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17/11/16 // came home from school at lunch time today because I had two frees last. I’ve taken my dog for a walk in the wind & rain and managed to catch up with my planner and english literature analysis of a street car named desire. now I’m about to try and finish my english language coursework for tomorrow ahh wish me luck📝🍂


I’m sorry but this photo cracked me up so much I HAD to draw it!!!

@wraithvine apologies it’s a bit(very) sketchy, my mechanical pencil died half-way through and I was helping out a fete, and thus unable to continue ଵ˛̼ଵ

(The other Sona thing was just a 10 second doodle to test out my new waterproof fine-liner and white gel pen that arrived this morning - they’re SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY OLD ONES adklsk All I gotta do now is wait for my watercolour sketchbook to arrive!!! ( • ̀ω•́  )✧)

Let’s Get to Work

When you start working at Mnet Corporations, you make a lot of new friends. However, Hwang Minhyun, Mr. Cold Guy™, doesn’t seem all that interested in melting his ice for some new employee. 

  • kind of lengthy but whatever
  • office au
  • for anon:  “Minhyun is your new cold (but sweet) work colleague”

The boss of Mnet Corporation, Kwon Boa, gave you a reassuring smile as you did your best to straighten your clothing in the reflection of the elevator that sent you to your office. You were dressed in the most professional clothing you owned—an off-the-shoulder striped blue shirt, a pencil skirt and chunky heels. Boa had assured you that your attire was okay, given your slightly unconventional role. In your arms was your box of things you would be putting on your desk. So far, you had a brand new pack of pencils and a little bobblehead cat.

You were Mnet Corporation’s very first Social Media Manager, hired as an entirely new branch of the company’s corporate team.

“Are you nervous?” Boa asked, giving you a gentle smile. While she was the boss, she had also seemed very kind and polite towards you when you interviewed for the job a few months ago.

“Y-yes,” you stammered, trying to clear your throat in embarrassment, “I’ve never worked in this type of position before.”

“Well, just roll your shoulders back and keep your chin up,” she said, giving you a smile, “I’m confident that you’ll do well.” The elevator dinged, signaling that it was time to get off. Boa led you down the hall and opened the door to the office rooms.

“Good afternoon, president!” Everyone chorused, bowing to Boa. Boa smiled generously and bowed back, and you hurried to do the same.

“Everyone, this is (Y/L/N) (Y/N), she will be our first Social Media Manager,” Boa gestured towards you, and you took that as an invitation to introduce yourself.

After bowing again, you did your best to introduce yourself without stammering or mumbling. “Hello, my name is (Y/L/N) (Y/N)… uh… I’m fairly skilled with computers and such so if anyone runs into any such troubles, I may be able to help. I’m originally from Gwangju, but I moved to Seoul for university. I graduated from university a couple months ago, and now I’m here. I hope we all get along.”

“Wah, straight out of university?” you heard someone comment.

“An ace, just like our Minhyunnie~”

“Now, if everyone would go around and introduce yourselves?”

The name and faces all went by so quickly, it was hard for you to keep track. There was Park Jihoon, Kang Daniel and Kim Samuel of accounting, Jeon Somi, Kim Chungha, Ong Seungwoo and Bae Jinyoung in sales, and a couple other people whose names you missed.

“Greetings,” the last person bowed low, “Hwang Minhyun, marketing. I hope we get along well.” You smiled at Hwang Minhyun, instantly impressed by his good looks and charm. As Boa continued to talk, giving everyone a quick update about the company’s progress, Minhyun nodded, smiling this little half-grin that you couldn’t look away from.

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Sketches of the White Wolf and the GMO acid-blood tiger things (seriously though). First set is from references.

I find drawing stuff from SJ that I’m not great with (eg humans) is super helpful, but trying to do animals in the SJ style is too different from how I normally sketch haha. Captions if ya click

The Three Stages of Obsession

Originally posted by okayoongz

‘Jimin was a chronic user of (y/n),

                                           and there was nothing seasonal about his interest.’ 

Featuring: Jimin (bts)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2k


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Private Show//(N.M)

I had a long day at work and decided to let loose tonight. I put in a crop too and a striped pencil skirt to go along with it. My hair is lightly wavy giving some volume. I put on too faced matte lipstick ‘when in doubt’ and call an uber to come and take me to the new club in L.A. I receive a text from the one and only Nate.

