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Uno and Scotch Part 1

My lovely, talented, and gorgeous beta @saved-by-the-notepad convinced me to post part 1 of the casino!AU that I’ve been working on for over a year now so…*throws it at you and then runs away*

Steve didn’t mean to become friends with Tony; it just sort of happened. It seems like one day he was a faceless dealer at Extrema, the next he was getting drunk with a billionaire genius. He knows what caviar tastes like now (he doesn’t like it) and he’s seen the Strip skyline at night from 60 stories up in a penthouse (that he does like). Most importantly, he knows Tony and Tony was the one that he got drunk with when the days were rough.

They met through Tony’s complete disregard for professional attire on the floor. Steve walked into one of the staff rooms, fresh off the floor, late one night after most of the dealers were either out working or had gone home. Tony was sitting at a table, looking at a deck of Skip-Bo despondently. It’s not like Steve could recognize Tony instantly; this scruffy-haired, goateed man dressed in dark washed jeans and a worn AC/DC shirt looked nothing like the polished, playboy Tony Stark the media portrayed.

Steve thought the man looked vaguely familiar and just assumed he was a new dealer who had recently moved. With that, Steve glanced again at the Vaguely Familiar Sad Man. Due to his promotion, he and Bucky had just moved to Las Vegas in the last few weeks; maybe he and Sad Man could become work buddies.

Years later, he would freely admit that the tantalizing curve of the man’s neck and sparkle in his eyes was the main motivation that prompted Steve to offer to play a game of Skip-Bo with Sad Man instead of his determination to believe that his sole motivation was to make a new friend.

Soon they had played 4 games and were well on their way through a 5th, with Steve quickly learning that this man’s beatific smile made Steve’s heart beat dangerously quickly. Sad Man had introduced himself by this point as “Tony”, quirking his lips for some reason at Steve’s casual response. Steve had reciprocated with his own name, throwing off his casino mandated branded tie and unbuttoning his white button down. He couldn’t help but notice the way Tony’s eyes fixated on his collarbone and the little quiet, breathy noise that betrayed Tony’s thoughts.

Flirting with people he had just met was not ordinarily something Steve did, especially after Afghanistan and Bucky, and certainly not with men. But with Tony, he found himself saying things that could only be described as playful just to watch Tony’s mouth curve upwards in response. It was worth it to watch Tony’s dark eyes twinkle with mischief as he started to casually throw out innuendos that made Steve’s neck and ears turn red.

Tony had fixed Steve with a look of intent, pausing in the game, when a tall, blonde, female force of nature came sweeping through the door to the staff room yelling, “Tony! This is exactly what we talked about!”

Tony paled and jumped to his feet, assuming a nonchalant stance. “Carol! What a surprise.”

The woman, Carol, glared and crossed her arms, her biceps stretching the striped material of her blazer in a very intimidating way. “Just because you’re mad at me doesn’t mean you get to shake me off in order to…” she gave Steve a calculating look. “flirt.”

Steve’s heart was pounding; he had completely given the wrong impression. He knew that he had to be careful but it was just so easy with Tony.

“Can’t a man just spend time playing games?” Tony tried, widening his eyes in mock innocence.

“Not when he was supposed to be at a conference explaining this and not down here in his employee’s break room!” Carol shook the new promotion flyer for the gaming expo Tony Stark was hosting next week at Extrema.

Steve whipped his head around, pointing an accusing finger at Tony. “You’re Tony Stark!” Tony had the audacity to look amused.

“The pleasure’s all yours.” He leaned across the table and grasped Steve’s finger, shaking it like a typical handshake as Steve continued to gape. Steve tried to wrap his head around the fact that the scruffy man in front of him was not only his boss, but the richest and most well-known casino owner in the world, not to mention a mathematical genius. After mentally running through the past few hours, Steve realized that he maybe should not have flirted so much with a technical genius and panic began to form in the pit of his stomach. Tony frowned at the look on Steve’s face and snapped his fingers in front of him.

“Steve? Steeeeeve?”

“Stop harassing your employees with, god what is that? Skip-Bo? Dammit, Tony, I thought you had better taste than that.” Carol gave several purposeful tugs on the back of Tony’s shirt until he began to walk.

“He volunteered.” Tony grumbled, walking out of the room with Carol following close behind.

Their good-natured bickering faded away as the door closed behind them and Steve was left sitting in the break room, still half in his work uniform and staring at a half-finished game of Skip-Bo, wondering what the hell just happened.

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MariChat May Day 19 - Identity Reveal

Mari, Chat and the Prank of Pranks

AO3 / FF

Summary:  Marinette and Chat Noir set a date - they were going to share some serious secrets!
But then a stunt of Marinette’s (one of a long line of pranks exchanged in the ongoing MariChat Prank Challenge) rubs Chat the wrong way and he decides to pull the Prank of Pranks on his unsuspecting girlfriend in the midst of his reveal.

