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“He died with honor, struck down by Oakheart. I couldn’t save him, but I managed to take Oakheart’s life while he was still gloating over his victory.”

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hand in hand

Now that he thinks about it, Castiel can’t remember the last time he had any physical contact at all.

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touch-starved cas, college au



“Cas, hey. Hey. Hey, Cas!”

Castiel looks up, finally registering that the voice he hears is directed at him. He finds Dean Winchester standing in front of him. How long has he been there?

“Ah, hello Dean. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

Dean leans against Charlie Bradbury’s kitchen table and eyes Castiel critically. “You okay, man? You’ve been standing here for, like, a while.”

“Yeah. Yes. I was just thinking.”

Dean gives a smile, Castiel likes to think that it’s fond, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. “Come on, they’re about to start the movie.”


Castiel lets himself be led back into the living room, loud and chaotic. The sounds of talking and laughing and shouting are enjoyable, but Castiel can’t handle much of it at once, which is why he’d fled to the kitchen a while ago. He hopes Dean was the only one who noticed he was gone, he doesn’t want to seem rude.

In the living room Charlie, Gilda, and Kevin sit on the sofa, Gilda’s feet tucked up under Charlie’s legs. Jo is curled up on a beanbag chair. Dean sprawls out on an overstuffed armchair that could easily fit two, and Benny is sitting on the floor with his back against the couch.

With all the seats taken in his absence, Castiel opts for the floor. He settles himself down in front of Dean’s seat.

“What are we watching?” Asks Jo.

“Legally Blonde!” Charlie announces.

“Not again!” Kevin moans.

“Suck it up, Tran! My house, my movies!”

“It’s not just your house!” Kevin points out.

Charlie rolls her eyes, sighing. “What do you guys think?” She asks Gilda and Jo, who also live in the house.

“I like Legally Blonde.” Says Gilda.

“We’re watching Legally Blonde.” Says Jo.

Castiel suspects, by Kevin’s scowl, that they’re messing with him. It’s hard to tell. Castiel has never been to one of these “movie nights” before. These aren’t even his friends, not really. Acquaintances at most. They’re Dean’s friends.

“Drinking game?” Asks Dean, hopefully.

“Of course.” Charlie responds, “Should we do whiskey or vodka?”

“I’ll get the shot glasses.” Says Jo.

Castiel needs to get out more, that’s what everyone says. Well, that’s what Dean says, and Dean is his only friend so, really, Dean is everyone.

Castiel would point out that he’s almost never in his dorm, but more than likely in the library, which is where he met Dean in the first place.

Dean always argues that the library doesn’t really count as out, but Castiel disagrees. It gets him away from his current roommate, and that’s out enough for him. So what if he doesn’t leave campus? So what if he doesn’t really talk to anyone?

He’s doing fine, alright? He’s okay. He’s great.

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Don’t Move (M)

DESCRIPTION: You come home from your gym visit to find Jimin deep asleep in your bed, you just wanted to cuddle with him .. until ..


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The title was inspired by this one guy I met and the first thing he said to me was ‘don’t move’ and proceeded to kill a fly on my shoulder .. -Admin NiNi

The room was dim-lighted, soft snores emitting a comforting sound throughout my apartment. My purse was set onto the marble counter beside me carefully as I shuffle myself into the small sleeping space.

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sojustifiable  asked:

10) things you said that made me feel like shit, maybe? if you feel like angst. your angst always wounds me.

She often is not satisfied with his reactions to her small tests. She knows 22 is too wise an age to be playing games, but she cannot resist. She’s protecting herself, she thinks. 22 is too young an age to have a heart as solid as a rock.

“Soul,” she says as she moves down the stairs precariously in dagger-sharp heels, “how do I look?”

She scanned and filtered through rows and rows of dresses to find what she felt to be the right one. It is tight like a second skin, black and shimmery like a clear night sky. The confident part of her believes it brings out her best features: her eyes, her legs, and her hips. The less brave piece of her believes it to be too much, too not-Maka. She stands firm before him, whose eyes are too impassive for her trembling nerves.

“Cool,” he manages after a restrained, practiced pause.

“Cool,” she repeats. She blinks back forceful tears. 22 years. She is not a child. She cannot stomp her feet or shout. She can only stand her weakening ground.

“Yeah.” His sanguine stare returns to the Seinfeld marathon on the television. His soul flickers against hers but just barely. She can’t read him.

There’s a tantrum forming like an acid in her veins, sluggish and thick and oozing. “Have you even ever found me attractive?”

“What? Is this a trick question?” There is aged laugh-track in the background.

“I’m being serious.”

“I’m scared you’re not.”

She crosses her arms and fixes him with a loaded stare, all shrapnel and lingering danger.

“Maka,” he says with a chest-breaking sort of sigh. “What are you getting at? Why are you constantly going out with new men every night now?”

“Why is everything I do suspicious?”

“Because it’s not something you normally do.”


“I don’t know. To me, you’ve always been undateable and now…” he mumbles, his voice trailing off. It slips out by accident, she knows, because his eyes finally fill with a semblance of emotion. Something like pained shock and frustration. The step before a steep fall, the car-crash look.

She shatters. “Okay.” She knows that’s the most potent word she can throw at him. It is small but strong like her, like a bullet. She can see him fumbling to patch up his mess but she leaves him with a slam of the door and nothing but eerie silence.

