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Barba x Reader
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“Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure-”

You look out from the window to try and catch a glimpse of the view. The only plus side from these frequent business trips were the chances to gaze upon the Manhattan skyline. It still moved you, and just like all the times before, you shamelessly pressed your nose against the window to absorb everything you possibly could before the plane landed.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Local time is 3:25pm and the temperatu-”

You said a silent prayer before unfastening your seat belt. A habit you’ve become accustomed to and now regarded as a lucky charm. You waited for everyone to pass before sliding your way onto the aisle, anxious to get home where a hot shower and your own bed awaited you.

After making it through the crowd of people in the baggage collection area, you stood in the middle of the arrival hall trying to catch your breath. Out of nowhere, you hear a voice calling out your name. Knowing for sure it must be a mistake, you ignore it and head for the nearest revolving door. You hoped that you would be able to get a cab right away.

A tug on your arm caused you to turn abruptly, and your eyes widened when you see who was now behind you.


“Didn’t you hear me calling your name?”

Your felt as though your heart was going to burst as you slowly came to terms with how glad you were to see him. It took a while for you to admit how much you missed him during your trips away.

You told yourself it was illogical and unrealistic to be so hopelessly smitten this early in the relationship, but that’s exactly what you were. It took only a glance at those green eyes for you to ignore all forms of logic and accept all the outrageous emotions you were feeling.

“I- I thought it was someone else.”

You dropped the bags you were carrying and put your arms around him. You feel a jolt from him as you did, but sighed in relief when you feel his arms go around your waist.

“I’ve missed you.” There was no sense in hiding the truth.

He turns his head, and in doing so his lips made brief contact with the side of your neck. You shudder at the ticklish but pleasing sensation.

“So have I. You have no idea.”

You tried to contain your delight at his response, but found yourself only hugging him tighter. However, a thought that came to mind immediately brought you back down from the clouds.

“But wait, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the office?”

He hesitated before answering, and he pursed his lips into a thin line.

“Since everyone keeps telling me to take some time off… For once I’ve decided to take their advice.”

You questioned whether you heard him right. Rafael was the last person you knew who would take time off from work.

“So what do you say, will you spend a long weekend with me?”

Unable to resist or question such an offer, you knew right there and then that your own bed was going to have to wait.

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typical 2012 fics

- using uan/tmh song lyrics as romantic statements said by characters to one another
- having all five boys meet in different circumstances but they all somehow end up singing together in “perfect harmony”
- louis wears suspenders and striped shirts
- harry is a flirt, zayn is a nerd, and liam gets called “daddy direction”
- having links to songs/videos in the fic. like literal “(click here for song/video)” in between lines. iconic.
- author’s notes.,,,, in the middle of a paragraph
- niall eats nando’s in every scene
- badly photoshopped fic covers


Louis and Harry in 2012 gear!

Early Halloween costume trials - 5/6

Chances (Rafael Barba x Reader)

A/N-Bro it’s my first fanfic. I really considered calling lowkey trash, but it doesn’t really go with the story. Just know that Lowkey Trash was the alternate title.

Rafael Barba, the face of that man has been haunting your dreams, since you met him weeks before. Of course, the dreams were amazing dreams of you and him living your lives together and always made you wake up smiling. You met him at a bar in your hometown, after visiting your horrid mother and stepfather.

“Hey Harvey, the usual,” you asked the bartender as you sat your purse down. You spotted the unfamiliar man from the corner of your eye, and deduct that he’s handsome. You were in need of some quick lovin’ after your disastrous night. He wasn’t wedding ring when you saw him move his glass of scotch to his lips, so you decided to flirt. 

“Hi, I’m (Y/n Y/ln), I’ve never seen you here before, and I’m here frequently,” you asked the mystery man next to you. 

“I can tell, you have a rapport with the bartender, and I’m Rafael Barba,” he said while offering his hand. Of course, you took it, and as soon as your fingertips touched, you felt the cliche “spark”.  You held each other’s hands longer than you really should’ve. 

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