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Cough Syrup - Jughead Jones

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Life’s too short to even care at all, oh

I’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control, oh oh

These fishes in the sea they’re staring at me oh oh

A wet world aches for a beat of a drum

Seven years ago

“Juggie!” The boy turned, but barely had the chance to even manage a smile, you’d already caught up to him, and stolen the grey beanie from the top of his head.  “Mom said I can go home with you today” You told him, and he grinned.

“Good! You can finally come see my new room! We painted it over in a new color” The eight year old boy responded, and you grinned and nodded excitedly.

“Guys you always leave me behind!” You both turned, as a panting Archie ran to catch up with you on the sidewalk.

“Sorry Arch but you’re just too slow” Jughead said.

“Yeah, even I’m not that slow” You said.  “That’s why I get to wear the hat” You grinned cheekily, and the red haired boy rolled his eyes.

“No.  You wear the hat ‘cause Jug’s all in love with you” Again, you grinned, and hooked your arm through Jughead’s.

“Well that’s why we got married” You said like it was obvious.

“But you told me that we had to wait” Jughead stuck out a pouty lip.

“Only because my Mom said it’s not legal because we’re too young” You told him.  “But when we’re eighteen, we can get married” You said, and he smiled again quickly.  “Ooh! Can we get married at Pop’s!?” You asked excitedly.

“Yeah! We can use the onion rings as the wedding rings!” Jughead exclaimed, proud of himself for coming up with such a good idea.

If I could find a way to see this straight

I’d run away

To some fortune that I, I should have found by now

Present day

“I just don’t get it.  Why’s she go crawling back to him when he’s clearly a douche” You said, putting popcorn in your mouth.  Jughead rolled his eyes.  You both were at the Twilight Drive In, watching whatever chick flick was showing tonight because hey, Jughead worked here, so it was free.  You were pretty much here every night, but tonight was the last night that it was open.  You were sat in the back of Kevin’s truck, you between both boys.

“Sounds vaguely familiar” The boy with the crown beanie said, referring to your sleazy boyfriend Reggie.

“Oh shut it Jones” You said, swatting his arm, and looking to Kevin to back you up.

“He’s got a point” Kevin said, and you narrowed your eyes at him.  “Well I mean if he was a good- where is he tonight?”

“I can’t hang out with my friends?” You defended.

“Well when was the last time you hung out with Reggie?” Jughead asked you, and again your narrowed your eyes.

“Just today in school-”

“No like a date.  You know.  That thing couples do” You rolled your eyes now, tired of always having this conversation.  You weren’t mad at either of them, of course not.  If anything you were mad at yourself.  Because you knew they were right.

I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down,

Come down

Jughead walked home with you, a backpack with all of his belongings on his back.  Since the Drive In was getting bulldozed today, you’d told him to come spend the night with you, and that you’d figure out a better situation later.  Right now all you could think of was Archie’s house, but Jug and Archie haven’t been doing too hot, and you didn’t want him to be uncomfortable.

“So, how’re you feeling?” You asked him, and he shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know I guess.  I feel like it hasn’t really clicked” He told you honestly, and you nodded in understanding.

“I wish you could just live with me” You said, entering your neighborhood now.  “But mom didn’t really like that idea of mine” You chuckled a little.  A bitter and sad one.

“Yeah me too” Jughead gave you a slight smile, which made you feel a little better.  “I’ll figure something out though” He said, hooking an arm over your shoulders.  “I always do” You leaned your head against the side of his shoulder, staying silent as you walked like this.  After a few moments, he took his hat off.  Then set it on your head, tugging it down over your ears so you’d stay warm.  For some reason you never planned your outfits for the chilly weather of Riverdale.

When you got home, there was a note on the door from your Mom.  Saying that she went to bed and that Jughead best be sleeping in the guest room.  You’d laughed softly upon reading it, and kicked off your shoes.  Jughead did the same, and followed you into the kitchen.

“I’m getting water you want anything? Something to eat or drink?”

“That’s alright I’m fine” He replied as you filled your glass.  “Has Reggie ever been here?” He didn’t really know why he asked this, or why it mattered, but for some reason he wanted to know.

“Um.. no? Why?” You asked, taking a drink of your water.

“Well I was just thinking, Kevin and Archie and Betty and I have been in and out of this house our whole lives, and you’ve been dating Reggie for like.. Two months now and he’s never been inside?”

