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#125 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “I was wondering if you could write a cute story where it’s the day of a catfish concert and the reader is walking out of a coffee shop and she literally runs into van. Making him spill her coffee all over her. And you can take it from there”

“Holy mother of fuck! That is fucking hot!” you yelled. Your hands reflexively started to fan against your chest, like that would stop the burning. 

“Oh my god, I am so fucking sorry,” the guy that you’d collided with in the doorway said. The girl that served you was there suddenly with a cold, wet towel. Unbuttoning your shirt down to your belly button, you pressed it against the red skin.

“Thank you,” you said to her.

“No worries. We’ve got some burn gel in the first aid kit. Let me get it. Here, sit down,” she said, and pulled out one of the bar stools at the window bench seat. It was mid-morning, a little after ten. The morning rush in the café had died down, so there were only a few people in there. None of them seemed to care about your exposed bra or loud swearing. The guy stood in front of you awkwardly. You looked up at him for the first time.

“I’m so sorry. I… Can I get you another drink… or shirt… or something?” he asked.

There was a moment where you considered pretending to not know who he was. Alas, you started to talk before thinking it through.

“You’re Van McCann,”

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One Hell of A Ride (c.h. imagine)

Summary: basically Calum and (Y/N) are Bonnie and Clyde.
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The story of Calum and (Y/N) was romantic, but also very tragic. Calum and (Y/N) were covering headlines of newspapers for years without getting caught by police. They robbed banks all throughout the south together as a couple in the 1940s. Of course, when they had gotten together, Calum hadn’t wanted (Y/N) brought into his crimes. But (Y/N) loved the adrenaline she got when robbing a bank and attention from the public. Calum and her were in this together and nothing would change that. (Y/N) was a local waitress who had gotten caught up by Calum’s tousled brown hair and chocolate orbs.
On this particular day, they were pulling a big job. A bank in Texas had fully recovered from the depression and Calum had his eyes on it. Wearing trousers, a striped button up shirt and suspenders, he looked determined as he eyed the familiar bank from across the street.
“I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right about this job, Cal.” (Y/N) comments, biting her red lipstick covered lips. “You aren’t backing out on me now, are you darlin’?” Calum asks, glancing over at her. “Of course not, but this is a big job and there’s only two of us.” (Y/N) says. “Hey, look here.” Calum nudges (Y/N)’s chin until she’s looking at him. “Stop biting that lip, that’s my job.” He murmurs, leaning over and kisses her softly. (Y/N) sighs and gives in right away, kissing him back.
“Now, stop worrying that pretty little head of yours. We’re gonna do this and make it out to tell the story. Alright?” (Y/N) nods, getting out of the car. Calum follows, licking his lower lip as he looks up and down the streets.
“Gettin’ nervous, sugar?” (Y/N) asks, taking hold of Calum’s arm. “‘Course not. You look mighty fine, though.” Calum tells her, eyeing her brown skirt and white lacy top. “Come on, sweetheart. Let’s go knock ‘em dead.” Calum leads you into the bank and you both get in separate lines. You feel through your purse for the small shotgun Cal gave you. When it’s your turn to step to the banker, you pull it out. From the corner of her eye, (Y/N) sees Calum do the same.
“Nobody move!” Cal yells, firing a single shot in the air. The bankers put their hands up as you get behind the counter. “Open the safe!” (Y/N) yell. One banker leads you to the safe. The other must get an idea and point a gun towards (Y/N), because Calum says, “Put the gun down right now or I’ll shoot this whole place down.” The banker in front of you opens the safe and (Y/N) fills her purse full with cash just as the alarm for the bank goes off.
“Shit, (Y/N), hurry up!” Calum yells, helping her back over the counter. They both start to run out, but (Y/N) pauses by the door and fires a single shot into the ceiling.
“Don’t mess with (Y/N) and Calum!” She says, before Calum pulls her out of the bank and across the street. “Are you crazy? We could’ve gotten caught!” He mutters, starting the car. “But we didn’t!” (Y/N) says, laughing. Calum glances over at her as he drives and laughs. She leans over and kisses him softly. “We did it, baby!” (Y/N) say. Sirens wail behind your car as you drive and Calum curses under his breath. “Not yet, we didn’t.” The car chase goes on for a half an hour before Calum manages to lose the police. The adrenaline pumps through (Y/N)’s veins as she hears shots fired at the car.
The couple ditches the car twenty minutes later and make the journey to a local campsite on foot.
It’s getting dark and cold outside now, so Calum starts a fire. (Y/N) cuddles up next to him and kisses his cheek.
“How much money did we make?” He murmurs. “About $46.” (Y/N) says. Calum grins, kissing her temple. “I love you, darlin’.” (Y/N) smiles. “I love you too, Cal.” The rest of the night goes easy, with lots of love making and smiles.
But in the morning, Calum shakes (Y/N) awake quickly.
“Come on, sweetheart, we gotta go.” He says, pulling her up. A new car sits nearby and he drags her to it. “What? Why?” (Y/N) mumbles, rubbing her eyes. “I hear ‘em coming.” Calum says, starting the car. He drives away from the campsite quickly and (Y/N) bites her lip when they spot a row of cop cars up the road ahead.
“I’ve always loved you, (Y/N). I always will.”
“This is the end, isn’t it?”
Calum stops the car and looks over at you. He bites his lip, nodding. He leans over and kisses the love of his life as shots fire out from a few feet away. They’re blasted apart and shot many times all over, their blood splattering the interior of the car. Glass shatters as shots get sent through windows. When it’s all over, the sheriff walks up to Calum’s window and looks inside.
“You had one hell of a ride, (Y/N) and Calum.”

