First DR Characters as Unique Aesthetics:

Makoto Naegi:

Calm nature, rain droplets, the smell of a woodstove burning in winter, dewdrops, a breeze over a rolling meadow, sephia photography, 

Kyoko Kirigiri:

Fog falling upon a valley, looking down the train tracks, abandoned and run-down homes, lavender pastels, braided hair, leather gloves, creaky floorboards, 

Aoi Asahina:

Water ripples, pastel sweets, muscled bodies, snapchat filters, underwater photography, varsity jackets, feather earrings, 

Byakuya Togami:

Modern architecture, cursive handwriting, porcelain skin, antique coins, paperwork strewn over an executive desk, secret love notes hidden away, 

Yasuhiro Hagakure:

Cracked glass, smooth stones lying in a wicker basket, neon signs, dreadlocks, tarot cards, opalite, rainbows cast through translucent glass, black lace, dreamcatchers, neatly written notes, 

Sakura Oogami:

Bruises as they lighten to yellow, fresh bindings, fallen cherry blossoms, water swept beneath a bridge, disturbed dust upon a surface, sweat upon skin, 

Hifumi Yamada:

Pastel hair, seifukus, pigtails, winged humans, manga clips, grid patterns, sketch art, pink chocolate, striped drinking straws, starry eyes, 

Mondo Owada:

Pristine motorcycles, long coats, greaser hair, cigarette smoke, drive-in theatres, baggy pants, make out movie scenes, scribbled out road signs, scars, fogged car windows, 

Celestia Ludenberg:

Spiral staircases, skin out from beneath foggy rose water, stiletto nails, checkered tiles, antique bottles, portrait lockets, Goth clothing, dark lips, dried blood, velvet dresses, 

Junko Enoshima:

Glitter hair roots, hair bows, ribbons, blue eyes, long lashes, crowns, chokers, magazine clips, rotary phones, miniskirts, plaid, corsages, heart boxes of chocolates, 

Mukuro Ikusaba:

Exposed tattoos, sleek guns, engraved daggers, freckled faces, mirror images, foggy lakes, grey skies, murky water, bloody noses, combat boots, baggy sweaters, 

Kyotaka Ishimaru:

Button-ups, lace-up boots, stark white hair, scarlet irises, empty hallways, hanging banners, dawn light through the window, jackets coated in badges, chalk drawings on the sidewalk, 

Chihiro Fujisaki:

Clean desktops, typography, fractals, equations on grid paper, tears of joy, stripes, the shade beneath the trees, organized folders on a computer, long embraces, plants grown between the keyboard, neat and tidy wires, 

Toko Fukawa:

Ink blots, vintage books, attics, leather and lace garters, lipstick hidden on a man’s collar, satin sheets, handcuffs, typewriters, dominance and submissiveness, 

Sayaka Maizono:

Pastel pink, strawberry milk, porcelain tea cups, city skylines, stage lights, glitter dust, makeup brushes, selfies, cat-ear headbands, swishing skirts, 

Leon Kuwata:

Bold eyeliner, studs for piercings, stuck out tongues, exposed skin, ripped jeans, tattoo sleeves, French kissing, bitten lips, messy apartments, smokey eyes, dramatic stages, 


“Shawnnnnn, I wanna do something,” you said, dragging out the last letter of your boyfriend’s name. It was a Sunday morning, and according to Shawn, Sundays were meant for staying in. Though you loved his cuddles, you decided that staying in bed was getting boring.

“We’re in each other’s presence,” he said, “I think that that’s good enough, yeah?”

You felt your face grow hot, as it always did when he would drop even the simplest compliment, though you weren’t sure that was meant to be taken as a compliment.

“I love you, but can we get up?” You turned around in your position as the little spoon to face him, studying the shadows that were projected onto his face. The sun peeking through the blinds drew light and dark stripes across his chocolate eyes, chapped strawberry lips, chiseled jaw.

“I’m lazy,” he replied. “And stop staring, weirdo.”

“You’re always lazy,” you shot back.

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Okay, fudge it, just take this work in progress (that I won’t finish it anyway) ww

Also, if he has a name... it would be: chokomin
or something along the line.....

Code: Realize: King of Cakes Impey 

Given his culinary skills, it should be more like Cake Boss Barbicane! Part of an original series of illustrations for the Otomate app “Sephirot”, I believe it works as a type of card game. Nonetheless, I was intrigued by this set of illustrations and I am so glad they were included in the 2017 Code:Realize desktop calendar, where this was source from. As for the cake, looks like your standard one layer cake covered in heavy whipped cream and decorated with chocolate stripes, plus a blue-green rose, much in similarity to the color of the horologium as well as Cardia’s colors. Lick that cake Impey! 