22, she thinks, but it’s like being 14 again, all scattered thoughts and tears and hormones she forgot she had.

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#50 Joe Sugg – Caught

You are Casper’s sister and first you and Joe were only friends. But, of course, you started to find him attractive because how could you not? Joe had a crush on you ever since Casper first introduced you to him. Then one night, you slept over at their apartment and Casper was already sleeping in his room, when you and Joe decided to play truth or dare. After a few drinks you felt confident enough and dared him to kiss you, which he did. He also pinned you down on the couch and you were so close to go further than just making out, but then you heard Casper going to the toilet and pulled away from each other within seconds. Ever since and you and Joe have been a couple. It’s been going on for a few months now, Casper not knowing anything about it, and you love staying over for the night for obvious reasons but only if Casper wasn’t at home.

Now you lay in Joe’s bed, under his striped sheets, in his arms. He lays behind you, your legs intertwined. “Are you awake?” Joe whispers into your ear and gives you a little tickle on your bare stomach.

“Joseph please.” You mumble, not wanting to wake up just yet.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” He whispers and kisses your ear.

“Good morning.” You move around in his arms to face him. Joe’s about to kiss you but then you hear someone coming down the stairs. Your cheeks start to burn when you realise that it can’t be anyone else but Casper.

“Fuck.” Joe whispers as you quickly lay down straight. Joe put the bed sheet over you and hides your hair under the sheets just when Casper knocks on the door.

“Joe? Are you awake?” He asks and slowly opens the door.

“Good-Good morning.” Joe stutters and awkwardly sits up in his bed.

“It smells like sex in here.” Casper notices and walks over to the window to open it.

“Really? Does it?” Joe asks nervously.

“Yeah.” Casper says and stands still.

“I haven’t notice.” Joe says and bites his lip.

“It does. You and (Y/N) should seriously open the windows.” Casper says and then leaves the room. When the door closes, you pull away the bedsheets and look blushing at Joe.

“He knows.” You say and cover yourself up with the bed sheets.

“How?” Joe asks. You shrug as the door opens again.

“I know everything!” Casper walks back into the room and you wish you could sink into the floor. “My sister, mate? Are you serious?” Casper looks directly at Joe.

“It’s not his fault.” You try to make the situation better.

“Of course it isn’t.” Casper looks at you. “You’re my sister. It’s all in the genes.” Casper rolls his eyes and starts to laugh.

“Wait.” Joe sits up and puts his hand around your waist. “Wait, wait, wait! You’re not mad?”

“No, as long as you pay for her now. After all you took her virginity.” Casper says and leaves the room again.

“CASPER!” You yell at him, hearing him laugh behind the room.

“He’s right though.” Joe smirks at you.

“Oh my god.” You take a deep breath and lay back down, covering your face with the bed sheet.

“Jesus, your brother is in the other room, (Y/N). Save that for tonight.” Joe laughs and lays down on top of you, hugging your through the sheets.

Happy Belated Birthday!

@viri-idiana is an absolute doll of a person and so I wrote this little fluffy one shot. Childhood Friends no quirks to domestic lovers au.

Fandom: BNHA or Boku no Hero Academia

Ship: OT3 Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto, & Katsuki Bakugo (idk what the ship name is pero like it cute af) Edit: it’s TodoBakuDeku (thanks my stalker aka @cloversdreams ;P)

Tags: Age gap of 4 years, cute, fluffy, Prince and Princess, domestic, light sexual suggestion,

Word count: 1,183

Title: Anyone can be a Princess

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merflk  asked:

here I am again this time with blinny (!!!!!!!!) "Such a flattering position."

“Such a flattering position,” Ginny coos, cup of coffee in her hand, hand curled against her chest. She looks down at the half naked man tangled up in her pink striped sheets, admiring how the sun falls over his muscular back. Her gaze moves back to his face, mouth open and drooling and cheek pressed into the mattress. Ginny laughs and he lets out a groan, shifting his weight and pushing himself onto his elbows. 

“And just what, pray tell,” he starts, his voice thick with sleep but nonetheless lacking in it’s usual tone of superiority, “is so humorous?”

“Oh, nothing,” she says, taking an innocent sip of her coffee. “I just find it interesting that the infamously mysterious Blaise Zabini drools.” 

Blaise ignores her as he sits up and reaches for her coffee, snatching it from her hand and drinking half of it in one gulp. 

She takes a quick glance at the his feet and does a terrible job at hiding her laughter. “And you wear socks to bed!?”

He scowls and slowly sets the mug down on the end table. Ginny’s too busy laughing to see him reach out and grab her by the back of her legs and lets out a help when he pulls her to him. He slides a hand around and slips a thumb under the bottom of her cotton underwear, sending a shiver up her spine. 

“If you want us to continue with this relationship at all you’ll keep it all to yourself,” he all but growls.

Ginny swallows and tries to ignore his thumb as it rubs gentle circles over her, she gives him a mischievous smile and hums, tapping a finger to the corner of her lips. “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to figure out which one would be more satisfying; telling everyone you snore or shagging you?” 

She lets out a yelp as he grabs her and flips her over to the bed, pinning her to the mattress. “Is that a challenge?” he asks, his voice low and rough. 

“Most definitely.”

**Grunge Fashion Aesthetic**