Request 37-fuck boi

This is so long and took me the whole day to write?

From the first moment I spoke to him on that warm April afternoon I knew I’d end up fucking him only a matter of days later. After all, he was Dan Howell, the boy who did it with every girl who entered his apartment, at least once.

My friend and I giggled as we stood outside the coffee shop; catching our breath while resting our hands on the top of our thighs. “How far was that?” I stuggled out between pants. Katie twisted her watch around her wrist; the result making her eyes widen.
“3 miles.” She panted, swiping the loose hair from her face.

I walked into the dimly lit room, the smell of coffee mixed with berries knocking me back a little. Making my way to the queue I saw him from the corner of my eye, smirking back at me. He knew I saw him, causing me to roll my eyes. As I approached he ran his hand through his gorgeous brown curls. “Howell.” I stated making eye contact with him.
“Peppermint tea?” He guessed noting my running outfit. His eyes wondered down to my tightly covered ass which he’d had his hands on more than once.
“Eyes up here.” I laughed, letting my lips form a smirk.

Scanning the room I spotted a free table near a large window. The chocolate eyed boy followed me to my seat, holding a large white mug filled with green peppermint liquid. “Mine, 8pm, Saturday.” He mentioned with a wink. I knew what the wink ment: any other time I would have dismissed him but I felt like playing along.
“Hmh, I’ll have to dig out my matching underwear for you babe.” I responded with a giggle.

collect the bad habits that you couldn’t bare to keep. “Fall out boy.” I stated to the 20 year old in front of me, recognizing the familiar tune and voice. I could smell the alcohol radiating off him; the smell wasn’t too strong signalling he wasn’t too pissed.

After a short, and dare I say flirtatious, conversation with Dan I realised where we’d found our way to.
“Gin?” He asked already with my favourite pink bottle in his hand.
“Classy. Almost like you knew I’d be here.” I pushed my hand through my hair at took the gin and tonic from him.
“Babe, I know you’d never let me down.” He winked, sipping from what smelled like vodka and coke. We were leaning against the kitchen counter, watching as people neither of us knew wondered past.

Every time I looked to his direction Dan’s eyes where studying my body as if I was  a work of art.  I’d opted for a simple pair of black jeans and a blue and white striped button up. It wasn’t the easiest outfit to get off in a hurry but the past two times we’d fucked Dan got it easy. Dan had gone for black jeans with a long grey sweatshirt that hung off his body perfectly.

“What y'thinkin?” I questioned, turning to pour myself another drink.
“I’m thinkin’ about how quickly I can get you out of that shirt if I’m honest.” He answered, never taking his eyes off my waist.
“Hmh, honesty. I like it.” I smiled a little. His eyes lifted to meet mine; both of us smiling at our own minds. He had his side and elbow leaning against the counter making him shorter than me. I was still smiling as I looked down at him; examining his body.

His hair floated above his forehead like a cloud in the sky, his eyes like pools of hazel asking me to dive in, his skin soft and pale snow that hid beneath the black cloth. I wanted to hold him and feel every inch of his skin; his eyes showed he felt the same about me.

“By the way” I started, leaning down to his ear “I don’t mind if you want to see how fast you can get this thing off.” My sentence ended with a smirk as I pulled at my shirt.

