrovertible evidence that time travel is real, Martin stated for the record: “It’s true. It’s all absolutely true: Larry farts like a fucking skunk on Taco Bell.”

hiccupsgreeneyes  asked:

Hi there! :D So I've seen your human!Toothless drawings and I think they're amaaaazziiiing. I'm just curious but, how would he look like in human form if he was in Alpha-mode?

First of all, I find it amazing you found ye olde human!Toothless. It’s been ages! Also glad you like him :)

As for alpha mode, I have a couple of ideas. Avatar–both, the cartoon and the Na’vi version–have an immediate influence. I considered having tattoos and/or freckles light up at first; some sort of unique marking where his energy goes. In the end, I’m still torn between two ideas:

The first, his veins. His veins alight and the blood pumping in his veins as he gains power and influence shows its pulse in that ultraviolet blue.

**his claws grow as well

The second would go the marking rout. Rather than freckles (though not negating them entirely) I think it would be cool if human-dragons have skin discoloration throughout their body. Namely: those that match their hide markings. Toothless has stripes all over. His power could be centered/viewed through those:


Brothers.. Kinda

For lovely anon :)

Seth Rollins x Reader (Appearance by his dog Kevin)


You and your boyfriend had just finished settling into your new home. This was a big step in your relationship, but you regretted nothing. You both thought that because you were always together and staying at each other’s houses you basically lived together. It made sense to the both of you that you should buy a house together.

“Seth I love this house!” You dropped down on your new couch. With the new house, you and Seth went out to buy new furniture. It was all around a new and fresh start. He came and sat next to you.

“I’m really glad you do, cause I love it too.” He wrapped an arm around you when Seth’s dog Kevin ran up on the couch and sat on Seth’s lap. “Kevin loves it too!” You and Seth laughed as Kevin ran from Seth’s lap and around the living room.

“(Y/N).. I was thinkin’ .. you know how you’ve been wanting a cat?”  Your eyes lit up and you looked up at him smiling wide. “I wanna buy you one.” You got up from the couch and started jumping up and down in front of Seth. He laughed and stood up.

“Oh my God! Really!!”

“Yes babe, plus it’ll give Kevin someone to get used to and play with while i’m gone.” You reached up and kissed Seth on the cheek and gave him a tight hug.

“Can we go now! It’s still early!” He nodded and grabbed his keys, you ran out of the door and to the car. You were so excited to be able to have your very own kitten. You’ve been wanting one for so bad but you wanted to wait until you were completely settled in your new home.


At the pet store you looked at all types of kittens before you finally found one that you wanted. It was brown with spots and stripes all over it’s fur. You bought food and everything you needed for it. You weren’t sure what you wanted to name it right away. You thought that a name would eventually come to your mind.


When you got home, you carefully brought the kitten in.

“Kevin! C’mere boy! Meet your new brother!” Kevin ran to the sound of Seth’s voice. Kevin was never the type to bark so you weren’t worried that the kitten would get scared of the sound. You set the kitten down and watched it as Kevin walked cautiously over to it. They stared at each other and you glanced up at Seth who wrapped an arm around your shoulder and kissed your head. “It’s okay babe.”

As the day went on, your new kitten and Kevin didn’t leave each other’s side. They ate together and played together. You and Seth laid on the couch, exhausted from the moving and getting the kitten settled.

“Babe..” You nudged Seth.

“Hmm?” He was almost asleep.

“Look.” You pointed to the rug in front of you and Seth looked over you to see what you wanted him to look at. Kevin was lying down curled around the kitten and your new kitten was curled in a ball snuggled up to Kevin. The sight was beyond adorable.

“See (Y/N) they’re like brothers already. Have you thought of a name for it?”

“hmmm. How about.. Pawsly?”

Seth kissed the side of your head and brought you closer to him as he drifted.

“Cute babe..” You saw how tired he was and giggled.

“Come on, let’s go to the bed, we’re not sleeping on a couch. Especially not now that we’re settled. You dragged him to the room as sleep flooded his eyes. Kevin and Pawsley followed shortly after. They both returned to the position they were in downstairs. You looked at them and giggled and you cuddled Seth. They really were like brothers.. Kinda.

MC finding a stray kitten.

AGH I never imagined I’d write one of these imagine things but I do enjoy them. They’re easier and faster than full on prose, and seem like a good drafting tool.

