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Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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BTS Fashion: Favorite outfits for you

What outfits would BTS like on you? (credit for photos: all photos can be found on pinterest! Just search “korean fashion” or “korean fashion aesthetic”)

Jin - classy, loose and comfortable. Oversized, button downs, classic/basic skirts and jeans. Pastel and light colors (not necessarily pink)

Yoongi/Suga - chic, edgy and cool. Blacks and dark or basic colors, jackets and accessories, screams “badass” or “swag”

Hoseok/J-Hope - simple and classic, but still fashionable and stylish. Blouses, florals and fitted jeans, socks visible

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We Are Family

Summary: Six months into your relationship Harry and Leo meet your parents, which can go two ways, they love them or they hate them. You’re really hoping they love them.

Warnings: F l u f f

Requested: Yes! I’m so happy people like this.

“Did you hear that Little Lion?” Harry smiles down at Leo when he hears your car pull into the driveway. “Y/N is here.”

“Bab?” Leo asks softly, smiling up hopefully at Harry. “Bab?” He repeats, a way to get Harry to answer him.

“Yeah! Babe is here.” Harry laughs when he hears you knock softly on the door, “It’s unlocked!”

He’s still looking down at Leo when you wrap your arms around his waist, “You really shouldn’t leave that unlocked, somebody could get in.”

“I want you to be able to get in.” Harry murmurs, turning his head a little to press a kiss to your head.

You roll your eyes, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek. Leo smiles when he sees you, “Bab!” You walk around Harry and take Leo from his arms, “Bab!” He giggles when you press a kiss to his cheek. 

Harry smiles a little in awe, “Sometimes I think he likes you more than me.” 

“He definitely does.” You smirk at Harry’s pout, “But don’t worry, it’s only because I give him sweets when you’re not around.” Harry shakes his head as he takes the bag you have from your hand and walks towards the kitchen, you following behind him. 

“What is this?” Harry asks as he pulls out clothing from the brown bag, “Are these new outfits? Do you think I can’t dress myself for meeting your parents?” 

“I just thought it would be cute if you and Leo were matching.” You smile nervously, you loved Harry’s style and you weren’t worried about what he would wear. You were worried about what he would stuff poor Leo into. 

Harry shakes his head looking down at the clothes. Admittedly, the outfit you chose wasn’t bad. It was something he would probably choose on his own, and Harry was sure Leo would look adorable in the striped button up. 

“I guess you’re right.” Harry laughs when you cheer, lifting Leo’s hands to cheer with you. 

“What is this?” He pulls out the dress, left in there for you to change into. “My dress!” You smile at the navy blue garment, “The blue matches the stripes on your shirts.” You explain happily, watching as a look of slight horror takes over Harry’s face. 

“You really put a lot of effort into this.” Harry says, placing the dress on top of his shirt and pants. You shrug, looking down at Leo with a smile, “I love you two so much and I just want my parents to see that. And I want them to love you guys too.” 

“And matching outfits are gonna do that?” Harry laughs softly, pulling you into a gentle hug. 

“No, but it’ll show them how happy I am. And how good you are to go along with my antics.” You press a kiss to his collarbone before resting your head there.

“Not antics, just really cute ideas.” Harry murmurs and presses a kiss to your hair, breathing in your coconut shampoo. 

“We should get ready, we have to leave in like half and hour.” You nod slowly stepping away, “I’ll give him a bath, you go shower.” As you walk away you turn back and see Harry folding the clothes, “Bring those to your room. We can all just get dressed there.” He nods and you turn back around to walk away.

Harry watches you as you walk towards the bathroom downstairs, where all of Leo’s bath toys and products were. Leo clapping happily, oblivious to fact he was about to be forced into a bathtub. You were watching him with a fond look Harry had realized a few weeks ago was only for Leo, like a mother’s look for their children.

Fifteen minutes later you’re carrying a teary eyed Leo to Harry’s room. He’s wrapped in his lion towel, with a hood designed to look like a lion’s mane and sniffling from being forced out of the bath. “What’s wrong little lion?” Harry croons, reaching to take Leo from your arms, who readily goes. You shake your head at the look Leo sends you, like you were the dragon and Harry the knight in shining armor. 

