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Gucci Boy

Group: BTS

Pairing: V X READER

Requested: Anonymous said: Hi there! I’m so infatuated with your writing so I hope you could fill this request for a Taehyung x reader! If the reader and Taehyung are both shopping separately at Gucci but when they are trying stuff on they catch each other’s attention and start shopping together? Haha sorry if this is so specific. Thank you!!

Summary: You meet Taehyung in his natural habitat, Gucci and he helps you complete your outfit.

Genre: fluff

Length: 0.8k

A/N:  I love these detailed requests and all the comments you’ve been leaving and even an ask have made me so happy!! I’m happy you all enjoy my writing and it gets me writing even more!

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Gucci was your favourite shop for a few reasons; you loved gold, you liked the way they greeted you like royalty at your service and you enjoyed the looks you received when you left with at least three white bags with a black lining on either arm. So as you walked around the shop, checking out your reflection in gold panels and looking through rails of clothes, there was a massive grin on your face.

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I don't think a lot of people realize this

But the stripes (or lack of) on the Senshi’s first fuku actually correspond to their school uniforms! The number isn’t random at all.

Usagi and Ami’s Juuban Middle School uniforms have two stripes (three in the manga), so so do their Sailor fuku.

Mako’s uniform, while different, also has two stripes. However, they’re much closer together, which carries over to her uniform.

Minako and Rei, on the other hand, only have one stripe on both their fukus.

On the Outer Senshi side, there are no stripes whatsoever. This is because the uniforms from Mugen Academy that Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru wear are stripeless. Setsuna, on the other hand, doesn’t even wear a uniform (being a college student and all).

Once they all upgrade to their Super forms, they all have a single stripe on their collars (resembling Venus’s the most), giving them a more unified appearance. Anyway, this is just a small tidbit that I thought people would like to know! 


¾ Sleeve Get Together Shirt Recolor

I recolored and removed just the striping on the arm for the first two, and recolored and removed the striping and collar/sleeve piping on the last four.

You need Get Together for these.

Don’t reupload or claim they are yours, and don’t put the link behind ads, please.

Feel free to use either as a base for recoloring, just credit me if you do!

Download the first two here (SimFileShare)

Download the last four here (SimFileShare)

I have a crush on my Tutor
  • MoralityxLogic (The ship name escapes my memory so here)
  • So this is my first sandersides fic but damn if I’m not gonna try real hard.
  • I listened to Kate Micucci’s song I have a crush on my teacher on repeat and this is the result
  • Also, this may be OOC but I’m not the best writer so yeah.
  • Human AU

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Night Out on the Town - Tom Holland x Reader Imagine

Words: 1200~. Warning: Swearing? Lil’ bit. 

A/N: I mean I just really wanna get drunk with Tom, I think it would be such a fun time


There was a buzz of excitement in the air as the final day of shooting Spiderman Homecoming had just wrapped up. You decided to join the crew on set for this momentous occasion, popping champagne as Jon Watts called “that’s a wrap!”

Tom was running around the place, giving out high-fives to everyone he could. He ran over to you, threw his arms around your waist and hoisted you up as you spun around as he cheered.

“I think we need to go out and celebrate!” Tom announced as he steadily placed you back on the ground. You could already tell that this would be an eventful night for the both of you. 

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