Link for mobile:


  • He had been saving up for a date over some time now.
  • Did research and found the CUTEST little tea shop, because you once said you “wanted to go somewhere” in between classes.
  • It was a bit out of the way but w/e you deserve the best
  • -his wallet tho ;_; rip-
  • Although he insists you order whatever you want, you don’t want to make him eat ramen and kimchi for the rest of the year. You settle for a little slice of cake.
  • Raspberry champagne with white chocolate. ~IT’S. SO. GOOD.~
  • Yoosung had ordered a bit of key lime pie and coffee, but was happier watching you eat.
  • ?Would he be jealous if you said you loved him as much as you loved this cake?
  • (Probably).
  • Mid-bite you sort of stop and stare intently out the window.
  • did your internal server crash. were you undergoing system maintenance. wats wrong. boyfren is concern.
  • “Um… MC? Is something the matter?”
  • “I think I saw a cat.”
  • You say you’ll be right back and rush out of the cafe, leaving your bag on your chair.
  • Yoosung had started to get up to run after you, but realized he still had to foot the bill and that people were staring.
  • how mortifying.
  • Eventually Yoosung catches up to you with your bag in his hand
  • He’s scratching the back of his head and pouting kind of a lot
  • in fact he looks pretty annoyed.
  • “Hey, where’d you go?”
  • His negative thoughts evaporate when he sees you and your big, watery eyes.
  • “Yoosung, I think she’s malnourished”
  • You were crouched near the tiniest black ball of fluff
  • You had taken the lid off a plastic cup (when did you get that??) and were trying to coax the little thing to drink some water
  • I mean, he feels for the poor thing but “MC… we already have Lisa.”
  • Your lower lip wibbles.
  • Your cat Lisa gets a little sister.
  • The kitten ends up loving “daddy” more than it loves you.
  • They snuggle every night for warmth.
  • 707 starts coming to your house a little too often and you have to stop Yoosung from beating him up.
  • Yoosung is a proud cat dad in the messenger and Zen wants to quit the RFA.

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yourdirtysaddness  asked:

I feel like we really need some more ridiculous headcanons around here. Sincerely, please they give me life.

I say headcanons but these have devolved into a) an AU where these idiots are actually happy and B) a crack fanfic. 

  • After Henry survived his first night being cared for by Reid, JJ and Will started letting him baby sit more. It was all fine sailing until one morning after, Will and JJ were sitting at the breakfast table with Henry and he didn’t say one word in English. Apparently uncle Spencer had been teaching him languages. Languages that neither Will nor JJ understand. 
  • JJ phoned Reid up and asked him what language he taught her son (and by ask i mean she yelled at him).
  • Reid says it was Klingon. 
  • JJ vows that Star Trek will never enter her home again. 
  • One morning during Hotch’s tirathlon training Prentiss dragged her butt out of bed, grabbed a deck chair and a coffee and sat by the side of the road and heckled him on a dare from Morgan. PUT ‘YOUR BACK IN IT BOSS’, 'NICE BIKE SHORTS BOSS’ and 'H. O.T.C.H WHO DO WE APPRECIATE?' 
  • Hotch had her on morgue duty for like a month
  • But she did win an entire months’s worth of free chocolate from Morgan so it was kind of worth it. 
  • Incidentally, Morgan’s face when he realised how much chocolate she eats in a month was priceless. 
  • During the barbecue the team had with alex and her family, Alex might have had a few too many beers. She also might have gotten out the baby photos of Scott because he was irritating the shit out of her. Naturally he got out her baby photos. She regrets this when she finds out somebody swiped a picture of her, aged three, when she was going through her 'i want to be a tiger when i grow up’ phase And stuck it to the fridge in the bullpen. She’s got crooked pigtails, tiger stripes painted all over her body with her mother’s lipstick, and is wearing her older brother’s gym shorts and only his gym shorts. 
  • She rips it off the fridge muttering obscenities and threats under her breath.
  • It appears again the next day, a bigger copy. 
  • The pattern repeats itself.
  • the culprit desists after exactly one month.
  • She thought it was Garcia but it was actually Rossi. 
  • had Garcia known it was him she’d have dropped him in it in a new york minute because Alex is damn scary when she’s angry. 
  • Sometimes people from the entertainment business come to the BAU to ask questions and get info for films or TV shows they’re going to create. One time, brad Pitt was going to do a profiling movie. JJ and Prentiss were in a foul mood for weeks when they got called out on a case in freaking Alaska the day before his visit. The bitterness got worse when Anderson and Garcia wouldn’t shut up about how perfect his eyes and jaw line are. 
  • When Jack and Henry are old enough, Rossi volunteers to take them along when he walks his dog. He acts very offended when JJ and Hotch suggest his goodwill might have something to do with not wanting to walk the dog over muddy grass in his good boots and having a willing helper to do it for him. This is of course exactly why he volunteered his child watching services. He maintains that’s he’s offended by the accusation. 
  • Uncle Dave continues to be a bad influence on the children. 
  • But he did buy a massive swing set and trampoline for his back yard for them to play on so he’s kind of forgiven. 
  • (the trampoline and swings are not just used by the kids. Morgan maintains that he swings the highest and Garcia’s backflips on the trampoline are amazing) (Emily tries but manages to faceplant on the trampoline so many times she gives up) (she did better than Reid who managed to end his back flip ON the swing set)