stripers forever

Something Sweet (2/4)

Summary: AU where the judge takes pity on Emma and instead of jail time she gets sentenced to community service at a hospital where Killian just so happens to be a patient
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  ~2,500
Previous: Part one
A/N: So I didn’t mention this in the previous chapter but this is kind of loosely based on my experiences as a candy striper (forever ago) where there was indeed a 20 something year old man in the nursing home because of a motorcycle accident. Anyway thanks for reading and any feedback is always appreciated! 

The rest of that week and the one following it passed by without much incident. Emma arrived at the hospital first thing in the morning, checked in with Mary Margaret who immediately sent her to the long term stay ward where she’d go straight to room 104 and help Granny with whatever she was doing. The weekends she spent looking for work - without much success. She was sleeping in her bug, but at least Neal abandoned that when he abandoned her. 

It was Sunday night and Emma was curled up in the backseat of the Bug with her jacket draped across her body as a blanket parked about three blocks from the hospital - close enough that she would be on time in the morning, but far enough away that she shouldn’t be seen by anyone she knew leaving.

She was just dozing off when a light tap on the window startled her awake. Emma’s stomach clenched as she noticed Mary Margaret and one of the nurses from the hospital standing at the passenger side door. Their faces were drowned out in the shadow of the streetlamp for which Emma was grateful. If she hadn’t twitched so obviously upon waking she’d have tried pretending she was still asleep, but alas she wasn’t so lucky. 

She sat up and scrambled over to the door, choosing to open it instead of fight with the window crank that only worked half the time. Nonchalance she decided was her best bet as she stepped out of the vehicle and surreptitiously wiped her mouth of any lingering drool. 

“Hey guys,” she said with false cheer. “What’re you doing here?" 

"Emma,” Mary Margaret said with far too much concern. “How long have you been sleeping in your car?" 

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