stripe rite

In that comic, they had recently started dating.

Ever since Frisk was thrown in jail.

You figured us out.

Not wearing stripes is a rite of passage. Once the child turns 18 years old, they stop wearing stripes to show they are an adult. (Or they can be rebellious teens and forgo clothes altogether.)

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This is an underground where gender norms are not a thing. Where anyone can wear any clothes because they want to.

Where anyone can be whatever they want, regardless of “traditional” roles.

Just like the canon underground.

Matte palm tree nail art tutorial by elleandish/Janelle Estep

80′s summer nights by the beach! (Don’t forget a layer of regular fast-drying top coat before you go over it with a matte top coat to prevent smearing your detail work!)

  • Kiss Me I’m Brazilian - OPI (pink)
  • Chelsea Psychic Garden - Nails Inc. (pastel blue)
  • You’re Such a Budapest - OPI (bluish pastel purple)
  • Too Yacht to Handle - China Glaze (bright greenish teal) 
  • Freckles - Polish Me Silly (translucent neon glitter)
  • Black striper - Stripe Rite

Marimekko inspired nail art tutorial by elleandish

  • Muchi, Muchi - Essie (light bubblegum pink)
  • Peach of Cake - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (peachy orange)
  • Kiss Me I’m Brazilian - OPI (darker pink)
  • Alpine Snow - OPI (white)
  • Midas Touch - Finger Paints (gold microglitter)
  • Kissed at Midnight - Nicole by OPI (chunky gold glitter)
  • Sparkling - Revlon (light pink glitter)
  • black striper - Stripe Rite

heart and stripes” - a simple design. if i could freehand stars neatly, i would have done those instead of hearts. but still came out decent.

  • Sally Hansen ultimate shield base coat
  • China Glaze #952 Pelican Grey
  • Stripe Rite (black)
  • Wet n Wild #449C (white)
  • Claire’s Marine Blue
  • Seche Vite dry fast top coat
  • dotting tool

you can watch a tutorial of it here:

Pink pastel galaxy nail art tutorial by elleandish

  • Paint Me Happy - Finger Paints (light pink)
  • Play Date - Essie (purple)
  • Blue Me Away - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (blue)
  • Alpine Snow - OPI (white)
  • Kiss Me I’m Brazilian - OPI (medium pink)
  • Disco Ball - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (holographic glitter)
  • Creative Control - Wet n Wild (Mega Rocks top coat - magenta glitter)
  • Set in Stones - Essie (Luxeffects top coat - silver glitter)
  • Kissed at Midnight - Nicole by OPI (gold glitter)
  • white striper - Stripe Rite