“He cries going in and cries going out.” You look Harry up and down, he’s shirtless but the pants you had bought are on. The shirt laying on his bed, next to your dress and Leo’s outfit. “I’m gonna get dressed,” You nod towards his en-suite bathroom before grabbing your dress. “The pants look nice.” 

When you emerge from the bathroom Harry is sitting on his bed now fully dressed with a matching Leo in his arms. Harry’s found a pair of tiny converse to slip onto Leo’s feet, and has put navy blue boots on his own. “You two look adorable!” You smile brightly, pulling your phone from the pocket in the dress. “Smile.” 

Harry smiles widely, dimples showing up and causing Leo to look up at him and do the same. You snap a picture, grinning when you notice Leo’s own dimples making an appearance. “My handsome boys.” Harry smiles at your words, you had taken Leo as your without him asking you to. He didn’t know how to thank you for that or anything you’d give him. 

“You look beautiful.” He says instead of thank you, “I love you.” 

You blush at his words, “I love you too.” 

Leo was a good baby. He usually stayed quiet when in public places, only cried if he was really tired or needed a change. He was sweet to new people, never hit or bit. He threw food, but every baby did. You knew your parents would love him, and if they didn’t they would have to live with it. You weren’t letting these boys go anytime soon. 

“Reservation for five.” Harry smiles at the hostess, “Under Styles.” She nods and grabs five regular menus and one children’s menu. 

“Would you like a high chair?” She asks politely after placing everything on the table for you. She speeds off when Harry nods, only taking a few seconds to grab one. “Enjoy your dinner.” 

You look around and notice they had placed you in a pretty quiet area, only a few tables beside you and all of them with adults. You weren’t sure if Harry had asked for that in order to keep Leo from getting overwhelmed or if it was coincidence, but you thanked the gods for it. 

“My parents should be here soon.” You smile as Harry places Leo in the high chair before pulling out the seat to the right of it for you. As you scan the drink menu you notice Harry fidgeting with his rings, “Is everything okay?” You murmur, silently deciding on red wine. 

“Yeah, just a little nervous. I want your parents to like me.” You a notice a faint blush in the dim lighting and grin. 

“They’ll love you, don’t worry.” Harry nods, but before he can say anything somebody is tapping your shoulder. 

“Y/N!” Your mom smiles as you stand to give her and your dad a hug. Harry stands as well, wiping his hands on his pants before extending a hand to shake with your parents. 

“Guys, this is Harry.” You point to him as they take his hand. Your dad nods as they shake hands before sitting in the chair next to yours. Your mom smiles kindly before shaking her hand. 

“Harry, these are my parents. Y/M/N and Y/D/N.” He nods as your mom takes the seat next to his, you and him share a look before sitting down as well. “And this is Leo.” You lift his hand to wave gently, Leo getting the idea and waving his other one. They laugh at his excited waves, “Leo, these are my parents.” Leo looks up at you then back at your parents, “Bab?” He gives you and Harry a confused look. 

You blush at the nickname and your parents confused glances, “Uh, Harry calls me babe a lot and Leo picked up on it but can’t pronounce it so he calls me his own version of it.” Your parents only nod, and you notice Harry look down at his hands, “I think it’s sweet.” You reach across to take his hand and he immediately stops his fidgeting. 

“It’s very cute.” Your father smiles reassuringly before picking up his menu. You let a sigh of relief, sending a small smile Harry’s way. 

Dinner goes smoothly, a few jokes and conversations about Harry’s life and your old friends and everybody seems to be getting along. You’re all picking at the ends of your meals when Leo starts to get fussy. He throws a crayon across the table and it lands on your father’s plate. 

“Leo!” Harry exclaims a panicked look taking over his face as Leo laughs. “We don’t throw things.” Harry mutters sternly, but Leo only laughs and picks up the remaining portion of his spaghetti. “I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.” Harry smiles apologetically at you and your parents. 

Your dad only laughs softly, handing the crayon to you, “We’ve all thrown things. Don’t worry.” 

Harry smiles gratefully before he presses a quick kiss to your cheek as he walks past, “Take your time.” You whisper and he nods. You silently pick at your food, waiting for your parents to say something. 

