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Who Am I To You? || One Shot

I was tagged by the lovely @psychrollins for a prompt challenge. I kept true to the prompt but added a little angst. I hope you like it.

Prompt: We made the mutual decision to go to this party separately and when i arrived there was this asshole flirting with you and i’m trying not to make it obvious i’m seething with jealousy but it’s really difficult AU.

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“So what time are you going to be there?”

It was the first question Roman asked Dean when he called him. Dean was currently standing in his bedroom, in nothing but boxers as he tried to figure out what he was wearing to Seth’s birthday party.

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4 Vancouver-Based Brands You Need To Wear This Summer

Oh, Canada! 

Welcome to Wantering’s #WellTravelled style series, where we’re featuring the hottest brands in countries across the globe. Find out which brands and stores you need to know about in 2015 by following Wantering on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Next up, we’re heading to the West Coast of Canada, to the most liveable city in the world and not-so-secretly our hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. Famous in the fashion world for athleisure darling Lululemon, you may not have realized that these 4 global brands are also from the same, laid-back city. Check it out! 


1. Aritzia (womens)

Cabrini Blouse

Carolyn Tote Bag

2. Kit and Ace (womens/mens)

Knicker Bra

Folsom Cardigan

3. Native Shoes (womens/mens)



4. Wings + Horns (mens)

Wings + Horns Indigo Slub Stripe Henley

Leather High Top Sneakers

Double Knit Heather T-Shirt

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The Sport Jacket As Outerwear

No Overcoat Necessary

As much as I love my long overcoats, this textured sport jacket is starting to make me change my mind. For one, it’s a nice heavy-weight Italian wool that’s warm enough to wear on its own as an outerwear piece. Secondly, it has a cool, casual feel with its raw edges and patch pockets so I can wear it with most of my wardrobe without feeling or looking too stuffy. For this outfit I wore it over a cotton railroad stripe vest and thermal henley. I went with my go-to baggy jeans for comfort and finished with a bandana scarf and beanie for extra warmth.


Slate & Stone Blazer //  Territory Ahead Vest  //  Pull-in Pants  //  Tsubo Shoes  //  Kiriko Bandana  //  Tavik Beanie