Neither of them remembered how it had actually started and after that crazy year it wasn’t really that important. It turned out Marinette had quite a competitive streak in her, one that rivaled only Chat’s own. Thus the ongoing prank contest that had begun somewhere around June last year.

When it was Chat’s turn, he would sneak up on her at night and draw a mustache and a beard on her face with a waterproof mascara.

Marinette in turn would photoshop Chat’s pictures giving him a squint, altering his hairdo (he always knew he would look great in pigtails or with purple hair) or changing the color of his eyes (he actually liked the pink ones).

To avenge that disgrace Chat would then release spiders in her room and wait on the balcony to savor all the squeals.

Mari would return the favor by gluing a sheet of paper to his back when he was leaving her place – and on the sheet she would write things like ‘Leonardo DiCATrio‘ or ‘Paw-lease, kick me’. Sometimes he didn’t even realize she’d done it, until his pictures would appear on Ladyblog (because of course she hinted Alya every time).  

If the pun was purrrticularly pawsome Chat felt generous enough to make the next prank a pleasant surprise. Like that time when he had filled Marinette’s locker with thirty plush Chat Noirs. On the next occasion instead of plushies he used sweets, burying his unsuspecting girlfriend up to her neck in her favorite Ladybug jellies. He enjoyed pulling stunts like that in public the most – unbeknownst to Marinette he was able to watch her reaction from up close because she didn’t have a clue as to Chat Noir’s identity.

Some would say this was a strange custom, but it worked for Chat and Marinette. Somehow it was ‘their thing’, since there was a ‘they’ anyway. Oftentimes they would lie side by side on Mari’s chaise arguing whose joke was better, chuckling and giggling and cuddling. And neither of them minded or felt offended. On the contrary they both could appreciate a particularly funny or inventive trick.

The 19th of May was supposed to be special. Last time Marinette told him she needed to confess something important, but asked for a few days to prepare herself mentally. It had to be big, because his girlfriend usually wasn’t that nervous or agitated. Chat declared he would reciprocate with a secret of his own, the secret in fact. To his surprise Marinette agreed. There would be no more secrets between them, she would finally know who he was under the mask. They had set the date, kissed their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

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Worried Daddy (Part 5) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: You know I would totally like to read a flash back of when reader gets pregnant with Logan


My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :) (*cough* earth2barry *cough*)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


Okay, so maybe wasn’t the best timing, but when really is? About two months ago, a very drunk Sebastian and you hooked up. It wasn’t a mistake though- well, kinda. Yes, now you’re pregnant, but you don’t regret it. All you need to do is actually tell the Warbler. Nibbling on your lip, you pull down your oversized blue sweater, seeking out for the captain in the sea of navy.

It isn’t too hard, due to how ridiculously tall he is. “Sebastian.” you call out, brushing past a few of the guys. And, god, the moment the two of you lock eyes, the entire world stops. He sets his jaw, narrowing his green orbs at you. “We should talk.” you say in a stern tone. Quickly, he glances around the room before leading you out of the practice room, into an empty hallway.

“What? I thought we agreed; separate ways.” he bites, crossing his arms over his striped tie, blazer scrunched at his elbows. With a deep sigh, you make sure nobody is coming, rolling up your sweater. Sebastian stares at your stomach with a blank expression. “So, you got fat?” he raises a thick eyebrow; you slap his cheek.

The tall teen scowls, cupping his red cheek. “I’m pregnant, asshole!” you hiss, dropping your shirt. His eyes nearly pop out of his head and you’re pretty sure he stopped breathing. You step forward, waving a hand in front of his face. “Bas?” you whisper, “Sebastian, breathe!” you order, cringing.

Sebastian sucks in a deep breath, taking a step backwards, grabbing the brown wood table, shaking the glass vase on top. “You’re pregnant?!” he shrieks, voice higher than normal. You gulp, nodding. “Oh my god…” he runs a hand through his short brown locks, starting to pace. “Do you - is it - how long?” he blubbers, wrapping an arm around his stomach, hand under his blazer.

“Two months….ish.” you mumble, biting your lip. “I- I didn’t tell you because you were so….so focused on the Warblers. I couldn’t take that from you, Seb.” you shake your head, tears welling in your eyes as you swallow. “But, I’m keeping it. That’s for sure.” you breathe in, sniffling as you gaze up at him.

The Warbler captain nods, clearing his throat. “In that case, I am too.” Your eyebrows crinkle together and he scoffs, stepping forward. “It’s my child too, Y/N. What, did you think I wouldn’t- wouldn’t want to keep it?” he quips, squinting his eyes and tilting his head. You shrug, placing your hands on your bump. “I’m not that much of an asshole, babe.” he defends, smirking. “Besides, our baby’s gonna be the best, cuz it’s ours…” he tuts, causing a smile to appear on your face. “I’ll text you.”