They look at you with smiles, “That boy really loves you.” 

“He does. I know you think Harry-” 

“Not Harry.” Your dad interrupts, “Well, he loves you. But, I mean Leo.” He nods to the empty high chair and you give him a confused look. 

“Yeah, I love him too. He’s a very sweet little boy, he deserves the world.” You smile down at the children’s menu, where Leo had attempted to draw a heart. 

“What happens when you and Harry break up?” Your mother asks quietly, she flinches when you look up with a glare. “What?” You ask the question sharply, and your father sighs. 

She shrugs, looking back down at her food. “Well, he’s not your blood. You can’t take custody or have any right to him. You’re just getting attached to a child and a man that may eventually break your heart.” 

“And if we don’t break up?” You roll your eyes at her assumption, “If we get married? Stay together forever? I love them. They mean the world to me and I know they think the same about me. I’m not worried about what happens when we break up because I don’t see it happening.” 

Your mother huffs, “You think you’ll marry this boy?” 

“I don’t know. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. All I know is I love him and wouldn’t mind being with him and Leo for a very long time.” You shrug looking back down at your food as a silence takes over the table. 

“Well,” Your dad smiles placing a hand on top of yours, “I like him. I think the three of you make an adorable, little family”. 

You blush, noticing Harry reenter the restaurant and making his way back to the table, “Do you guys want dessert? I was thinking we go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt.” 

“That sounds really nice, Harry. But my wife and I are old and don’t stay up that late anymore.” Your dad laughs as the four of you stand up. 

“You guys aren’t-” 

“No use in lying.” You father cuts Harry off as he slips on his coat, “You three enjoy the rest of your night. We should do this again.” Your mom slips her hand into the crook of your father’s elbow and you slip your hand into Harry’s free one as the four of you make your way towards the exit. 

“Yeah?” Harry asks a proud smile spreading across his face, “Yeah. Stop worrying Harry, you passed the test.” You dad laughs when Harry lets out a relieved breath. 

You give your parents hugs goodbye before turning and smiling excitedly at Harry, “See! Nothing to worry about!” 

“Your mom hates me.” He bounces Leo on his hip and you sigh, “No she doesn’t. She just worries too much, she’ll love you in no time.” The two of you walk hand in hand, Leo balanced on Harry’s hip, giggling to himself as he watches cars drive by the three of you in the parking lot. 

You had managed to find a good parking spot so the walk to the car is quick, “Gonna go get some fro-yo.” Harry sings as he straps Leo into his car seat, you already sitting in front seat. 

“We should go back to your place. I picked up ice cream the other day, we can all watch tangled or something. Oh, or we could-” You turn in your seat to face Harry as buckles Leo up. 

“Move in with me.” Harry cuts you off, smiling softly as you look around, like he could be talking to anybody else before looking back at him with a shocked look. 


“You spend a lot of your time with us anyways. It’s not too far from your job, and I like this.” Harry shuts Leo’s door before you can respond. You roll your eyes when he climbs into the driver seat and smiles nonchalantly at you, “What do you mean you like ‘this’?” 

“I like this little family we’ve built,” Harry smiles a little nervously, “I love you. I love the way you love Leo, I want you to move and be an even bigger part.” 

You lean across the center console and kiss him, one hand twisting in his hair and the other resting on his cheek. He brings his hand up and rests it on top of yours. You can feel his smile against your lips before you pull away, “Does that mean yes?” He murmurs. 

You turn and look at Leo in the back seat. He’s distracted by the toy Harry had hung there a few weeks ago. He giggles and you smile, I love this little boy.

Then you turn to look at Harry, who is giving you a hopeful smile. His hair had started to lose it’s slicked back hold, some strands falling across this forehead. His eyes sparkling in excitement, like he already knows your answer but wants to hear you say it. 

“Of course I’ll move in with you.” You smile widely, leaning in to kiss him again. 

I don’t know where we’ll end up, you think as Harry presses kisses across your face while laughing happily, but I do know these boys are my family.

Maybe I’ll write engagement piece. Maybe I’ll write her meeting Harry’s family. Maybe I’ll do a short piece on their first date or where little lion originated from. I don’t know, we’ll see.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Thank you for reading and have a good day!