striped feathers


The following are tulips infected with a virus. The virus infects the bulb and causes the tulip to break its lock on a single color, resulting in intricate bars, stripes, streaks, featherings or flame-like effects of different colors on the petals. 

What kind of bird is Cas ?

yeah, I hear you screaming at the screens that Cas is NOT a bird - an angel
and yeah, I know, but angels are basically humans with bird wings and superpowers anyways

recently I´ve seen a post with gifs from Along the Watchtower episode. It was heartwrenching and as @trisscar368 pointed out, there are some feathers seen

if you don´t want your headcanons about black winged Cas broken, this is the point where you stop reading and pretend this post doesn´t exist

so, naturally I looked closer

lighter yellow is for feathers, darker for bones

There are definetely some feathers left, maybe unburnt (but that´s only my speculation), and they have stripes.
First bird with striped feathers that sparked in my mind was a barn owl

although the stripes are pretty close (and the coloring in here reminds me of Misha´s muscular back haha ) the wings of the barn owl were too rounded for them to belong to Cas - his wings, as shown below, are a bit pointy

while scavanging through images of wings, my eyes trailed over blue jay and seagul aswell, but to no resolution - while jays have stripes on their wings, from underneath, the wings are pretty much boring greyish color without stripes
and as for seagulls, they don´t have stripes, although the overall shape matches nicely

since grabbing this end didn´t bring me any fruits, I tried a different perspective
Castiel means “Speed of God” so maybe some fast birds will fit the bill ?

I was right.

Our winner is the bird who can fly the fastest* of all birds - Peregrine falcon
*the speed the dive down

everything matches - the shape, the stripes, even the color scheme of beige, black and white which Cas wears ALL THE TIME (I´m not counting his “Steve” outfit).

so yeah, Cas is probbly canonicaly a falcon

I still like the fully black wings better tho

Suspender Man is one of my favorite SPG songs, so I combined what I always thought he looked like and the artwork Bunny Bennett did of him
I always thought the Suspender Man was possessed, so I gave him glowing eyes

[Image description: an ink and colored pencil drawing of the Suspender Man from Steam Powered Giraffe, who grins menacingly. He’s an aging black man with glowing yellow eyes, a purple button-down shirt, tattered jeans, a red bow tie, and big red suspenders. He wears a beat-up green hat with an ace of hearts and a striped feather stuck in the ribbon. He holds a banjo with a broken string. He’s sitting on a log in the middle of a mangrove swamp, beside an urn with two cents next to it and a wooden shepherd’s hook with a lantern hung on it. Reflected in the river water are the words “My music’s gonna blow your mind”.]
Animorphs Battle Markings AU

This was actually an AU I came up with quite a while back but haven’t gotten time to develop. 

The premise is that in canon Animorphs (including Ax, and also any other morph-capable beings) don’t develop physical scars on their natural form from battle wounds received in morph. But in this AU, any injuries they receive in morph appear as skin discoloration/marks/conditions in their natural form.

Rachel and Jake develop freckles.

Marco’s skin peels.

Cassie has discoloration.

Tobias develops striping/speckles on his feathers.

Ax’s fur brightens and spots (and this happens with all Andalites).

As all scars, these marks can and will fade. But with their constant battling, it always comes back. Some of the more severe injuries leave very permanent/long lasting marks.

(meat of the post under the cut!)

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My redesigns for the Raptor Squad:Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. NOW they look like real Velociraptors! This was heavily inspired by @lexiconmegatherium and their gorgeous artwork. (x) (x) (x

I drew these a few months ago, and my hand is still hurting from all the details. I drew Delta first (her colors are based off of a Saker Falcon), and then the rest of the designs followed after. Each girl represents a different Velociraptor color morph: Blue is “slate morph”, Charlie is “sand morph” Delta is “wild type” and the one who closest resembles what wild Velociraptors might look like, and Echo is “flame morph”, although Owen, Barry, and the paddock crew have collectively dubbed it “Pinterest Board in October”. 

If the girls were wild Velociraptors and not genetically modified, they would not have their display feathers-Striped Kingfisher DNA and the DNA of several other bird species was inserted into their genome to create their unique markings-both to make them more visually interesting to park visitors if they were ever exhibited, and to make them easier to tell apart from a distance.

Colin Trevorrow can suck it.


TF2 Fanfics: "Wing Fortress" Part 1/?

Part 1 of what will hopefully be a multi-part series of short fics, in the “everything’s the same but everyone has wings” or “Wing Fortress” AU. Partially inspired by Typingatlightspeed’s Centaur AU, with some ideas from HunterV’s art.