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!


Pairing: Koga/Kagome
Title: Sweeter Than Fiction (Or the one where they meet in a coffee shop)
Rating: K+
Prompt: Any of the Coffee shop Aus
Requested by: Anonymous
Author’s Note: So, I just adore this pairing and Koga’s love for Kagome makes me melt into a puddle of sparkly goo. Which is why I’m pleasantly surprised to find that seven or eight people requested kogkag fics from me in tumblr. The request asked me to pick from any of the coffee shop aus I reblogged but this actually doesn’t use any of them (I hope that’s okay). Sharp-eyed readers who also ship Jinko will notice that I kind of lifted a couple of lines/themes from one of my other Jinko fics.This oneshot series is inspired by the fic about the five ways in which Rogue never met Gambit by Flashindie

When her grandfather tells her that the shrine’s income has been dipping dangerously low, Kagome decides to help out by getting a job. She applies to a couple of restaurants and cafes but the only place that calls her back is the Starbucks at the Chiyoda-ku area.

It isn’t so bad. The pay is decent and the store is located near the subway so she doesn’t really have to walk far to get to the train station. Plus, the manager is really kind and he knows that she’s a student so he’s allowed her schedule to work around her school hours. Sometimes, when her shift ends late, he even insists on asking someone or walking her, himself to the station to make sure that she gets to the train safe and sound.

The branch is smack dab in the middle of Central Tokyo so she comes across a lot of people from the university. A couple of friends come by and when they see her working the counter, they chat with her until the shift lead shoos them away. Miroku and Sango come in during one of her early morning shifts and they bring along Shippo, her little neighbor who’s in grade school. Kagome hands Shippo a cookie and gives Miroku and Sango refills “on the house” and drops change from her wallet into the register to cover the cost after they leave.

Inuyasha comes in on a Friday and he’s bringing Kikyo along with him. The two of them order one Chai iced drink with straws and Kagome giggles a little because it’s adorable and she thinks that she’s never seen Inuyasha be this sweet before. Inuyasha shoots her a dirty look when she tells him that and she just wryly smiles at him as he and Kikyo wave goodbye and walk outside into the streets, hand in hand.

There are a couple of people she sees who are from the University but who she doesn’t really know. One of them is this tall, blue-eyed, tawny-skinned guy with long hair tied in a ponytail whom she recognizes as a member of the track team. She’s never seen him before in person but his face is plastered on all the big, congratulatory tarpaulins in the university.

He comes in one late afternoon with two guys. One of them has his hair up in a mohawk and the other has dyed a strip of his white hair, black. When he sees her, he sorts of blinks a couple of times, as if he’s shocked while his friends both start laughing under their breath and nudging him.

Despite herself, Kagome frowns. She can’t help but feel that they’re somehow making fun of her.

“What can I get for you?” she stiffly says. Her head is tipped upwards because he’s a great deal taller than her. They all are actually. She fiddles with her apron, suddenly feeling unbelievably small.

He grins at her and makes a move to lean against the counter but before he can, the guy with the striped hair says, “Chocolate chip cream!”

The guy in the ponytail glares at him, annoyed and his friend takes a step back, cowering a little. Kagome frowns. Yes, he was interrupted but that’s no reason to be such an asshole to his friend. She purposely turns away from him and faces his two other friends.


“Tall for me, with extra whipped cream,” Striped Hair Guy says. Kagome notices that he’s purposely put a great deal of distance between himself and Ponytail Guy.

“Same order for me,” Mohawk Guy says.

“And you? The same?” Kagome asks, not once bothering to face him. Ponytail Guy just furrows his brow in confusion and distractedly nods.

She starts making their orders and after a few seconds of silence, Mohawk Guy starts making small talk. When he asks her if she also goes to the University of Tokyo, she nods her head and introduces herself. He returns the favor by introducing himself as Hakkaku and the Striped Hair Guy as Ginta and the Ponytail Guy as Koga. Apparently, they’re both taking Biology although Koga is a Political Science Major on an athletic scholarship.

“I know,” Kagome says as she drizzles Hakkaku’s drink with chocolate syrup. “I’ve seen the posters.”

“Really?” Koga says as he flashes her a smile. He’s been oddly quiet for the last few minutes although hearing that Kagome recognizes him, seems to have perked him up a little. Kagome stiffens, suddenly aware that what she’s just said makes it seems as if she’s interested in him.

And she most decidedly is not.

