stripe knits

For my grandmother’s 80th birthday. She has always kept us in socks, until recent years when her vision got bad and she couldn’t knit anymore. She’s super proud of me, of that I learned to knit all by myself. So I made her socks.

I mostly like to knit cables or lace but I thought that because her vision is blurry it’s not obvious she could see any fancy structuring. So stripes, I thought, but something fun. And I like to think these are fun.

Happy birthday, Mammo ♥

My second pair of finished socks are made from the pattern Kick In The Pants(available on Raverly for free) and the yarn is KnitPicks Felici.

This pattern is a fairly easy one that I kinda consider a “palate cleanser” to do in between more complicated socks that need more focus on them and when you just sort of want to mindlessly knit something for a while. It’s great for self-striping yarns that need a tiny bit more flare than just being knit into regular stripes.