It’s pretty much what it says; humans in this AU have bird wings/tails, usually of a local species, and there are various myths and legends and cultural things relating to this, even if they have little basis in reality. And while some people can fly, it’s considered an exceptional talent, and being able to sustain flight is on par with being a professional athlete.

Content Warnings: some implied ‘adult’ stuff, one story has some body horror. No pairings yet, but there might be in future installments.

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Brasilian Native Myths Series

The giant snakes.


The Boitatá is a gigantic snake of fire that protects the fields of those who burn it. She lives in the waters and can also turn into a burning log on fire, burning those who set fire to the woods and the jungle.

The words of origin means snake (mboi) of fire (tata), then joined to create the legend’s name.

The most known legend is the one of Rio Grande do Sul. In this region, tells the legend “there was a time of an endless night in the jungle. Besides the darkness, there was a great flood caused by torrential rains. Frightened, the animals ran towards an elevated spot in order to protect themselves. The Boiguaçu, a snake that lived in a dark den, woke up with the flood and, starving, decided to go out in search of food, with the convenience of being the only animal who’s able and used to see in the darkness. Boiguaçu decided to eat the most pleasing part, the eyes of the animals. For eating so much of it, she got self-luminous, full of the light from those eyes. Her body turned into a bunch of glittering pupils, flaming balls, living flash, and then, Boitatá, a snake of fire. So much she ate that got weak of glut. The Boiguaçu dies and reappears in the woods and waters from time to time, snaking around and shining.”

The ones that have the displeasure of meeting this mythical creature can get blind, insane or even die. To avoid this disaster, the men believe that they have to stay still, hold their breaths and close their eyes wide shut. If you try to run, she’ll believe you’re someone who sets fire to the woods.

The myth is probably an attemptive to explain the Marshfire or the Globular lightining phenomenon.

•Mboi Tu’i

He’s one of the seven legendary monsters of the Guarani mythology. The second son of Tau and Kerana.

Mboi Tu'i literally means “serpent-parrot”, what describes the aspect of this creature. Mboi Tu'i has the shape of a huge serpent with a enormous head and beak of parrot (like a basilisk). He has a blood red forked tongue. His skin is striped and scalyFeathers covering his head. He has a harmful look that frightens everyone with bad luck enough to meet him. He patrols the swamps and protects the life of the amphibians, likes the moisture of the flowers, he lets out a mighty and terrible scream that can be heard from miles away and sets terror to everyone who listens to it and is considered the protector of the aquatic animals and wetlands.

With Betty Boop coming back in 2018 and Fleischer Studios in general strangely getting a bit of modern recognition, I wanted to try and update Fleischer-tan for the Channel-tan threads to something a little more accessible. I tried using several elements from the Miami logo to give her a little bit of iconography; the 2 sets of 5 stripes on her feathers, the elongated “s” on her headband’s emblem, and 4 onyx gems on the headband to mirror the prominent dots in each “i” of the logo.

Arguably the grandmother of cartoons, time hasn’t slowed her down or worn her looks one bit, save for a grainy film filter she hasn’t yet figured out how to get rid of. And not having color. But she’s just as ready to put a smile on your face as she was in the 1920s!


Came out this morning to find this, a wonky ear tuft :/ Although she is in full moult, I think she may have bent this feather somehow :/ Thankfully it’s an older one and she’s losing alot of other feathers so it should naturally come lose soon. Bird feathers during a moult are particularly fragile and susceptible to more breaks and bends. Also never pull a feather out before it’s ready! Feathers contain blood vessels that during a moult, slowly die off as the new feather pushes the old one out (or that’s the best way i can put it in layman’s terms) pulling or clipping a birds feathers is very painful and traumatic for any bird! (Detest wing clipping, it’s very traumatic for birds and I personally feel it’s slightly barbaric!) So even though this one has bent, i feel it’s less hassle for her to just leave it well alone. And i can laugh at it as it confuses her! Her new feathers that have come through are beautiful and glossy though! So pleased with her progress!

Something I was thinking lately is about how badass farmers in Valinor must have to be. I mean, there’s that line somewhere about it containing animals that aren’t present in the rest of Arda and the logical fandom conclusion that it’s referring to dinosaurs etc. Now real-world farmers have it bad enough with keeping animals like elephants away from their crops, imagine trying to keep out herbivore *dinosaurs*. And not just crops, what about protecting your livestock.

Consider the fact that probably most Amanyar were tied to the land in some way and thus had to deal with the wildlife regularly. I like to think now that their ‘superiority’ over the Sindar was more to do with the resultant blase attitude to large dangerous things than exposure to the Trees/Valar. Balrog? Pah. One time I chased one of those lizards, you know, the ones with the stripes and ridiculous feathers, away from my flock with only a small stick and a bell. Now that was dangerous.