“It’s hard not to. Your smarmy grin is kind of everywhere,” she shrugs. Ginta and Hakkaku start giggling.

Koga just stares at her as if he’s been slapped. Kagome bites her lip and suddenly regrets saying it.

But then, he starts grinning at her again, unaffected and the awkwardness between them sort of dispels. He says, “That’s what happens when you’re the track team’s star player.”

She just snorts, awed at the fact that he’s just said that without a trace of irony. They make small talk as she prepares the rest of their drinks and as she hands Koga his, he sort of squares his shoulders and gives her a small smile.

“Hey, do you get a break?” he asks her.

She presses her lips together, a little confused as to why he’s even asking. The two of them barely know each other and he hasn’t exactly participated in the conversation they’ve just had right now. She figures that perhaps he’s just trying to make small talk.

“I already took it,” she says. It’s not a lie. Her break was two hours ago and she spent most of it walking around the area and looking at the clothes in all the shops.

There’s a flash of disappointment in his eyes but when he says “Okay,” he says it in an easygoing manner, as if he doesn’t really care one way or the other.

He waves goodbye before walking out of the shop and into the street

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Finallyyyyy getting around to doing this collective haul post! This is a bundle of lip balm and makeup products I have purchased (or were purchased for me) over the past 2 months that came from amazon, drugstores, too faced, lime crime, big lots, dollar tree, target and ulta. This is gonna be a little long so please don’t hate me haha.

Picture 1:
 Hershey’s flavored lip balm set (flavors are watermelon jolly rancher, hershey’s chocolate, cotton candy bubble yum, original twizzlers, reese’s peanut butter cup, cherry jolly rancher, original bubble yum, and hershey’s kisses).

Girl Scout cookie lip smacker set (flavors are thin mints, coconut caramel stripe, trefoils, chocolate peanut butter, and peanut butter)

Dip n’ Dots lip balm set (flavors are cotton candy, raspberry shebert, watermelon ice, lemon lime sherbert, banana split, bubble gum, peach, and mint chocolate)

Picture 2:
Tootsie Roll lip balm set (flavors are vanilla tootsie roll, lime tootsie roll, grape blow pop, cherry blow pop, junior mints, strawberry blow pop, sour apple blow pop, original tootsie roll, cherry tootsie roll and sugar daddy)

Cupcake lip smacker set (flavors are birthday cake, berry buttercream, slated caramel, red velvet, vanilla coconut, strawberry sprinkle, ice cream cake, dulce de leche, spun sugar lip gloss, and red velvet cake lip gloss)

Picture 3:
Frankenberry and Count Chocula flavored lip balms

Two Best Flavor forever lip smacker sets (flavors are blueberry pancake, maple bacon, orange juice, toasted smores, keetle corn, and frozen lemonade)

Vanilla Whipped frosting flavored lip balm and Fudge Brownie flavored lip balm

Cake Pop lip smacker set and another Best Flavor Forever set (flavors are strawberries ‘n cream, vanilla buttercream, royal red velvet, chocolate lemon, double cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, and strawberry milkshake)

Picture 4:  
(all from NYX Cosmetics)2 colored mascaras in the shades reef and mint julep, 4 high voltage lipsticks in the shades feline, wine and dine, stone, and twisted, macaron lippie in the shade earl grey and matte lipstick in the shade whipped caviar, v’amped up lip top coat, and color correcting concealer palette

blistex orange mango blast lip balm, hershey’s strawberry syrup lip balm, burt’s bees blueberry and dark chocolate lip balm, doughnut lip smacker set (flavors are cake donut, confetti sprinkle and raspberry jelly) cotton candy bubble yum lip balm, and 3 lip freak lip balms (flavors are bubble trouble, berry sinister, and atomic cherry)

Picture 5
Revo lip balms (flavors are chocolate strawberry, pink sugar, pink frosted cupcake, marshmallow creme, cherry lemonade, bubble gum, chocolate mint, cherry and watermelon

Picture 6
Tarte blushes in the shades savored, pampered, amused, tickled, and passion

Picture 7
All 18 L.A Girl glazed lip paints, shades are  whisper, elude, flirt, peony, tango, hot mess, feisty, pin up, gleam, whimsical, babydoll, bombshell, tease, blushing, coy, sadness, daring, and tempt

Picture 8: (all from Lime Crime)
3 original eyeshadow primers and 3 eyeshadow brightener primers

6 velvetines in the shades cashmere, riot, rave, pink velvet, utopia, and pansy

Picture 9:
Kat Von D Esperanza palette and 8oz jar of Ben Nye’s Super White face powder