“I-I don’t know we never have the time” You said, shaking your head and walking out of the kitchen.  Jughead followed you again.

“Well maybe he should make the time-”

“Jug why does any of this matter?” You asked.

“Because that’s what people who love each other do they make the time to be together why do you think I’m always dragging you to Pop’s and the Drive In?” He raised his voice, not really yelling because he knew your mother was asleep upstairs.  You stared at him for a moment, swallowing thickly and setting your water down on the coffee table.  “I’m sorry that was out of-”

You reached forward, cupping his face between your hands and pulling his lips down to meet yours.  It was like instinct to him, pulling you closer and tangling a hand up in your hair, his hat falling off of your head.

“Reggie and I don’t love each other” You mumbled, lips brushing against his slightly.  Jughead looked from your lips to your eyes

It was quiet for a few moments, until you both smiled slightly and pulled away.  You wanted to kiss again, you both did honestly, but that would be wrong.  You were technically still dating Reggie.

“Let’s go upstairs” You said quietly, and he nodded, lifting up his backpack and walking with you up the stairs.  You sorta pointed to where the guest room, and he nodded, entering and looking around.  You stood at the doorway, watching as he was inspecting the room.  “There used to be a monster under the bed, but Mom said that she exterminated it a few years ago” The boy chuckled, setting his bag by the bed.

“I’m uh… I’m gonna go change for bed” You jerked your thumb over your shoulder, and Jughead nodded.  You shut his door and walked into your own room, closing your door behind you.  You took in a few deep breaths, assessing everything that had just happened in the past half hour.  Your head buzzed and it wasn’t until you were in sleep shorts and a tee shirt, that you caught a glance of yourself in the mirror.  The beanie had managed to stay on your head.  Barely, Jughead had nearly pulled it off, but it rested there on top of your messy hair.

You giggled to yourself with giddiness, again your thoughts rushing over what your day had been like.  Somehow Reggie making out with you earlier in the crowded hallway, was nothing compared to Jughead sweetly kissing you in the empty living room.

Life’s too short to even care at all,

I’m coming up now, coming up now out of the blue,

These zombies in the park they’re looking for my heart,

A dark world aches for a splash of the sun

Jughead was laying on the guest bed, he’d stayed overnight before, but it was a long time ago, when Archie and him would share this bed after a long day of playing outside and at the park.  When you’d all grown up, your parents weren’t exactly happy about hormonal teenagers sharing a bed.

He was on phone, typing away at the document that his novel was on, but once he’d written nearly a whole chapter about the beautiful y/n l/n, he’d decided maybe he wasn’t in the right mindset to be working on it.  So he’d shut off his phone, and slid it up on the bedside table.  It took a long time to even remotely get tired, his brain working overtime thinking about the events of the night.  He could also hear you walking around your room, probably pacing as you studied, like always.  Super late, and moving erratically around your room.  Here and there he’d hear your voice, but not the words.  Also something you commonly did while studying something.  But eventually he was drifting off to sleep to your ramblings about something unknown to him.

A few minutes later, his door creaked open.  “Jug?” You called softly, and he hummed, not bothering to open his eyes because he knew it was you.  “Can I come in?” He nodded, humming again, and you entered on your tiptoes, shutting the door silently behind you, as not to alert your mother that you were in a closed room with a boy.  She’s a parent, she worries.

“Y’ okay?” Jughead mumbled.

“Mhm” You said, coming further into the room.  “Can- can I-”

“Sure” He moved back on the bed, and finally opened his eyes as you slipped under the covers.  You were still wearing his hat, and brought the slightest of smiles to his lips.  “Study good?” He asked as you rolled on your side to be facing him.

“Um no I wasn’t studying” You said.  He looked down at the glimpse of movement, and caught you wringing your hands together.  You were nervous.  “I um, I… I called Reggie” You said, teeth sinking into your lip.  

“Okay” Jughead replied, unsure of what to say to you.

“Life’s too short to be caring about the wrong people”

If I could find a way to see this straight

I’d run away

To some fortune that I, I should have found by now

You were walking to school the next Monday morning, in leggings and a blue jean jacket over to your red and black striped tee shirt.  Your converse skipped here and there along the sidewalk.

And oh, how could I forget, you had a grey crown beanie on your head.

Until Jughead pulled it off and secured back onto his raven head of hair.  You pouted at him, and he smirked.

“Sorry y/n, trust me I love when you wear it, but I’m not putting myself lower on the social class chart than I already am” You rolled your eyes, pecking your lips to his cheek quickly, and turning his smirk into a smile.