From Nate:
Hey lil mama where are you at?

To Nate:
Heading to the new club downtown ‘Private Show’

From Nate:
See you at the entrance

I smile as I see his text. Nate and I are just friends, but we have a flirty side. We tease each other every time we are alone. I love seeing the look of frustration on his face when I deny him of any further advances. The car pulls up to the club and Nate is at the entrance. Girls surround him touching his arms. He sees me get out of the car and walks fast paced towards me. The looks on the girls faces could have me buried 6 feet under ground.

“Look beautiful as always Y/N” Nate whispers growls in my ear. As his hands travel from the middle of my back to me ass and gives it a squeeze. I smack Nate’s hand away to drag him to the dance floor.

“Y/N. You know I don’t dance” Nate says as I drag him along.

“No you may not but it’s called 'private show’ for a reason right?” I whisper seductively in his ear. I look up at Nate and see him wearing a smirk on his face. We walk towards the dance floor but turn to the right where doors are slightly opened for use. I walk into the room and turn off the lights.

“Sit in the chair right there” I point to a chair in the middle of the room as I start the music. Closing the door and locking door I make my way towards Nate. The music starts up and I put Nate’s hands on my hips. I sway my hips side to side before removing his hands from my body. I see a stripper pool on a platform near Nate. I took some classes so I hope they help me out. I dance around it and look at Nate staring at me hungrily.

“Shit I can’t take any more this teasing” Nate says as I twirl around the pole. His hands are on my hips pressing me against the pole. I turn around and face him.

“I only tease because you haven’t made a move yet” I tell him a little out of breath. He stares at me before lifting me over his shoulder. We open the door to find a couple waiting outside the room. Nate walks through the club bumping into people without apologizing. His car is parked up front putting me in the car.

“I want a private show but more touching” Nate says a hand on my knee squeezing it as we park at my house driveway. I walk towards the door with Nate following. The door opens and I start walking up the stairs before being pushed against the wall.

“You want a private show I’ll give it to you” I say as he removes my clothing leaving me in a bra and panties. I lead him towards my room. Nate sits on the edge of the bed watching my every move. I slowly start dancing as I walk towards him. I sit in his lap slowly grinding on him.

“Y/N” he moans out before flipping us over. Nate unclips my as he leaves kisses on my neck. I arch my back as he moves lower down my body. Slowly he pulls my panties down and leaves slow kisses on my inner thighs. He finally gets to where I need him close kissing my heat before removing his clothing.

“Nate” whimper out as he detaches from my body

“I would love to go down on you but I need you so bad after all that teasing you did” he says rolling a condom onto his cock. He spreads my legs and moves to sit in between my now spread legs. Nate enters me slowly and keeps this rhythm for a few minutes.

“Na-” I’m interrupted by a loud moan escaping my mouth. This causes Nate to pick speed. Nate groaned into my ear as his thrusts get faster and deeper. His hands hold onto the beds head board as he picks up more speed. My legs wrap around his waist pulling him closer to me. I leave trails of scratches on his back as he moves to a slower pace but hitting my g spot every time.

“Fuck… I love-” a loud grown escapes Nate as he reaches his climax soon triggering mine. He pulls out and throws away the uses condom. I pat the spot next to me and allow him to come under the covers.

“I need a private show at least 3 times a week” he exhales as he lays me on top of him. I draw lazy circles on his chest.

“You can if you want” say leaving a few kisses on his shoulder.

“I want to but the right way" he replays lifting up my chin.

“Ho- be my girlfriend Y/N. You said you only teased me because I haven’t made a move well now I made my move what do you say?”

“Of course Nate” I say kissing his lips.

“Let have round 2” Nate says as he sits me up on his lap.

Tonight will be a long night…..
Hope you all have an amazing day😘


Here’s some new ideas for a new Prologue design of one of the Alpha team. I like the second picture, but I want to keep the Pokemon Beanie. Also, I’m definitely keeping that little floof hair on the hairstyle of the first picture.

Oh, here’s the original concept by the way.