Picture 10
Too Faced Sugar Pop eyeshadow palette

So to state the obvious, I went a little lip balm crazy. Main reason is, due to my medical issue causing me to no longer be able to enjoy the foods I love, these lip balms help to cure my horrible cravings that I get. I’m excited to finally have the last 6 velvetines from LC, this means that I now own every single lip product (velvetines, lipsticks, and lip glosses) that they sell. It has taken years to build up my collection but I’m happy to finally own them all. And I promise to do a long dupe list for anyone who doesn’t care for the brand or who can’t afford it (and please do not give me hate for liking and buying from the brand, I understand what’s being said online, I have been a customer for years and have never had a bad experience. plus the velvetines were an early birthday gift from my dad <3 ). I am also happy to have the sugar pop palette in my possession, anything with french macarons on it, I have to have it! I will be doing reviews on some of these products for you all in the future. Can’t wait to put all these products on my face :D

The Signs As Mythical Creature Versions of Real Animals I Made Up


Aries: Wolf // It has scarlet-red fur and ears the size of a grown-man’s hand. They use their crystallized fangs and claws to dig underground. They eat gold, silver, and other precious gems, so they are known to have a sixth sense like a metal detector, and only stay in one place for a little bit.

Taurus:  Hare // It has a very furry blue coat and big marble eyes. They can smell up to 60 miles away and they’re faster than the speed of light. They eat ground rocks and pebbles by streams or creeks, which is why they live in hidden burrows next to the water source.

Gemini: Kitten // It has smooth and silky cotton candy pink fur decorated with chocolate brown stripes, and eyes all black, like a demon’s. They may look adorable and defenseless, but they could paralyze you with one scrape of their claws (which have a venom inside). They can dive up to ten miles under water without getting their fur wet. They only eat Seaweed and are known to live on beaches.

Cancer: Hedgehog // It’s quills are various shades of green, blue, and purple, and their fur is a heather grey. Their eyes are a tie-dye version of the same colors they have for their quills and they can see things underground. They eat seashells, and live underwater in the ocean. They’re sometimes referred to as the aquatic version of hedgehogs.

Leo: Skunk // It is a fluorescent shade of red on it’s fur, and it’s stripe, claws/teeth, and eyes are all a snowy white. They use their ‘spray’ (which had a modified range of scents, including: roses, cinnamon, or peaches) to put their predators in a daze. They eat flower petals and live in grassy meadows. 

Virgo: Bird // Their beaks and talons are a mysterious black, with feathers a deathly purple. They have a wingspan as long as double doors and they when they flap them hard enough they can create a gust of wind to ward off predators. They eat tree branches  and live in the sky, atop clouds.

Libra: Dear // Their fur is streaked in various shades of orange, with eyes a flutter of yellow and red. Their hooves are solid red and yellow (the hoof diagonal / opposite is the same color) and their kick is five-times more powerful than a speeding train. They eat stones anywhere from hard-concrete to limestone and live anywhere from the Roman Coliseums to the Egyptian Pyramids.

Scorpio: Cheetah // They have silky black fur with golden spots and eyes. They can emit an aura when threatened that will poison anything within 5-foot-radius. They only eat tropical fruit (bananas; coconut; dragon fruit; etc.) and live on an island shaped like an eye in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

Sagittarius: Fox // Their fur is a patchy mix of turquoise and pink, however their eyes are checkered emerald and violet. Their entire inside of their mouths, their ears, claws/fangs, and the tip of their tails are bleach white. Another thing about their tails: they’re three times larger than the usual fox tail, and they have six; they use half of them to defend them in behind, and they throw the other over their front legs for defense/offense. The tails work as whips  and help, especially, when they are cornered. They eat coral and live in the sides of cliffs that edge the water.

Capricorn: Monkey // They have lime green fur with dark green streaks; their crystal blue eyes highlight the lightness circling their eyes. They lash their tails to freeze their predator and then proceed by blasting scorching winds toward them from their hands. They eat only the seeds of butternut trees which is why they live in the southeast of Canada.

Aquarius: Tiger // It has peach and pink-highlighted eyes with blue stripes and red fur, purple hints mix around the stripes. They can cut through cement with their abnormally long claws. They only eat Humus soil, and they live in the ancient Aztec tunnels of Mexico.

Pisces: Zebra // They have white and pink auburn eyes. Their fur is black with illuminating pink stripes that glow in the dark, and their mains are made of white spikes they shoot when threatened by another mythical creature, as they are not offended /scared by normal animals. They eats lily pads and found in the ponds of America, usually hiding in tunnels they built under the sand/dirt surrounding their food source.