With that his lips where on mine, both of us moving in sync to eachother. His thigh stood between my thighs as one of his hands held my jaw, the other rested on my waist. Dan’s tongue ran over my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I allowed less than a second later. We both fought for dominance before I gave in and allowed him to take over.

I was now pinned to the back of his bedroom door where we’d stumbled to not breaking away from eachother. Dan’s lips moved down to my jaw and neck leaving wet kisses wherever he went. The more his lips moved the more moans left my mouth. His hands fumbled with the small white buttons of my shirt which caused me to giggle. Upon hearing me giggle Dan pushed his knee against my clothed core making me moan again. Dan’s lips contiued their work before he muttered “fuck this” and ripped my shirt open.

He stepped away from my body letting me move to the monochrome sheets. “Fuck I forgot how good you look in black.” He breathed before climbing atop of me, his lips crashing onto mine again. Our lips moved together again until his left and made their way to my boobs.

Dan pushed the black lace material from my boobs so my already sensitive nipples were exposed to the cold air. Almost immediately he took the right boob in his mouth and began playing with the skin with his tongue and teeth. The other was cared for by his soft hand, massaging it slowly, earning many moans to escape from my mouth.

I felt his hands on the top of my jeans, my hands tugging on the bottom of his shirt, which he soon removed. The light hit his perfectly pale body making it glow like the sun. After his shirt joined the pile with mine both pairs of black jeans soon followed. His large palms ran up my legs sending a shiver down my spine. “Never let you down babe.” I laughed as he noticed my matching black bra and panties which I knew would both be removed soon.

The gorgeous pools of hazel ran over every inch of my body his hands following the route. When they reached my waistband they bought my underwear down with them. My clothed heat was hit by the cool air causing a sharp intake of breath.

Before I could fix my breathing Dan’s finger ran up my slit, stopping before touching my clit. The same finger sunk inside of me moments later, thrusting in and out. He soon picked up pace adding another finger in the process. My back arched off the bed, immense amounts of pleasure coursing through my veins. “Fuck Dan.” I screamed out once his thumb began moving my clit in cirlces. I felt the familiar fire gather in my stomach and Dan must have felt how close I was because seconds later he removed his fingers. He smirked as I moaned from loss of contact before he bought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them both dry

Sitting up on my elbows I pouted my lips, unhappy with Dan’s actions. He flashed his signature smirk as he reached behind me and un-clasped my bra leaving me fully naked. Dan crawled back over me, his lips sucking on parts of neck and collarbone as he searched for my sweet spot. Moans flooded from both of our lips before Dan couldn’t wait any longer.

My y/e/c eyes met Dan’s hazel eyes as he asked for consent. I nodded my head letting him reach for a condom from the drawer. He rolled it on before hovering above me, one hand holding himself up, the other lining up with my entrance. Both of our moans filling up the room as Dan’s dick filled me.

After allowing me to adjust to his size he began thrusting into me, each thrust bringing me closer to the edge. Ecstasy took over my body making me buck my hips to meet Dan’s. My legs wrapped around Dan’s back for more contact. The familiar fire returned to the pit of my stomach. I felt Dan’s thrusts get sloppier signalling he was close too. “Oh. Oh my god Dan Im so cl-close.” I moaned out, my fingers gripping the sheets beneath me. His thumb returned to my clit drawing figures of eight on it causing my walls to clench around Dan and fireworks to go off around me. I heard Dan mumble something along the lines of oh fuck before releasing into the condom.

Dan climbed back onto the bed behind me after disposing of the condom. His arm wrapped around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I thought about my escape route for the morning; a night with Dan was never anything more than a night.

anonymous asked:

I would like to dress like Noora but I don't know how to start? How can you describe her wardrobe?

let me think. she has this kind of clean preppy but still hipster like style, with a lot of retro? Maybe a bit masculine? so think one coloured key items, and “less is more”.  

Some of her key items: 

  • turtlenecks (all of them: long sleeves, 1/3 sleeves, knitted etc)
  • one coloured or striped shirts (all buttoned up)
  • long coats that reaches the knees in basic colours like grey and black
  • mum jeans in a light colour or a bit nicer black trouser (both high waisted)
  • she also has some nice basic sweaters for fall/winter

in stead of a lot of accessories she likes to use a belt to finish her outfits. (i know they have som nice not too pricy leather belts at H&M). 

you can go through the tags here for inspiration, but i think the easiest (and best) way to “copy” her style is to do it your own way. so get inspired and buy stuff you like on yourself. but think clean cuts and looks. and not items that’s too much or over the top.