striper polish

Hi guys :) Here’s my mani for the week!

The base is OPI’s “Black Onyx,” the white is Zoya’s “Purity,” and the gold is a LA Colors Art Deco nail striper.

I got a couple of compliments from women when I was shopping today, but I literally just got a compliment from the pizza delivery guy and I knew I had to post them then hahaha :)


Did you see our ACOTAR Mani Monday? Here’s how you can create your own!

1. Gather your polishes! For this mani I used white, black, reds, and a sheer black that I made by mixing a few drops of black in a mostly-empty bottle of clear top coat. You’ll also need a thin nail art brush or black and white striper polishes, where the brush in the bottle is already thin.

2. After applying your base coat, determine which nails will have the accent rose design and paint them with your sheer black, you might need multiple coats depending on how opaque your sheer black is. Paint the rest of your nails red. I layered a darker, shimmery red over a brighter red to get just the shade I was looking for.

3. With your brush/striper, paint a few small lines of black in a triangle off-center on your accent nails. Go around the triangle a circular pattern, adding more small lines as the rose petals.

4. On your red nails, use your brush/striper to paint a curved white line. Then add the thorns as small curved lines.

5. Add top coat–I highly recommend using Seche Vite top coat for a fast drying, super shiny finish! Let dry and voila!