“I get it on the way home?”

“It’s not a child and we aren’t it’s divorced parents” He chuckled, and you giggled too.

“But was that a yes?” He rolled his eyes and shook his head, but the smile he wore gave you your answer, and you grinned back.

School was a normal routine.  Lockers, classes, lunch, classes, student lounge.  The lounge being where you were sat now, across from Veronica, and surprisingly Archie.  You hadn’t really talked to the ginger in a while, but it was nice catching up, like old friends.  Jughead would be with you soon, which you were slightly anxious about, seeing that the two boys hadn’t talked since the summer.

And you were right to say that Jughead was set back a bit when he came up to your table and saw Archie Andrews sitting across from you, the three of you laughing.  So he did the only thing he knew he did well.  He approached the table, placed a hand on your back, and the moment you turned he kissed you.  Instantly you knew he wasn’t happy, (Juggie was not one for PDA) and Archie and Veronica’s brows shot up, having not known you were together.

“Took you long enough” You said, smiling unintentionally while he slid into the seat next to you.

“Should’ve hustled” He mumbled, but it was audible to the whole table.  Veronica, to spare the awkwardness, dove into a conversation with you about going to the mall that weekend.  You smiled and talked to her about it, making plans to ask Betty and it could be a girls day.

Your hand was squeezing Jughead’s under the table.

And so I run now to the things they said could restore me

Restore life the way it should be

I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down

Two and a half months.  Two and a half months since the drive in was closed down.  Two and a half months of your and Jughead’s relationship being a thing.  Two and a half months of fixing things between Archie.  Two and a half months of just good days after school in the lounge and at Pop’s.  It was a simple happiness really.

You were currently invested in a book at the usual booth at Pop’s, sitting across from Jughead.  Well you would be when he got here, you’d decided to come sorta early to get some extra reading in, and Pop’s was such a nice environment that you didn’t mind.

You hadn’t really heard the bell on the door, indicating that someone had come into the diner.  But soon someone walked to your table ad sat down across from you.  You glanced up from your book, eyes widening slightly when you saw Jughead across from you.  Wearing a button down, but unbuttoned green and black flannel, with dark jeans.  But most of all that stood out was that he wasn’t wearing his hat.

“Hi..?” Jughead’s brows furrowed as you just stared at him, lips parted in surprise.

“Nice- I mean hi!” You shook your head.  “Y-you look nice what’s the occasion?” You stumbled out your words, which made him chuckle.

“You look lovely as well” You looked down at your regular jeans and sweater, with ratty converse on your feet.

“Um-?” You gave a funny face, and he shook his head, smiling at you genuinely

“Tonight’s a special date” He said, setting his elbows up on the table, you did too, letting him hold your hands up between you.

“It is?” You asked, suddenly worried.  Was it an anniversary? His birthday?

“Two and a half months” He told you, and you raised a brow.  “Of enduring dating you, and living in Archie’s house” You smiled, a laugh leaving your lips as well.

“Enduring dating me? Jug I’m so low maintenance” You said, and he chuckled.  “And if you’d told me that you wanted to celebrate half month anniversaries, I could’ve dressed nicer” He squeezed your hands gently.

“I think you look beautiful” You rolled your eyes to hide the blush, but he saw it anyway.  “And I was thinking to celebrate, tonight we keep ordering milkshakes until one of us passes out-”

“I love you too” You blurted, and Jughead’s lips parted slightly.  “I never- you sorta… sorta said it and-”

“And I meant it” He told you.  “Look, y/n I know I don’t say a whole lot of things like… like that, but I do, and it’s important that you know that”

“I do” You said, smiling softly.

“Good” Jughead grinned, just as Pop came over and took your orders.

One more spoon of cough syrup now, whoa

You had a hand on your stomach while Jughead had his arm around your back, hand lying on your waist as you two walked home from Pop’s

“Six milkshakes” You groaned.  “I think I’m gonna puke”

“Eight y/n” Jug whined back, and the two of you practically leaned your weight on each other while stumbling slowly along the walk.  

“Why was this a good idea?”

“I don’t remember” Your head fell against his shoulder, whining some more and his arm held you tighter.

“Hey, would you be mad if I went back to Archie’s too and crashed on the couch?” Jughead shook his head, turning to look at you and his nose coming into contact with your forehead.  You hummed slightly, and he left a kiss there on your head.

