striped tee shirt


- ̗̀ march 2nd 2017 ̖́-
history notes with my striped tee from @shopwilddaisy! their clothing is so cute + check out their shop and use their code ‘DAISY10’ for 10% off 🐰 #wilddaisy

maximillian silberman for inked magazine | ph: andrew kuykendall

  • Jarvis is gonna interview me on Tuesday (hopefully) and I’m excited
  • I got a couple striped tee shirts from Target and I feel more spring appropriate
  • I had dinner with Jacob and Cynara
  • awesome time with suitemates
  • Coffee outside with Jane Austen
  • thinking about my English paper on Jane Eyre
  • finding out I have a couple classes with my friends next semester
  • getting a cheap scented candle and burning it
  • flowers
  • making friends with the girls who sit outside