striped obi

Personnal collection : stripes edo komon / deer, mums and maple leaves fukuro obi / orange chirimen haneri / black scarf with gold dots obiage / red and gold obijime

(quick kitsuke today - hence the wrinkles irk- because I wanted to try on this cute deers obi. Not too soft, not too stiff, it is probably one of my easiest obi to tie <3

I am technically pushing TPO rules with this outfit: beside the fact this fukuro obi scream “Autumn”, with all its gold it is also too dressy for this edo komon. It would be a better match for my irotomesode, I’ll have to try ^^)

A modern kimono with a design of cats and vertical stripes. The obi has a matching cat design and paired with an orange obijime (obi cord), orange hadajuban (undershirt), and orange geta (footwear) it looks quite striking. 

For those who are cat fans. 

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This is an odd kimono, black roses on a bed of leopard print with a striped and flowered obi. The gold color of the leopard print is almost the same value as the teal of the rose foliage, and the roses have no light tones in them at all and look shadowed– they almost function as negative space against the leopard print. This kimono would be a challenging piece if this obi, with its matching teal and soothing straight lines, weren’t here to hold it all together. I am intrigued by the weirdness of the clashing patterns and the cohesion of the color matching. :)

Here’s a great black, white and red piece from Modern Antenna showing how you can add unconventional elements like a very low (almost masculine!) obi, boots, striped knee socks, a pocket watch, a necktie as a second obijime, a formal obiage, and winter accessories to make a dress-like kimono coordination with a punk twist. The necktie-as-obijime is brilliant, something I haven’t seen before. I’ve seen belts, ribbons and chains but never ties. 

If you have a kimono that’s too short, try hiking it up like this and going overboard with accessories!