“Yeah not at all” He said, and you leaned on him again, this time staying there.  “I love you” A small smile graced your lips, and you slowed your walk to a stop, in front of Archie’s driveway.  You turned in front of him, and your hands rested against his jaw, fingers curled at his neck.

“I love you too” You murmured back, and he wrapped both arms around your waist, smiling as he ducked his lips down to meet yours.  “A lot” You added when you pulled apart, your thumb resting on the front of his chin.  His lips quirked in a smile, and he tugged you against him, cradling your head against his chest.  “You’re the best second grade husband ever”

“Yeah and you’re the best second grade wide ever”

One more spoon of cough syrup now, whoa

He’s a Myth {Michael Mell x Reader}

request:  anonymous: Sneezes Mer!Mell x Reader,,,,,
Oh my god, yes????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sweet boy?!?!!?!??!!! All perfect and mer-mazing?????
There’s gonna be a part two, based on how this first part is received.

warnings: some swearing, but mostly cute stuff. 

word count: 3k

Mermaids don’t exist.
Silly fairy tales aren’t real, animals don’t talk, and happy endings? You could die laughing.


Once upon a time, your parents were happy. You’d lived in Connecticut, near the water, and every day, you’d sit out and just watch the way it moved and rippled, and you dreamed about what might be out there. Fish, for sure, of course, but what if there was more? What if those mythical creatures were out there, just looking at you the way you hoped you were looking at them? Magic was such a big part of your mind, and you just wanted to believe in them.

You were young and stupid.

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Hayley Williams “Back to School” Inspired Outfits Part I

1st Outfit;

Tee / Jeans / Sunglasses / Bag / Boots

2nd Outfit;

Blouse / Skirt / Choker / Backpack / Shoes

3rd Outfit;

Tee / Jeans / Sunglasses / Bag / Boots


This guy I know irl got a button-up from his grandfather, and it’s definitely kickass.

Be a bitchin’ hipster that went thrift shoppin’ and wear this shit.

Unlikely Pair

prompt: “My budget is 5 dollars, what are your recommendations?” evan x reader…… @ pottery barn maybe?? :^)))))

notes: its my BABE! im so excited to write for him, omg. hope this is even… vaguely what you wanted


Working in retail, you suppose, was at the very least, never boring. There are probably worse places to be stuck than a pottery barn, all things considered. And there was, of course, a single highlight to the ever nightmare inducing reality that is double shifts after a seven hour school day.


He sat behind you in not one, but two classes, anxiety ruffled and handsome as ever in the never ending stream of striped tee shirts. You had met the first day of high school, unlikely partners in your freshman psych class, and you had giggled over the funny sounding names till you got moved three desks over, and Evan was bright pink all over, red staining his cheeks and creeping down his neck to settle at his collar bones.

You hadn’t spoken since then, but you always had a weakness for him, all soft eyes and ricocheted voices every time you managed to make eye contact. So when he showed up two hours into your first shift, five dollar bill nestled softly into slightly sweaty fingers, you couldn’t believe your luck.

“Evan!” You smiled, waving at him from behind the counter.

He looked around for a minute, eyes darting around the store as if he expected to find another Evan that had fallen through the cracks.

“Y-yes! Hi!” he spoke, cheeks ablaze as he waved back.

“Can I help you find anything?” You asked, teeth on display as you beamed at him.

He shuffled for a second, running his fingers through his hair in an attempt to banish the flyaways.

“Yes! I mean, nothing specific! I mean, it’s my moms birthday coming up? What I mean to say is, I need a present. Not I need a present, she needs a present? And I, uh, thought maybe I could find one here but I’m probably bothering you so-”

“Deep breaths,” you said, hand reaching out to wrap around his arm, and his mouth closed with a clack, swallowing heavily as he took a deep breath.

“Better?” you asked, releasing his arm, and he nodded, looking down at the place where your hand had been as if he missed the touch.

“Y-yes, perfect,” he said, smiling softly.

“So, birthday gift!” you spoke, “Any ideas?”

“Well,” he said, laughing softly, “M-my budget is five dollars. What are your recommendations?”

Your face split in two, laugh startling the both of you, and before you know it the two of you were giggling, short burst of laughter, losing yourself in the comedy of it all, unlikely friends, just like that first day.

Your eyes flickered to his shirt, and you felt the urge to laugh again. Fingers grasped the hem of his sleeve and tugged gently, bringing him alongside you.

“I think I know just the thing.”


Ten minutes later you found yourself at the cash register, carefully wrapping the gift, a striped pillow in blues and whites.

“She’s gonna love this,” Evan said nervously, fidgeting with the bill in his hand.

You smiled at him, and he opened his mouth, before closing it. You cocked your head, waiting patiently, before he spoke.

“Y-you remembered me. I always thought t-that you-”

“That I what?”

He grew red, reaching his good hand behind his head to scratch at the back of his head, a nervous tick.

“That you’d forgotten about me.”

You scrunched your eyebrows together, waiting a moment, before you spoke softly.

“You’re a hard person to forget, Evan.”

He grew, you thought rather impossibly, two shades darker, and you chuckled, reading off the numbers in front of you.

“That’ll be $4.99.”

He laughed softly, gesturing at the register.

“H-how is that possible?”

“Friend discount!” you said cheerily, before you held out your hand for the crumpled bill.

He reached forward to give it to you, and your pinkys met, nudging carefully at the other, meeting for a moment before Evan dropped the bill on the counter and pulled his hand back like he’d been shocked.

“Are you oka-”


You stared at him for what felt like hours, pink cheeked and smiling.

“What did you say?”

“N-nothing! I didn’t… I didn’t say anything because you were saying something and that’s so rude isn’t it, when people talk over you, and I-”

“Because I thought I heard you ask me on a date.”

He let out a squeak at that, hands falling against the counter with a bang.

“N-no, definitely n-”

“Well, that’s a shame. Because if you had, I definitely would have said yes.”

You thought, with great certainty, that in all your years of life, you’d never seen anything quite as beautiful as Evan Hansen, bright pink and beaming, peeking through his fingers at you behind the register.

“I did!” He spoke quickly, nearly stumbling over the syllables in his haste.

You smiled, pushing the bag towards him and grabbing the receipt, paper tearing away from the machine as you produced a pen from your pocket.

“Well then, Mr. Hansen,” you spoke, uncapping the pen with careful fingers.

“Call me sometime.”

Seven little digits appeared on the back of the receipt, scrawled carefully as Evan trembled above you.

“Now,” you smiled, sitting up straight, and meeting his eyes.

“Would you like this with you, or in the bag?”

You lied. This, right here? Definitely the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen.

anonymous asked:

If you do bmc fics, can I request a jeremy (or michael, either is okay) x reader, where the reader gets animal themed hoodies (you could use the same plot with deh if you prefer tho) Thank you (^^)

animal hoodie ➩ jeremy h. x reader

416 words

scrememe did i characterize him right i’m dead af i lov jeremy he’s def a guy i would be into


Jeremy Heere was not one for any kind of clothes that didn’t match his aesthetic. His entire wardrobe, you had noticed from the year and a half of dating, was a multitude of striped shirts, band tees, and zip up hoodies. Shirts that weren’t band related were always in the realms of red, blue, or black, and never ventured any further than a stray green. Despite his detestment of anything he deemed “not Jeremy,” you still tried your best to convince him to add a pop of color to his attire.

He wondered how, along the way, you had managed to find such a ridiculous article of clothing that he was never going to wear. The pure black of the hoodie you had bought him was well within his style; what wasn’t in his style were the ears that adorned the top of the hood. Here you were, however, standing in front of him with the biggest smile on your face with the jacket in your arms.

“Come on, Jer! I know it’s not your style, but I thought it was cute. I got myself one, too,” you said, stretching your arms out towards him. “Besides, you don’t even have to wear it outside of the house. I just thought it’d be cute, yaknow?”

The high school student sighed, pressing his hand against his forehead. You were lucky he thought you were extremely cute; if it had been anybody other than you presenting him with such a silly gift, he would have shut them down immediately. Instead, he let out a sigh and nodded.

“Alright, fine,” he answered, immediately chuckling at the way your eyes brightened up. “But I won’t wear it outside of the house unless it’s a last resort.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear!”

Jeremy had to admit that the hoodie was warm and you looked beyond adorable in your own. Sure, they were a little cringe-worthy, but at the end of the day, he would have done anything to see that bright smile on your face. Even if it meant wearing a dorky hoodie that you bought him.

“Look at you, I knew you’d look cute!” you gushed. “You are my favorite person in the whole world.”

Your compliments caused his face to stretch into a smile that rivaled your own. The sight of you fawning over how he looked in his new clothes was endearing and he decided it wasn’t that bad if it got such a reaction out of you.